GH Update Tuesday 4/2/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/2/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

On the third floor of GH, Epiphany is talking to someone named Doris on the phone. She asks her how she liked Frank's big surprise. (A nod to the show's creators Frank and Doris Hursley). In the background, a young staff member places a portrait of Dr. Steve Hardy on its stand. Epiphany ends the call telling Doris that she has to round up a bunch of new interns. They are taking the tour of the hospital with Drake, Jr. In answer to Doris's question, Epiphany says that she doesn't know where Dr. Monica Quartermaine is.

Dr. Monica Quartermaine is at home still arguing with Tracy about who has the right to live in the Quartermaine mansion. Monica insists that Alan gave it to her fair and square. Totally frustrated with Monica, Tracy exclaims that if Alan weren't already dead, she would kill him! As they are both looking at the mirror, they are stunned to see Alan sitting down in Monica's armchair. "Here's your chance, Tracy" he quips. They turn around in disbelief that they both can see him. Tracy immediately accuses Monica of faking another death. "I'm still here." Alan reminds them. Tracy suddenly doesn't care how he got there, she's just happy to see him.

While Carly receives a surprise visit from Jax, Sonny receives one of his own from Brenda. On The Haunted Star, Luke and Laura are surprised to find Ethan being held captive and not Lulu. At GH, Elizabeth is surprised to see her grandmother Audrey Hardy. Audrey reminds her that it's Steve's anniversary and that she's come to see his portrait. Elizabeth apologizes for not remembering, but Audrey understands why.

Patrick meets up with the new interns by the nurses' station. The camera pans to Steve's portrait before showing Elizabeth and Audrey outside of Nikolas' room. They talk about how scattered their family is, and how Elizabeth feels alone sometimes. Audrey reassures her that Elizabeth will always have her. They also mention that Tommy (Steve's grandson) just graduated from medical school.

Meanwhile, Patrick is singing Steve's praises to the new interns, who are full of questions. One such intern asks Patrick if he knew Dr. Hardy. Amused, Patrick says no, his first Chief of Staff was Dr. Alan Quartermaine, and yes, he was married to the current Chief of Staff. Dr. Alan Quartermaine is paying a heavenly visit to his wife and sister. Tracy wants him to side with her while Monica thinks she has won when Emily shows up.

There are awkward reunions going on all over the place. First up, Carly and Jax are interrupted by an ecstatic Josslyn. He gives her a tea party set before she happily goes off to set it up. Carly nervously jokes that maybe there is a pizza party set for her. Instead, he pulls out divorce papers from his jacket.

On the Haunted Star, Ethan and Laura are finally introduced as Luke unties his son. Luke updates Ethan about the events leading up to Lulu's kidnapping. As they all go for the door, it's suddenly locked on them. Screaming for help proves futile so Ethan tells Luke and Laura how he came to be captured. He was apparently staying at Lucky's place in Dublin while Lucky was doing something awesome in Africa. Ethan received a message from Nikolas saying that the family was in trouble. Before he could find out how, Helena snatched him up. The three figure out that Helena was looking for Lucky but took Ethan instead. Ethan quotes Helena saying she could use him as a distraction. This gets Luke's attention and he wonders from what?

There is a happy reunion at the Quartermaine mansion between Monica and Emily. Tracy snarks at Alan that he couldn't have brought Mother and Daddy back? When she calls Emily a waif, Tracy and Monica start up again. Tracy relives Monica's past sins, beginning with Ned and her long-standing affair with Rick Webber. Suddenly, we hear a familiar voice say, "Don't bring me into this Tracy! " And like magic, there he is. When Monica reaches out to him, Tracy berates her brother for just standing by. Tracy begins to argue with Rick about his history with Monica. Emily chimes in that "Aren't you the one that seduced my married Mom during a quarantine?" Monica can't believe Alan told her that. Emily reminds Monica that there is a lot of downtime in the afterlife. Rick and Tracy are bickering over what happened to Laura.

At the Corinthos mansion, Brenda and Sonny talk about Robin and Jason. Brenda recites the letter she wrote to him that he didn't read. Carly and Jax are having a heart to heart at her place. It's clear that Carly wants another chance. On the Haunted Star, Ethan makes amends with Laura who readily accepts him. They are about to leave when Helena and her goons burst in with other plans. Back at GH, Elizabeth comes out of Nikolas's room, and she tells Audrey that Alexis will stay with him. Elizabeth invites her grandmother to see the boys and Audrey accepts. First she wants to see Steve's portrait.

Patrick is still taking the newbies going around the hospital. Back on the third floor, Epiphany joins them and tells them about the Nurses' Ball then she orders them back to work. Patrick talks about his first day and how scared he was. He and Epiphany talk about having a 50-year legacy to fulfill and wonders if he can live up to it. "We'll find out in another 50 years," he says. The camera passes over Steve's portrait once more.

Trying to put an end to all the feuding between Monica and Tracy, Rick and Alan decide to let bygones be bygones and shake hands. Both women are reluctant but Emily urges them on. She's in a hurry to see Nikolas. Monica asks Alan if this is what he wants and he agrees it is. Emily has one more turn to screw and tells them to hug it out. With Alan, Emily, and Rick cheering them on, Monica and Tracy awkwardly hug.

At the Jacks' mansion, Carly follows her Mother's advice and asks for another chance. At the same time, Brenda and Sonny wonder what would've happened if he had read the letter. They talk about Jason and she lets him know that Michael called her about Jason's death. Brenda mentions that Robin told her that Sonny has moved on. He then tells her about Kate/Connie and that he loves her very much. Brenda tells him that she has moved on as well.

On the Haunted Star, everyone except Dante is on the deck. Helena has her goons pointing guns at Luke, Laura, and Ethan. Luke and Helena exchange words over their history. She takes a gun and aims it at her nemesis Laura.

Back at GH, Patrick, Elizabeth and Audrey are admiring Steve's portrait. When Elizabeth reminds her grandmother that it's almost her golden anniversary, Audrey remembers dancing with her husband. We are treated to a flashback in black and white. Elizabeth says that Audrey and Steve had quite a love story, and Audrey answers, "Isn't that what life is all about, one path crossing another?" This leads Patrick to say that he often thinks about that. He goes on to say that if his father had never come to GH, then Patrick may not have come there and met Robin. He shares that GH has changed his life. Elizabeth continues with all the people that have come through the hospital and all the stories that they've shared.

Patrick talks of stories about "rivalries " as Monica and Tracy break off the hug. They wonder what just happened when Monica points to the relish and exclaims "What in the hell is in that relish?" Patrick continues with stories about heartbreak. Carly and Sonny learn that Brenda and Jax are engaged. And finally stories that leave us on the edge of our seats..... Luke challenges Helena to shoot him. Helena changes her mind and wants Laura to shoot Luke instead. Patrick's voice-over continues with "The thing about these stories is that we never know how they will end."

Patrick turns to Audrey and Elizabeth, and they agree it's quite a legacy. Epiphany calls Patrick back to work, leaving Audrey and Elizabeth to admire the portrait. Audrey kisses her fingers and touches Steve's lips calling him her "Rock of Gibraltar." She wishes him a Happy Anniversary as the staff applauds. Epiphany calls them back to work as Audrey and Elizabeth walk away. Audrey stops to take one last look around the place where she spent so many years. Elizabeth finally escorts a tearful Audrey off the floor passing under the original GH logo.

Finally, the producers post a message in gold thanking the fans for all their support.

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