GH Update Monday 4/1/13

General Hospital Update Monday 4/1/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

AJ pounds on Tracy’s door and demands she answers and gives an explanation for “something”. She smugly tells him she’s just about to toast the downfall of him and Michael.

Michael goes to see his dad. Sonny tells his son he’s for him. They are both concerned about Carly and her fear of being alone without a relationship.

Bobbie is back in town after being gone for a long time and goes to see Carly. Carly is happy to see her mom but is startled when Bobbie tells her that Nikolas Cassadine has been shot.

Helena holds a gun on Luke and Laura at the Haunted Star. She tells them she will put an end to everyone’s misery by putting an end to Laura. It’s her fault that Nikolas got shot. She fires a shot. But before anything can happen, Dante appears and points a gun at her and tells her he demands she tells him where Lulu is.

Tracy tells AJ that he needs to know that she won. Even if she signed a package for him and took it from him, he can’t accuse her of stealing. Pickle Lila is her mother’s recipe. He has no right to the fortune that can be obtained from it.

Michael talks to his dad about whether he’s going to refuse to give up on Kate. Sonny tells his son that she’s going to see a doctor to get some help. But he realizes that he has no control and now way to predict whether Kate or Connie emerges. And he has to realize she’s the woman he lives regardless of which of her alters prevails.

At the hospital, Monica talks to Elizabeth about wanting to make sure Nikolas is ok but know that there’s no assurance. Monica tells Elizabeth she really appreciates the fact that she is giving AJ a chance. She knows her son values Elizabeth and she should trust him.

Michael reminds his dad of all the damage that Connie has caused him and the fact that Kate has some responsibility for causing him so much grief. Sonny tells his son that he also has an illness that he cannot always control without medication. So he understands the issues that Kate cannot control and realizes it’s not her intent to hurt him.

Bobbie tells Carly that she should not be so worried about AJ developing a relationship with Michael. But Carly tells her mom that she is very tempted to help Tracy run AJ out of ELQ and back to prison where he belongs.

AJ furiously tells Tracy she better not think she can get away with stealing his recipe. But she is very confident that she has won and will have full ownership of pickle Lila as well as full control of ELQ.

Sonny tells Michael he realizes it’s hard for anyone to grasp the concept that he could be in love with two different women in the same body. But he’s going to be there for her whatever happens. Michael tells his dad he needs to figure out whom he wants to come home to him; Connie or Kate.

Alone in the house, Tracy tells her deceased mom that she may have failed some things but knows that she can make good and have better days ahead and do her family proud. Right then, Monica enters and demands to know what she is doing. Tracy tells her that she hired a new cook. Monica protests that Tracy needs to know this is her (Monica’s) house. She can’t just hire whomever she wants and act like she owns this place without Monica’s approval. She offers Monica some “condiment” on a cracker. Monica eats and admits this is really good whatever it is. Tracy asks Monica if she does not realize that when she was disgracing Tracy’s family and cheating on Tracy’s brother, Tracy found the magic with this recipe of her mom. And Tracy is going to triumph and put Monica in her place because only she (Tracy) knows how to unlock the key to the family’s legacy.

Carly talks to her mom about how she has been forgiven by her mom for all the terrible things she’s done. But Bobbie encourages her daughter to know that she needn’t feel bad because she knows that Carly would forgive her kids for anything they do.

While Nikolas remains unconscious in his hospital bed, Elizabeth stands beside him and relives their friendship and the two of them sleeping together and betraying Lucky. She cries when she tells him that she was angry at him and at herself but later realized all of the great things they had together. She realized that he is not like the Cassadines or like Helena. He has a conscience unlike the others and could never be as cold or as cruel as his grandmother.

Dante engages in a shoot-out with Helena and her men. He manages to take them out and notices her hiding underneath the bar. She is unarmed and he instructs her to stand up and put her hands up. Luke and Laura surround her with Dante and demand to know where Lulu is. Dante tells her he does not care about anything except getting his wife back. She either takes him to Lulu or she dies.

AJ tells Tracy she will not be able to spend a dime of the money she believe she will have. He’s going to kill her.

Michael tells his dad that whatever happens with Kate/Connie, he won’t have to choose because she will be just one woman. But Sonny admits that he loves both of them and doesn’t want to lose either of them.

Carly tells her mom that after she and Sonny lost Jason, they both learned that one has to hang on to the people who are important to them. Bobbie then reminds her daughter that she has not said much about Jason. Carly tells her that Jason was killed and drowned in the harbor. And he left behind a beautiful baby boy named Daniel. She relives about how Jason was always there for her. No matter how bad she lied or messed up, she knew that Jason always loved her. And now there’s this enormous hold where Jason used to be. She has tried to fill it with other people but has learned that is not right because it’s not for anyone except for him. Bobbie asks her daughter if she thinks that Jason would not want her to get on with her life and allow herself to trust others. Carly admits that knows he’d want her to be happy. Yet she still does not know what she should do with her life.

Elizabeth observes an unconscious Nikolas and realizes that she has not had much of a life or any man in her life since they were together. She has been incomplete about the two of them and Lucky and the fact that they have both been out of her life.

Dante holds the gun on Helena. Luke tells her she better tell him where his daughter is.

Sonny tells Michael he realizes he (Michael) never knew Brenda back when Sonny first met her. He relives how he was black-mailed into marrying Lilly. He made it work to some extent with Lilly but he could not give up on Brenda. He was ready to walk out on his kid but then found out that Lily was pregnant. Her dad wanted revenge on him but wound up killing his daughter instead. Michael tells his dad he must know that that was not his fault. But Sonny tells his son that had he not impregnated her, had he not cheated on her with Brenda, if Brenda had not started seeing Jacks and the whole history with before during and after his relationship with Michael’s mom, Carly. Michael admits that he realizes his mom is a very complicated person and the failure of his parents’ relationship was not entirely Sonny’s fault.

Tracy tells both AJ and Monica that ELQ will soon be hers’. He is ready to kill her but Monica tells her son that if he goes through with his threat, he’ll get charged with murder and go to prison. She instructs her son to go to his room just like when he was a child known as Alan Jr., while she talks to her sister in law. AJ hesitates but she instructs her son to let her talk to Tracy alone. She then faces Tracy and tells her she is an obnoxious bitch and Monica is officially throwing her out of her house once and for all.

At the hospital, Elizabeth takes unconscious Nikolas’ hand and relives how she broke his heart by revealing that the baby she thought she had with him was not his. He was Lucky’s. And she tells him she knows that that had a major part in what drove him to Europe. But regardless, she lost Lucky anyway and is afraid her ex-husband will never come back.

Luke assists Dante by holding a gun on Helena and her men. She finally tells her men that maybe they need to do what Lulu’s father and husband say and let them find her. Dante points the gun, looks straight at Helena, and tells her it’s all over.

Tracy relives the disgrace that Monica caused her family while married to Alan and the whole history. Monica reminds Tracy that regardless of what she thinks, she (Monica) has the title and the deed to this house and the authority to throw Tracy out. She doesn’t know how Alan could have ever been so stupid as to allow Monica to have the privileges she’s had. If her brother were not already dead, Tracy declares, she’d kill him herself. And right then, Tracy sees her deceased brother, Alan right in front of her face. He announces to his sister that he’s right there…. She opens her mouth in awe.

While talking to Sonny, Michael texts AJ and tells his father that he and AJ are determined to work together to put ELQ back in the black. In response to that, Sonny tells his son that although he’s had his issues with AJ, he realizes that Michael loves him and sees him as his father. He does not want to take that away from Michael. He loves Michael and doesn’t want him to lose anything or anybody who matters to him. Michael hugs his dad and tells him he hopes that the woman Sonny loves will come back to him real soon.

Bobbie tells Carly she has to go. She hugs her daughter and tells her that she needs to have faith that she will find the man of her dreams if she really wants him.

Alone in the house, Sonny can hear Michael’s voice telling him he needs to figure out whom he wants to come back to him; Connie or Kate.

Carly is alone in her house when she hears her doorbell ring. She runs to get it. And Jax appears at her door smiling and greeting her.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas she loves him and he must get better soon. She then leaves the room and cries. Right then, out of nowhere she sees a woman she hasn’t seen in a long time.

Dante tells Helena that she is going to take him back to his wife, and she’s never going to mess with his family again. But she tells him it’s not that simple.

Luke and Laura go below deck to where they think Lulu is. As she sees someone struggling under some burlap fabric, Laura exclaims that she’s very worried what has been done to her baby.

We are left hanging to find out who Luke and Laura have discovered.

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