GH Update Wednesday 3/27/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/27/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Lucy, Felix and Sabrina meet with Carly. Carly is excited to show them the look of the ballroom. She shows them in and Lucy is in awe of the ballroom.

Alexis brings Shawn to her lake house. He tells her to stop being so worried about him as he's fine, and that she should be with Nikolas at the hospital. Alexis tells him that she's worried about Nikolas, but she knows that Laura is with him.

At the hospital, Bobbie brings Laura a cup of coffee. Bobbie suggests that Laura get some rest, but Laura says she wouldn't be able to sleep. She wants to be around if there are any changes in Nikolas' condition or if there are any leads on where Lulu is.

At his apartment, Dante looks at a wedding photo of him and Lulu as Anna arrives. Anna wonders where everyone is. Dante says he got rid of them, needing some time alone and knowing he could answer a phone if necessary. Anna tells him that they ran the sniper's prints in their database as well as the WSB's database, and they got a hit.

Bobbie offers to keep an eye on Nikolas but Laura wants to be there when Nikolas wakes up. Laura says that no one is allowed in the room, her included. Bobbie asks where Luke is.

In Nikolas' room, Luke is preparing to inject Nikolas' with epinephrine, telling Nikolas that he's sorry for doing it, but he needs to find out what Nikolas knows about Lulu, and he's sure Nikolas would be willing to take the risk.

Lucy tells Carly how amazing the ballroom looks, and tells her how brilliant she is. Carly is wondering why Felix is so quiet. Before he can answer, Lucy tells the that they have work to do and they need to get started. Lucy wants to start with the kids, putting the in the front. Felix walks off, and Sabrina follows him as Lucy continues to tell them what she wants with the seating. Carly is glad that Lucy likes the ballroom. Lucy says that it will be the best Nurses' Ball yet. Felix has started to move tables as Sabrina offers to help, but he is cold to her, telling her that he can do it. Sabrina wonders what is wrong with Felix. Sabrina guesses it's about Milo, and Felix tells her she's right.

At the hospital, Milo approaches Patrick. Patrick tells him that Sabrina isn't there. Milo says that he's there to see Patrick.

Lucy tells Carly that she may need to rearrange some entrances. Michael walks in and Carly goes to him. He tells Carly he's there to see Lucy, because Lucy drafted him as talent for the ball. Carly asks what he's going to do, but he says he doesn't know, and wonders if it's too late to back out. Carly is proud of Michael for performing for a good cause.

Alexis leads Shawn into the house where Sam, Molly and TJ are there to welcome him home. They tell him that he's a hero for saving Anna's life. Shawn feels bad that he didn't see the sniper earlier, and stop him before Nikolas got shot. Alexis tells him that the guy was a professional assassin and that's what they do. Shawn explains that he was nearby because Sonny asked him to keep an eye on Dante's apartment. Alexis tells him that Nikolas is alive because of Shawn, that if wasn't there, the shooter may have finished the job on Nikolas. Alexis tells him how much he means to her, Sam, Molly and TJ.

Anna tells Dante that the shooter has ties to Helena, but he hasn't been on her payroll in a while. Dante feels that Helena hired him back, and he wants to go get Helena. Anna tells him they can't, because they don't know where she is right now. Dante doesn't take that news well. Anna tells Dante to focus. She's going to get someone to keep an eye on the apartment and the phones. She tells him to get cleaned up and to meet her at the Haunted Star.

Laura wonders if Luke is checking with the PCPD on the progress. Bobbie wonders if he went back to the apartment, but Laura doesn't think so. Laura tells Bobbie that Luke may be working his sources. Bobbie asks if Laura is ok. Laura says she's waiting on word on all three of her children. Bobbie asks if something has happened to Lucky. Laura tells her that they are just having trouble reaching him, but that's not unusual. Laura thanks Bobbie for reminding her that Lucky can take care of himself, for her coffee and for being there for her. Bobbie tells her that Scott would love to be there for her, too.

Scott is at the ballroom, visiting Lucy. She has been told that Nikolas is in town and has been shot. She feels bad for Laura with one child shot and one missing. Lucy asks if there are any leads on Lulu at all. Scott says that he wouldn't know, because Laura only confides in Luke.

Luke says that the doctors say that Nikolas will be out for a while, and that's not good for Luke. He begins to inject Nikolas' IV with the epinephrine.

Bobbie tells Laura how Scott wants to support Laura. Laura tells Bobbie how supportive Scott has been. They then hear an alarm going off, and Bobbie wonders what it is.

Luke is still working on injecting Nikolas' IV when Laura and Bobbie walk in. Laura asks what he's doing.

Felix is not happy that Sabrina went out with Milo. Sabrina reminds him that Milo isn't gay, but Felix tells her that she is his friend and shouldn't have gone out with him. Sabrina tells him that Milo told her that Felix says that she was available. She asks if she was supposed to turn Milo down. Felix says she was, because there's a "friends code" that friends don't date other friends' boyfriends, exes or crushes. Sabrina tells him that she only went out with Milo to get over Patrick.

Milo wants to talk to Patrick about Sabrina. He tells Patrick that he likes Sabrina, and he wants to see her again. Patrick tells Milo that he doesn't need his permission to see her. Milo says he thinks that he does.

Michael asks if Carly is ok, and she says she is fine. Michael is concerned about the tension between them over AJ, but he says that she is his mother, he loves her, and she can count on him. She tells him that she knows that.

Scott tells Lucy how Laura is keeping a distance from him instead of leaning on him. Lucy tells him that Laura just wanted him available in case there is a call about Lulu, but Scott insists that a cop could handle a phone call. Scott says that Laura doesn't want him at the hospital so she can focus on Nikolas, and not have to worry about breaking up fights between him and Luke. Scott wants something to do. He offers to help with the ball. Lucy tells him he knows nothing about women. Lucy asks if he loves Laura, and Scott says he does. Lucy urges him to go to the hospital, but Scott says he's not wanted there. Lucy reminds him that Luke is not Nikolas' father and he's there. She tells Scott that he is Laura's fiancée, and that he should be there by her side. She says if Luke doesn't like it, that's Luke's problem.

Laura wants to know what Luke gave Nikolas. Bobbie sees that it is epinephrine. Luke tells Laura that Nikolas is the only one with information about Lulu, so he was trying to wake Nikolas up. Laura slaps him, and tells him to go to hell.

Dante arrives to meet Anna. Anna tells him that the Haunted Star is gone.

Alexis and Sam discuss Nikolas' condition. Alexis says that the bullet has been removed but he will be unconscious for some time. Sam asks if Luke thinks Helena is responsible, but Alexis tells her that Luke thinks Helena is responsible for everything, and usually she is but Alexis can't see why Helena would want to kidnap Lulu or even worse, shoot Nikolas. Sam is concerned that they and Daniel are in danger, but Alexis tells her that Helena doesn't even consider her a Cassadine, so she likely isn't interested in any of them, especially Daniel. Alexis tells Molly that with what has happened with Shawn and Nikolas, she hasn't had time to work on Rafe's case. Molly understands, and goes to check on Daniel. Alexis then asks how Sam is doing.

Sabrina goes after Felix, calling to him as he walks away from her.

Carly tells Michael how she missed a few Nurses' Balls, but she was at the one where Robin announced that she is HIV Positive. She tells how Robin shared the news, talked about Stone, and how Jason carried her out of the room. She says that Jason would be glad that they were honoring Robin, but Michael wonders how Jason would feel about him performing. Carly says Jason would be proud. Carly tells Michael how Jason didn't like formal occasions, and Michael says he feels the same way. He is worried that Lucy will make him do something embarrassing. Carly says that he should just remind himself that it's for a good cause.

Scott has decided that Lucy is right, and that he's going to go to the hospital. He tells Lucy that she is still his best friend. Lucy says she is his only friend, and shoos him off to go to the hospital. Scott leaves

Michael's cell phone rings. He answers it to find Dante, and asks if there are any lead on Lulu. Dante says not yet, then asks if there is any reason that the Haunted Starr wouldn't be in its regular birth. Michael says that the Haunted Star has been closed since Lulu disappeared. Dante hangs up, and Anna returns. She tells Dante to go with her. Carly asks what was going on, but Michael says he doesn't know.

Sam tells Alexis that Caleb wasn't evil, just a man who loved his wife and was unable to accept her death. She says he did the things he did because he wanted his wife back.

TJ brings Shawn a diet soda. Shawn wants something stronger. TJ assumes he means alcohol, but Shawn says it's not even noon. He just wants coffee. TJ offers to make some coffee, but he wants to talk to Shawn first. TJ says he can't stop thinking about what happened and what could have happened. Shawn promises to take care of himself. TJ tells Shawn how they started out on the wrong foot, but when he heard that Shawn had been shot, he had feelings he hadn't had since his real father died. He tells Shawn that Shawn is the closest thing he has to a father, and he can't afford to lose him, too.

Bobbie tells Laura that not much of the drug made it to Nikolas. Laura is very upset that Luke was willing to risk Nikolas' life to get information about Lulu. Luke says that he thinks Nikolas would have taken the risk if he had the choice, but Laura accuses Luke of feeling that Nikolas is expendable. Luke says that it's not the point, then asks if she doesn't believe that Nikolas would have taken the risk. She says Nikolas didn't have a choice. She tells him that Nikolas is her son like Lucky and Lulu are, and she will not let Luke trade the life of one of her children for another. Bobbie steps in and leads Luke out of the room. After they leave, Scott comes in and is greeted by Laura telling Luke to get out. Scott asks if he can stay. Laura goes to him and cries on his shoulder.

Sabrina tells Felix to blame himself for her going out with Milo. Sabrina tells him that he and Elizabeth pushed her to share her feelings with Patrick, and all he told her in return was that he was needed in surgery. Felix thinks Sabrina went out with Milo to get back at him. Sabrina says she went out with him because Felix and Elizabeth encouraged her to get out and meet someone new. Felix tells her she could have gone out with someone he isn't pining after. Sabrina tells him that she's not going to apologize for liking Milo. She tells him how wonderful Milo is, and Felix says that he knows and it's what he likes about Milo. He asks how Sabrina would like it if he went after Patrick. Sabrina says it's not the same thing because he couldn't ever have Patrick. Felix says apparently she can't either and he leaves her.

Milo says that he knows that she and Patrick are close. Patrick says that Sabrina babysits Emma sometimes. Milo says that he realizes that Sabrina has feelings for Patrick, but he doesn't feel the same way. Patrick asks him who says that he doesn't feel the same way.

Anna and Dante arrive where Dante says they could get a better view of the Haunted Star. Anna is on the phone and hangs up, telling him that it's too late. Quint called the PCPD and told them that he saw the Haunted Star leave the harbor last night, likely after Nikolas was shot. Anna makes another call, telling Dante she's calling someone who will find the boat as a helicopter arrives.

Sabrina can't believe that Felix said what he did to her. Felix is unapologetic, tells her the truth hurts and walks away.

Michael asks Lucy what he's going to do at the ball. Lucy tells him that he's going to love it, and that it is the linchpin of the entire evening. Michael is concerned because he can't sing or dance. She tells him that putting an attractive man on stage gets applause and money. She says she just needs to find the best way to use him. Michael is reluctant, and Carly tells Lucy that while she knows that Lucy is acting with good intentions, if she puts Michael in an act that makes him foolish, she will make Lucy regret it. Carly and Michael start to leave to see Bobbie, but Felix returns and asks for a moment of Carly's time. She plans to meet Michael at the hospital. Carly asks what is wrong with Felix. Felix asks if she means other than her best friend stabbing him in the back. Lucy tells Sabrina that people are going to be arriving to rehearse, and asks if they will be ready. Sabrina snaps at Lucy, telling her that she heard Lucy. Lucy wants to know what is going on with her.

Milo says that Sabrina told him that Patrick doesn't return her feelings. Milo tells him how wonderful Sabrina is, and that he thinks he can make Sabrina happy. He just wants to make sure that Sabrina is available before he dates her. He wants to make sure that Patrick doesn't "have dibs" on Sabrina, but if he does, Milo will back off.

Laura tells Scott what Luke had tried to do. She doesn't want to talk about Luke any further, but she needs to stay positive for Nikolas and Lulu. She wonders if Scott is there because of news about Lulu. Scott says there isn't yet, but there are a lot of folks covering the phones. Scott says he knows that Laura asked him to stay away, but he wanted to see her. He offers to go if she wants him to. Laura wants him to stay.

Luke vents to Bobbie his frustrations about trying to find Lulu. Bobbie tells him that Lulu wouldn't want him to hurt Nikolas to find her. Luke says they don't know if Nikolas would have been hurt, but he needs to find his daughter. Bobbie tells him to try something else, but Luke doesn't know what else to try. Dante and Anna arrive. Dante says that they think they know where Lulu is. Luke asks where Lulu is. Anna tells Luke that the Haunted Star was stolen, and they believe Lulu is on board. Luke asks where the Haunted Star is. Anna says that Frisco located it in the Atlantic. Luke wants more details. She says it's in international waters, so it's out of her jurisdiction, so she's turning it over to Luke. She tells him that the WSB will provide him transportation and temporary credentials. She tells him how helpful the credentials will be. Anna says they will get the transportation as soon as they get the coordinates. Luke and Dante head out as Laura and Scott come out of Nikolas' room. She tells him that Scott is staying. Luke tells her that he's off to find his daughter and leaves.

Sam tells Alexis how she didn't hate Caleb, and that when he died, she felt like he was finally going to be with his wife, and that maybe they would have some peace together. She heads into the house with Alexis behind her. They walk in as Molly gives Shawn a cup of coffee, and both Molly and TJ ask Shawn to tell them everything that happened. Alexis and Sam discuss how Shawn is being a trooper with Molly and TJ all over him. Sam says that she thinks she can change that.

Felix tells Carly about the whole situation between him, Sabrina and Milo. Carly asks permission to be as blunt with him as he was with her the day they met.

Sabrina apologizes for snapping at Lucy, explaining that she and Felix are having a fight. Lucy asks what could come between them. Sabrina tells him that a man could.

Carly tells Felix how wonderful he is, that he's a catch but Milo isn't gay. Felix thinks that Milo may be, but hasn't figured it out yet. Carly doesn't think that will happen. He says that it doesn't make it ok for Sabrina to see Milo. Carly asks if he doesn't have Sabrina's back because he feels she didn't have his. He says he does, of course.

Sabrina tells Lucy that Milo isn't even gay. Before she can get too far into it, Lucy stops her, telling her lovers come and go, but best friends don't. Sabrina says that Felix is wrong. Lucy urges Sabrina to choose between being right or holding onto her best friend. She then asks Carly to take a walk with her to talk, leaving Felix and Sabrina alone.

Patrick appreciates Milo coming to him, but they are interrupted by Milo's phone ringing. He answers it to find Sabrina on the phone. She asks him to come to the ballroom, needing to talk to him in person. Milo says he'll be there and asks Patrick if they can talk later, before he leaves.

Anna tells Dante that they are just waiting on the coordinates to send him. Luke catches up to them, and Dante steps away. Luke thanks Anna for her help. Anna tells him she always has his back.

Bobbie tells Laura that she's going on another coffee run. She urges Laura to not worry, that Luke will find Lulu. She leaves and Scott urges Laura to focus on Nikolas. Laura tells Scott that she needs him to do one more thing for her.

Dante returns to Luke and Anna. He tells them that Frisco sent the coordinates and heads out, agreeing to meet Luke. Anna tells him that it's up to him now. Luke is ready.

Patrick looks at a photo of Sabrina and Emma as Michael approaches. He says he's looking for Bobbie, and asks what room Nikolas is in. Patrick finally looks at Michael, asking what he needs. Michael repeats his question, then asks if Patrick is ok. Patrick says he's fine, then asks why he wouldn't be.

Milo arrives and Sabrina is surprised that he is there so fast. Sabrina starts to break up with him when Felix approaches and tells Milo that Sabrina was going to ask Milo to the Nurses' Ball. Sabrina is surprised by Felix's gesture, then says that's what she wants. Milo agrees and is happy to go with her. Felix and Sabrina exchanges looks as Milo hugs Sabrina.

Carly is on her cell phone, calling Sam to check on her and Daniel. She leaves a message for Sam to call if she needs anything.

Sam goes to Molly and TJ, telling them that she is taking them to lunch, and that they should choose somewhere. TJ says that they were asked to help with the Nurses' Ball as Sam rushes TJ and Molly out of the house. Molly invites Sam to go with them to the Metro Court to help with the Nurses' Ball. She agrees to drive them there.

Alexis goes to join Shawn on the couch. Shawn wants to get some rest. Alexis makes him promise to not scare her again. Shawn says he will do his best. He then urges her to go to the hospital to check on Nikolas. She says that Laura is with him, she's calling every 30 minutes to check on him, but her place is there with Shawn. Shawn thanks her.

Anna tells Luke where Dante is going to meet him. She tells him that if things escalate or if he needs back up, there's a team of WSB agents waiting for him to call. He's about to leave when Laura arrives, saying she's going with him.

Scott can't believe that Laura ran after Luke. He wants to run after Laura. Bobbie tries to talk him down. She tells him that Laura left him with Nikolas, because she needs Nikolas with someone she trusts.

Luke says that Laura isn't going. He says it's his score to settle, but Laura says that it's her score, too. She says that Helena cursed both of them, and it's time to break the curse. She heads for the helicopter, followed by Luke. Anna waits for them to get in, then tells the pilot that they are clear for take off.

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