GH Update Wednesday 3/20/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/20/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At their apartment, Michael asks Starr why she has to leave Port Charles.

At the Floating Rib, Carly and Sam toast to the end of their relationships with Todd and McBain.

In his room, McBain answers his door to find Anna at his door. She says that she is there for his badge.

Patrick enters an exam room to find Olivia and Dante there. Dante tells Patrick that Olivia fainted. Olivia denies that she fainted, she only got dizzy. Patrick asks her what she was doing before the spell, and she says she was just looking at a bear.

In her apartment, Lulu tells Luke that Laura is only marrying Scott because she thinks Luke is unavailable. She tells him that Laura still has feelings for him.

At the courthouse, Laura asks why they rushed to get to the courthouse. Scott tells her that he wants to marry her right away. Laura is reluctant. Scott tries to convince Laura to marry him right there and then.

At the Floating Rib, Lucy arrives to meet Kevin. Lucy tells Kevin that they are attending a wedding and that Kevin is the best man.

Laura doesn't understand why Scott is rushing to be married. Scott flashes back to Lucy encouraging him to marry Laura right away. Scott tells Laura that he just doesn't want to wait anymore. Laura is still reluctant, wanting a more special wedding than a quick ceremony at the courthouse.

Patrick asks for clarification on Olivia looking at the bear. Dante and Olivia explain that there was a stuffed bear at Dante and Lulu's apartment that everyone thought was a bomb.

Luke tells Lulu that Laura has no feelings for him, and that Laura wants to be with Scott. Lulu tries to convince Luke that Laura can still have feelings for him. Luke stresses to Lulu that Laura wants to marry Scott.

Scott tries to convince Laura that the wedding will be special. He tells her that the mayor is officiating and that Lucy is bringing her a dress. He tells her that Kevin will be his best man and Lucy will be Laura's maid of honor. Laura tells him that's not happening, Lulu will be her maid of honor.

Lulu tells Luke that Laura is only marrying Scott because she thought Luke was taken, but when she heard that Luke was single, it meant something to her. Lulu tells him that Laura is breaking off her engagement to Scott. They are interrupted by Lulu's phone ringing. Scott is calling to ask Lulu to come to the courthouse to be Laura's maid of honor.

McBain thinks that the mayor is taking his badge so he can be prosecuted. Anna tells him that's not why she's there. The bureau wants McBain for a case. McBain says he's not with the bureau anymore. Anna tells him that he's never completely out and that a plane is being sent for him tonight. McBain asks how long the assignment is for. Anna tells him that she's being encouraged to replace him, so she believes its long term.

Sam tells Carly about the complication of her relationship with McBain and how they're not going to be together. Carly is sorry to hear it, which surprises Sam. Sam tells Carly that McBain is a good man. Carly says that Todd is not, but it still hurts to leave him.

Michael asks why Starr why she has to fly to Los Angeles tonight. Starr says she doesn't know, and was told it would make sense when she got there. Michael wants to go along with her, but Starr says he can't. They are interrupted by Todd knocking on the door. They open the door to Todd asking them how could they. Todd is very upset that Todd dumped her. Starr asks if he was dumped because of AJ. Todd says no, not because of AJ, but because of himself.

Carly tells Sam about how she tried to convince Todd that she was with AJ, and how Todd spied on her with a nanny cam. She tells Sam how she wanted to take Todd back, but she ended it with him, knowing that if they were together, they would destroy each other. Sam mentions how she can relate, because if she was with McBain, the guilt would have torn them apart.

McBain tells Anna how the case couldn't have come at a better time. Anna tells him that it's a bad time for her. McBain wants to use the case as a chance to turn his life around.

Patrick doesn't understand why Olivia and Dante thought a teddy bear was a bomb. They mention how they only heard ticking in the box, but it turned out to be a cute alarm clock. Patrick wonders about assuming ticking meant bomb. Dante explains how Luke thinks that someone is acting against their family. Olivia reminds Dante to send Bobbie a thank you note. Patrick and Olivia wonder if the fainting could have been due to stress or relief. Dante still wants Olivia examined. Patrick agrees that it's a good idea and says he will order some tests.

Lucy tries to rush herself and Kevin out of the Floating Rib when Kevin stops her. Kevin wants to know who he is supposed to be the best man to. Lucy reluctantly tells him he is standing up for Scott. Kevin thinks that Lucy is joking, but Lucy says she's serious. He refuses, telling her that he'd rather be bitten by a vampire than be best anything for Scott.

Laura tells Scott that she'd like to plan her wedding, or at least be involved. Scott asks why they should have to wait. He wonders if it's because of Luke.

Luke wants to know who called Lulu. Lulu tells him it was Scott, telling her that he and Laura are at the courthouse, getting married. Lulu tells her that its a done deal and its settled. Lulu disagrees.

Todd tells Michael and Starr how Carly says that they would destroy each other. Michael tells him that Carly his the strongest woman he knows and she never backs down. Starr believes that Carly is pushing him away because Todd felt like he had to prove that Carly was lying by doing something so terrible that she turned her back on him. Todd asks Starr if he did that to her, too.

Carly wonders if Sam is ok with her talking about Todd. Sam says she'd rather hear about Todd than to see Carly with him. She tells Carly that she deserves better. Carly tells Sam that Jason would have wanted her to be happy. She says that is she is pushing McBain away for Jason, that it's the last thing Jason would have wanted her to do.

McBain packs as Anna wonders if McBain has anyone to say goodbye to. McBain asks Anna to keep an eye on Rafe. Anna promises to, then asks if there is anyone else. McBain guesses she means Sam.

Kevin refuses to stand up for Scott because he can't stand Scott. Lucy doesn't understand why. Kevin explains that it's because she was married to Scott and has a daughter with him. He asks how she knew Scott was getting married anyway. Lucy explains how she talked to Scott and he shared his heart with her because they are good friends. Kevin asks Mac, who is behind the bar, whatever happened to clean breaks. He doesn't understand exes being friends with each other. Kevin tells Lucy that he's not standing up for Scott. Lucy tells him that there's no one else, and Kevin explains it's because no one likes Scott. Lucy asks him to do it for her.

Laura asks why he is bringing up Luke. He mentions Laura's hesitation in accepting his proposal immediately and without conditions. Laura mentions how they found out that Luke and Anna are not together anymore. She asks if Scott found out and now he's rushing to marry her because of it. She remembers how Scott kept keeping Laura from going to talk to Luke about him and Anna. She asks if Scott new about Luke and Anna's break up and if he knew and was keeping it from her. She asks if that's why he wants to marry so fast.

Lulu tells Luke that just because Laura is marrying Scott, it doesn't mean that she wants to. She says that Luke and Laura are not being honest with themselves.

Patrick leads Olivia and Dante to the exam room, telling them that he will be back with the test results. He congratulates Dante on his baby. As Patrick leaves, Dante's phone rings. Dante sees that it's work and walks out to take the call. Olivia has a vision of the teddy bear clock.

Luke tells Lulu that Laura is with Scott because she wants to be. Lulu continues to insist that Laura is marrying Scott because she believes Luke is not an option. Luke says that he isn't an option, and that Laura made her choice. Luke tries to convince Lulu to get dressed and go to the courthouse. Lulu tells Luke that he needs to go down there to stop the wedding.

Todd tells Starr how he would do anything for her. She asks him if she were killed, wouldn't he want to know who did it. He says he would, then Lulu asks why Todd kept the truth about Cole and Hope's killer from her. He admits to screwing up with that. Todd says he can't lose Starr, but Starr says it's not up to him. Todd apologizes. Starr says that she can't deal with him right now as she has to go. Todd asks where she's going.

McBain tells Anna that her warnings about getting too close to Sam were right. She tells him that Jason is dead. McBain says that Jason was alive and McBain himself was unavailable when he kissed Sam. She asks McBain if he feels a relationship would somehow be affected by guilt.

Sam tells Carly that she and McBain split mutually. Carly tells Sam that it had to be painful to do that, and Sam says she's just realizing how much. Carly tells her how Jason would want Sam and Daniel to find love again.

Kevin tells Lucy that he suspects Lucy having schemed to make the wedding happen. Lucy denies that there is anything in it for her, she was trying to help an old friend. Kevin asks Mac for help explaining why Kevin doesn't want to be at Scott's wedding. Mac says that he can't, because he was told that Lucy is with Kevin, so that means she doesn't want Scott. Kevin reluctantly agrees to go and stand up for Scott. He leaves with Lucy.

Luke tells Lulu that many kids of divorced parents have fantasies of their parents reuniting. Lulu denies this is not the case with her. Luke tells her that he and Laura will always have feelings for each other, but not the feelings Lulu wants them to be. He tells her that they both have moved on. Lulu asks if it's ok to watch Laura get hurt. She tells him that he is letting this happen to Laura. Luke disagrees that he's allowing anything. Lulu reminds him that he thinks Scott sent the fake ice princess, then accused him of a bomb threat. She asks what if Scott causes Laura to get hurt.

Olivia continues to visualize the clock. She calls Dante in, but the vision has disappeared. She tells Dante about seeing the bear, then wonders why she would have a vision about it.

Luke tells Lulu that he is done riding to Laura's rescue, and she will need to rescue herself.

Laura is sure that Scott knew that Luke was no longer with Anna, but he kept it to himself. Scott admits to it. Laura asks how he found out. Scott tells her that Anna told him. Laura is upset that Laura had kept the secret for weeks, and wants to know why. Scott says that he was afraid of losing her. Laura wondered if they'd learned to be honest with each other. Scott says he was afraid of losing her, and wonders if he's already lost her. He asks Laura if she still wants to marry him.

Starr tells Todd about the phone call she received, and that Michael wanted to go with her, but she turned him down. Michael still wants to go with her, but she says he can't because she doesn't know how long she will be gone, and AJ needs him. Todd offers to take Starr to Los Angeles on his private jet on the way to Llanview. He tells Starr that he's going to Llanview because Danni is upset. Starr tells him that Los Angeles is out of the way, but Todd wants to take her anyway. Michael encourages Starr to go with Todd on his jet.

Carly tells Sam how it is the first day she decided not to destroy her life. Sam is happy for her. Carly explains that she is walking away still liking Todd before a relationship could ruin it. Sam suggests that Carly stay away from screwed up guys. Carly asks Sam what she is looking for in a guy. Sam says she doesn't know, because she can only think about how much she misses McBain.

McBain hands over his badge, telling Anna that it was an honor to work under her, as Anna tells him that he was one of the best officers she has ever worked with. She tells him that the bureau is lucky to have him back. McBain asks if she put in a good word for him, but she says no, saying she would be stupid to help lose one of her best detectives. He tells Anna that she's a great boss, and an even better friend. He asks her to share a drink with him before he leaves.

Dante believes Olivia had the vision of the bear because she is stressed out. Olivia disagrees and encourages Dante to go home and check on the bear. Patrick returns with Olivia's test results.

Luke tells Lulu that Laura is making her own decisions. Lulu is worried that Scott is manipulating Laura. Luke says that it's still Laura's choice. Lulu concedes that she has said what she had to say, but now she has to dress to be Laura's maid of honor, even if she disagrees with the wedding.

Scott apologizes for lying to Laura and asks if she still wants to be his wife. They are interrupted but Kevin and Lucy arriving. Lucy tells Laura she brought something amazing for Laura to wear, and asks if they are ready to be married. Laura tells them she's ready.

Starr agrees to go with Todd. She asks Todd to bring her bags downstairs. Todd waits for her, but Starr asks for some privacy with Michael. Todd agrees, but first asks Michael to tell Carly that he doesn't think he'll be back. When Todd leaves, Michael asks Starr if she's sure she doesn't want Michael to fly commercial with her. She says Todd needs to take her himself. She tells him that she misses him already, but she'll be back before he knows it. He tells her he better be. Todd honks as Michael and Starr exchange "I love you's, and Starr again promises to be back before he knows it. She leaves him.

Carly comments on being surprised to see Sam tonight, and Sam says she feels the same way but both are glad they ran into each other. Carly jokingly says if they don't stop bonding, people will think they are friends.

McBain and Anna share a drink, toasting to his assignment and to Anna before McBain grabs his bag and heads out. He stops to thank her. Anna tells him to be safe and wishes him luck. McBain wishes her likewise and leaves.

Mac makes a call to Felicia, leaving her a message that they need to talk about her and Frisco.

Patrick tells Olivia and Dante that Olivia is fine. He thinks that she was either dehydrated or just hasn't eaten. Dante offers to take her out to fix that, but Olivia insists that he go home to check on the bear.

Lulu walks out, dressed, calling out to Luke, asking if he's sure he doesn't want to go to the courthouse, but Luke is gone. Lulu toys with the bear, commenting on how she has got to see Luke at the courthouse. The alarm on the clock goes off.

Laura has changed into the dress Lucy brought her. Kevin, Lucy and Scott compliment Laura, and Lucy gives Laura a bouquet. She offers to check on the mayor for Laura and Scott. Laura says they have to wait for Lulu. They hear a door close and Scott guesses that Lulu is there. Luke comes around the corner to see the group.

In her apartment, Lulu is unconscious on the floor, next to the bear.

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