GH Update Thursday 3/21/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/21/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Floating Rib, Mac leaves a message for Felicia to call him to talk about Frisco. Duke walks in and takes a seat at the bar. He orders dinner, then tells Mac to tell him what is going on with Felicia.

At Anna's office, Anna guesses that Felicia received a call from Mac. She asks Felicia why she didn't take Mac's call. Felicia says she's a coward and has no idea what she's going to say to Mac about Frisco.

At her apartment, Maxie answers the door to find Frisco there. He brings pizza to her. Maxie asks what he really wants. Frisco wants to talk about Spinelli.

At Ellie's lab, Spinelli brings coffee for Ellie, then offers a card game. She passes. Spinelli notices that Ellie seems to be distracted and asks her what is on her mind. Ellie asks if he wants to have a baby.

At the courthouse, there is a replay of Lucy giving Laura her bouquet and offering to check with the mayor just as Luke arrives. Scott wants to know why Luke is there, and Laura wonders where Lulu is.

At her apartment, there's a replay of Lulu unconscious on the floor.

Luke tells Laura that Lulu is getting ready for the wedding, because she wants to be perfect for Laura. Scott still wants to know why Luke is there. Lucy tries to run interference, but Scott is convinced that Luke is there to make trouble. Luke says hello to Lucy and Kevin. He tells her how sorry he is for her troubles. Scott tries to get rid Luke, trying to throw him out, but Laura says she wants to know why Luke is there first.

Mac tells Duke how he gets to a point where he thinks that he's got a future with Felicia, then Frisco arrives. He says he knows what is coming, because he's seen the signs before, and they are there again. He tells Duke that he doesn't want to talk about it, but then tells Duke how frustrated he is. Duke tells Mac to tell him about it.

Anna tells Felicia that she thought Felicia and Mac were ok, but Frisco being back must be difficult. Felicia tells Anna she only wanted to see Frisco to tell him how they were finished and she never wanted to see him again, but that didn't happen.

Frisco and Maxie share some pizza and Frisco tells Maxie that it may not be a great idea to pass the baby off as Dante and Lulu's. Maxie says that Frisco promised to keep the secret, and asked if he intends to tell Dante and Lulu.

Dante arrives at his apartment to find a box outside, this one from Bobbie. He calls out to Lulu, but gets no answer.

Scott tells Laura that Luke wants to convince her that she is making a mistake. Lucy tells Scott that he sounds a little defensive. Luke tells Laura to marry whomever she wants, but she can do better. Luke still thinks that Scott sent the replica of the ice princess. Scott accuses Luke of living in the past. Kevin steps in, and tells them that it is not the time or place for the argument. Scott tells Luke to tell everyone why he's there, accusing him of being there to stop the wedding. Laura asks Luke if that's why he's there.

Mac tells Duke that he will be honest with Felicia, telling him that he plans to tell her that he knows she went to dinner with Frisco. Duke thinks that's a good idea, but Mac says that he can't reach Felicia to do so. He imagines what Frisco and Felicia's dinner date was like, ending up guessing that they skipped dinner and Frisco went right to seduction. Duke tells Mac to get ahold of himself, and that he doesn't believe that happened at all.

Felicia explains that she and Frisco met on Georgie's birthday, so that could have made her and Frisco emotional. Felicia and Anna talk about how exciting it is being young and in love for the first time. Felicia shows Anna a wedding photo of her and Frisco that she found and carries with her.

Frisco tells Maxie that he has no intention of telling Dante and Lulu the truth about the baby. Maxie is relieved. Frisco asks if she thought it through, telling her that she's giving part of herself away. He asks if she is ready to give the baby away. Maxie says that she is not ready to be a mother, and that she's not a nurturing person. Frisco disagrees with her. Maxie tells him that she and Spinelli are not together, but Frisco tells her they don't have to be to parent a child. She tells him how excited Dante and Lulu were to see the sonogram. Frisco reminds her that she's not giving them a family, she's giving them her family, his grandchild. Maxie tells Frisco that despite being supportive of her, he's been an absentee father, and that Georgie didn't know him at all. Frisco tells her that he's made poor choices, but he can't change that. Maxie is not upset over it, she said he wasn't away out of malice, but because he wasn't ready to be a father. Frisco says he's trying to make up for lost time, and Maxie asks why he's really there.

Spinelli is surprised that Ellie is asking if he wants to have a baby, given the short time they've been together. She tells him that she's not proposing that they have a baby. She wonders after seeing how Maxie's sonogram affected him. Spinelli says that he would one day like to be a father. Ellie says that it's only fair that she let him know that she doesn't want children.

Dante walks into the apartment, calling out to Lulu, but getting no answer. He finds her on the floor and goes to her to check on her and try to bring her around. As he's checking on her, someone walks in and knocks him unconscious.

Luke confesses that he is there to stop the wedding. Scott says that he knew it. Lucy tries to draw Luke away, but he refuses to go. Luke tells Laura that she deserves better than Scott, and that he is dangerous to her. Luke says that Scott is dangerous for Laura because he's not the right man for her. Laura asks him who is the right man.

Duke tells Mac that he has nothing to worry about with Mac, because when she looks at him Mac, Duke can see that they are in love. Mac is concerned that this was the case before Frisco showed up. Mac says he can't compete with Frisco and Felicia's memories. Duke tells him not to be so sure about that. He tells Mac that all he and Anna have are memories, and look at how its working out for him.

Anna remembers standing up for Felicia and Frisco on their wedding. Felicia tells Anna that she's with Mac now, and that Mac was there for her after Frisco took off. She says that Mac never failed her. Felicia tells Anna how she let Mac down, and left Mac to raise her children while she chased Frisco. Felicia says that Frisco never showed up at places he agreed to meet her at, that he wanted to love her at his convenience, but didn't want a life with her. Anna asks if Felicia thinks that Frisco has changed. Felicia says that Frisco told her he did. Felicia thinks it's too late for her and Frisco, but has to wonder why she carries the photo around with her, and wants things to be the way they used to be. Anna says that Felicia is asking the wrong person, then shows her a photo of herself and Duke on their wedding day that she keeps with her.

Frisco tells Maxie that he tried to convince himself that what he was doing was for the greater good for his country, and that he would make up missed time with his daughters, but when time is gone, it's gone. Maxie wishes that Frisco knew Georgie. She shares how smart and wonderful Georgie was, and how Georgie was always there for her, how she misses Georgie. She still can't believe that Georgie is gone.

Dante comes around to find Lulu gone, then starts to call out for her.

Duke and Anna tell Mac and Felicia about their first date and how the date went wrong thanks to the counterfeit money, and that Anna had to pay for the meal. Anna tells Felicia that she and Duke are done because Duke is always wanting to take a shortcut. Duke and Anna tell Mac and Felicia that perhaps too much time has passed to reunite. Felicia tells Anna that she's in the same boat. Too much time has passed for her and Frisco to reunite, too. Both Anna and Felicia turn their photos face down.

Maxie tells Frisco that she thinks she understands what Frisco means about losing family. Frisco tells Maxie that he wants another chance with both Maxie and Felicia. Maxie doesn't think a reunion with Felicia will happen. Frisco thinks that Felicia is just putting on an act by telling him to leave town, but Maxie disagrees. She tells him that his trying to get Felicia back is unfair because Felicia is with Mac and happy. Frisco thinks that Felicia will be happier with him. Maxie says that she loves Mac and doesn't want him to get hurt. Frisco tells Maxie that he will always be grateful to Mac, but it doesn't make him right for Felicia. Maxie disagrees with him. Frisco tells her that unfortunately in situations like this, someone gets hurt.

Spinelli is surprised that Ellie doesn't want children. He says that she is wonderful with children. She says she loves children, but she thinks it's not fair to bring a child into the world as it is now. She tells him how difficult life would be for a child in this world. She tells him that children is not a possibility for her, but she hopes it's not a deal breaker with him. She tells him how much he means to her. Spinelli tells her that he sees a future for them, but she should know that things change in the world, and that the world can get evolve and get better. He thinks that Ellie could change her mind about children, and Ellie says maybe he will change his mind, too. Spinelli says it's possible but he doesn't think so. Ellie tells him that they should go home.

Luke tells Laura that he doesn't know who the right man for her is, but he does know it isn't Scott. His cell phone rings. He sees the call is coming from Lulu's phone, and thinks its Lulu calling to say she's not coming. He answers the phone to Dante telling him that Lulu is missing.

Mac reminds Duke that Anna has a colorful background, and that she loves Duke. Mac thinks that Anna is using the counterfeit money as an excuse to hide from her true feelings for Duke. Duke disagrees. Mac says that Anna's feelings may be scaring her, and tells him not to give up on Anna. Duke encourages Mac not to give up on Felicia. As Duke pays for his meal, he promises that the money he's giving Mac is real, and Mac believes him. Felicia walks in and joins them as Duke leaves. Mac tells Felicia that he wasn't sure he would see her. Felicia says that she got his message and that he is right, they need to talk about Frisco. She confesses that she had dinner with Frisco, and Mac tells her he figured that out. Felicia tells him that she met with Frisco to ask him to leave town. Mac tells her that he guessed right, that Frisco wants her back. Felicia tells him that he does. Mac asks how Felicia feels about that.

Frisco apologizes for unloading on Maxie about Felicia. Maxie says she understands. She tells him that we can't help who we love, but we also can't expect them to want us back after they've hurt us repeatedly. Frisco tells her that he disagrees, that when there is love, you fight for it. He thanks her for talk and leaves her.

Luke tells Dante they are on the way, then shares with Laura that Lulu is missing. Luke tells Laura that Dante found Lulu, was knocked out, and when he came to, she was gone. He thinks it has to do with the bear. He tells Laura that Bobbie didn't send the bear. He says that Dante found a box from Bobbie at the front door. He says that whomever took Lulu knew that Lulu has an aunt Bobbie, and knew what kind of package was sent. He looks at Scott accusingly. Luke and Laura rush off to get to Lulu's apartment. Luke warns Scott to stay away, and that he'd better not find out Scott was involved in Lulu's disappearance.

Anna arrives at Lulu's apartment with officers. Anna orders to investigate. Anna orders Dante to sit down and asks him exactly what happened. Dante tells her everything that happened during the day. Dante guesses that the bear was booby trapped and caused her to be knocked out. Dante starts to blame himself for Lulu being kidnapped.

Maxie flashes back to her conversation with Frisco, to him talking about not letting go of someone you love. Ellie and Spinelli arrive. Maxie offers them some pizza. Ellie declines and goes to bed. Maxie asks Spinelli if everything is ok. Spinelli tells her everything is fine, or at least it will be.

Mac wonders what Felicia told Frisco. Frisco walks in and asks if he's interrupting. Mac says that he isn't, and that he's glad Frisco is there so he could do something. He punches Frisco. Felicia rushes to Frisco's side and asks what Mac is doing.

Anna is on the phone, ordering a rush on testing on the bear she is sending over as evidence.

Lucy brings coffee for the three of them. Lucy wonders how Scott is doing. Scott says it's not how he envisioned the day. Scott is upset that Luke accused him of kidnapping Lulu. Lucy tells him that Luke is upset, and that no one thinks Scott has Lulu. She asks Kevin for back up, but Kevin says he doesn't they?

Anna orders that the officers do a three block door to door canvassing of the area. Dante tells one of the officers to be careful with the bear, and the officer promises to not let it out of his sight. Luke and Laura rush in, asking if they know anything. Dante says that Lulu was unconscious when he walked in, and figured they didn't want Lulu to be able to fight back. Laura is concerned about Dante being hurt, but Dante says that they just wanted him incapacitated as well. Laura prays that Lulu will be ok.

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