GH Update Thursday 3/28/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/28/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the ballroom, Sam, Molly and TJ arrive to a room full of people while Lucy gets everyone's attention. Lucy notices Sam and hugs her. She welcomes the three of them. Molly says they are there to volunteer. Lucy tells her that she will take all the help she can get.

In his office, AJ looks at a pair of Nurses' Ball tickets, and is interrupted by a knock at the door. Spinelli walks in. Spinelli hopes that AJ called him to accept his apology.

Ellie walks into her lab, noticing someone there. she grabs her torch and warns the person who's shoe she sees to come out or be incinerated. Tracy steps out into the open.

At the lake house, Alexis finishes a call, receiving an update on Nikolas. She tells Shawn to remind her to kill Luke, then tells him what Luke attempted. Shawn asks her if she would like to go to the hospital. She says that Laura is there, Luke has left, that there are no visitors allowed, so she is all Shawn's. Shawn likes the sound of that. They are interrupted by a knock at the door.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth walks into Patrick. He drops his phone, and Elizabeth sees the picture of Sabrina and Emma on the phone. She guesses that it's Patrick's and hands it back to him.

At the ballroom, Milo thanks Sabrina for asking him to the Nurses' Ball. He thought that Sabrina was going to blow him off. Sabrina thanks him for stopping by, guessing that he's busy. Milo has a day off and would like to help. Sabrina sends him to help with lighting. After he leaves, she asks Felix what happened. Felix tells her that she has a date to the ball. Sabrina admits that she was going to blow him off for Felix. She asks why he told Milo she was going to ask him out.

Also at the ballroom, Lucy thanking Molly, TJ and Sam for coming to help. She sends them to see her assistant. As Molly and TJ go to speak with her assistant, Lucy tells Sam that she has snagged a "celebrity choreographer" for the opening number. Lucy won't tell her who it is and rushes off. Sam backs away, promising to get started helping. She backs into a man who is bringing equipment through. He looks at Sam and asks if he knows her. He thinks she is a nurse, but she says she isn't, she says she was just dropping Molly and TJ off, but decided to stay and help. He insists that he's seen her somewhere before and walks off. Lucy guides Molly aside and tells her that she hasn't had a chance to speak to Rafe. She asks Molly how Rafe is doing.

Alexis answers the door to find Rafe there. She is surprised to see him, and asks what he's doing there. He apologizes for showing up, but says he had nowhere else to go.

Molly tells Lucy that Rafe is on a waiting list for a foster home.

Felix tells Sabrina about his talk with Carly. He tells her that their friendship is more important than any guy. Sabrina tells him the same thing. Sabrina tells him that the last thing she would want to do is to hurt him, and that the only reason she went out with Milo was to get over being rejected by Patrick. Felix tells her she did nothing wrong, that it was on him for falling for another straight guy. Sabrina teases him that it was his fault.

Elizabeth tells Patrick how proud of herself Emma was when she learned how to send pictures on a cell phone. She asks if the picture were what convinced Patrick to attend graduation. Patrick tells Elizabeth that he wanted to be there for Sabrina. Elizabeth asks if he wanted to be there for Sabrina as a friend, or as something more.

Ellie threatens to call security on Tracy. Tracy tells her that her family donates a lot of money to the hospital. Ellie says that it doesn't mean they don't have to follow the rules. Tracy tells Ellie that if she calls security, Tracy would be temporarily inconvenienced but Ellie would be out of a job. She suggests that they could agree to a mutually beneficial deal: Tracy wants the formula to the relish, and she could see to it that Ellie gets a grant from ELQ, and ELQ could maybe even build Ellie her own lab. Ellie reminds Tracy that she's not in charge of ELQ anymore. Tracy says she's not today, but she will be. Ellie tells Tracy that she has integrity, and that her integrity won't allow her to take bribes. Tracy tells her that integrity just costs more, but Ellie says hers is priceless. Tracy says she can't say the same for Spinelli.

AJ closes the door as Spinelli babbles about his actions with Tracy. AJ tells Spinelli that he didn't call to chew Spinelli out. He called him to let him know how he will make it up to AJ.

Tracy tells Ellie how Spinelli sold her out for a paycheck. Ellie says she knows that Tracy bullied Spinelli into helping her by threatening to evict him from his office and home. She tells Tracy how Spinelli did the right thing in the end. She tells Tracy that trashing Spinelli won't convince her. Tracy thinks it's admirable how Ellie is standing up for her boyfriend. Ellie wonders if Spinelli is indeed still her boyfriend.

Spinelli asks how he can help AJ. AJ tells him that there's a missing Quartermaine heir out there and Tracy is already looking for the heir. He tells Spinelli that if Tracy finds the heir first, he would be out of a job, and possibly out of ELQ completely. He says it would ruin all that he's trying to accomplish with ELQ and with his son. He asks Spinelli if he could count on his help.

Lucy tells Molly that she still considers Rafe family, and she wants to see Rafe happy. Molly asks if Rafe could live with her and Kevin. Lucy says she tried, but because she and Kevin don't live in Port Charles full time, because of the jail incidents and Ferncliff, she was turned down. TJ joins them, and Lucy tells TJ that she and Molly were discussing a mutual friend, then asks if there is anything Alexis can do. Molly tells Lucy that Alexis is working on finding Rafe a good foster home. Lucy is glad to hear that Alexis is on the case. TJ is clearly unhappy with the conversation. Lucy asks Molly to tell Alexis that she and Kevin will do anything to help Rafe.

Alexis tells Rafe that she's made a few calls to child services, but she has had a family emergency come up, so she hasn't been able to follow up. She tells him that her nephew is in the hospital. Rafe extends his sympathy. She tells him she's been waiting to hear from the hospital and from child services. Rafe tells her how difficult things are for him with kids giving him a hard time about his parents. Alexis tells him that he seems like a nice kid, and she implores him not to get into trouble over it. Rafe asks where Molly is. Shawn tells him that she's with her boyfriend.

Lucy asks the crowd at the ballroom where Elizabeth is. Epiphany tells her that Elizabeth was needed at the hospital.

Elizabeth pushes Patrick for an answer. He tells her that he thought about what Robin wanted for him and Emma. He says that at that moment, he received the picture from Sabrina's graduation. He says that Emma wanted her to be there for Sabrina. Elizabeth asks if Patrick has had a change of heart. He says it doesn't matter, because he thinks Sabrina is seeing someone else. Elizabeth asks who, and he tells her that Sabrina is seeing Milo. When Elizabeth mentions "Magic" Milo, Patrick asks why all the women around there call him that. Elizabeth mentions Connie's bachelorette party, and Patrick says he heard about Milo's abs. Elizabeth says she is happy for Sabrina and thinks that she and Milo make a cute couple. She asks if Patrick agrees.

Lucy is very upset that Elizabeth isn't available for rehearsal. Molly stares as she watches Milo. Sabrina stares at him, too, and smiled as Milo walks off to work. Lucy calms down as she realizes she is ranting. She then tells everyone that they have a celebrity choreographer, but they are waiting for him to arrive. Richard Simmons walks in and announces his own arrival. The crowd applaud his arrival.

Spinelli promises AJ that AJ can count on him. He is happy to help and needs the distraction from his problems with Ellie. AJ asks about the issue. Spinelli mentions that he and Ellie are at an impasse. AJ can't believe it, saying that he has never seen two people so right for each other as Spinelli and Ellie. Spinelli tells AJ that they do have a lot in common but they have one major difference of opinion: he wants children and she doesn't.

Tracy thinks that Spinelli cheated on Ellie. Ellie tells her that Spinelli has not cheated on her. She says that Spinelli wants children, but she doesn't, and she doesn't know if they can get past that.

Alexis explains that Molly is at the Metro Court, helping with the Nurses' Ball, and she confirms that TJ is with her. She offers Rafe something to drink, then leaves the room to get him a soda. Once she's gone, Shawn tells Rafe that it's great that he and Molly are friends. Rafe mentions that Molly has been great to her. Shawn says it's because Molly is generous, and has a good heart. He asks Rafe if Rafe is clear on what he was told: that Molly has a boyfriend. Rafe asks why it matters to Shawn so much. He asks if he's TJ's dad. Shawn tells him "something like that".

Patrick tells Elizabeth about his conversation with Elizabeth. Elizabeth says that sounds like Milo, very considerate. She asks him what he told Milo. Patrick says he didn't say anything, because Sabrina called Milo, needing to see him, so he left before Patrick could say anything. Elizabeth wonders if he was going to tell Milo to back off from Sabrina because he wants her.

Lucy greets Richard and introduces him to the crowd. She tells them that he's going to help choreograph the opening number for the ball, and that he wrote a song just for them. Richard tells everyone how he used to live in Port Charles. Lucy tells them that he ran an exercise class out of the Campus Disco, which was run by Luke. Richard tells them how much he liked her and how they used to gossip together. He tells them that he wrote a song and plays it for them. He then gets the crowd dancing with him. Sabrina asks Felix if he thinks what Richard really wrote the song. Felix thinks it sounds like something from the 80s. Molly and TJ hear lyrics about "Frank Smith" and ask Sam who he is. Sam tells Molly to ask Sonny. Richard continues to dance with the volunteers. Sabrina and Epiphany stop dancing as they realize that some of the lyrics are about Monica Quartermaine. Lucy becomes offended by the song and turns it off. Richard is upset that Lucy turned the song off. Lucy says that they can't use his song. She says that it exposes too many secrets of the town, and that it will offend the Chief Of Staff, Monica Quartermaine. Richard doesn't care.

AJ feels for Spinelli. AJ says all he can suggest is that Michael is the only thing that he has done right. Spinelli says that children is something that he wants. AJ suggests that he try to convince Ellie, and that Spinelli should never back down.

Ellie shares her concerns about having children with Tracy. Tracy advises Ellie to stick by her principles. Tracy says admires Ellie's having her principles, and that Spinelli should respect them. Ellie says that he does. Tracy says that if Spinelli wants kids, he should go have them with someone else. She needs to stick to her guns.

Lucy tells Richard that Monica and others would come after her for the song. Richard doesn't care about Monica. Lucy tells him that his song is tasteless old gossip. She tells him that they don't his song unless he changes his lyrics. Richard refuses to change the lyrics. He insists that Bobbie would allow the song. He wants to speak with the head nurse. Epiphany says that's her. Richard insists that Lucy be removed as the person in charge of the ball. Epiphany sides with Lucy. Lucy then takes a vote, finding that everyone likes the music. Lucy says they can use the music but the words need to be changed. Richard refuses to change anything about the song, and if Lucy doesn't like it, they can find another song and another choreographer.

Patrick wonders if Milo can make Sabrina happy. Elizabeth wonders if Patrick can. Patrick is worried about the baggage he has, but Milo doesn't. He knows that Milo cares about Sabrina first. He says he can't because Emma comes first. He says that Sabrina obviously likes Milo enough to see him. Elizabeth thinks its great that Patrick cares about everyone else, but maybe its time for him to think about what makes him happy.

Tracy urges Ellie to stand her ground, and if she needs back up, Tracy is available. Ellie thanks him. Tracy says that since they have an understanding, will Ellie be willing to give her the formula. Ellie says she couldn't if she wanted to. She figured it out, sent it to an independent lab and will then have it sent directly to AJ. Ellie apologizes to her.

AJ thanks Spinelli for his help, then tells him that he needs to get ready to do an act with Elizabeth. Spinelli tells AJ that Elizabeth may not be in the mood since Nikolas was shot. AJ didn't know that Nikolas was back. Spinelli suggests that if he wants to see Elizabeth, AJ might go to the hospital to see her. As Spinelli leaves, AJ is worried about Elizabeth.

Elizabeth advises Patrick that he needs to stop hiding behind Robin, and to think about what he wants. She reminds him that life is short. She leaves him to go check on Nikolas.

Sabrina tries to step in and calm the situation. Lucy announces that Sabrina had a lot to do with the ball happening. Sabrina suggests a compromise, but Richard refuses compromise. Lucy is convinced that the song will lose them money. She said the song is out. Richard said that if his song is out, so is he. He grabs his boombox and leaves. Lucy says that they will go onward and upward. Felix asks who is going to choreograph the Nurses' Ball. Lucy says it's not a big thing but the crowd disagrees. They need to find someone who can choreograph twelve dancers. Lucy assures them that things will work out. Felix says that they are toast. Molly and Sam feel bad for Lucy. Milo tells TJ how he feels bad for Sabrina. TJ asks if Milo asked Sabrina to the ball. Milo says that Sabrina asked him. He was worried that she was going to go with someone else. He tells TJ he even went to Patrick to offer to step aside. TJ tells him that if he likes Sabrina, he has to man up because nice guys finish last.

Shawn tells Rafe that TJ lost his dad. Shawn says that TJ has him and Molly, and that Molly is one of the most important presences in TJ's life. He asks if Rafe understands. Alexis returns with Rafe's soda. She asks how everything is going with them, and if they're going to be ok. Shawn says he thinks they are going to be just fine.

Sabrina is concerned about what they will do for an opening number. TJ suggests that Molly is a writer and can write an opening song. Sabrina asks Molly if she thinks she can write an opening number.

Patrick looks at the photo of Sabrina and Emma. He prepares to call Sabrina's phone.

TJ tells everyone that Molly is best selling author. Molly says songs are different than books, and besides, she can't write music. TJ offers to do the music on his laptop. Milo sees Sabrina's phone ringing, then looks at the phone. He sees it's a call from Patrick, but doesn't answer.

Patrick hears Sabrina's voicemail message.

Sabrina asks Molly if she could really write the song. Molly says she can try to write some lyrics. Lucy then asks about music, and TJ offers to come up with some, saying he DJ's school dances. Lucy is satisfied with this. Felix mentions that they still need a choreographer. The man Sam ran into suggests that maybe he can help. Lucy asks if he's a handyman/choreographer. He says he's done some dancing. Lucy asks if he thinks he can choreograph a giant ball with a massive opening number. He says he can. Lucy wants to see him dance. He says he needs a partner. Felix steps up, then step up, then steps back. He asks Sam to be his partner, but she declines. He then asks Epiphany, who is happy to oblige. Lucy tells Epiphany no, then says that he will have to dance with her if she's going to judge.

Patrick leaves a message on Sabrina's voicemail. He says he needs to tell her something important, and asks for a call back.

Everyone watches as Lucy and the handyman dance. Milo hears Sabrina's phone signal a voicemail. He deletes it and put the phone down, then goes to join Sabrina.

Rafe suggests that he leave. Alexis asks him where he's going to go. Shawn asks if he is planning to go to the Metro Court. Alexis says that if he is, by the time he gets a bus and gets down there, Molly will be back. She suggests he sit down, then calls the hospital again to check on Nikolas. She is upset by what she's told.

Elizabeth comes out of Nikolas' room as AJ arrives, telling her he just heard about Nikolas. He asks if something happened, if Nikolas is ok. Elizabeth turns to face him.

Ellie is on the phone, checking on the delivery of the package to ELQ. She hangs up as Spinelli walks in. He suggests that they need to talk about the baby situation. Ellie agrees.

At ELQ, Tracy walks into AJ's office and starts to search his things. A delivery guy knocks on the door and says he has a delivery from the Dew Chemical Labs for AJ. He asks if Tracy is AJ's secretary. Tracy says that she is the secretary, and says she will be happy to sign for it.

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