GH Update Monday 3/11/13

General Hospital Update Monday 3/11/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Elizabeth encourages Sabrina to call Patrick and admit her true feelings. She gets on the phone and tells him that she wants to talk to him about something important. Elizabeth stands beside her and tells her that she can’t be afraid to go through with this. Felix then enters and asks them what is going on. They confirm that she’s going through with it.

AJ goes to see Ellie after she’s found the secret he’s paid her to find about Pickle-Lila relish. After Tracy has "motivated” Spinelli to hand it over, which involves stealing it from Ellie, she can’t find it for AJ, even though she knows exactly where she put it. Spinelli returns to Tracy’s home after she’s informed him that she owns the place he lives in and rents and can have him evicted if he does not do what she wants.

Connie returns to Johnny’s home when Olivia sees her and is confused that she's not acting like Kate.

Todd goes to the Metro Court to see Carly who assumes that he’s in jail after being sentenced for kidnapping. He tells her that the plans did not go as people thought. He’s free.

Tracy grabs for the recipe from Spinelli, but he has it on paper in a way that is not what she wants. He refuses to give her the copy she wants. Although he’s taken the formula from Ellie so she can’t find it for AJ, he admits to Tracy that he cannot do this to his girlfriend.

At the lab, AJ urges Ellie to retrace her steps and remember where she put the formula. She then realizes that her boyfriend was there not long ago to see her. At that point, AJ knows that that might explain what happened to the secret formula.

Felix tells Sabrina and Elizabeth that this may have her last chance to tell Patrick her true feelings. She’s done with her nursing program and may or may not be at the hospital to see him again. Elizabeth lets her know that Patrick is not far away, and they turn to face him.

Sonny goes to see Molly and asks why she can’t get credit for "Love in Maine" that she has been able to publish. Shawn and TJ are there and assume that Kate is back and might be able to restore Molly’s novel to the way it was before Connie "tampered” with it. Sonny informs them that that can’t be done because Kate is gone.

Connie finds that Olivia is crying over losing Steven. Olivia tells her cousin she was going to marry the man she loves, but he’s turned himself into the Memphis police. Connie hugs her cousin while she cries on her shoulder. She makes sure that the "sensitivity” does not allow Kate to come back.

At the Metro Court, Carly demands to know how Todd could have beaten the charges. He tells her that Heather testified on his behalf. The point is that now he’s free, and he wants to be with her if she will have him. She tells him she is not amused with what Sam and Jason went through after losing their baby and the fact that he’s so cocky and flip about being free. She tells him he should be in prison, but he wants her to give him another chance and take him back. She reminds him that they were together for a very short time, and he lied to her and betrayed her, and she’s done with him. He does not believe that. He knows he loves her and knows she loves him.

When Patrick finds Sabrina with Elizabeth and Felix, they leave Sabrina alone with Patrick to talk. She remembers being encouraged, but Patrick still hasn’t a clue what she wants to talk to him about and assumes she has test results. Elizabeth stands behind Patrick facing Sabrina encouraging her to reveal her true feelings to Patrick.

When AJ finds out from Ellie that her boyfriend came to see her, he asks her why he came to the lab and if they discussed her project of conjuring up the relish recipe. He tells her he knows what happened. Her boyfriend came and stole the recipe out from under her.

Spinelli tells Tracy that he cannot betray Ellie. She reminds him that they had an agreement where he gives her the recipe, and she does not evict him from his home and office. He tells her that he cannot let all of Ellie’s hard work go for nothing. Tracy demands that he hand it over right now. She tells him they can do this the easy way or the hard way, but he refuses to give her the paper. She then calls Alice to join them. He remembers her maid as "the dominator." She tells him that Alice will hurt him if he does not give Tracy the paper.

Ellie tells AJ he doesn’t understand that Spinelli would never do this to her. He reminds her that Spinelli is a private investigator. Tracy must have hired him to steal the recipe for her.

As Sabrina is working up to telling Patrick what she has never before had the courage to say, Epiphany interrupts her to give her the results of her nursing exam. She opens the envelope.

When Molly hears her Uncle Sonny say that Kate is gone, she wonders if she should call him. He tells his niece he won’t ask her for that, knowing what he can't have her knowing about "Kate.” Once alone with TJ and Shawn, she tells them she’s grateful for the fact that she has so many friends that are there for her. She admits, though, she’s still worried about Rafe being all alone after losing both of his parents. TJ tells her that he will make sure she gets her book back, and they believe that "that crazy Connie has left the building."

Connie firmly tells a devastated Olivia that she must know that men cannot be trusted. One day they commit to you, the next day they sleep with someone else. Hearing that, Olivia demands to know what she is talking about.

At The Metro Court, Todd promises Carly that he is not going to give up on them. He knows all that she’s shared with him and about her trust issues. He tells her he realizes that she has a reason to be scared. But he promises her if she takes a chance on him, she won’t regret it. He tells her hat he has been straight up with her admitting that he’s a complete screw up. But he knows she likes that part of him because it’s in her also, and the two of them need each other. She asks why a screw-up would want another one just like them. He tells her he knows she’s a mess but is less of one with him. He knows all what it’s like to be behind bars and to be a mental patient. He believes that the two of them are great. But he screwed it up before it even started. He lost such a big chunk of his life. But he can’t lose any more time. He wants to spend the rest of his time with her. He tells her that she needs to do what makes her happy for the first time in her life and be with him.

When Alice agrees to physically motivate Spinelli to hand the recipe over to Tracy, he swallows it, and there’s nothing they can do. Tracy, however, warns him that there will be hell to pay. He tells her that at least he’s kept his faith with Ellie. She hopes that paper takes a long time to digest, because it may be the last meal he will ever have. Then she demands he gets out of her house.

At the hospital lab, Ellie protests to AJ that she can't believe Spinelli would do what AJ suggests. He asks her why the recipe has mysteriously vanished into thin air. She tells him she just misplaced it but will find it. Yet neither of them can find it anywhere. He tells her he’s late for a date, but when he comes back, she better have that recipe for him.

Sabrina looks at her test results with Elizabeth, Felix, and Patrick standing around her. She has them hanging in suspense until she reveals she’s aced her exam and they all congratulate her.

Carly tells Todd it’s too late for them, because she’s moved on. What she means is she’s with someone else.

Spinelli rushes to be with Ellie. She works up to asking him if AJ’s accusation (that he stole her recipe) is true. He admits that he did, in fact, steal it.

Connie is apparently having Olivia believing that Kate has come back. She gets a call from Sonny who is calling Kate. He asks her if she might want to make a phone call. She asks what about. He tells her (assuming it’s Kate hearing it for the first time) that Molly wrote a book that could get published as a best seller. But Connie got a hold of it and re-wrote it. Hearing that, as "Kate”, she tells him she believes it’s terrible that Connie would do such a thing. And she will make the calls. He’s ready to meet with her and go to see her psychiatrist with her. She plays the "Kate role” but is ready to put her plan into motion.

Todd does not believe that Carly is seeing someone else. He asks her where she met this guy. Was it in the police department when she went to see him and accidentally tripped over this imaginary person. She asks if this guy has a name. AJ appears and Carly replies yes. It’s "him."

Molly is very grateful to her Uncle Sonny who believes that Kate is back, assures her that his fiancé knows publishing and can make sure that Molly’s book is back. Molly and TJ leave together. When Shawn is alone with Sonny, he asks him if everything is really ok and asks her to confide in him about what might not be "right." Sonny tells Shawn everything is ok. But does he really believe that?

Olivia leaves Connie alone in her apartment. Connie waits for Sonny, ready to put her plan into motion.

Alice asks Tracy if revenge is really going to help her to retrieve the formula for Pickle-Lila. If it’s gone, it’s gone, but Tracy is not going to give up.

Spinelli tells Ellie he is deeply regretful and remorseful. However, she might be happy to know that he prevented Tracy from having it. She asks why, if he stole it, did he not give it to Tracy? He tells her he later realized it was wrong. Why, then, did he agree to steal it for her? He lets Ellie know that he found out that Tracy is his landlord and threatened to take his home and office. But he now knows he’d rather be homeless without an office than betray the woman he loves. She’s really happy to hear that and assumes that now that that is settled, he would be able to hand over the recipe for pickle Lila. But he has to admit to her that doing that might be a bit of a problem.

When Patrick is alone at the hospital with Sabrina, he tells her he’s happy to know she’s aced her exam, but is there something else she wants to tell him? She admits that he may remember her telling him she once had a crush on Dr. Webber, but that was not true. The person she’s had a crush on was him. Elizabeth and Felix watch that in awe. He reminds her that she has to get to her own date. Elizabeth has to meet AJ at the Metro Court. But AJ is alone and runs into Carly and Todd. Carly wants Todd to believe that he’s (AJ) the man she’s seeing.

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