GH Update Wednesday 4/3/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/3/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court ballroom, Lucy asks Sabrina to untangle some beads. Molly and TJ continue to work on their song. Felix brings in the programs and discusses when the flowers will be delivered. Milo walks in to see Sabrina trying to untangle some beads and lifts her up on his shoulder to assist her.

At the hospital, Patrick checks his phone, and is disappointed at no messages or missed calls on his phone. He flashes back to his leaving a message for Sabrina. He wonders about not having gotten a call back yet.

Sabrina is worried that she's heavy for Milo, but he tells her that he bench presses twice her weight. Felix comes across them and watches. Lucy checks on the decorations, and on Molly and TJ working on their song. Lucy then notices Felix, and asks him about his watching Sabrina and Milo. He assures her that his issues with them are in the past. Lucy then asks where her choreographer is

In the Metro Court lobby, Anton bumps into Sam and they introduce themselves. He still wants Sam to dance with him, but she insists that she doesn't dance. He tells her that's what she has him for.

At her home, Carly is surprised to learn that Jax is engaged, and unhappy to learn that his fiancée is Brenda.

At his home, Sonny is equally unhappy to learn that Brenda is engaged to Jax.

On the Haunted Star, Luke protects Laura, telling Helena that he killed her husband and sons, so she should shoot him. Helena then decides that she isn't going to shoot anyone, Laura is. Laura refuses to shoot anyone. Helena tells her that Laura will or she will kill Lulu. She tells Laura to kill Ethan to save Lulu's life. Laura takes the gun from Helena.

Anton continues to try to convince Sam to dance with him. He promises that he can teach her how to dance.

Felix wonders if Lucy means Anton when referring to the new choreographer. She says she is, and mentions that Richard Simmons was a mistake. Felix tells Lucy that he would love an up close and personal demonstration from Anton.

TJ finishes the music to the song, but Molly is struggling with her lyrics. TJ reminds her that time is short. Molly tells TJ that the more she's pressured, the more difficult it is for her to write.

Sabrina thanks Milo for his help. As she walks away, TJ approaches Milo, noticing how well things are going between Milo and Sabrina. Milo can't wait to take Sabrina to the ball. TJ asks if Patrick is an issue, but Milo says he isn't because Milo decided to take TJ's advice and not be so "nice". TJ looks over at Sabrina talking to Felix and Lucy.

Patrick runs into Elizabeth, wonders why she is there so fast. She mentions that Audrey is watching her kids. She decided to check on Nikolas before going to rehearsal. Elizabeth thanks Patrick for his words about Steve Hardy. He tells her that he was glad to say what he did, and that Steve was the man who set the standard. He asks how she's doing with Nikolas and the Spencers. Elizabeth says that having Audrey with her helps. She wonders what is going on with Patrick. She asks if something happened with Sabrina. He tells her that he took her advice and called Sabrina, leaving a message that he wanted to talk to her, but Sabrina hasn't called back.

TJ asks Milo what he means by following his advice. Milo tells him that he remembered what TJ said about nice guys finishing last, and he's making sure Patrick isn't an issue. He confesses to doing something underhanded.

Carly demands to know why Jax is marrying Brenda. Jax tells Carly he knows she doesn't like Brenda. Carly tells him that she despises Brenda, and says that Brenda only loves herself. She again demands to know why he's engaged to Brenda.

Brenda is looking for well wishes or a congratulation from Sonny on her engagement. He tells her "congratulations", then tells her that she can leave now.

Luke believes that Laura is going to kill Helena instead of Ethan. Helena tells Luke that Laura won't kill her, because only Ethan's death will save Lulu's life. Helena tells Laura that if Laura turns the gun on her, her guards will take them all out. She urges Laura to kill Ethan to save Lulu. Laura refuses, but Helena reminds her that Luke would kill Nikolas to save Lulu. Ethan tells Laura to shoot him if it shuts Helena up. Laura tells Helena that Ethan is an innocent, but Helena tells Laura that Nikolas is too. Laura tells Helena that Lulu wouldn't want her life saved in exchange for Ethan's. Helena offers a compromise, telling her that she can shoot Luke instead.

Elizabeth says that she hasn't spoken to Sabrina, and that Sabrina is probably just very busy. Patrick says that she may be busy, but maybe it's Sabrina's way of telling him that she doesn't want to speak with him, because she's happy with Milo.

TJ can't believe that Milo erased a message from Patrick on Sabrina's cell phone. Milo tells TJ that he just wanted a chance with Sabrina, and that he feels bad. Sabrina joins them and asks what Milo feels bad about.

Sam and Anton join Lucy and Felix in the ballroom. Lucy leads Anton aside and announces to everyone that Anton is their opening number choreographer, and that everyone should listen to him. She tells them that the opening number is important, so it must strike the right note for the evening. She asks Molly how the song is coming.

Carly continues to rant about Brenda, until Jax asks her to stop so he can explain. He told her how he took Brenda and her son to Rome, how he and Brenda stayed in touch, how he would visit occasionally to take them out, but then started to see them more and more. He says they'd signed the divorce papers and he knew that Carly moved on. Carly tells him that Brenda is only engaged to him to provoke a reaction from Sonny.

Sonny says before she goes, he wants to clarify something with her. He wants to know what happened between her letter and becoming engaged to Jax. She told him she waited for him for a year in Rome. He wonders if it was her plan all along, to make him think she wanted him, but then get engaged to Jax. She tells him that if he read her letter, things would have been different. He tells her that she's engaged to Jax, but she came to him. He says there's a connection, and she can't pretend she doesn't see it.

Jax doesn't agree with Carly. Carly continues to try to convince Jax that Brenda is using him, and that she wants to be with Sonny. Carly asks where Brenda is. Jax tells her that Brenda is in their hotel room. Carly bets that Brenda is with Sonny. Jax tells Carly to sign the divorce papers, but Carly refuses. She insists on looking the papers over first. He tells her to bring the signed papers to the Nurses' Ball. He also tells her that she isn't making him doubt his love for Brenda. He leaves and Carly vows to do Jax a big favor.

Lucy asks again if Molly has her lyrics. Molly says she has something but it's a first draft and Lucy may not like the lyrics. Lucy takes Molly's laptop, looks them over, then says she likes the song.

Sabrina presses to know what Milo feels bad about. Milo sidesteps the question, and offers to help Sabrina with another project. Lucy calls TJ over to her, and he leaves the two of them alone. Milo tells Sabrina that they should finish decorating. Sabrina stops him, telling him that she heard him say he feels bad, and she heard her name, so she wonders what he feels bad about.

Elizabeth reminds Patrick that Milo came to see him, and all Patrick had to do is say that he likes Sabrina for Milo to back off. Patrick says it's obvious that Sabrina likes Milo, and that he missed his chance. He says if he hadn't, Sabrina would have called back. Elizabeth starts to give Patrick reasons Sabrina didn't call back. He reminds her that she is late for rehearsal, so she rushes off.

TJ and Lucy play TJ's music for Anton on TJ's laptop. Lucy asks if he can come up with something for that music.

Brenda tells Sonny that not everything is about him. Sonny still thinks that her marrying Jax is about him. Brenda disagrees. Sonny asks why she needed to come and tell him about it, if that's true.

Luke mentions how Helena wanted Luke dead for 30 years, so why let Laura kill him. Helena says she's doing a courtesy, one betrayed wife to another. She reminds Laura how she killed her husband's mistress, slitting her throat while her daughter watched. She tells Laura that since she can't kill Ethan, she can get her revenge by killing Luke. Laura asked if Helena thinks she can force her to kill Luke. Helena tells her that not much force is required. She then reminds Laura of everything Luke has done to her, starting with raping her. She reminds Laura that Luke would let Nikolas die. She tells Laura how if she kills Luke, she'll have her daughter back, and the curse will be broken. Luke tells Laura that Helena is right, there's only one way it can end, and she has to take it. Laura raises her gun to Luke. Luke takes the gun from Laura, shoots Helena's guards and then shoots Helena last.

Lucy asks Anton again if the music works. Anton says that the music works. Sam congratulates Molly and TJ. Molly is worried that Alexis won't like it, but Sam tells her that Alexis will love it. Molly wants to cheer Alexis up, because Molly knows that she's worried over Nikolas since he hasn't waken up yet. She comments on how upset Alexis gets every time something happens with the Cassadines. Molly says she sometimes wishes they weren't related to the Cassadines, except for Nikolas. Sam tells her not to worry about Nikolas, and that Alexis would want them to get on with their lives and work on the ball. Lucy calls her dancers together and urges them to do what Anton tells them to do. Milo urges Sabrina to go rehearse, but Sabrina notices that he's acting strange. Lucy calls Sabrina over to join the rehearsal. Milo promises to talk to her later. Lucy is upset that Epiphany and Elizabeth are missing, then drafts Molly and Sam to stand in for them. Sam takes some convincing from Anton, but does join the dancers. Felix mentions to Sabrina how she and Milo look cozy. Sabrina is unsure of her and Milo. Anton begins to teach everyone how to dance.

Jax enters the Metro Court and runs into Michael. Michael asks if he's there to see Josslyn. Jax tells him that he's always there to see Josslyn, but he's there for the Nurses' Ball and because he's engaged, too. Michael asks if Carly knows. Jax says she does and she's not ok with it, because he's marrying Brenda.

Carly arrives at Sonny's house, then lets herself in. She hears Sonny and Brenda discussing Brenda's engagement to Jax. Sonny accuses Brenda of marrying Jax for revenge. He then wonders if Brenda wants him to talk her out of marrying Jax.

Luke checks Helena. He tells Laura and Ethan that Helena is dead. Laura mentions how long Helena tormented them. Ethan thinks that Helena didn't believe Luke would kill her, and wonders why she kept after Luke and Laura for so long. Luke tells him not to try to figure it out, she was nuts. Luke expresses how happy he is that Helena is dead. Ethan asks about Lulu since Helena took her. Laura mentions how Helena was the only one who knows where Lulu is.

Michael understands why Carly is upset. Jax tells him that the divorce isn't finalized. Michael guesses that Carly doesn't want to sign the papers, but Jax assures him that she will, and she'll bring them to the ball. He tells Michael that Carly tried to talk him out of marrying Brenda by trying to convince him that Brenda is only marrying him to provoke Sonny.

Carly listens as Brenda tells Sonny that she just didn't want Sonny to hear the news from someone else. Sonny says that she could have written him a letter, but Brenda remind him that he tore up the last one she wrote. Sonny says he tore it up because he was afraid of losing what they had if he read it. Brenda wonders what if it's not gone, what if they can try again. She says that if Sonny had read the letter, things could have been different. Carly quietly leaves after hearing this, leaving a scarf behind.

Milo watches as the nurses, Anton, Sam and Molly rehearse. TJ asks if Sabrina was called away before he could confess. TJ tells him how lucky Milo got. Milo says that he doesn't feel right about what he did. He says that he likes Sabrina, but doesn't want her that way, especially if she wants to be with someone else.

Patrick runs into a patient walking around the halls. Patrick guesses that he's flirting with the nurses again. The patient confesses that he is, but he asks where his favorite is: Sabrina.

The rehearsal continues as Elizabeth runs in. Lucy gets her into the rehearsal and Sam decides she's had enough. She tells Anton that he's a very good teacher, but she's more comfortable behind the scenes. She rushes off before he could talk her into staying. Felix goes to Anton and asks if Anton can show him the move he was teaching Sam. Anton obliges and Felix is happy about it. Sabrina asks Elizabeth if she was late because she was checking on Nikolas. Elizabeth tells her that there's no more setbacks with him. Sabrina starts to show Elizabeth the moves they're learning, but Elizabeth tells her that she had a conversation with Patrick. She wonders why Sabrina never called him back. Sabrina has no idea what Elizabeth is talking about.

Ethan was impressed with how well Luke and Laura worked together. He thanks her for not shooting him. Laura tells him that she doesn't have to thank her. Luke returns, telling them that there's no one else aboard, and no sign of what Helena did with Lulu or Dante. Ethan thinks that Dante was thrown overboard. Luke notices a blue tooth earpiece one of Helena's guards is wearing, and it's flashing. Ethan wonders why it's flashing. They hear a ship approaching. Laura wonders if Dante is bringing help, but Luke thinks its Cassadine reinforcements. Luke tells Ethan he can't be there when the reinforcements arrive. Luke and Laura try to convince Ethan to take the launch and go. Ethan wants to help find Lulu. Luke finally convinces Ethan to go, by telling him that he would be helping by providing a decoy. Ethan leaves to try to lure the reinforcements away.

The patient tells Patrick how sweet Sabrina is, and how he's surprised someone hasn't swept her up yet. Patrick says that someone has, but it wasn't him.

Milo tells TJ how he doesn't like to lie, and he's not good at it. TJ asks if he's going to tell Sabrina. Sabrina asks Elizabeth what Patrick wanted. Elizabeth tells her that she needs to ask Patrick, and tells her that she and Patrick need to talk. Felix tells Lucy that Anton was very attentive and may be into him. Lucy tells him to get back to rehearsal. Anton flirts with Sam, winking at her.

Michael feels bad that Carly and Jax were fighting, and he thinks that Carly wouldn't want to hurt Jax. Jax agrees, and he can understand why Carly reacted the way she did, given his history with Brenda. He says that he's talked to Brenda, and Sonny is in the past. Michael hopes that things work out for the best. Michael understands that people can own a piece of someone's heart, but that doesn't mean that they can't love another. Jax is convinced that Brenda isn't with Sonny, but is upstairs waiting for him. Michael leaves Jax to let him go upstairs.

Sonny tells Brenda that they need to just deal with the consequences of Sonny's tearing up the letter, and Brenda's leaving. Sonny doesn't think that Jax will make Brenda happy. She says at least they know where they stand. She says that she needs to get to the hotel before Jax gets back to the hotel. She doesn't want him to know she's there.

Jax walks into his room to find Brenda not there. He remembers Carly's words about Brenda being at Sonny's.

Sonny asks Brenda if she is ok driving back to the hotel. She says she is, commenting on how she's a better driver than Sonny. Brenda leaves, but Sonny calls out to her. He tells her it's good to see her. She leaves.

Luke hands Laura a gun, and asks if she's ready. She asks if he has a plan. He takes a minute, says he has something, then asks if she's ready. He takes her hand, and says, "Here we go again".

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