GH Update Friday 3/8/13

General Hospital Update Friday 3/8/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine mansion, Spinelli arrives and is dragged into the living room by Tracy.

At the hospital, Sabrina comes off of the elevator. She goes to Elizabeth and asks if she had heard about her test results. Elizabeth turns around and Sabrina finds that she's crying. Elizabeth's phone rings as AJ calls her.

At the mansion, AJ comes down the stairs, leaving a message for Elizabeth, telling her that he heard about Steven, and that he understands if she wants to cancel lunch, but only if she promises a rain check.

Tracy tells Spinelli that he's being paid to get the relish recipe, and she asks if he has it yet. He says that he doesn't. Tracy wants to know why.

At the lab, Ellie works on the recipe while Starr reads a story in The Sun about her father's trial. Starr tells Ellie that she is distracted.

At the Metro Court, Carly is looking at the newspaper as well. Michael brings Carly some junk food as he joins her. He figured she would need them, especially today. Carly asks what today is.

Diane and Todd arrive at the courthouse as reporters shout questions at Todd. Diane tries to guide Todd into the courtroom, away from the press. Todd says he has something to say to Carly Jacks.

Michael offers Carly some cheese snacks. Carly wonders about him offering them to her before breakfast. Michael says they always make her feel better. He guesses she's sad about Todd.

In Sonny's bedroom, Kate flashes back to her conversation with Connie. She then leans over and kisses Sonny awake. Sonny touches her cheek and whispers her name. He tells her that he can't believe she's still there. He's grateful for her forgiveness. Kate asks that they just don't pretend that it didn't happen. She asks if he had feelings for Connie. Sonny says that Connie isn't there. She then asks him to tell her that he loves her. He tells Kate that he loves her, and wants to spend the rest of his life proving it to her. She says it's all she wanted to her. They kiss.

Sabrina asks Elizabeth what's wrong. Elizabeth tells Sabrina that she had to say goodbye to her brother. She explains that Steve was taken to Memphis to start his prison term. She says that it's a long, complicated situation, and that Steve feels he deserves to be in prison.

AJ walks the rest of the way down the stairs, finishing another phone call, promising to take care of something.

Tracy demands to know why Spinelli doesn't have the recipe yet. She hears AJ calling to him, and shoves Spinelli to the floor behind the couch. AJ walks in and insults are exchanged. AJ assures her that she will lose. He tells her that he and Michael are close to having the formula, and they will save ELQ. He leaves her and she goes back to demanding the recipe from Spinelli. Spinelli says he has some progress. He knows that AJ and Michael have a lab technician working on it: his girlfriend.

Starr tells Ellie about Todd's trial. Ellie tells Starr that she find the stories about Todd fascinating, but she knows how hard it has to be for Starr. Starr tells her that despite all that Todd has done, she loves him. Ellie tells her that she can handle the work on the recipe for AJ, so why doesn't Starr go be with her father at the courthouse.

Michael mentions to Carly that Todd's trial starts. Carly is pretending not to know and trying to ignore her feelings. Michael mentions how Starr can't write Todd off, but Carly says that it's because Todd is her father. Michael guesses that Carly is falling in love with Todd.

Todd declares his love for Carly through the press and vows to prove it to her. When he is asked how he will do it from prison, Diane leads him into the courtroom. Todd asks about how the call to Johnny went. Diane says that Johnny wouldn't agree to anything. The judge enters the courtroom and reveals that Todd has decided on a bench trial instead of a jury trial. The judge tells the prosecution to call their first witness. The prosecution calls Heather Webber. Heather is escorted in by a guard.

Kate lays back on the bed with a smile. Sonny and Kate share how much they missed each other. Sonny offers to make breakfast for her, then gets up to do so.

Carly tells Michael that she is torn. She tells him that any feelings she has or had for Todd doesn't matter. She tells him that even if Todd is acquitted, which she thinks is impossible, she would never take him back.

The prosecutor tells the judge that Heather is in a maximum security hospital for the criminally insane, but she may know Todd better than anyone. The judge allows the witness. Diane tells Todd that he told her that Heather promised to take the blame for him. Todd tells Diane that she did. Diane wants to know why Heather is there.

Starr says that Todd acted without a thought for her, so she doesn't want to be at the trial, then turns the talk back to the formula. Starr and Ellie get to work on the recipe. Starr and Ellie agree that they are a few ingredients away from having the complete formula.

Spinelli apologizes to Tracy, telling her that it will be impossible for him to steal from Ellie. He says that romance comes before the relish. Tracy tells him that it doesn't this time, because its her family's legacy.

Sabrina tells Elizabeth that she admires Steve for taking responsibility for what he's done. Elizabeth tells her how Steve didn't even fight the arrest. She tells Sabrina that Steve is done with the lies, and she thinks they should be done with them, too. Sabrina wonders what lies she is talking about. Elizabeth tells her that she means Sabrina's feelings for Patrick. Sabrina calls her feelings trivial in comparison to Steve's situation. Elizabeth says it's all about telling the truth. Sabrina says that it's what she's trying to do with her test results. Elizabeth says she can tell Patrick her feelings while they wait. Sabrina says she can't now that she and Patrick are friends. She doesn't want to lose Patrick's friendship if he doesn't return her feelings. She tells Elizabeth that Patrick isn't over Robin and isn't ready to move on. She then points out that Elizabeth has a message on her phone.

Carly tells Michael how her junk food is healthier for her than Todd. She swears off of "bad" men to Michael. AJ steps off the elevator, saying hello to Carly and Michael.

Todd wonders if Heather made a deal. Diane tells him how bad the hospital Heather is detained at is. Todd is convinced that Heather cut a deal with the prosecution. The prosecution begins questioning Heather, asking if she and Todd conspired to switch Sam's and Tea's babies the day both babies were born.

Sonny comes downstairs to find his mirror broken. Kate comes down after him, sees the mirror and asks what happened. Sonny tells her that someone broke his mirror.

Spinelli explains to Tracy how he'd betrayed Ellie in the past, so he would be foolish to do it again. Tracy guesses that the relationship is serious. She then tells him that if they planned to live together, it could be difficult since he's about to be homeless.

Ellie and Starr cook a batch of relish and taste test it against the original relish. They find that something is missing from their recipe. Ellie decides there is a secret ingredient.

AJ teases Carly about their having a family reunion. He asks if a glass of orange juice is for him. She says he can have it for free if it helps him to leave faster. He then asks if she spiked it with vodka. Michael tells them to knock it off. He tells them that he wants them both in his life, and that they can fight as much as they want, but he isn't taking sides. AJ apologizes to Michael. Michael asks AJ to go with him to see Ellie and Starr. AJ wants to talk to Carly first. When Michael leaves, AJ and Carly start fighting. Carly wants to know what AJ wants. AJ wants to know who the missing Quartermaine heir is.

Elizabeth smiles as she listens to AJ's message. She tells Sabrina about the message and her date with AJ. She tells Sabrina that she's going to take the out that AJ offered, because she needs to be honest with herself about who AJ is and used to be. Sabrina thought that AJ changed and stood by her. Sabrina says she still can't believe that Steve's mother stabbed him, and wonders what kind of mother stabs her own son. Elizabeth tells her that a crazy one would.

Diane tries to object to the question when the prosecutor tries to get Heather to admit that she and Todd worked together. Heather tells the court that she worked alone, and that neither Todd nor Tea knew what Heather was doing to punish Sam. The prosecutor reminds Heather that she's under oath. Heather says that she knows, the swears on Steve that Todd is innocent. Diane declines the offer to cross examine, and Heather is dismissed. Diane is concerned about Johnny's associate's testimony. The prosecutor calls Pete Fillmore, who isn't there. The judge is not happy that the witness isn't ready. Diane tells Todd that she did it, right before Pete Fillmore runs into the courtroom. Todd comments how it's now over for him.

Elizabeth tells Sabrina that she doesn't think she would have gotten through Steve's being in surgery without AJ. She says that she knows he's made a lot of mistakes, but that he's changed and that it hasn't worked out so well for him. Elizabeth says that she doesn't know if she can trust him. Sabrina advises Elizabeth that there's always risk in getting close to someone. She just needs to decide if AJ is worth it.

Carly plays dumb regarding the Quartermaine heir. AJ isn't buying her act, and wants to know who it is. Carly wants to know why AJ cares. AJ says that he wants a back up plan for himself and Michael. Carly refuses to tell AJ anything. AJ starts to leave, but receives a text message. He tells Carly he's going to need a dinner reservation for two. Carly asks who would go out with him. AJ tells her that it's Elizabeth. Carly wants to know what Elizabeth is thinking.

Spinelli tells Tracy that he's had money issues, but he's spoken with the management company. Tracy reveals that the management company is owned by her and the family. She threatens to have him evicted if he doesn't bring her the recipe for the relish.

Ellie starts to search for the secret ingredient. Starr steps out of the lab to call Michael with an update. She encounters him in the hallway, and tells him that they are close. Michael is happy with the news, but also wanted to check on Starr, and make sure she's ok. She tells him she's been trying to stay distracted, but it's not working. Michael offers to take her to the trial.

Todd tells Diane that they may as well cuff him now. Diane tells him to just hold on. The prosecutor begins to question Pete Fillmore. Pete says that he was hired by Johnny to track Heather. He tells the court that he saw Heather in the shed, switching the babies. The prosecutor is surprised when Pete testifies that Todd wasn't helping Heather with the switch. He tells Pete that it contradicts his earlier testimony. Pete says that Johnny Zacchara told him to lie to implicate Todd. He says he's telling the truth now. Diane declines cross examination and moves for dismissal of charges against Todd.

Sonny wants to know how the mirror was broken. Kate flashes back to breaking the mirror. She says she doesn't know what happened, then asked if Sonny heard anything. Sonny says that he didn't. Kate wonders if Max and Milo broke it and didn't tell him. Sonny doesn't think they would do that. Sonny then goes to cook breakfast while Kate goes to finish cleaning up the mess. She looks at the broken mirror in front of her. Sonny and Kate then share breakfast on the couch. Kate toasts to them, and to the end of Connie, and how Connie is gone for good.

Starr tells Michael how she tells herself that she's done with her dad, but she wants to know what happened. She wants Todd to know that she still loves him. Michael tells her how he understands. He tells her they should go to court. Starr tells Michael that he doesn't have to come with her, but he wants to. They go to the lab, and tell Ellie that they are going to the trial. Ellie vows to have found the missing ingredient by the time they return. They walk off, and Spinelli arrives behind them. He stands in the doorway and watches as Ellie finds the missing ingredient. Spinelli walks in and Ellie feeds him some of the relish that she and Starr made. He says it's not exactly good. Ellie agrees, then announces she found the ingredient that will fix it. She is proud of herself, saying it's as if the accident never happened, then she hugs Spinelli.

Sabrina tells Elizabeth that she's happy that Elizabeth is taking a chance with AJ. Elizabeth encourages Sabrina to take her own advice and take a chance with Patrick. Sabrina tells her that it's not the same thing. Elizabeth tells her that it is, and that if she can do it, so can Sabrina.

Carly tells AJ how Elizabeth has been having a hard time, but she must be desperate. She tells him that he's pretending to be decent for Elizabeth. AJ asks if she's considered that he could be a decent guy for the right woman. Carly tells AJ that she's warning him that Elizabeth's heart belongs to Lucky and Jason. AJ tells Carly that she has no right to say anything about relationships with her history, then tells her that he has a better chance with Elizabeth than Carly does with Todd.

The judge tells Diane that she makes a compelling argument for dismissal. The prosecutor lists more of Todd's crimes. Diane reminds the judge that Todd is now being tried for a baby switch, and not the rest. She implores the judge to let Todd go.

Sonny and Kate discuss going to see a psychiatrist. She says she's ready, but has a few things to do first. Sonny is concerned that she is trying to avoid going to the hospital, but she tells him she's ready to get rid of her alter. She promises to call him when she's done with her errand. Sonny leaves her after a kiss and after Kate thanks him for breakfast. Once he's gone, she gets up and looks into the broken mirror. She hears a voice asking to be let out. It's actually Kate asking to be let out in the mirror, while Connie is one who was with Sonny after all. Connie says that Kate is done. Connie vows to make Sonny pay for cheating on her, telling Kate that Sonny doesn't get to cheat on her, especially with Kate.

Elizabeth encourages Sabrina further, and Sabrina concedes that Elizabeth is right. Sabrina calls Patrick, asking if they can talk. She tells him that she will wait for him to get to the hospital. She says that she has something important to tell him.

Ellie comes down the hall as AJ is about to walk into the lab. She tells him that she's about to make him a very happy man. She tells him that she has the recipe. She tells him how she and Starr were able to find the substance, and now she needs to just get the name of the ingredient from her diagram. She looks around her desk to find the paper missing.

Spinelli walks into the Quartermaine mansion, announcing himself. Tracy walks into the hallway to greet him. She sees him holding a piece of paper, and asks if that's the recipe.

Michael and Starr arrive at the courthouse to find Diane there alone. Starr asks Diane if he's on his way to Pentonville. Diane tells them that the charges were dismissed.. She says if she had to make her guess, Todd is on his way to get his life back.

Carly looks at the story about Todd being acquitted on the paper's website. She plays the video of Todd's declaration to her on her iPad. She gets up, turns around, and comes face to face with Todd.

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