GH Update Monday 3/25/13

General Hospital Update Monday 3/25/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Elizabeth takes a picture of Sabrina in her cap and gown with Emma. Sabrina reminds her that she is not an official nurse yet, but Elizabeth encourages them both to know that she will be soon. Felix also poses for a picture with them.. Elizabeth shows Emma the pictures. Emma remarks that her daddy will be sorry that he’s had to miss this.

Patrick is alone in his home listening to music with things on his mind.

Dr. Britt goes to a private park and meets her mother. Her mother does not sound friendly nor like she sees her daughter much. She asks Britt why she’s on crutches.

At the police station, Anna is on the phone hoping to get her agents to do something about Helena Cassadine. Dante is not far away trying to find Lulu. She is missing and nobody can find her or get a hold of her. Olivia appears and asks her son if anybody’s found anything. They are both unable to sleep and are very worried about the disappearance of Lulu. Dante tells his mom he needs her help.

Laura tells Luke that this vendetta he has is upsetting her and distracting. What they need to do is find their daughter. He needs to know that more than likely Helena and the Cassadines are behind this and when they find them, they will more than likely find their daughter. Nikolas Cassadine appears after being gone for many years. He hugs his mother and she remarks it’s so good to see him.

At the hospital, Emma wonders why her daddy is not there to attend graduation and celebrate with her friends. Alone with Felix, he tells Elizabeth that she mustn’t be discouraged about Patrick. He lost his wife recently and has had a bad experience with that nasty Dr. Westbourne. She tells him that she needs to realize that Patrick does not return her feelings. He tells her that he does believe that it’s rude for Patrick not to be there. She tells him that maybe she needs to realize that some distance needs to be put between them. She tells him that he needs to know that his friend, Milo is there for him and he has not been stood up.

Britt’s mom appears to be a German woman. She wears black clothing. She’s been in Europe for a long time. Britt tells her she knows she’s not there to see her daughter and asks what else she has going on at Port Charles.

Patrick watches a video of Robin telling him that maybe she will die before long and she does not want him to be alone. She does not want him to become a bitter old man. It’s not good for him and not good for their daughter. So she has to ask him to do something really big that he has to do for her.

At the station Dante tells Olivia that he’s trying to rule out Scott Baldwin as a suspect in what happened to Lulu, and he’s investigating the Cassadines. She is very worried and panicked. He tells her that maybe she can find the right vision that will tell them where Lulu is, but she’ worried she cannot do that. He urges his mom to help him find his wife and looks like he’s trying.

Nikolas sees his mom with Luke and admits that he is surprised to see her there. He did not know what her plans are. He has not gotten any of her text message or emails. He only came there to find Lulu, but he somehow knows that something is “too late”. Luke asks him too late for what.

At the hospital graduation, Felix admits his similar insecurity about Milo. She goes and talks to Milo and tries to distract him. Felix admits that he’s not much for school and doesn’t even know what caps and gowns look like. Epiphany tells the graduates they need to stop socializing and line up, and she asks Sabrina if she’s looking for someone. Sabrina replies no. No one.

Patrick plays the video of Robin telling him that she wants him to get on with his life and find another family for their little girl. It’s ok if he moves on and opens his heart to another woman. She’s out there somewhere.

We see a vision of Sabrina and her history with Patrick and Emma. Robin talks about knowing this woman is funny and smart, can love him and love Emma as if Emma were her own. We then relive all of Emma’s devotion to Sabrina and Sabrina’s friendship with Patrick. We then hear Robin saying she wants Emma to have a mother figure, and quite frankly, he needs a wife. She knows there may be a lot of women line up for him, but he needs to find the right one. She’s saying that because of how much she truly loves him. So he needs to “give this woman” a call. If he cannot do it for himself or for Robin, He needs to do it for their daughter.

Britt asks her mother why she’s there. Her mother tells her she’s proud of her daughter following in her mother’s footsteps by being a doctor. Britt reminds her mom that she brings life into the world with new born babies and saves lives but her mother “ushers life out”. Her mother tells her that she has missed the point and needs to get through to her about something else.

Olivia tries and fails to get her visions to work while Dante urges her to help the mother of her grandchild. Anna finds him and tells him he needs to take a break. He tells her with all due respect, it’s been 24 hours and they both know only too well what this means. He tells her that he has to let his mother see if she can find out whom this bastard is who took Lulu.

Nikolas tells his mom and Luke that he wishes he could have done something sooner. Luke demands to know if it’s Helena who has taken Lulu, but before Nikolas can answer that, something “hits” him like a bullet and he falls over. Laura panics and rushes to her son.

In the park, Britt’s mom evades the question about why she’s in town, but she clearly knows about her daughter’s “plans to marry the handsome doctor”. She asks what is holding up the process and asks why she does not see a ring. Britt admits that it’s not going as smoothly as they’d both hoped or planned. Her mother clearly sees her daughter as a failure to do some “work” to “handle” someone. Britt tells her mom that she has tried and failed to do what is apparently not only hers’ but her mom’s mission with her to do. She tells her that everything blew up in her face with Sabrina and all of her friends ganged up on her and ruined her plan.

Epiphany and the graduating nurses all applaud Sabrina when she gets her certificate.

Nikolas gets shot while they rush to save him. Luke knows that the shooter is out there and pushes Laura head below the window so they can’t get her also. Laura urges her son to hang up while the ambulance comes

At graduation, they all notice Patrick enter and they are all happy. Epiphany then proudly announces the graduating class of 2013. Patrick watches and claps.

In the park, Britt tells her mom that “she” has all of the characteristics of a stalker. She follows Patrick all around. She’s not attractive. She’s geeky. She’s clumsy and incompetent, but she’s managed to make Patrick’s daughter fall in love with her and win everybody over and become a nurse. The mother obviously has a plan for her daughter to follow that they’ve planned long ago but which she announces her daughter has failed. She reminds Britt that she has a certain type of “beauty” and the brain capacity to become a doctor, and they obviously have a plan for her to someone “manipulate” and win Patrick over and it’s her mother’s secret and “dastardly” plan.

Patrick joins the nurses. Sabrina tells him she’s glad he came. He congratulates her. Felix talks to Milo. Milo admits he has no experience with any type of graduation. All he knows about is bench pressing. Felix then invites him to join them all at the Floating Rib, and it appears that Milo might be “interested” in Sabrina.

Sabrina smiles and stands by Patrick with her stethoscope. They talk about how they know that her mother would be proud of her.

Britt’s mom tells her she knows that her father will be very disappointed in her. She urges her mom to leave her dad out of this, but Britt protests she does not need her father to know and does not “need his help”. Her mom speaks in German terminology about how they both have this “plan into motion” for their daughter to “take” Patrick Drake.

Anna and the cops rush to the apartment after Nikolas has been shot. Luke is looking to find who could have been the shooter.

They rush Nikolas to the hospital in a stretcher and onto the operating table. Laura and Luke stand over him and Luke demands that Nikolas tells him who took Lulu and if it was Helena. Epiphany urges them to all get out of the room and let the medical staff do their job. Elizabeth rushes and is frantic to see Nikolas in critical condition.

Patrick announces to Emma and to Sabrina that there are many reasons he’s there which he’s about to tell them.

Britt’s mom reveals that the reason she’s there is because her daughter called her drunk and crying about something, thereby indicating she was in a desperate situation and needed her mother’s help. Britt protests that she’s tried and failed to win Patrick over, and even if Sabrina was not there, there’s Patrick's daughter who dislikes her. Her mom asks her how difficult it would be and how pathetic it is to fail to win over a little girl. Britt replies that maybe if her own mother had just the slightest shred of motherly instinct, she might have gotten that part better. Her mom slaps her and reminds her that she brought her daughter into the world and can take her out.

Dante talks to Anna about Nikolas’ history with Lulu when they were growing up together. Nikolas has had a history of hiding. He saved Lulu’s life and his existence was a serious problem for the Spencers. She asks if Nikolas might be involved in the issue with the Cassadines.

It looks like there are problems with saving Nikolas’ life. Epiphany tells his family they need to get out. Laura demands that they let his mother be with her son. Luke demands that they let him find out from Nikolas what has happened to Lulu before it’s too late, but Epiphany tells them the better let the medical team do their job.

Anna and Dante are outside the O.R brainstorming about what they will do regarding Nikolas and his secret, what got him shot and what has caused Lulu to disappear.

Britt breaks down crying and her mom demands she pulls herself together. She did not raise her daughter to crumble at the slightest sign of adversity. Britt implores that she has failed to win Patrick over, but her mother is not ready to give up.

Milo reveals to Felix that he “likes” Sabrina and might worship her from afar. He admits that he has insecurity about people only liking him for his body and not for his brain and saw himself as “beneath” Sabrina for that reason, and wouldn’t it be his luck that Sabrina is “taken”. Hearing that, Felix appears baffled at why he’d say or believe that and tells him that he happens to know that Sabrina is single.

Not far away, Sabrina talks to Patrick and he indicates he has something on his mind that he needs to tell her.

Dante and Anna go to the park with shot guns and find someone who appears to be a suspect, and it appears he is Shawn.

The medical team at General Hospital works hard to save Nikolas as he crashes.

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