GH Update Friday 3/22/13

General Hospital Update Friday 3/22/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

In the Falconeri loft, Luke and Laura wait and worry as a phone tap is being set up. Laura stares at pictures of Lulu in her childhood.

At GH, Felix and Sabrina are excited that they both graduating from nursing school. Dr. Westbourne (still on crutches) is surprised to hear this. Spinelli hands Epiphany the results of his investigation, which he calls conclusive. Britt learns that her plan to get rid of Sabrina didn't work. Felix defends his friend telling Britt that Sabrina isn't a cheater. She was allowed to take the test over and aced it. Epiphany interrupts asking to speak to Dr. Westbourne.

At Patrick's house, he is looking pensively at the invitation that Sabrina gave him to her nursing school graduation. As Patrick looks at the invitation, he flashes back to Sabrina admitting her feelings for him. He is interrupted by Elizabeth who has come to pick up Emma for the commencement. Emma joins him and Elizabeth but isn't dressed yet. Emma notes that he isn't either so he tells her he's not going.

Maxie has fallen asleep on the couch in her apartment, and is woken up by someone knocking on the door. She opens the door to an angry Lulu, who has found out the truth about the baby. Lulu angrily confronts Maxie about her lies. Maxie tries to defend herself but Lulu is on a roll. Lulu lets Maxie have it and things get ugly. Alas, it's just a dream, and Maxie finds Spinelli standing over her. Maxie realizes that she had been dreaming. Spinelli tells her she was talking in her sleep about him and a baby.

In the park, Lucy and Scotty are passing out flyers about the missing Lulu. Dante turns up and accuses Scotty of taking Lulu.

At the loft, Luke comforts a worried Laura. The officer left behind tells them that the phone tap is all set. Just then there is a knock on the door. Luke answers it, and is grateful to find his sister Bobbie. He welcomes her with open arms. Bobbie receives an update from Luke about the search for Lulu. She then goes to tend to Laura. They all discuss who could be responsible fore this heinous act. Luke still thinks Scott is responsible.

At GH, Epiphany takes Britt aside to tell her about Patrick's investigation. Of course, Britt denies it but Epiphany doesn't buy it. Epiphany is telling Britt about the investigation. She shows Britt the report and tells her that all fingers are pointing at Britt being guilty.

Felix doesn't think that Sabrina is happy enough. He correctly assumes that it has to do with Patrick. He tells her he invited Milo as his date. He tells her not to give up. Felix is still pushing for Patrick to show up at the commencement. Sabrina asks him to stop but he pursues the subject.

At the park, Lucy breaks up a fight between Dante and Scotty. She tells Dante that Scotty was at the courthouse with her and everyone else. Scott is at the park defending himself to an anxious Dante. Lucy backs him up telling Dante that Scott was at the courthouse for his wedding. Dante warns Scott that if he is involved and Lulu gets hurts, he will come after him. Scotty leaves Lucy to go see Laura. She advises him to keep his cool around Luke. Lucy continues on with passing out the flyers.

Patrick is making excuses to Emma about why he's not going to the commencement. Elizabeth doesn't buy his excuse, and when Emma leaves the room, she calls him on it. Patrick and Elizabeth are talking about Sabrina. He is reluctant to respond about his feelings but Elizabeth pursues the subject. Patrick who is upset that he hurt Sabrina's feelings.

At Maxie's apartment, Spinelli tells her what he overhead her say. She brushes him off but he suspects that she overheard the argument between himself and Ellie. Spinelli tells her that he wants kids and Ellie doesn't. He tells her of his wish to be a father after seeing her sonogram. Maxie tells him not to give up. Spinelli and Maxie are talking about kids and family. He realizes that he wants one and she admits she does too. Their conversation is interrupted by Dante who has some bad news. Dante is telling Maxie and Spinelli that Lulu has been kidnapped.

At Dante's, Luke tells Bobbie that he thinks Scott kidnapped Lulu. Bobbie and Laura don't think that Scott had anything to do with it. Luke then prompts Laura to tell Bobbie of her engagement to Scott. Just then, Scott barges past the guard to see Laura. Bobbie and Scott are having a happy reunion, much to Luke's disgust. Luke goes after Scott because he's convinced Scott is behind Lulu's kidnapping. Bobbie and Laura both get upset and break up the fight. Bobbie convinces Scott to leave Dante's. Laura then turns to Luke asking him if he wants to fight with Scott or look for their daughter.

In the park, Lucy is still canvassing when she, unknowingly, runs into the very much wanted Dr. Obrecht. Lucy has an unsettling conversation with Dr. Obrecht. Robin's kidnapper shows no sympathy for the missing Lulu. She tells Lucy that you don't have to be crazy to do evil. Lucy finally gives up on Dr. Obrecht and walks away. Emma looks adorable when she and Elizabeth leave Patrick's for the hospital.

Back at Patrick's, he and Liz talk about Robin and the video she left. He tells Liz that Robin wanted him to move on. They both think that Robin would've liked Sabrina.

Britt gets defensive when Epiphany tells her that she is turning over the report to the Chief of Staff. Britt loses her cool and threatens Epiphany, but it doesn't work. Epiphany tells Britt what she doesn't want to hear. Epiphany tells Britt that she shouldn't have messed with one of her nurses. Unable to intimidate Epiphany. She comes upon Sabrina and threatens her. Sabrina is disappointed when Patrick doesn't show up with Emma and Elizabeth for her graduation. Patrick is at home looking at a photo of him, Robin, and Emma.

In the park. Dr Obrecht crumbles up the flyer and throws it away. Someone tells her she can be fined for that, and with that we learn that Dr. Obrecht is Britt's mother.

At Maxie's, Dante tries to get information from her about Lulu to no avail. Spinelli offers to help with the search. Dante tells Maxie to look after the baby. In the hallway, a frustrated Dante dials his wife's number and leaves her a heartfelt message.

Back at the loft, Laura and Luke are still arguing about Scott 's guilt versus the Cassadines. The guard interrupts them to let in a much welcomed visitor, Nikolas Cassadine.

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