GH Update Tuesday 3/12/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/12/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

As he enters the Metro Court restaurant, Carly passionately kisses AJ in order to discourage Todd's interest in her. Unfortunately, Elizabeth enters at that moment and is so disgusted by the obscene public display of affection that she turns right around and leaves. Although Todd orders AJ to go away, Carly holds on to her hunky ex and warns Todd not to tell her boyfriend what to do. Todd insists that AJ can't be Carly's boyfriend, because he is not her type, since he knows that he himself is her type. Todd wants to stop playing games, but Carly is determined to continue the charade. Todd tries to annoy AJ by calling him different names, such as BJ, OJ, EJ, LL Cool J, and Bozo-J. He knows that Carly is just trying to get back at him for his dishonest behavior by pretending to hook up with her mortal enemy.

Sonny goes looking for Kate but finds a grieving Olivia at the apartment packing up some of Steve's stuff to put in storage for the day when he may return from imprisonment in Tennessee. Sonny is surprised when Olivia informs him that Kate left a while ago. They compare notes about Kate's recent strange behavior but attribute it to her shock at finding out that she'd been "gone" for so long.

At the Floating Rib, Milo works security for the publishing house's "Love in Maine" party, run by Agnes Chu, a very abrasive and controlling woman who condescendingly orders him not to let in anyone not on the guest list. She then turns her attention to Mac, asking for more cheese sauce on the cheese balls. He obligingly complies. Satisfied that everything's in place, Agnes suddenly realizes that the author is missing, but TJ pipes up that she is right there, pointing to Molly.

After AJ excuses himself, Carly continues to insist that her son's father makes her "burn" with every glance, for which Todd believes there is an ointment. Carly admits that AJ is bad for her, but that she and Todd have been making even bigger mistakes which have to stop.

Sabrina bravely bares her heart to Patrick, explaining that she's had warm feelings for him, not Dr. Webber, from the first time she laid eyes on him when they collided in the hospital hallway, causing her to spill all her patient files, and he was so nice as to help her pick them all up. She confesses that she only pointed to Steve as her crush object to avoid embarrassment in front of Patrick. She has been trying very hard to keep her feelings hidden from Patrick, afraid that he would see her as "stalkery." He assures her she's not coming across that way; he was just not aware of how she felt. She recalls asking Epiphany about him, and upon hearing that he'd just lost his wife, she realized it was not a good time to hit on him, even if he would ever date someone like her.

Agnes asks Milo to put out the little urchins who are crashing the book party then turns her attention to Mac. Meanwhile, TJ grabs the microphone and announces that the real author of "Love in Maine" is Molly Lansing Davis. When Agnes corrects him, Molly explains how Connie stole her once beautiful love story and sexed it up. Agnes once again hollers for Milo to do his job, but Alexis shows up and informs her that she's filing a civil lawsuit. Without substantial evidence, though, Agnes calls her claims groundless. Shawn declares there's a simple solution to their problem: Kate Howard, but instead of the former Crimson editor, Connie makes an entrance, much to Agnes' relief.

Patrick appreciates Sabrina's honesty, and she is glad to finally be done with the lying and pretending. Relieved to get out of the situation, Patrick checks his beeping pager and declares that he has to go prep for surgery. Epiphany finds Patrick staring as he's scrubbing his hands and advises him that he can't operate with prunes for fingers. He admits that he has Sabrina on his mind and relates what she just told him. Meanwhile, Sabrina berates herself for having ruined a perfectly good relationship with a very nice guy.

Kate basks in the adulation of the audience who welcomes her with cheers and applause then announces that she is there to put an end to the speculation as to the book's true author; it is she, Connie Falconeri. As Connie calls for the party to begin, Molly can't believe what's happening. Wanting to come to her rescue, TJ beckons everyone to get their book signed by the real author, Molly. Shawn cautions the young man not to make things worse. Meanwhile, Alexis approaches Connie, demanding an explanation, but Ms. Falconeri dismisses her and asks Milo to show her off the premises, since she is raining on her parade. Shawn intervenes and cautions Milo not to even think about it. Since they work for the same boss, Milo backs off. Connie and Alexis then argue about whether Milo should remove his shirt and bare his highly-developed abs. When Connie asks Alexis if she knows what's under that shirt, Alexis retorts that she has her own Adonis and wouldn't be impressed. Although Shawn claims to have just spoken to Kate on the phone, Connie divulges that it was she, not her alter ego, since Kate lost her courage and went to hide again, besides Connie wanted to go to her book party. Molly again tries to claim her rightful place as author of "Love in Maine," but Connie dismisses her with an offer to sign a copy of the book for her.

Olivia relates her recent conversation with Kate in which she failed to act sufficiently supportive to her feelings about Steve when she called him just "another back-stabbing, unreliable man like any other." Sonny agrees that it was insensitive of Kate but thinks it's not all due to stress. Olivia is aghast at the thought of Connie having returned, so Sonny relates the story of the broken mirror that morning for which Kate would not take the blame. He knows, though, that Kate has seen Connie's reflection in the mirror before and decides to call the hospital to see if she went there for psychiatric help. As he picks up his phone, though, he gets a call from Shawn with something important to tell him.

AJ tries to phone Elizabeth to see where she is, but clearly annoyed, she just sends his call to voicemail. Sabrina is surprised to find Elizabeth at the nurses' desk. Her friend explains how she got to the Metro Court and found her date kissing someone else. Elizabeth then goes on a tirade about that skank, Carly, who's just as slutty as she's always been. Sabrina can't believe she's go after AJ, whom she apparently hates. Elizabeth thinks she's doing it just for sport. She realizes she's made two mistakes: thinking that AJ is a good guy and that her luck with men has finally changed. They agree that one would have to be super-defective to keep throwing herself out there over and over again just to have it blow up in her face. Sabrina relates her conversation with Patrick who reacted as though he'd just taken a swig of expired milk. She attributes his reaction to surprise but recalls that he claims he never thought of her that way. Elizabeth apologizes for her bad advice, but Sabrina is glad to have everything out in the open, so that she may no longer wonder what might have been.

When Carly demands to know one reason why they should be together, Todd begins with their honest relationship and their understanding of one another, but Carly reminds him that he lied to her when she went to see him in jail. Todd feels that she wants him back but just wants to make him work for the privilege, because she thinks he's worth it. When AJ returns, Todd asks him for the truth, so he proudly calls Carly his "bottom-feeding, man-hungry tramp" who he can't get enough of. Carly tolerates AJ putting his hands and lips all over her and even slapping her butt as Todd grimaces at the spectacle.

As Patrick expresses surprise at Sabrina's feelings for him, Epiphany can't believe how blind he's been and wants to know how he responded. When he claims that he didn't have a chance to reply, Epiphany is shocked that he just left the news hanging there between him and Sabrina and wonders what he would have said had he not been paged. He repeats that he never thought of Sabrina "that way" and had no clue that she had feelings for him but suddenly he flashes back to their near-kiss on New Year's Eve on his couch. Epiphany accuses him of either being blind or lying to himself.

At the Floating Rib, Connie reads an especially salacious excerpt from "Love in Maine" while Molly makes snarky comments to TJ, equating the writing to "a nursery rhyme for perverts." Alexis is glad that none of that slime was in Molly's book. Connie wants to begin signing books for her fans and promises that as soon as she drops her pen, Magic Milo will drop trou. Having had enough, Alexis yells for Connie (or whoever the heck she is) to cease and desist. When Sonny appears, Connie announces that she's writing a sequel about "a woman who was wronged by a two-timing man-whore" and signs a copy of the book "To Sonny... and cheating... bastards everywhere. Kisses. Connie." Reading more passages from the book, Molly and TJ agree that it's really bad porn. Molly declares that Connie has defiled her book. When Agnes wants Sonny thrown out, Mac advises her to go tell him herself, because no one else will.

Countering Sonny's question as to why she conquered over Kate, Connie simply asks him "How could you?!" When she accuses him of not protecting her against abusive men, Sonny assures her he didn't mean to hurt her, but Connie is hurt that he slept with Kate.

AJ continues to lay more hot kisses on Carly, prompting her to ask him not to gloat quite so much. Todd declares that after he proves this is all fake, he's going to get Carly back and everything in the universe will be right again. After Todd storms out, Carly calls AJ a pig for enjoying every second of their act which she immediately regretted, but she thanks him for helping her get rid of Todd, albeit momentarily. AJ suggests that in return for his support, Carly is going to do something for him. Back in his room, Todd refers to AJ as a stupid loser, then he makes a call asking for help.

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