GH Update Thursday 4/4/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/4/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In Anna's suite, Anna is on the phone checking for updates from Frisco as Felicia and Maxie prepare for the ball. Olivia walks in and asks if Anna's call was about Dante. She only tells Olivia that she was talking to Frisco, which gets Felicia's attention.

In the ballroom, Duke watches as Lucy practices with some dancers. Mac approaches him with "Mr. Marbles". Duke is surprised that Mac is doing a ventriloquist act. He tells Mac that he's sure that Mac will be the highlight of Felicia's evening.

Olivia asks what Frisco said, but Anna says not much. Olivia wants Anna to send back up for Luke, Laura and Dante, but Anna says that this is something Luke and Laura need to do. Maxie assures Olivia that Dante won't let anything happen to Lulu, but Olivia is still worried. She wants to do something to help. Felicia says there's nothing they can do. Maxie suggests they just do something good, like use the night to honor Robin.

At the Drake house, Emma gets up from dinner, but Patrick tells he to finish her carrots. Emma tells him she needs to get ready for the ball. Patrick tells her that she needs to get dressed when she gets to Anna's suite so she doesn't mess up her dress. Emma promises to be careful, but Patrick says he wants to be surprised when he sees her dressed up. Emma says he will be surprised, telling him that she has the best act because she's doing it with Sabrina.

At the ballroom, Sabrina is bringing a rack of gowns through when Felix notices them. He is excited when he sees them and who the designers are. Lucy comes and shoos him away from her gowns. She tells Sabrina and Felix that they are all her gowns as she plans for many changes. They are interrupted as Kevin comes in. Lucy says that she needs Kevin's help. Kevin tells her that he can offer her good wishes, but he won't be at the ball.

At Carly's home, Bobbie arrives. She says she is running late. She doesn't see Carly's gown and asks her where it is. Carly says she's not going to the ball, as she has other plans.

In her suite, Brenda flashes back to her conversation with Sonny, but is interrupted when Jax comes out of the shower. He asks her if anything is on her mind. She tells him she's trying to figure out what to wear. Jax asks if she's sure it's not something else. Brenda tells him she's guilty as charged.

Carly tells escorts Bobbie to the door, telling her that the ball attendees are all her friends anyway. Bobbie says that's why she wanted Carly to attend, so Felicia and Anna could get to know her better. Carly says she has something important to do, but Bobbie wonders what can be more important that the Nurses' Ball that is being held in Carly's hotel. Carly flashes back to her sneaking into Sonny's home and hearing the conversation between Sonny and Brenda. She tells Bobbie that to her, what she is doing is more important. Bobbie asks what Carly is up to. Carly tells her not to worry, she's just going to protect the innocent and make sure the guilty are punished.

Jax wonders what Brenda is pleading guilty to. Brenda tells him she hates Carly. She is not happy that Carly didn't sign the divorce papers, but Jax explains that Carly wants to go over them. Brenda says she can't imagine what Carly said when Jax told her that he and Brenda are getting married. Jax offers to tell Brenda what Carly said, then he tells her everything Carly accused Brenda of.

Olivia is nervous about the ball, but Maxie assures her that they will have fun. Anna gets up from her table and goes to see Felicia. Felicia tells Anna that she confessed her feelings for Frisco to herself, to Frisco and to Mac.

Mac demonstrates some of his anti-Frisco act to Duke. Duke wonders if the Nurses' Ball is maybe the wrong place to roast Frisco. He comments to Mac about Mac feeling threatened by Frisco. Mac says he's not so much threatened as he wants to kick Frisco's ass. Duke assures Mac that Felicia loves Mac. Mac tells Duke that Felicia loves both him and Frisco. He then tells Duke about Felicia's patterns between Mac and Frisco. Duke asks what happens next. Mac says all the other times it ended, and not in the way he wanted. Duke asks what happens this time.

Kevin tells Lucy that he got a call from his hospital in Seattle, and he has a patient in deep crisis, so he has to leave. Lucy tells Kevin that she's in deep crisis and needs him. She is afraid she's going to bomb. Kevin reassures her that she's going to do fine. He tells her that he wouldn't go if he didn't feel that his patient truly needed him, then he asks Lucy not to hate him.

Patrick tells Emma that he's sure that he's going to love her act with Sabrina. Emma thinks that Sabrina's boyfriend will love it, too. Patrick asks if Sabrina has a boyfriend. Emma says she does, but Felix doesn't like it because he likes Milo. She tells Patrick that Milo doesn't like boys, but he likes Sabrina and working out. She says that Felix is in love with Milo's abs, then asks what abs are. Patrick avoids answering. He gets up to make a phone call.

Sabrina is busy with her phone as Felix comments on Lucy's dresses. Sabrina asks if a phone can delete a message on its own. Felix says maybe, then asks why. Sabrina tells him that Elizabeth mentioned Patrick leaving a message, but she never got it. Felix assures her that if it's important, Patrick will call back. Felix and Sabrina move Lucy's dresses to her dressing room just as Patrick calls. He leaves another message for her. He asks if she's still picking up Emma to go to the Metro Court with her. He's interrupted by the doorbell. Patrick answers the door to find Noah there. Patrick wonders why Noah is visiting. He says he's there for the Nurses' Ball. He says its for Robin and for a great cause so he wouldn't miss it.

Sabrina gets to her phone and tells Felix that Patrick called right after she stepped away. She listens to the message and tells Felix that Patrick wants to know if she's picking Emma up. Sabrina says she shouldn't have gotten her hopes up, but Elizabeth made it sound like Patrick had more to say. Felix tells her that at least she has Milo and him, then tells her that he has a plan. When she asks what the plan is, he tells her that she will find out, then tells her to come upstairs after she picks up Emma.

Mac tells Duke that he's not going to give up on Felicia, and that he's not going to wait around for Felicia to go back and forth, trying to decide.

Anna asks Felicia how Mac is taking the news that Felicia loves Frisco. Felicia says she wouldn't know because Mac isn't talking to her.

Mac says he understands that Frisco always has a piece of Felicia's heart, but he's not going to wonder who Felicia will choose every time Frisco shows up.

Felicia tells Anna that Mac told her that she has to choose, and Mac is right. She needs to choose between Mac and Frisco, and let the other one go. Felicia asks who it's going to be.

Mac tells Duke that it's out of his hands. Mac tells Duke that he envies Duke. Duke still has a chance with Anna, and with no competition. Duke says that he does have competition: himself.

Jax comes out of the bathroom, dressed for the ball. He is surprised that Brenda isn't dressed. She says she always gets nervous when she dresses up, it reminds her of modeling. Jax tries to get her to relax, but Brenda says that she's going to have Carly in her face all night. Jax encourages Brenda to not let Carly get to her. Brenda wants to know why Carly can't just focus on her own life. Jax tells her that Carly just worries that Brenda will hurt him. Brenda is upset as she thinks Jax is defending Carly. Jax says he's defending Brenda, like he did last night. Brenda assures him that Carly's accusations were wrong. Jax says that Brenda has no reason to want to get back with Sonny. He asks Brenda if she was with Sonny last night. They are interrupted a knock at the door. Brenda answers it to find Carly, just as she tells Jax that she wasn't with Sonny last night. Brenda asks Carly what she wants. Carly walks in, telling Brenda that she's just checking in. She tells Jax that he looks good. Brenda asks if she's there to hit on Jax, but Carly says she is there just to make sure that the room was ok, and if they need anything. Brenda says they just need her signature on the divorce papers. Carly says she'll bring them to the Nurses' Ball and Jax can bring the million dollar check, because she was right about Brenda being at Sonny's last night. Carly tells Jax how she went to Sonny's after Jax left, and she heard Brenda there, asking Sonny "what if we try again". She tells them to have fun at the ball and leaves.

Sabrina arrives at Patrick's to pick up Emma. Patrick introduces Sabrina and Noah, but they've already met via Skype while Sabrina babysits Emma while Emma goes to get her coat. Noah and Sabrina talk about Ingrid and Deb, neither of whom Noah is seeing anymore. Emma comes back to leaves. Sabrina asks if Noah is going to be at the ball and he says he will. Sabrina and Emma leave. Noah tells Patrick how lucky Patrick and Emma are to have found Sabrina. Patrick agrees, but Noah asks Patrick what's wrong.

Kevin tells Lucy that he didn't go unless he believes his patient is in danger. Lucy says she knows and understands. She wonders how she'll get through the ball without Kevin there. He promises to be there in spirit.

Mac asks Duke if Duke truly believes Anna doesn't want him because of their respective careers. Mac says that Anna is pushing him away because she doesn't know how she feels. He tells Duke that she has doubts about her feelings because of the Faison situation. He urges Duke to not give up on Anna.

Felicia promises to end the situation with Mac and Frisco the first chance she gets. Anna says she knows Felicia will do the right thing, and tells her that she can always talk to her. Felicia promises the same to Anna. Anna thinks that she and Duke have things worked out, but Felicia points out that they really haven't worked things out yet. There is a knock at their door. Anna answers it to find Bobbie there. Maxie asks Bobbie where Carly is, she thought Carly would be with her. Bobbie says she thought Carly would be, too.

At her home, Carly is on the phone, asking if someone is going to be there. She sees Sonny in her house, then tells the person on the phone that she will call back. She asks Sonny why he let himself into her house. He says that since she let herself into his house, he's returning the favor. He shows her the scarf she left at his house.

Brenda deflects, voicing upset that Carly can't let one night be about Robin. Jax stops her, wanting to know if Carly is telling the truth.

While Anna helps Maxie with her hair, there's another knock at the door. This time Anna answers it to find Felix with his hands full of bags. He asks if he's found Anna's room. Anna says he has, then asks if he is Felix DuBois. He introduces himself, ending with telling Anna how much he loves Emma, and how he's never known anyone as clueless as Patrick.

Noah asks Patrick what's bothering him. Patrick tells Noah about his moment of clarity regarding Sabrina. He tells Noah how much Sabrina has done for him, and how she helped save him. He says that he never noticed all she's done for him. He tells Noah how Sabrina told him how she feels about him, but he chickened out, and ran away instead of telling her what he feels. Now he's afraid it's too late.

Anna doesn't understand why Felix thinks Patrick is clueless. Felix says it may not be his place to say. He then gives out gift bags of cosmetics to Maxie, Felicia, Bobbie, and Olivia. Anna presses Felix for information because he's the father of her granddaughter. Felix says he's fine, but he could be better, and less lonely. Anna asks if he has someone in mind for Patrick as there is another knock at the door. Anna answers the door to find Sabrina and Emma there. Felix draws Sabrina aside. He tells her how he needs her. He mentions that he's her best friend and town and asks Sabrina to allow him to help her.

Kevin and Lucy join Duke and Mac. Duke hopes that Kevin is ok with him dancing with Lucy. Kevin says he's just sorry he's going to miss it. He tells them that he has to leave to handle a patient. He starts to ask them for a favor, but Duke and Mac both promise to take care of Lucy. Mac adds that they'll make sure that she ends up on stage in her underwear as tradition dictates. Lucy swears that she is breaking that tradition this time. Kevin is glad to hear it, because only he should see her in her underwear. He kisses her and leaves. After he's gone, Lucy gets rehearsal started.

Sonny tells Carly that she used to be a better spy. Carly knew that he'd find out she was at his house, because he has cameras everywhere. Sonny wants to know why she was at his house. Carly tells Sonny about the conversation she had with Jax last night. Sonny says what happens between he and Brenda is none of her business. She says it is because she is protecting the father of her daughter. Sonny tells her that she had no right to break in and eavesdrop. Carly asks if he wouldn't want to do the same thing if the roles were reversed. Sonny says it's not about what he wants, it's about Jax and Brenda, so she needs to stay out of it. Carly says it's too late because she told Jax everything.

Brenda tells Jax that Carly will lie about anything to get what she wants. Jax says Carly's not there, he's asking her for an answer. He asks if Brenda was at Sonny's last night. Brenda says that she was. Jax wants to know why she lied to him, then comments on how funny the situation would be if it wasn't so pathetic. She said that she only went to tell Sonny about the engagement so he wouldn't hear it from someone else. Jax asks why she didn't tell him if it was so innocent. She says she's telling him now. She said that she knew he would get upset, but she thought it was important that she talk to Sonny, and Jax didn't have to know. Jax asks her if she asked Sonny for another chance and used the words "what if we tried again". She tells him it wasn't like that, and that there was a lot said. Jax asks if she offered to drop Jax for Sonny. He wants to know how it was.

Carly tells Sonny that she's sure that Brenda is lying to Jax. She saw Jax's face, and she knows that Jax believes Carly. Carly tells Sonny how obsessed Brenda is with him and how Jax keeps getting hurt by it. Sonny things that maybe now Jax will buy a clue. Carly hopes he's right and that Jax is free of Brenda. Sonny goes to leave, but Carly asks where he's going. He says he's going to the ball. Carly asks to go with him.

Jax asks Brenda what happened at Sonny's. She tells him that she went to talk to him about her letter. Jax doesn't know about the letter, so Brenda tells him about it. Jax guesses that she went to make sure Sonny knew what was in the letter. Brenda says that she thought he knew and she wanted closure. Jax tells her that she just needs to say that she wants Sonny back. Brenda finally admits that she wants Sonny to take her back.

Mac practices his act with Mr. Marbles in front of Lucy and other volunteers. He's getting no response from anyone in the room. Lucy suggests he polishes his act if he doesn't want to die onstage with a wooden puppet.

The women admire Maxie's look, then Olivia and Bobbie admire what Maxie is doing for Lulu and Dante. Bobbie tells her that she thinks BJ would approve.

Sabrina tells Felix that she doesn't want a makeover. Felix tries to convince her to take the makeover. She says she likes the way she looks. She doesn't want to be judged on her looks, she wants to be judged on her abilities. He says she's already judged on her looks. He takes her glasses, telling her that he ordered her the contacts she never filled the prescription for. Sabrina worries that a makeover will change nothing...and that it will change everything. Felix promises her that she'll turn the head of every man in the room, including Patrick, and that he will make her as beautiful outside as she is inside. Anna notices Sabrina without her contacts and comments on how good she looks without them. Sabrina says for Felix to do it.

Patrick says he waited too long to share his feelings for Sabrina. Noah urges him to share his feelings for her. Patrick says he left her a message and she never called him back. Noah tells him that no one has ever fell in love over voicemail. He urges Patrick to go after Sabrina and win her over. He tells Patrick how he let a certain nurse slip through is fingers and he doesn't want that to happen to Patrick.

Lucy and Duke rehearse their dance. Lucy dismisses everyone to get ready for the ball, and that she needs to get ready herself.

Everyone in Anna's suite admires Emma's look. Emma calls for Sabrina, but Felix says Sabrina will meet them there. After everyone else leaves, Felix admires his work, telling her that she looks good and tells Sabrina that it's time to go. Sabrina says she will meet him there, that she wants to practice walking in the heels. He leaves her, commenting to himself how he's a miracle worker.

Sonny is surprised that Carly wants to go with him. She asks for a few minutes to get dressed. Sonny says he wants to be on time, but Carly tells him to relax, that it'll be fun and tells him how she saved Jax from a man eating snake.

Jax says that he needs to leave. He can't be around her now. Brenda accuses him of hating her, but Jax says that he doesn't hate her, but he hates that he's doing this to himself. Brenda says she's marrying Jax because she loves him, then suggests they both leave. Jax tells her to go where she wants, but she's not going with him. Brenda accuses Jax of giving Carly what she wants. Jax tells her that Carly saved him from making the worst mistake of his life. He realizes how ruined Brenda is, and that he can't save her. Brenda says that he doesn't mean that. He tells her that they have Carly to thank for this, and he leaves her.

In Anna's suite, Sabrina practices walking. Patrick arrives to pick up Emma. He walks in and asks for Sabrina. She turns around to reveal her made-over self, surprising Patrick.

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