GH Update Friday 3/29/13

General Hospital Update Friday 3/29/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Floating Rib, Mac is practicing his act with his dummy "Mr. Marbles" as his customers start to leave. Frisco walks in. Mac and Frisco exchange insults.

Maxie answers her apartment door to find Felicia there, bearing food from Floating Rib. Maxie says she has a salad, but Felicia says she brought one, too, so now there's one for Maxie's baby and one for Maxie. Maxie doesn't want a reminder that she's eating for two. She says that Felicia doesn't have to worry about her not eating. Felicia says that the baby being Dante and Lulu's doesn't matter to her.

At the lab, Spinelli and Ellie decide that it's important that they discuss the baby issue. Spinelli says he thought a lot about it. He says that AJ helped him reach clarity on the subject.

At the hospital, there is a replay of AJ approaching Elizabeth, and asking about Nikolas.

Luke and Laura arrive and board the Haunted Star from their helicopter, and the helicopter takes off. Luke says they are letting their ride go, but Laura says they knew they would have to find their own way back. Luke suggests sinking the Haunted Star after they find Lulu.

Felicia urges Maxie to eat, but Maxie says she and the baby aren't hungry. They're worried about Lulu. Felicia tells her not to worry, Lulu will be home soon, because Frisco is on the case. Maxie asks what she means. Felicia explains how Anna asked for Frisco's help, that he got the WSB involved, and that they found the Haunted Star. She tells Maxie that Luke and Laura are on their way to get Lulu. Maxie mentions how Frisco came through, and Felicia tells her that he is an expert on these situations. Maxie thinks that Felicia sounds like she admires Frisco. Maxie says that she knows that Frisco wants Felicia back. She says that Frisco told her. Maxie wonders if Frisco told her so that she would tell Mac. Felicia says that Mac already knows.

Mac and Frisco argue over Mac hitting Frisco. Frisco says that he should be the one pissed over it, but Mac tells him that he got what he deserved.

Ellie asks why their personal issues are AJ's business. Spinelli says they're not but he just met with AJ about a new piece of business, unrelated to the relish. He tells her that he and AJ discussed the situation. Ellie wonders what AJ said. Spinelli tells her that they discussed AJ's own situation with his son, and how important Michael is. He says that AJ advised him not to back down if he wants a child, so he won't back down.

Luke tells Laura that their arrival must have alerted people. He advises her not to fire the gun unless necessary, because once she fires it, she's a target. He asks if she's ready to face Helena. Laura says she's never been more ready.

Alexis arrives at the hospital and joins AJ and Elizabeth. Alexis says that she was told that there was a setback. Elizabeth tells her that Nikolas' heart stopped again, but the doctor was able to bring him back. Alexis asks if the incident was a result of what Luke attempted, but Elizabeth says the doctor doesn't think so. Alexis doesn't like that the doctor isn't sure. AJ asks about what Luke did, and Alexis explains it to him. Elizabeth says the doctor thinks it was a post-surgical complication, but again, Alexis doesn't like that the doctor isn't sure. Elizabeth tells Alexis that Nikolas has an exam, that there's no internal bleeding and that his vitals are good. She says the doctor hopes to take him off of the ventilator. Alexis asks if she can see Nikolas. Elizabeth lets her go in and Alexis leaves them. Elizabeth tells AJ she's glad he came down there. He says he wants to make sure that she is ok. He asks if she is. Elizabeth says she was afraid they were going to lose Nikolas.

Inside Nikolas' room, Alexis talks to Nikolas, venting about how he is always the first hurt during the Cassadine/Spencer wars. She tells him she demands that he be ok, and if he scares her like that again, she will kill him herself if Laura doesn't do it first.

Luke and Laura carefully enter the Haunted Star, guns in hand. Laura is surprised that the room is empty, but Luke says they are there, just keeping the two of them on their toes. Helena walks in, telling him how he enjoys games. She says it seems like old times. Luke and Laura train their guns on Helena. Helena tells them to make themselves at home. Luke says they're not staying. She says they aren't skipping any steps. She welcomes them, they menace her, then her guards appear. Her guards walk in, armed with guns trained on Luke and Laura. Helena tells them to hand over their guns. Luke nods at Laura to hand over her gun and she does, but then tells Helena that he can get off a good shot. Helena tells him to hand over his gun or Laura gets shot first. She tells Luke to choose his gun or Laura's life.

AJ assures Elizabeth that Nikolas will be ok. Elizabeth agrees. She says she needs to just calm down. She says she wants to change out of her scrubs. AJ says that it's natural that she is worried about Nikolas, as he's not just a patient, but her old friend. Elizabeth tells him that she and Nikolas were more than friends for a while.

Ellie appreciates his honesty with her. She says its better than his tiptoeing around the subject, hoping that she'll change her mind. She says it puts things in a new light. Spinelli asks if she'll reconsider, but she says she won't. She says that she's as sure that she does not want children as he is that he does.

Maxie asks why Felicia told Mac that Frisco made a move on her. Felicia explains that she tried to get Frisco to leave town, but he refused. He says he wants another chance with her. Maxie asks if she believes Frisco. Felicia says she does, and that Frisco has been very open in pursuing her. She says that Mac knew, and she didn't want him to think she was hiding anything, so she told him. Maxie wonders what Mac said about it. Felicia tells Maxie that Mac punched Frisco in the face. Maxie is excited to hear this. She then asked if Frisco is ok. Felicia says that Frisco can still talk, but she wishes that Mac would.

Mac tells Frisco wanted Felicia the moment Frisco came back to town. Frisco insists he came back to support Maxie. Mac tells him they'd have been better off if he stayed away. Frisco tells him that Maxie is his flesh and blood, and so is the baby she's carrying.

Luke lowers his gun and Helena takes it from him, telling him how disappointed she is. Laura demands her daughter back. Helena comments that Laura is rude, but it's typical. She says she never understood what her sons saw in her. Luke accuses Helena of her mind starting to go. Helena tells him not to test the limits of her affection for him. She starts to tell him what she'd have no problem doing, when Laura interrupts, asking if she'd have Luke shot like she had Nikolas shot. Helena looks at Laura, clearly surprised by the news.

Ellie and Spinelli are upset that neither of them are willing to change their positions. She tells him what Tracy had to say about the situation, leaving Spinelli wondering when she started listening to Tracy, He wants to know what Tracy was doing there. Ellie explains that Tracy broke in, looking for the formula, then trying to persuade Ellie to give it to her, but she didn't succeed. She explains that she sent the formula to an independent lab and then had them delivered to AJ. She tells Spinelli that she doesn't let personal issues interfere with business. She then asks him where they stand.

Maxie asks Felicia if Mac isn't talking to her. Felicia says that Mac was upset that she went to the ER with Frisco, but she was upset with Mac for punching Frisco. She thinks that she and Mac need time to cool off. She says that the only speaking to her that Mac is doing is through "Mr. Marbles". Maxie asks who "Mr. Marbles" is. Felicia says she'll find out at the Nurses' Ball. Felicia says she needs to talk to both Mac and Frisco, hoping that things can be worked out so that they can all enjoy the ball. Maxie asks what she will say. She doesn't answer. Maxie says that Felicia is sending mixed messages, giving false hope. She asks what Felicia wants.

Mac tells Frisco that he doesn't know what he's talking about, Maxie is a surrogate. He accuses Frisco of using a baby that's not his to get back in with Maxie and Felicia. Frisco says that Maxie is going to give birth to that baby. Mac tells Frisco that he's only concerned about what's his. He tells Frisco that all Maxie got from Frisco was DNA, but got no support. He tells Frisco that he gave Georgie even less by not being there when she was born, missing her growing up and not noticing when she died. He says that Georgie was just a way to get to Felicia. He mentions that he even used Georgie's birthday to make a move on Felicia. He asks how low Frisco could get. Frisco punches Mac, asking if that's low enough for him.

AJ says that he never knew that she and Nikolas were together. Elizabeth explains how she and Nikolas having an affair came to happen, how Lucky found out and how Nikolas thought that Aiden was his.

Alexis tells Nikolas that next to her daughters and Daniel, Nikolas is the only family she has that she loves, and she knows that he loves her. She apologizes for not being there, sooner, explaining that she was taking care of Shawn.

Helena asks about Nikolas being shot. Laura says that Helena had him shot, so he couldn't tell them about Lulu. Helena says that she would never hurt Nikolas, because she loves him. Luke says she would eat her own children if it benefitted her, then mentions her shooting her own daughter. She says she hated her daughter, but loves Nikolas. Luke asks that if she didn't have Nikolas shot, who did.

Elizabeth continues to tell AJ the story of the confusion over Aiden's paternity. AJ doesn't understand why Helena would mess with the results of Aiden's paternity. Elizabeth says she stopped trying to figure Helena out, but she said her guess is to mess with Lucky since Helena likes to do whatever she can to hurt the Spencers.

Laura wants to know who would have had Nikolas shot. Helena doesn't believe them. Luke snarks at Helena and is hit by a guard for the trouble. Helena asks if they have cell phones. Helena wants to speak with Nikolas. Laura gets her cell phone and offers to call Scott, telling Helena that he is staying with Nikolas for Laura. She dials Scott's phone as Helena orders her to keep it on speaker phone.

Alexis tells Nikolas that she talked to Leslie, and found out that Spencer is ok, and just knows that Nikolas is out of town. Scott's phone rings on the bedside table and Alexis answers it. Laura is surprised to hear Laura's voice. Alexis figures out that she answered Scott's phone, and tells Laura that Scott went for a walk. She asks if they're not supposed to be chasing Helena. Laura tells her that they are, but she's checking on Nikolas. Alexis tells Laura that he's ok, but he had a setback. Laura asks what kind of setback, but Alexis tells her that Nikolas is on the road to recover, so she shouldn't worry. Laura asks if Nikolas has regained consciousness yet, but Alexis says he hasn't, but the doctors aren't concerned. She tells Laura that she's staying with Nikolas. Helena warns Alexis that she'd better stay with him.

Mac tells Frisco that they're even now. Frisco disagrees. He says that he, Mac and Felicia have a messy past and he knows most of it is his fault. He tells Mac how much Felicia means to him. He tells Mac that he respects Mac and all he did for Felicia and the girls. He says he doesn't want to see Mac get hurt, so maybe he should step aside and let Felicia go.

Felicia says that Mac asked her the same thing, but never gave her a chance to answer because he hit Frisco. Maxie is convinced that Frisco provoked Mac into hitting him. Maxie wonders if maybe Frisco just wants Felicia back because he knows she's with Mac, and he wants to prove he can win Felicia back. Felicia asks if Maxie thinks that's what Frisco is doing, and Maxie says she thinks that Mac thinks that. Felicia says that Mac isn't giving her a chance, since Mac hasn't spoken to her since he hit Frisco. Maxie says she hasn't done anything to fix it, and that's lame.

Spinelli and Ellie agree that they're stuck. Ellie says it's not like they're getting married soon, they're not even engaged. Spinelli says they've spoken of their commitment to each other and see a future with each other, so they may be married, and on that day, he gives up his wish to have children, and he's not sure if he can do that. Ellie asks if they are breaking up.

Maxie asks who Felicia wants to be with. Felicia says it's not appropriate to discuss it with her. She says she needs to first talk to Mac. She asks if Maxie if she will be ok, and Maxie says she will. Maxie asks Felicia to thank Frisco for helping with Lulu. Felicia says he's happy to do it, because he knows that the baby needs a mother.

Spinelli and Ellie say that they really like each other a lot. Ellie has even told her parents about Spinelli. Ellie tells him how right he is for her. Spinelli tells her that no one makes him feel as challenged and at home as she does. They wonder why they are breaking up, if they are. They don't want to break up with each other. Spinelli wonders if they are trying to fix things, though Ellie says nothing is broken for now. She wonders if that's enough for now.

AJ tells Elizabeth how Helena sounds worse than Tracy, but she shouldn't tell either of them that. AJ tells Elizabeth about how Jason pretending to be Michael's father ruined AJ's relationship with Jason. He says he hates to see Nikolas and Lucky go through that. Elizabeth confesses that maybe she and Carly aren't so different. AJ says he would never judge Elizabeth, but believes that things happen and people make mistakes. All you can do is try to make amends, and not make the same mistakes again, then move on with your life. Elizabeth says that she needs to check on Nikolas. AJ asks if she's ok, and Elizabeth says she is. AJ tells her he needs to go to the lab to check on the formula, telling Elizabeth that they're close. She congratulates him. AJ tells Elizabeth that he's only a phone call away. She promises to remember that. AJ heads off to the lab.

Alexis asks Helena if Luke and Laura captured her. Helena tells her that she has captured them. She wants to know what Helena has done with them, and Helena tells her that's not her concern. She tells Alexis that her only concern is Nikolas, then asks how he is. Off to the side, Laura asks Luke if there's any chance Helena is sincere, and didn't have Nikolas shot. Luke tells her that he thinks Helena had no idea, and that's not a good thing. Alexis tells Helena that Nikolas looks pale, but handsome. She tells Helena that he's not in pain because he's unconscious, but the doctors say his prognosis is good. Helena tells Alexis that she's trusting Nikolas' care and well being to her, but if she fails, she will slit Alexis' throat like she did her Alexis' mother's. She hangs up and Laura approaches her. She says she got her proof, now she wants Lulu back.

Mac is stunned that Frisco wants him to step aside. Frisco says that Felicia should be with the man she loves. Mac says she's fine where she is, then, but Frisco disagrees. Mac wants to know what indication he has that Felicia wants him back. Frisco has no proof, and asks Mac if Felicia says she doesn't want Frisco. Mac says no, but says he hasn't given her a chance. Felicia walks in. Frisco says he has his chance now. Felicia asks what is going on. She notices that Mac has been hit. Frisco says they need her to settle something. Mac urges her to tell Frisco that she doesn't have feelings for Frisco and doesn't love him. Felicia says she can't say it, because it's not true. She loves Frisco.

Maxie opens her door to find Spinelli there. He says he needs to talk to her.

Frisco thinks that things are settled. Felicia says that nothing is settled, because she loves Mac. She says she loves both of them. Mac tells her she can't have them both. She has to choose.

Spinelli tells her that he and Ellie are still stuck on the same issue of children and he doesn't know how to proceed. He says if he commits to a future with Ellie, he's going to have a future without children of his own.

AJ runs into Ellie in the halls of GH. He says he's hoping for an update on the formula. She tells him that the lab is sending the results to him at ELQ. He says he hasn't received a delivery yet. She checks on the tracking information, finding that it's been delivered. She shows him the signature Tracy signed, gloating about her win.

Alexis puts down the phone, and Alexis says that she thinks she just witnessed a human emotion from Helena. She wonders if it's a sign of the apocalypse. Elizabeth knocks softly and enters the room. Elizabeth asks how Nikolas is. Alexis tells her he's fine if she and Helena have anything to say about it.

Helena tells Laura that she doesn't get to see anyone, especially after what she has done to Nikolas. She blames Laura for Nikolas being shot. Luke tells Helena that it has nothing to do with Laura. He blames one of Helena's assassins. Helena assures him that it wasn't the fault of any of her men. She then announces that Laura has brought pain to everyone in her life. She says she's going to do everyone a favor and end Laura

Elizabeth asks about Helena. Alexis tells Elizabeth that Laura put Helena on the phone, then breaks the news to her that Helena has captured them. Elizabeth asks about Dante, since he was with Luke and Laura. Alexis says that Helena didn't mention Dante.

Dante climbs onto the Haunted Star after having dived and then swam to get to the ship.

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