GH Update Monday 3/18/13

General Hospital Update Monday 3/18/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly lectures AJ in her home, assuming they are alone and not overheard, telling him that because of his stupidity and unwillingness to “cooperate”, Todd does not buy for a minute that they are having a relationship. He tells her it’s obvious to anyone that they are not and he is not as motivated as she is to have Todd believing what she wants Todd to believe.

Unknown to them, Todd sits alone at Kelly’s, playing the video that he’s planted inside the stuffed bunny at her home, which confirms all the proof he needs, of the two of them having this very conversation. He laughs in smug satisfaction. Lucy notices him and asks him what he’s “cackling” to himself about.

Dante goes to pick up Olivia to take her to his and Lulu’s baby shower. But he sees his mom is not dressed and not ready. She tells him she’s not going.

Luke goes to pick up Lulu. They are both happy but know that Dante’s family might not be.

Scott Baldwin is similarly doubtful that Laura wants him to accompany her to her daughter and son-in-law’s event when she learns that Luke has not “moved on” with Anna and that he will be there for his and Laura’s daughter.

Luke asks Lulu if she’s gotten any more of those “mysterious gifts” that may be from Helena Cassadine. Lulu is not worried about that.

Laura informs Scott Baldwin, for the first time, that her daughter just wants to invite her family over to see the picture of her first sonogram. And she admits that she’d rather he not come with her. He asks if it’s because she believes’ Luke’s absurd theory that he is going to endanger Lulu. She laughs and tells him no. But he can clearly see that she is mindful of the fact that Luke is single and not seeing Anna and just what the status of their relationship is.

Olivia tells Dante she is not up to going anywhere or seeing anyone when her fiancé is ready to go to prison for murder. She tells her son he needs to take the Cannoli that she baked. But he is not ok with that arrangement.

Molly is concerned about Rafe having to stay in a foster home. Sam and John are with the two of them and want to help him. John offers to let Rafe stay at his home for a while. He tells John he doesn’t “have to do that”. But he can earn his keep by doing chores around John’s home. Sam then asks John if he’s sure this is a “good idea”.

Lucy finds Todd and tells him she’d like to know what is wrong with him remembering that the two of them were both in Ferncliff. He tells her that he could be classified as suffering with some sort of mental illness. She asks if he’s not happy with the fact that he’s been cleared of all charges and reminds him that now that she’s also beat the charges and is free, she wants to work to get the Nurse’s ball underway. He admits he’s not ready to be a part of that. But she tells him that he needs to attend and see the talented people perform. And if he doesn’t want to, it’s his loss. She tells him that she is happy. She got “her man back”.

AJ asks Carly why she invited him over there. She tells him she knows that Todd is snooping. Jocelyn saw him. He asks her what he wants from him and why he should get involved in her unfinished issues with her “psycho boyfriend”. If she’s really done with Todd and doesn’t want him, then why does she care if she fools Todd with an absurd farce that she’s sleeping with AJ?

Lucy tells Todd she remembers his telling her he’s madly in love with Carly. He tells her he was never “in love” with Carly. But she knows he has feelings for Carly and was devastated to have lost Carly’s trust and cause her not to want to see him anymore. He tells her he’s not worried about that however. He has undisputed proof that Carly’s fake boyfriend is a fake. Lucy tells him even if that’s the case, it still does not mean that Carly’s interested in him. He tells her he won’t listen to anything negative. But she tells him that maybe it’s easier said than done to win someone back if they’ve caught him in a lie. However, she admits that if something is worth fighting for, sometimes one cannot give up.

Sam privately asks John if he’s really ready to adopt a teenage boy. He works too much and has a very demanding schedule and life. But he tells her he spends too much time alone in his home wallowing at the sight of the muted television. She assures him she does not believe he’s a wallower and very much admires him for what he wants to do for Rafe but wants to make sure he’s up to it.

Dante manages to get his mom to reconsider joining him and Lulu.

Luke tells Lulu that he knows that Scott Baldwin still blames her for his son’s death. So they might need to beware of him.

Laura tells Scott that she really hopes he understands how she has spent so much time away from her daughter, what little mother-daughter time they have left is precious to her. He tells her he understands. He tells her he is nervous about some things. He declares to her that he loves her and has always loved her. So he asks her if she will do him the honor of being his wife forever. She tells him she’s already told him yes. But he tells her that was before he had the “hardware”. And he pulls out an engagement ring. And she happily says yes and kisses him.

Lulu discusses with her dad if he knows that her mom knows that he’s single and not seeing Anna. Laura enters hearing only part of the conversation and asks what Lulu was asking whether she knows.

Scott Baldwin runs into Lucy who happily greets and welcomes him back.

Alexis returns to the house where Molly, Rafe, Sam and John are waiting. Molly asks her mom if she’s found out any “good news” from Social Services. She grimly tells her daughter unfortunately no. They won’t allow John to be Rafe's legal guardian.

AJ tells Carly he really has better things to do with his time than help her pull off this absurd scam to Todd. It’s ruining his personal life. Hearing that, she demands to know what type of “personal life” he could possibly have and with whom or what. He tells her that last night he was supposed to meet Elizabeth for dinner. But she had to walk in on seeing Carly kissing him. He’s finally met a good woman whom he respects and who respects him and who’s worth it. And he’s had to lie to Elizabeth as well as to their son. Is Carly not blackmailing him by putting him up to doing that in order for her to tell him who the next Quartermaine heir is? But now he’s through. He’s done lying to Elizabeth and to Michael. But she reminds him that Luke may have already found out and might tell Tracy before he finds out about the heir. So maybe AJ should think long and hard about what’s important to him. Todd walks in carrying the white bunny and smugly asks “How is the happy couple?”

Molly asks her mom what happened and why won’t social services approve John? She tells them all that they do not believe that John meets the requirements and guidelines. She is terribly sorry but has to take Rafe back. Molly tells her mom no. that’s not fair.

Lucy talks to Scott Baldwin about his current prospects with Laura. He admits that he proposed to Laura. And Laura told him she could not make the decision until she had found out whether she had a chance with Luke or if he’d moved on. Lucy asks if he is concerned that Laura only agreed to marry him because she believed Luke is not free but now that Laura knows otherwise about Luke, that could prevent them from getting married.

Luke happily gathers with Lulu, Dante, Laura and Olivia. But they know that Sonny needs to join them and Luke wonders where he is. They are not worried and are all happy. Olivia and Laura are fascinated to see the sonogram. Olivia jokes about her fear that the baby would be a dog but is not worried about anything. She runs to hug her son and daughter in law. Laura and Luke join in and they are all happy. She faces her ex-husband and hugs him.

When Todd walks into Carly’s home to see her with AJ, he tells them he wants to see them together. She asks why on earth he wants to “see” that. Carly asks him what his problem is and what he wants. He tells her that it’s going to be a very difficult thing for him to get over her. So maybe she can help him make the process easier. If he can see how the two of them “love” each other, it will be easier for him to go about his day. He and “Mr. Bunny here” can watch and bear witness. AJ tells Todd this is “weird” even for him. Todd tells them the only way he can let Carly go is if the two of them have sex. She demands to hear what he said again. He clarifies that he said he wants them to have sex. It could be sofa sex, carpet sex. Any kind of sex. In response to that, Carly exclaims there’ s no way they’re going to put on a “sex show” for him. He asks why on earth not. She replies because it’s disgusting. Todd then laughs and reveals that he has a hidden camera inside the bunny that he bought for Jocelyn. She asks him if he’s spying on her. He confirms that Mr. Bunny and he heard and saw everything . And she and AJ are “so busted”. He tells them that this ridiculous scam that they are together ends right there. He saw it all. But Carly tells him she knows all about his spying. She knows what a nanny cam is and she and AJ knew what he was up to. But at that point, AJ tells her he’s through. He’s not going to get in the middle of her mess with her psycho boyfriend. She’s on her own with this. He leaves. Todd then laughs and tells Carly that he thinks she needs to realize that she has feelings for him. She’s gone to such drastic measures to make Todd jealous. He now knows that he’s pretty important to her.

Alexis protests that she will do whatever she can and is terribly sorry. John tells Rafe he’s terribly sorry to have let him down. Alone with Sam, John throws things off his desk and reveals he is angry and upset.

Laura tells Lulu that he thought she might show her some pictures of her and Lucky. Lulu observes and remarks she was such a scrawny little thing. Laura tells her daughter no. She was a beautiful little thing. And she has surpassed all of her mom’s expectations. Her baby is having a baby. Lulu admits that she still feels pretty weird knowing that the pregnancy is going on in Maxie’s body and not hers. Laura tells her daughter that pregnancy is only for 9 months but motherhood lasts forever. Luke and Dante talk about investigating who sent Lulu that “ice princess” gift. Luke asks Dante if he might want to look into Scott Baldwin. Dante clarifies that he is correct that Luke means Laura’s fiancé Scott Baldwin. Luke says yes. He believes it’s entirely possible that Scott means harm to Lulu.

Lucy asks Scott if he’s afraid that if Lulu finds out that Luke is “free” that she will break up with him. He admits yes. And it looks like she might want to help him with that.

Laura admits to Lulu that she promised Scott she would not bring this up to Luke. But she did not promise she would not bring it up to her daughter. And she reveals that Anna is “cheating” on Luke with Duke Lavery. Lulu then clarifies to her mom that Anna is not cheating on her dad. He and Anna broke up and she is now officially with Duke.

Scott asks Lucy if she’s telling him he should not tell Laura about Luke and Anna breaking up. She reminds him that she remembers having sneaky ways. But he asks her if she has not now given that up and chosen to do good. She admits that she is trying to change. And she realizes one cannot always get what they want by lying and sneaking around unless one “can”. A part of her believes honesty is the best policy and you should not start a marriage based on a lie. She remembers losing her husband because of lies. So she asks him if he does love Laura. Scott replies yes. He tells her he’s been in love with Laura since he was 17 years old. She tells him in that case, he needs to marry Laura and let it be known that she is the one for him.

After Laura finds out that Luke and Anna are no longer together, she reveals to Lulu that she is “in awe”.

Dante and Luke talk on the couch when Olivia comes in the door with a present that somebody sent to Lulu. She notices it’s from her Aunt Bobbie (Carly’s mom). But Luke urges her not to touch it and won’t let anybody open in knowing it might be suspicious.

Todd tells Carly that he wants to be there for her when she screws up again and to have her there for him. He admits to her that she is the only friend he’s ever had in his life. He believes that sleeping with her did not screw it up. It just made it better. She turns away from him and fights back tears. He tells her he needs her in his life and knows she needs him too. So why not just stop fighting? She turns to kiss him and declares that he is the one she wants.

Sam admits to John that she knows that Child services are making a serious mistake. He tells her that he can now understand Caleb. He wasn’t going to let anybody or anything prevent him from getting what he wants. But they are helpless and he has failed Rafe. Rafe's life is ruined now. She tells him she won’t let Rafe's life be ruined. She and her child would not be alive were it not for Rafe. And she won’t let him give up either. He needs to know that he’s a good man. She faces him and looks adoringly into his eyes. And he passionately kisses her.

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