GH Update Thursday 3/14/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/14/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Floating Rib, Connie wants to know how Sonny can have feelings for her but sleep with Kate. She wants to know if Sonny wants to be with her or with Kate.

In an elevator at the hospital, Lulu and Dante discuss what the baby will look like. Lulu doesn't like that Dante says that the baby will look like an alien. As they get off the elevator and approach Elizabeth, she flashes back to seeing Carly and AJ kissing. Lulu distracts Elizabeth by asking what room Maxie is in. Elizabeth asks what she said.

In one of the exam rooms, Britt urges Maxie to find another doctor. Maxie wants to know if Britt is trying to get out of doctor patient confidentiality. She says that she is there for a sonogram, and she wants one. Britt says that they should get started but Maxie refuses without Dante and Lulu present. Britt asks why they should wait since it's not their baby anyway.

In the lab, Spinelli apologizes to Ellie for nearly betraying. He tells her that he's sick because of it, but that he deserves it. Outside of the lab, Michael arrives, talking to Starr on the phone. He offers to go home, but she says she's fine and has Chinese food on the way. He finishes the call and walks in, saying that he heard she was close to finding the secret ingredient. Ellie says she was until Spinelli ate the formula.

In her apartment, Starr is about to settle down on the couch when there's a knock at the door. She answers the door to find Todd carrying her Chinese food.

At the Metro Court, Carly isn't surprised that AJ wants something from her. AJ says he deserves it for the act he put on with her for Todd's benefit. Carly is regretting that AJ is the one in the act with her. He says that in return for his act, he wants the name of the mystery Quartermaine heir.

Starr accuses Todd of stealing her food from the delivery guy. She wants to know what he wants. He tells her that he is free, but she hasn't returned his calls. She tells him she's glad he's free but hasn't forgiven him yet for knowing who killed Cole and Hope, but not telling her. Todd tells her that he doesn't expect her forgiveness right away but he needs her help with Carly.

Carly tells AJ that she doesn't know anything about a Quartermaine heir. AJ accuses her of lying. She guesses that there's a problem in the relish solution. Carly starts to leave, and AJ threatens to tell Todd the truth. Carly stops him.

Lulu tells Elizabeth that they're going to get to see their baby today. Elizabeth tells them how happy she is for them, then tells them that Maxie is in room two.

Maxie tells Britt she doesn't need a reminder that the baby is Spinelli's. She then asks Britt if she is threatening her. Britt says she's not and tells Maxie to keep her out of the fallout when it happens. Dante and Lulu walk in. Dante notices some tension, and asks if everything is ok.

Michael thinks that Ellie means Spinelli ate the relish. Spinelli tells Michael that he ate the recipe, then both he and Ellie explain how everything came to pass. Michael tells them that there has got to be something that can be done to get the recipe. Ellie says that there is.

Alexis suggests that Sonny and Connie continue their conversation in private. Sonny wants to take it private, but Connie says she just wants the truth. She then tells him she'll show him how to tell the truth, gets up on stage and announces that Molly is the true author of Love in Maine. Agnes is upset that Connie lied to her and didn't tell her sooner. Molly takes her place on the stage to sign copies of the book. Molly, TJ, Alexis and Shawn are glad the truth is out. Olivia compliments Connie on telling the truth. Connie hopes Sonny does likewise, then tells Sonny that it's his turn to be honest. Connie presses Sonny to answer, but Sonny says he'll only answer privately. Connie agrees to go with him and they leave. Olivia tells Alexis and Shawn that Sonny's got a long night ahead of him. Shawn says at least Molly has her book back. Molly and TJ start to celebrate the truth with a hug when Agnes approaches them and begins to fawn over Molly, planning publicity and big sales. TJ asks when Molly's name will appear on the book, and Agnes tells him "soon" before leading Molly to the press.

Carly tells AJ that she will give him the information he wants after he's finished with their act, and Todd is convinced that they are a couple. AJ suggests that maybe Carly should give Todd a chance, but she declines. AJ wants to know how he can be sure she will hold up her end of the deal. Carly says there are no guarantees, but that's the deal, take it or leave it.

Starr tells Todd that she's not going to help him get Carly back. She says she isn't going to try to convince Carly to change her mind. Todd says that he isn't asking her to do that, because he can do it on his own just as soon as she dumps her new boyfriend, Michael's father.

Ellie suggests surgery to retrieve the recipe via surgery. Spinelli is reluctant, so Ellie suggests an endoscopy to see if it is too late to retrieve it via a tube down the esophagus.

Maxie tells Dante and Lulu that everything is fine. She says that Britt is giving her a hard time about her weight as a joke. Dante and Lulu decide that they want to be surprised by the sex of the baby, so the tell Britt hat they want to see the baby, but not know what it is. Britt performs the sonogram. She then plays the heartbeat for them. Maxie refuses to look at the sonogram as Dante and Lulu become emotional over the sight and sound of the baby. Britt gives Dante and Lulu each a picture of the baby. Lulu then tells Maxie how much what she's doing means to them, and how much she means to them. Dante and Lulu wait outside for Maxie. Maxie then asks if she can see the sonogram again.

Ellie, Michael and Spinelli go to the nurses' station where Ellie tells Elizabeth that Spinelli needs an endoscopy. Elizabeth sends them to room two. Michael and Spinelli hope it works, and Spinelli leaves them.

Maxie tells Britt how much the sonogram changes her perspective. Spinelli walks in, surprising Maxie and Britt.

Michael asks Elizabeth if she is late for something, meaning her date with AJ. Elizabeth tells him he is mistaken. Michael tells her how AJ was looking forward to their date, and asks if something happened. Elizabeth tells him that she is not out with AJ because he's too busy making out with Carly.

Carly wants to know if they have a deal. AJ agrees to the deal as Carly warns him to say nothing to her. Carly makes him swear to keep quiet, telling him how Todd will stop at nothing to prove that they are lying.

Starr is surprised to hear that Carly and AJ are together. Todd tells Starr that he saw AJ and Carly kissing twice, but he knows it's an act, and will prove it, then win Carly back. Starr asks what any of it has to do with her. Todd says that since Starr lives with Michael, she can get information for him. He then asks her to tell him that Carly isn't seeing AJ.

Molly is signing books when a fan tells her how much she liked one of the more explicit parts. Alexis steps in, thanking the fan for the compliment, but tells her that Molly didn't write that part.

Sonny acknowledges that he hurt Connie. Connie doesn't want to hear that and asks if he loves Kate. Sonny admits that he does. As Connie starts to leave, Sonny stops her and tells her that he loves her, too. He says that he loves both Connie and Kate.

Carly leaves AJ, telling him that she has to do damage control, and that she hopes he's not too late. AJ calls Elizabeth and his call is ignored. Michael tells Elizabeth that she must have made a mistake, because AJ and Carly hate each other, and are at each others' throats all of the time. Elizabeth tells him that throats and tongues were involved. Michael asks when she saw them, and she tells him it was about an hour ago. Michael asks if she is sure that it was AJ and Carly, telling her that Carly is into Todd and AJ is into Elizabeth.

Maxie asks what Spinelli is doing in her room. Spinelli says that he's waiting for an endoscopy. Britt explains to Maxie that it means they are putting a fiber optic camera down Spinelli's throat. Maxie asks why, asking if Spinelli is hurt. He tells her that he isn't, and that it's because of something he ate. Spinelli then notices the sonogram and marvels over the baby. He notices Maxie's reaction to the sonogram, and asks if she is ok.

The fan is disappointed to hear that Molly didn't write the sex stuff after Alexis tells her that Connie write that part. Another fan asks if TJ was the inspiration for Hank, then starts to quote one of the sexy parts of the book. Alexis stops her, telling her that Molly didn't write that or any of the sex stuff. A third fan says that Connie wrote all of the "good stuff", then asks how Molly is the author if she didn't write the sexy stuff. Another fan asks what parts Molly did write. Molly becomes flustered and walks off as TJ speaks up for her, telling everyone that Molly created the characters and wrote the actual story, making the care about the characters. He rallies the fans to get behind Molly, and Molly returns to sign books. Mac approaches Agnes, commenting on the controversy surrounding the book. Agnes tells him that controversy, and sex, sells. Mac asks if she is interested in the story, but Agnes says she's interested in Mac's story, then ask if he is married.

Connie demands that Sonny make a choice, telling her who he loves more. Sonny says it's not up to him. He tells her how Kate was going to get help, but Connie says she doesn't need it. Sonny tells her how he sees a whole person when he looks at Connie, and also when he looks at Kate. Connie insists that Kate isn't a person, she's an alter. She's not real. Sonny tells Connie that she and Kate are a part of each other and that they need each other. He tells her that either she go get integrated or she can leave and never let him love her again.

Starr tells Todd that Carly's love life is none of her business. Todd pushes her about AJ. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Starr answers it to find Carly there. Carly asks if Todd is there and starts to ask for Starr's help when Todd speaks up, and tells Carly that Starr told him that there was nothing between Carly and AJ. Starr speaks up and backs Carly's story.

Lulu shows Ellie the picture of the sonogram. Lulu and Dante are proud, and Ellie tells them how Maxie is carrying a very healthy baby, and comments on how thrilled they must be.

Spinelli guesses that the sonogram made the baby real to Maxie. He mentions how much it must be to grasp for her to know that the baby is part of her but not hers. He begins to imagine little Maxies and Spinellis running around Port Charles. Maxie starts to tell him something when Ellie walks in, interrupting her.

Michael tries to convince Elizabeth that she was wrong, and that AJ and Carly hate each other. AJ arrives, asking why Elizabeth didn't show up for dinner. Elizabeth tells her that he did. AJ asks why she left. Michael steps in, telling AJ that Elizabeth claims to have seen AJ kissing Carly.

Carly tells Todd that he heard Starr confirm that Carly is with AJ. Todd tells Starr that she was surprised by the news when he told her, and that she thought Carly was with Sonny. Starr tells him she lied to keep Todd from being hurt. Todd asks what Carly is doing there. She said she is there just to warn Starr that he knew about AJ and that Todd would likely stop to see her. Todd tells her that she doesn't belong with AJ, she belongs with him, and he intends to prove it. Todd leaves, and Starr asks Carly what just happened.

Alexis tells TJ that he's a great guy, and Molly tells Alexis that she's embarrassing TJ. Alexis asks Molly how she's doing, and Molly is glad to have her book back. Alexis leaves Molly and TJ alone, and TJ asks Molly how it feels. She tells him how strange it feels, that it is her book but it's also not. TJ suggests that Molly can always leave Connie's name on the book. He gets Molly fired up over the book being hers, not Connie's. Molly says that she wants her name on her book, but is concerned with when it will happen.

Connie thinks that Sonny wants her integrated so that he can have both her and Kate, then tells him it's not going to happen. Sonny tells her that he knows how hard it is, because he's been there with his being bi-polar. Sonny tells her that she can't live like that. Connie insists that she can handle it. Sonny dares her to go to bed with him to see how long she can stay Connie. Connie accuses him of daring her because he wants her to change. He tells her that he wants to help her, asking if she can trust him to help her.

Agnes hands Mac her card, telling him to call if Felicia gets back with Frisco, and she leaves. TJ approaches Molly, and tells her to close her eyes. She does, and he surprises her with a mock up of a cover of her book with her name in Connie's place. He tells her that when the next printing comes out, that people will see her name. Molly tells him that people will think that TJ taught her everything she knows when they read Connie's parts. They kiss.

Connie tells Sonny that she is afraid of losing herself and Sonny. Sonny tells her that she has nothing to lose. He tells her that if she's the host, Kate will become a part of her. Connie is afraid that Kate may be stronger than her and she will disappear. Sonny assures her that she will be a whole person. Sonny promises to never abandon Connie.

Lulu asks Britt if it's weird if she frames her sonogram photo. Britt assures her that she's seen a lot of mothers do that. Lulu still can't believe she's going to be a mother. Dante thanks Britt for her help. Britt tells them that without Maxie, there would be no baby.

Ellie asks how Spinelli came across Maxie. He explains that Elizabeth mistakenly gave him the wrong room number. Spinelli shows Ellie the sonogram. Ellie tells him that Dante and Lulu showed her already, and tells him how she's never seen a happier couple.

Michael tells AJ that he was explaining to Elizabeth how she had to have made a mistake. AJ flashes back to Carly's warning to stay quiet about the act. AJ apologizes, telling her that he never meant to hurt her. Elizabeth leaves them, and Michael asks what he's doing. AJ tells Michael that he's with Carly now.

Carly tells Starr the truth and why she is putting on the act. She asks Starr to continue to go with it so Todd will leave her alone. Starr asks if that's what she really wants. Carly says she wants to move on, and asks Starr to help her.

Todd is at the Metro Court having a drink when his phone rings. He answers the phone to find it is his daughter, Dani. He asks if she called to say she hates him or asks if there is something wrong. He is hung up on and hangs up his own phone.

Starr tells Carly that Todd always breaks her heart. She considers Carly's request, then decides that she is going to help Carly, because it's payback time.

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