GH Update Tuesday 3/19/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/19/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

John & Sam stand morosely in his apartment, blaming each other for messing up their lives. Finally, she asks him to turn around and look at her, then declares that he's a good man. After they kiss, Sam stops, unsure that she can do this. John agrees that if she feels that way, then maybe they shouldn't. Sam remembers being there when Danny was born during a rainstorm and choosing to be with John instead of Jason or Alexis. Now, they feel guilty for having been attracted to each other when neither was free and believe that the negative feelings will always follow them. Sam thanks John for saving her life twice and teaching her how to trust and have faith. Even though it's been a hard year for him, John will remember the good moments they had with Danny. They wish that things were different, but both believe they're doing the right thing. Maybe in a different time and a different place, they could be happy and not hurt anyone. John bids Sam goodbye as she leaves.

Todd urges Carly to stop fighting her urges, because the real is so much better than the imaginary. Carly responds by telling him to shut up and kiss her already, which they passionately do. When they take a breath, Todd points out there's no comparison between kissing him and kissing A.J., but Carly thinks they're both jerks and wants Todd to leave immediately. Although she wants him, she finds him terrifying, scary, and untrustworthy. She's positive he will lie to her again, even though he insists he will be honest in the future. Carly truly believes that they will destroy each other, because they're afraid to love and be vulnerable.

A.J. goes looking for Elizabeth at the hospital where he encounters a couple of nurses who inform him that her shift just ended. When one of them points out that she's in the elevator, A.J. begs her to talk to him, but she just stands there motionless while Felix orders him to take the next one, because this one is full, even though he and Elizabeth are the only ones in the elevator.

Michael & Starr return to their apartment, jokingly thinking of uses for the Quartermaine's Pickle-Lila relish. They agree on hot dogs and most sausages, except for breakfast. When Michael objects, Starr agrees that anyone can use their relish on anything they wish. Michael gives praise to Ellie and Lucy for making it possible for them to obtain the recipe which will save ELQ. When Starr wonders how Lucy comes into play, Michael figures that if it weren't for Lucy bringing Dr. Kevin Collins to town, he wouldn't have been able to hypnotize Ellie and get her to remember the missing ingredient's chemical formula. Starr finds that a bit of a stretch, but as long as they're happy, she can't argue with him. Michael states that A.J. will be especially happy with the recipe, so he calls him and gives him the news but notices that A.J. is not very excited. A.J. insists he's thrilled and can't wait to celebrate with Starr & Michael, of whom he's very proud. When Michael tells Starr that A.J. seemed a little preoccupied, she wonders what could have taken his mind off the family business. Michael speculates that it's either his mother or Elizabeth.

As Felix and Elizabeth are entering the bar, Lucy breathlessly urges them to sell more tickets and work on the program. Felix calms her by stating that they're nurses and can multitask. Although he finds Lucy annoying, Felix admits he still worships the vampire-slaying beauty maven who throws charity balls. Elizabeth thanks her friend for running interference back at the hospital with A.J., whose lies she just can't deal with at the moment. Felix suggests he do a duet with Magic Milo, but Elizabeth doesn't think the bodyguard sings, so they go back to the drawing board of possible acts for the ball. Unable to take her mind off A.J., Elizabeth wonders why he'd choose Carly to hook up with, of all people. Felix and Elizabeth agree that she and A.J. would have been a disaster together anyway.

Scott runs into Lucy and assures her that he's been in love with Laura since he was 17 years old. Knowing that Luke and Anna have split up, Lucy urges Scott to marry Laura immediately before she finds out, but Scott is not sure that his fiancée will want a quickie wedding. Lucy recalls that Laura had her big wedding in 1981 when she married Luke but Scotty caught the bouquet, and now they should just move on. Lucy offers to help Scott get a marriage license at the courthouse on short notice. Once they get there, though, the clerk is leaving, since quitting time was 5 minutes ago. All their sweet talking won't get the clerk to give them what they want, so Lucy turns to Mayor Lomax. She reminds her about saving lives during her last caper and insists that she give Scott a marriage license or else she'll sic Todd Manning on the public official, so he'll expose the whole Stephen Clay debacle in the Port Charles Sun, which will cost her her job. To back Lucy up, Scott even threatens to run for mayor himself.

At the Falconeris' apartment, Laura is surprised to hear from Lulu that Luke & Anna broke up. Olivia brings in a package addressed to Lulu from her Aunt Bobbie, but Luke cautions his daughter not to touch it and asks who delivered it and if Olivia signed for it. She answers that it was just left at the door. Luke and Laura know they have made lots of enemies in the past, including Helena Cassadine and Scott Baldwin. Luke wonders if Scott sent the replica of the Ice Princess to Lulu, but Laura defends him. Suddenly, Olivia hears the package ticking. Everyone panics, thinking it's a bomb until Bobbie calls, asking about the bear with the clock in it that she sent as a sleep aid for the baby. As everyone relaxes, Olivia stares at the clock and faints. Urging Lulu not to open any more ticking packages without him, Dante rushes his woozy mother to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, A.J. asks the nurses where Elizabeth went, but they're afraid he's a stalker and won't tell him. He assures them he just wants to talk to Elizabeth and resolve their misunderstanding.  For the price of a few Nurses' Ball tickets, the young nurses will spill.

As A.J. approaches, Elizabeth tries to keep ignoring him then advises him to go back to his bed buddy, Carly. A.J. declares he's not with Carly and never was. He then explains that he was helping Carly to get rid of Todd by pretending to be in a relationship with her in exchange for information, but he decided to bail, because he saw how it was hurting Elizabeth. He doesn't want to be a scheming lowlife and jeopardize their friendship. He just hopes that the next person who asks her out isn't as stupid as he was. His little speech renders Elizabeth speechless, but Felix wishes those romantic words had been spoken to him and leaves them alone. Against her better judgment, Elizabeth agrees to give A.J. another chance and go out with him one more time ... on one condition. He has to perform a number with her at the Nurses' Ball. As Felix laughs, A.J. readily agrees, claiming he knows what he's getting into.

Lulu asks her mother if there isn't something she wants to clear up with Luke. Since Laura refuses to confront him, Lulu asks her dad if he was ever going to tell his ex-wife that he's now single. Luke feels that his private life shouldn't be of interest to anyone but himself until Laura brings up the night on the docks when she saw him kissing Anna. Luke admits that they had a serious relationship which ended that night. When he wants to ask Laura a question, though, she's distracted by her phone, then quickly departs. Luke wonders why Laura is suddenly being lead on such a short leash. Calling her dad thick, Lulu patiently explains that her mother came to Port Charles looking for him. Once she saw him kissing Anna, she accepted Scott's marriage proposal. Now that she knows he's available, she's questioning her decision. Laura joins Scott at the courthouse where he announces that they're getting married right now.

Michael thanks Starr for the way she's dealing with his family's insanity, which she totally understands. Michael also thanks her for being in his life. As he declares his love for her, her phone rings. Michael asks her not to answer it and spoil their romantic moment, but Starr can't ignore her friend Langston who gives her bad news from California. Starr announces to Michael that she's leaving Port Charles.

Carly doesn't want them to end up yelling at each other, only feeling disappointment and hate. When Todd assures her he could never hate her, Carly accuses him of lying already. He promises to do better next time, but she doesn't want him to have to live up to some impossible standard. Although, she finds him wonderful, irresistible, infuriating, and unforgettable, she just can't be with him, Whatever they had, it's over. After Carly assures Todd that she will never regret being with him, he starts to kiss her and doesn't know how to stop, so she counsels him to say goodbye and walk away. Exchanging some soulful glances, Todd sadly walks out, leaving Carly in tears.

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