GH Update Friday 3/15/13

General Hospital Update Friday 3/15/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Kevin and Lucy arrive at the hospital. Kevin insists he doesn't need to be there, then suggests that they go out and celebrate their reunion. Lucy tells him how much he means to her, and promises to never mention vampires again if he gets himself examined for his injury.

McBain is in his room, looking at a newspaper article about Sam's rescue when he is interrupted by a knock at the door. He answers the door to find Rafe there, apparently having been in a fight.

At the Floating Rib, Sam tells Molly how big an accomplishment it is that she is a published author. Molly feels guilty over focusing on her book while she worries about Rafe.

Rafe apologizes for showing up at McBain's door. He says he had nowhere else to go.

In the hospital conference room,, Sabrina and Elizabeth share their disappointments regarding Patrick and AJ with Felix. Felix wonders what is wrong with the men, and why they are so thoughtless.

Outside of the lab, AJ flashes back to Carly's warning to not saying anything about their arrangement. He whispers an apology to Elizabeth before entering the lab. AJ wants to know how the endoscopy went. He tells Ellie how much getting the recipe means to him, Michael and ELQ.

Michael and Starr have breakfast in their apartment when Starr realizes that they are late heading to the lab to meet Ellie, Spinelli and AJ. Michael tells Starr that AJ has other things on his mind. Starr asks what he is talking about. Michael tells Starr that AJ is back with Carly.

Carly is at home with Josslyn when her doorbell rings. She answers the door to find Todd there with a box.

McBain tells Rafe he doesn't need to apologize, and that he's always welcome there. He asks Rafe what happened. Rafe tells him that things got rough at the group home. McBain tells him that he should have called to be picked up. He asks how Rafe got there. Rafe says that he took the bus. He says he would have gone to Molly's house, but he's given her enough trouble.

Sam mentions how Molly has been thinking about Rafe a lot, and asks about TJ. Molly says that she doesn't think about Rafe like that, but she hasn't heard from him since he was sent to the group home. She wants to know that Rafe is ok. Sam suggests calling him. Molly says that Rafe doesn't have a cell phone and he doesn't know what home Rafe was sent to. She thinks it is impossible to reach Rafe, but Sam tells her maybe it's not.

Felix wants to know what AJ is doing with Carly since Carly told Felix how much she hates AJ. Elizabeth tells Felix that if AJ wants Carly after all the misery Carly caused him, that's his problem. Felix guesses that there's a lot of history that he does not know, and then tells Sabrina that he does know her whole story. Sabrina tells her that she humiliated herself, and she wants to forget about it. Felix tells them that if AJ and Patrick can't see what is in front of them, it's their loss. Felix encourages them to look on the bright side. Sabrina passed her exam, so they are all nurses. Lucy walks in, saying that she hopes so since they have a Nurses' Ball to plan.

Starr asks Michael if Elizabeth could be mistaken. Michael tells her that he thought she had since AJ and Carly fight all of the time, but Elizabeth told him what she saw and AJ confirmed it to him. Starr tells Michael that AJ is lying to him.

AJ asks Ellie what they found out. She tells him that the recipe was dissolved by Spinelli's stomach acid, so it is too late to retrieve via surgery. AJ tells them that he will need to go to plan B. He says plan B isn't pretty, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Spinelli blames himself for the whole situation. AJ says that he just wants to restore ELQ and prove himself to Michael. Ellie offers to try to reconstruct the recipe through trial and error. Spinelli tells Ellie that she won't have to. He thought of another way.

Todd shows Carly that he brought donuts as he walked in. Todd calls for AJ to come to breakfast. Carly tells Todd that he's trespassing. Todd notices that AJ isn't coming when he's called. Josslyn says hello to Todd and shows him how she drew on his photo on the front page of The Sun. Todd tries to bribe information about Carly and AJ out of Josslyn with a donut. Carly steps in and suggests Josslyn color in the kitchen, then leads her away. She then yells at Todd for trying to bribe Josslyn with a donut. Todd tells her how she and AJ have nothing in common except Michael, and how he noticed how much she hated AJ touching her. Carly tells him that she is with AJ, and that Starr even confirmed it. He tells her that both she and Starr are lying. Todd says he knows that she's scared of being hurt. He says he knows he screwed up, and that he hopes to have the chance to screw up with her again, because they are good together. He asks Carly to take him back. Carly tells him goodbye. Todd leaves.

Ellie mentions how she and Starr worked out most of the recipe, but Starr was not there when she got the final ingredient. Spinelli says that Ellie can get the ingredient back. Ellie said she just jotted down a diagram, but she doesn't have a photographic memory. Spinelli tells her that the ingredient is in her memory and he knows how to get it.

Lucy tells Felix, Elizabeth and Sabrina that they have a lot of work. Felix tells Lucy that the ball isn't happening, at least this year. Lucy disagrees. Elizabeth brings up all the troubles Lucy has been having. Lucy tells them that she's ready to get the ball planning started.

Sam makes a call, pretending to be Alexis. She is able to get transferred to the home Rafe was sent to. She gets information, hangs up and tells Molly that Rafe is gone.

McBain asks Rafe to walk him through what happened. Rafe says that he didn't exactly get well adjusted. McBain wonders if Rafe is talking about hazing, but Rafe says he could handle it if it was hazing. Rafe mentions how the other kids gave him a hard time, taunting him about his mother and making fun of her until he lost it. He tells McBain that he got into a fight, got outnumbered and left after they beat him up. McBain says that he will do something about it. He wants to go down to the group home and talk to the supervisor. Rafe refuses to go back to the home.

Starr tells Michael what happened when Todd and Carly both visited her. Starr tells him why AJ and Carly are claiming to be together, and how she sided with Carly.

Josslyn asks Carly if AJ slept over, and Carly says he didn't. They are interrupted by the doorbell again. Carly answers the door to find a bunny delivering a stuffed bunny, balloons and an Easter basket.

Lucy gives the nurses the information about the Nurses' Ball and teaming with AMFAR. The nurses are concerned that AMFAR is unaware of the troubles that have been going on. Lucy assures them that they will not damage the trust with AMFAR. She turns their attention to their binders which illustrates what they've done so far. Elizabeth's phone rings, and she says she needs to take the call. She leaves the room. Lucy tells them how they need to meet a deadline. Felix and Sabrina are concerned that they don't have the money for the ball, but Lucy says that they do. Sabrina tells Lucy that they lost their funding and that there won't be a Nurses' Ball.

Elizabeth finishes her call, then notices Kevin at the nurses' station. Elizabeth asks if he's back at GH, but he tells her only as a patient, thanks to Heather Webber hitting him on the head. Elizabeth escorts him to radiology. As they wait for the elevator, Kevin mentions Heather being sent to Ferncliff. Elizabeth tells him that Heather is the last person she ever wants to see. The elevator opens, and she is face to face with AJ, who is with Spinelli and Ellie.

McBain offers to call social services and have Rafe moved. Rafe says it doesn't matter, he's going to have the same problem at any home. McBain tells him that they don't have a lot of options. Rafe asks if he can stay with McBain.

Molly asks what happened, and Sam tells her that Rafe got into a fight and took off. Molly becomes upset about Rafe being on the street with no one, but Sam promises to take care of it.

McBain tells Rafe he doesn't want to stay with him because McBain has too many issues. Rafe wants to make his case to McBain when McBain's phone rings. He answers it to find Sam on the line. Sam asks for help finding Rafe, but McBain tells her that Rafe is with him. McBain promises to try to help Rafe. Sam tells Molly, and Molly wants to go see Rafe. They head out when Sam bumps into Todd.

Spinelli asks if Kevin is Dr. Kevin Collins. He says he is, and Spinelli tells him how they have people in common, mentioning the Scorpio and Jones families. He tells Kevin that he's heard good things about him. He then introduces himself to Kevin. Spinelli starts to ask for Kevin's help, when Kevin tells him he's not taking patients. Spinelli then introduces Ellie, then tells Ellie how Kevin can help them. AJ wonders how Kevin can help them, then says hello to Kevin. Spinelli tells Kevin they need his help in the lab. Kevin asks Elizabeth to put his name on the list for radiology. She promises to, then Kevin leaves with Spinelli and Ellie. AJ stays behind to talk to Elizabeth. He wants to explain things to her. Elizabeth tells him to go talk to Carly.

Carly thinks the bunny is Todd and tries to get rid of him. The bunny walks into her house. Carly takes off the head to find that Todd isn't in the suit. He says that he is delivering the stuff to her daughter from "some guy from Australia". She accepts the gifts and shows Josslyn what daddy sent her.

Todd mentions to Molly how things ended well for her, regarding her book. Sam send Molly to wait in the car for her. Once Molly is gone, Todd tells Sam that they live in the same town, and that they will run into each other. Todd wants to put everything behind them, but Sam explains that she can't. Todd says that he knows that she wants revenge and how it feels. Sam says that once something really awful happens to his family, then he can tell her that he knows how she feels. She leaves him.

Michael doesn't think anyone is going to buy Carly and AJ together. He says that he knows that Carly has feelings for Todd, and is probably in love with him, but she broke up with him, so that should be it. Starr tells him that her father won't let it go because he's relentless until he gets what he wants. Starr tells him that Todd will try to convince Carly to take him back, but it won't work. She tells him how Todd already knows what Carly is up to, but doesn't back down from a challenge, as they leave the apartment.

Todd takes another call from Danni. He wants to know why she keeps calling if he's such a terrible father. He loses her call, then hangs up. Todd joins the delivery guy at the bar, then asks if he set up Carly like he was supposed to.

Carly looks at the front page of The Sun again, then makes a phone call.

At the hospital, AJ is still pleading his case to Elizabeth. He tells her that it wasn't what she thought, because he and Carly can't stand each other. AJ sees that Carly is calling. He tells Elizabeth that she has the wrong idea. Elizabeth warns against keeping Carly waiting before walking off. AJ takes the call, telling Carly that it's not a good time. Carly says that she doesn't care, then orders him to her house right away.

Rafe tries to convince McBain to let him stay. McBain talks about getting a better place to live. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. McBain answers it to find Sam and Molly there. Molly rushes in and hugs Rafe, asking what happened. Sam tells McBain that Molly insisted on coming over. McBain is glad she did.

Lucy tells Felix and Sabrina that funding is not a problem. Felix tells Lucy how the Quartermaine funds were frozen. She says she knows, and moves along with the planning. Sabrina tells Lucy about how they don't have a budget as Elizabeth returns. Lucy moves along with the planning as Sabrina and Felix tell Elizabeth that Lucy knows about the Quartermaine money falling through, but apparently they are good to go. Lucy tells them how extravagant the Nurses' Ball needs to be, and how they need to spend money to make money. Sabrina tells her that there's no money to spend, and asks how they are going to pay for it.

Kevin asks if they want him to hypnotize Ellie to see if she can remember something she only saw for a moment. Spinelli says that they do. Ellie confesses to being nervous about the idea of hypnosis. Kevin says that he can't guarantee anything, but it's not impossible. Spinelli tells Kevin that no one can know about this, especially Lucy. Kevin promises not to tell anyone, then asks Spinelli to leave so he can work with Ellie. Kevin gets to work hypnotizing Ellie.

Lucy tells the nurses to stop worrying about the money, that it will work out. The nurses start to toss ideas for getting money around. Lucy produces a check, telling them that they have the money for the ball.

Todd pays the delivery guy. The guy tells Todd that the camera has been planted, and that he only needs to log onto the server. Todd logs on, and begins to watch. He sees AJ arrive at Carly's house.

Kevin has put Ellie under. He has her tell him what she sees and what happened that day. He asks her if she can see the diagram. She is able to see it, but it is blurry. He helps her to get a clear picture of the diagram, then asks her what she sees.

Molly fusses over Rafe, who insists he's fine. McBain talks to Sam about how unfair things are for Rafe. Sam says that maybe Social Services will find him a foster home after what happened. Molly asks Rafe why he didn't call her. Rafe tells her that he put her through enough, but he's glad she's there. McBain announces that he's calling Social Services. He tells Rafe that he's not going back there.

Michael and Starr meet Spinelli outside of the lab, but can't believe that Ellie is being hypnotized. Michael is glad that Ellie agreed to it, but says they have to cut their losses at some point. Starr wonders how AJ will feel about it. Ellie and Kevin come out of the lab. Starr asks if she has the secret recipe.

The nurses wonder where Lucy got the money from. Felix doubts that they have the money. Felix looks at the check and confirms it's real. Sabrina asks how they got the money. Lucy has no idea where the money came from. She says it's from an anonymous donor.

Todd continues to watch the monitor, but Josslyn gets in front of his camera when she sits in front of the bunny. Todd wants her to move, and she eventually does. Carly and AJ argue over how he talks to Carly in front of Josslyn and Carly summoning him to her. They argue over the "relationship" being a fraud and how Todd doesn't know that it is a fraud. Todd comments to himself that he knows now.

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