GH Update Tuesday 3/26/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/26/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Still at the park, Britt cries to her mother that she has failed and lost Patrick. Dr. Obrecht isn't very sympathetic, and reminds her about her surprise for Dr. Drake. Dr. Drake is talking with Sabrina at the graduation. He's about to tell her something. Felix is visibly shaken when he realizes that Milo is interested in Sabrina and not him. Felix reluctantly encourages Milo to ask Sabrina out on a date. Emma overhears this, and objects telling Milo that she wants Sabrina to date her daddy.

At The Floating Rib, T.J and Molly are waiting for Shawn and Alexis. T.J. gets upset when Molly mentions Rafe. Molly has asked her mother to check oh him. When Alexis enters the PCPD, she runs into Olivia who starts yelling at her. Olivia is having a vision of Shawn waving a gun around. Shawn is at the park when he runs into Dante and Anna with guns drawn. A stunned Dante asks him if he shot Nikolas Cassadine.

At the hospital, Nikolas is crashing so the medical team including Elizabeth try to stabilize him. Elizabeth grabs his hand and begs Nikolas to stay with her. Outside his cubicle, Laura recalls Nikolas saved Lulu's life. Laura hears the alarm go off and realizes Nikolas is in trouble. As the medical staff rush around, Laura tries to find out what's happening. Luke tells her Nikolas will make it for Lulu. The team works on Nikolas while Elizabeth continues to plead with him.

Bobbie and a frustrated Scotty have returned to Dante's loft. Bobbie doesn't think it's a good idea. They are shocked to find a police officer there, and even more shocked when they learn someone has been shot. Bobbie and Scotty are surprised to learn that Nikolas the shooting victim. Relieved that it wasn't Laura, Scotty immediately phones her. Luke tells Laura that Nikolas will come through for Lulu.

Back at the Floating Rib, Molly tells T.J. about the Nurses' Ball until she realizes he already knows about it. He then tells her that Shawn bought tickets.

At the graduation, Milo is still trying to figure out Sabrina and Patrick's status. Sabrina misunderstands Patrick's intentions and apologizes for telling him about her feelings. Patrick is trying to get a word in when Milo interrupts them. Milo nervously asks Sabrina if he can escort her to the grad party. Sabrina accepts Milo's invitation to escort her and Emma because Patrick is called away. Emma notices Felix looking sad, and she realizes that he doesn't want Sabrina and Milo dating either.

Back at the park, Britt is unsure how her mother's plan benefits her. Dr. Obrecht is still haranguing her daughter. Anna and Dante draw their weapons on their supposed perp. The perp turns around and they are surprised to see Shawn. Shawn tells Dante and Anna that Sonny asked him to keep an eye on Lulu. He tells them that he saw the perp, and is about to point out the way he went when a shot rings out. Shots are been fired when Anna realizes that Shawn has been hit. Dante goes after the suspect.

At the police station when Olivia sees Alexis, she has a vision of Shawn waving a gun. Olivia frantically explains her visions to Alexis.

At the Floating Rib, T.J. and Molly argue about Rafe until they change the subject. They end up talking about the Nurse's Ball. Molly accepts his invitation. Sabrina, Milo, Felix and Emma have arrived. Felix carrying Emma heads for the bar. He asks Emma if she wants an ice cold Shirley Temple. She says yes with two cherries on top. Sabrina notices his change of mood, but he brushes her off. Milo is still worried about interrupting something with Patrick but Sabrina assures him it's okay.

At the hospital, Dr. Drake is on the phone checking on a patient. When Epiphany overhears that he's going home, she starts berating him about Sabrina. Patrick tells her that Sabrina already has a date. Epiphany is excited to hear that Sabrina is on a date with Magic Milo. She and Patrick have a heart to heart about Sabrina.

Outside Nikolas's cubicle, Laura tells Luke that she has to call her mother in Italy. She tells him about Nikolas's home at Lake Como when she gets a hold of Leslie. She tells Leslie what has happened to Nikolas, and to look after Spencer. The doctor comes out and tells her that Nikolas is ready for surgery. She asks to see him and he lets her. When she goes in, she receives a warm hug from Elizabeth. Laura talks to her son and tells him she loves him. Elizabeth stands quietly by.

At the park, an anxious Anna goes in search of help. Shawn hears a noise behind him and slowly goes for his gun. Britt and her mother are still arguing about Patrick. Britt is telling Dr. Obrecht about the benefit when Anna interrupts them. Elsewhere in the park, Shawn is about to make a move when we see a gun pointed at him. Dr. Obrecht turns away as Anna begs Britt for help. Britt is reluctant but agrees even after Anna says she would rather have any other doctor other than the one who insulted her granddaughter.

Outside the cubicle, Luke makes a phone call to Anna, updating her on Nikolas. Alexis shows up looking for Shawn but she is stunned when Luke tells her that Nikolas has also been shot. Luke tries to calm Alexis and lets her see Nikolas.

At the Floating Rib, Molly and T.J wonder why they haven't heard from either Shawn or Alexis when Felix rudely asks to join them. The very sweet Emma apologizes for his behavior by saying that Felix has had a bad week. Molly makes the mistake of asking what's wrong. He tells them his plight and when T.J. misunderstands, Emma informs him that Felix likes boys. Sabrina is reassuring Milo that there is nothing between her and Patrick. Felix tells Molly and T.J. his troubles at The Floating Rib. Milo is still worried about Patrick. Sabrina tells Milo that even though she confessed her feelings for Patrick, he doesn't return them.

Back at the park, Anna returns with Britt just as the paramedics are taking Shawn away. Dante tells her how he double-backed on the suspect who is seated on the bench. As Dante begins to question him, Britt slips away. Dante gets aggressive with the suspect who begins foaming at the mouth.

At the Floating Rib, Molly and T.J are worried about Shawn and Alexis. Alexis comes out of Nikolas's cubicle and finds Shawn being brought in.

Luke anxiously joins Laura while Bobbie and Scotty are bonding over the past. Laura tells Scotty what happened. Scotty wants to join her but Laura asks him to stay at the loft. Scotty is angry and worried that he's losing Laura......again. Bobbie apologizes, and he says it's all her fault anyway. Bobbie and Scotty are taking a trip down memory lane. He then asks her about her life in Seattle and Lucas. She tells him that she's happy with her life and her job. She just wishes her son Lucas would find a nice young man and settle down.

Back at The Floating Rib, Emma tells a disgruntled Felix to follow your dreams and he will find someone. Meanwhile, Epiphany is still reaming out Patrick about not making his move. She tells him that he doesn't have the sense that God gave a turnip. Patrick is telling Epiphany about his "epiph.....realization" about Sabrina. Epiphany gives him a piece of her mind.

At Nikolas's bedside, Laura updates Alexis on what happened and gives her time with her nephew.


At the park, Dante loses it when Anna confirms that the perp took a cyanide pill. At the hospital Elizabeth tells Laura that she will go with Nikolas as far as the operating room. Laura again tells Nikolas how much she loves him, and begs him not to leave her. All Luke wants to know is the information Nikolas has.

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