GH Update Thursday 3/7/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/7/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At Sonny's home, Kate comes downstairs, looking for the voice calling out to her.


At the Floating Rib, Shawn and TJ are eating, but TJ stops eating. Shawn wonders why TJ isn't eating. TJ tells him it's nothing, but then confesses that he's lying. He is upset that Molly isn't celebrating her freedom with him, but is with Rafe at the PCPD.

Alexis arrives at the PCPD, bringing food from Kelly's for herself, McBain, Molly and Rafe. Alexis wonders what she missed while picking up food. Molly tells her that she missed nothing. She says that Rafe still doesn't know what is going to happen to him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke asks when Tracy will have the relish. Tracy says she has someone working on it, but in the meantime, she is dealing with Duke. Luke is happy to hear this and wants to know what she is planning. Tracy says that it's already done, and that she has set Duke up to take a fall.

At the Metro Court, there is a replay of the waiter informing Duke and Anna that the money he paid with is counterfeit. Duke and Anna can't believe it. Anna asks Duke if he has something to tell her.

In Scott and Laura's suite, there's a replay of them returning from witnessing Anna and Duke's kiss, then figuring out that Luke and Anna are no longer together. Scott tells Laura that Luke and Anna are still together. Laura asks how he's so sure.

Kate continues to search Sonny's living room, then turns to see Connie in the mirror. Connie says she couldn't have thought she was going away that easily. Kate says that there's nothing more for Connie to do. Connie says that she disagrees. She's taking her life back.

Rafe wants to know what's taking so long. McBain explains how it's late and how there's waiting lists for foster homes. He guesses that one hasn't been found yet. Rafe wonders what will happen if one isn't found. McBain tells Rafe that he will go into a group home. Rafe thinks that's another word for orphanage, but McBain assures him that it's not the same. Rafe comments on being alone. McBain promises him that he's not alone.

Molly wants Alexis to make some calls to help Rafe. Alexis tells her that there's nothing she can do tonight. Molly asks why Rafe can't come home with them for the night.

Kate tells Connie that she has no life, Connie stole hers. Connie tells Kate that she took over months ago, and she was doing fine. Kate suggests Connie asks Trey how fine things were going. Connie reminds Kate that she is the one who abandoned Trey. Kate tells Connie that she saw an opportunity and took it. Connie agrees. She warns Kate that she doesn't get to have Connie's job, her life or her man.

The waiter gives Anna and Duke some time to straighten things out. Duke denies that he paid for everything with counterfeit bills intentionally. Anna thinks that it's possible. She wonders if Duke lied about the Quartermaine's investments being on tap, and Duke says he wasn't lying, he was embellishing things. Anna wonders if Duke is returning to his old ways. Duke says he hasn't, then tells her that he got the money from the Quartermaines. Anna tells him that the Quartermaine assets have been frozen. Duke says that the ELQ assets are frozen, but that money came from Tracy.

Luke and Tracy discuss the counterfeit money Tracy gave to Duke. Luke is concerned since Tracy already has the SEC on her, but now the FBI could be on her, too. Tracy says she's not the one passing the bills. She tells Luke that it wouldn't be Duke's first felony of the week since he stole her relish. Luke suggests that she should consider proportionate response. Tracy insists that she showed great restraint with Duke. Luke reminds her that it is a condiment. Tracy tells him how Duke broke into her house and asked about Luke's relationship with Anna to get to the relish.

Scott tells Laura that he's only going by what she told him about Luke and Anna. Laura flashes back to witnessing Luke and Anna kissing on the docks. Laura confesses to Scott that Luke and Anna do act like a couple, and Lulu told her that they were seeing each other. She says that means Anna is cheating on Luke. Scott doesn't care. He tells Laura it's none of their business. Laura is upset that Anna is out with Duke. She decides she has to tell Luke, and leaves Scott alone in their suite.

Connie tells Kate that she has no right sleeping with Sonny. She tells Kate how close she and Sonny became over Trey's death. Kate accuses Connie of using Trey's death to get into Sonny's bed. Connie tells Kate that Sonny doesn't feel that way, he cares about her. Kate asks Connie why Sonny jumped right into bed with her if he cared about Connie so much.

Duke explains to Anna how he came to receive the money from Tracy. He explains how he works for AJ, but took an opportunity to convince Tracy that he switched sides. He tells her how tried to best Tracy, but Tracy bested him.

Luke wants to know why Tracy thought it was a good idea to give Duke fake money. Tracy wants to know why Luke cares what happens to Duke. Luke says that he doesn't care, he cares about Tracy. Luke worries that Duke will tell Anna where he got the money. Tracy is convinced that Duke won't say to cover his own back. Luke tells Tracy that women love when men come clean. Tracy says she'll figure that out if it happens, then tells Luke how she noticed he changed the subject. They were talking about Luke and Laura.

Scott stops Laura before she can leave, telling her that going to Luke isn't a good idea. Laura thinks he is saying that because he hates Luke. Scott says he's indifferent. If he hated Luke, he'd want Laura to tell him. Laura thinks that Luke has a right to know. Scott tries to focus Laura to planning their wedding, and leaving Luke's business to Luke. Laura tells Scott how Luke doesn't give his heart easily. Scott and Laura discuss their histories and their future together. They discuss how happy they are that they are going to have a future together. Scott tells her that if she wants to tell Luke, he'll go with her to tell Luke together, but he still thinks they need to stay out of it. Laura agrees.

Luke says there is no him and Laura and hasn't been in years. He only stopped to see Laura to warn her about Scott. Tracy tells him that Scott is irrelevant, especially if Luke wants to be with Laura. She asks Luke if he does want to be with Laura.

Scott returns from taking a shower to find Laura gone.

Luke asks Tracy why they constantly revisit the subject. Tracy says because Laura is never gone to Luke. Luke says that he wants Laura to be happy. He points out that he wants Tracy to be happy, too, and that he will always be there for Tracy, just like he is for Laura. She says that's nice, but it doesn't compare to "the greatest love of all". Both Tracy and Luke see Laura walk into the room. Luke wonders what Laura is doing there. Laura says she's looking for Luke. Tracy wonders how she guessed to look there. Laura says that after Luke's place and starts to mention Anna, the Quartermaine mansion was the next logical place. Luke wonders what Laura wants. Laura tells him she needs to tell him something about Anna.

Duke tells Anna that the entire night was paid for with the money that Tracy gave him. He apologizes for the night going so badly. Anna laughs, saying it's not usual for him to not be more smooth. Duke wants to make things right and leaves to go after Tracy. Anna insists on going along. The two leave, but are stopped by the waiter. Anna pays for their dinner.

Molly asks Alexis if Rafe can stay with them. She tells Molly that she can't just take Rafe home, because of the laws. She tells him she can't handle another teenager, anyway, especially a teenage boy whom Molly hid in her bedroom. Alexis tells her that the decision isn't just about the two of them and Rafe. She asks if Molly isn't forgetting about someone. Molly wonders if she means Kristina. Alexis asks her if she's thought about what TJ would think about them taking Rafe in, if they did.

TJ is upset about how much Molly is there for Rafe. He compares it to when he was a troublemaker and Molly was there for him. Shawn tells TJ that he's there for Molly just as much, and brings up TJ's going to Connie for Molly as an example. TJ reminds Shawn that he still didn't get Molly's book back for her. Shawn says that she might get it back now. He tells TJ that Kate is back, and that Kate could fix Connie's messes.

Kate tells Connie that she and Sonny just made love, and guesses that Connie knew that. She says that's why Connie called her downstairs. Connie says that she noticed that Kate put Sonny to sleep. Kate tells Connie how happy Sonny is to have her back. Connie promises to take care of Sonny, right after she takes care of Kate. She says that Sonny doesn't get to sleep around after saying that he cares about her. Kate tells Connie that Sonny never said he loves Connie, because he loves Kate. She tells Connie that he slept with Connie to get closer to Kate. Connie doesn't believe it. Connie tells Kate how she and Sonny have a connection. Kate tells Connie that Sonny can't have a connection with someone who isn't real. Connie tells Kate that she has it backwards: Connie is the real person, and Kate is the alter.

Scott tries to call Laura. Laura hears her phone ringing and looks to see that it's Scott. Laura ignores the call. Tracy asks Laura what she wants to say about Anna and Duke. Anna and Duke walk in with Duke asking what about them. Anna and Laura meet for the first time. Tracy is not happy that everyone is walking into her house. Anna tells Tracy not to blame Alice, because she flashed her badge. Tracy asks about a warrant, but Anna says she doesn't have one yet, but would like to ask her a few questions. Tracy asks what she wants to ask about. Duke throws the fake money at Tracy and says they want to ask about that.

Kate tells Connie that Connie is the alter and that she is the real person. Connie tells Kate that the court of law decided that Kate was the alter. Kate asks if it was the same court of law that shows both Kate and Connie as the killer of Cole and Hope. Kate says that she knows the truth. Connie tells Kate that everything about her is a lie. Connie starts to recite the events of Connie's life. Connie tells Kate she exists because something snapped inside of Connie after she abandoned Trey. Kate tells Connie that she changed her name by choice. Connie tells Kate that it is what she tells herself to make excuses for the gaps. Kate accuses Connie of lying, and Connie asks why Kate is scared. She asks if it's because Kate knows Connie is telling the truth.

Duke accuses Tracy of giving him counterfeit money. Tracy asks why she would give Duke money at all. Anna reminds Tracy that trafficking counterfeit money is serious offense. Tracy claims she doesn't know that. Luke and Laura leave the three of them to work it out. Duke wants to press charges against Tracy. Tracy says that she's going to press charges of breaking and entering and theft.

In the hallway, Luke asks Laura what she wants to tell him. Laura decides that maybe she shouldn't tell him. Luke tells her that she can tell him anything. Laura starts to tell him about Duke and Anna when Scott barges in, interrupting her. Luke wants to know what Scott is doing there, and Scott wants to know the same about Luke. Luke says he has friends there. Laura tells Scott that she is there to talk to Luke. Scott wants a moment with Laura first. Laura asks Luke for a moment with Scott, and he gives it to her. Scott thought that they had agreed not to get involved in Luke's business. Laura tells him that she didn't think that was the right decision. Scott tells Laura that it's not for her to decide since they decided together anyway. He is upset that she did the opposite behind his back. Laura apologizes, but Scott says it's not necessary. He asks her not to tell Luke, and to come home with him.

Anna asks Tracy what she is talking about. Tracy tells Anna how Duke broke in and stole her relish. Anna asks if she means an actual condiment. Tracy tells her that the relish would make ELQ millions if Duke hadn't stolen it. Anna tells Tracy and Duke that they are accusing each other of serious crimes, so she has no choice but to arrest them both.

TJ asks if Shawn thinks that Kate will give Molly her book back. Shawn is optimistic that she will. He thinks that TJ should be the one to give Molly the good news, and that it would make TJ her hero again. TJ hopes that it will make Molly forget about Rafe.

Molly tells Rafe that she is going to be there for him, no matter what. Rafe thanks Molly for being good to him. McBain and Alexis join them as McBain finishes a call. McBain breaks the news to Rafe that there's no foster home available for him tonight. Alexis asks where that leaves Rafe. McBain explains that Rafe will go to a group home, but promises that it will only be for the night. He tells Rafe that social services is on the way to pick him up. Alexis assures him that everything will be ok, then tells Molly that they need to leave to meet Shawn. Molly starts to protest, but Rafe tells Molly that it's ok for her to go. Molly promises Rafe that she and Alexis will find him a home. She asks Alexis to agree and she does. Molly hugs Rafe, then leaves with Alexis. McBain joins Rafe and offers a game of cards. Rafe tells him that he doesn't have to stay. McBain says he's staying until he knows Rafe is ok.

Kate tells Connie that Ewan told her that she was the real person. Connie tells Kate that a "real" doctor told her that she was the real person, not Kate. Connie taunts Kate about being the alter, then tells her to leave and give her everything back. Kate starts to head upstairs, then stops, grabs a statue and smashes the mirror.

McBain introduces the social worker to Rafe. She tells him she's taking him to a group home. As he leaves with the social worker, Rafe stops and thanks McBain for waiting with him.

Alexis and Molly join Shawn and TJ at the Floating Rib. Alexis offers for she and Molly to join them for dessert. Shawn comments on how TJ doesn't see hungry. TJ says he'd eaten earlier. Molly tells TJ that she had food at Kelly's. Shawn invites Alexis to have a drink with him at the bar, to give Molly and TJ some privacy. TJ asks Molly if she's ok. She says she is. TJ tells her that she can tell him anything. Even if it's about Rafe. Molly shares her concerns about Rafe with TJ. TJ then says he has something to share with Molly. Shawn guesses that Rafe is going to a group home. Alexis tells him it's just for the night. Shawn asks if she thinks a foster home will open up soon for Rafe, but Alexis doesn't know. She hates when any kid is failed by the system, especially one who is Molly's friend. Shawn tells Alexis that he has a feeling that things are going to turn around for Molly. They then hear Molly getting excited. Molly tells Alexis that Kate is back.

Kate looks at the mirror, then picks up the statue to put it back. She looks at the mirror again, then runs back upstairs to Sonny.

Anna tells Tracy and Duke that they will both be arrested unless the two of them agree not to press charges. They both agree to let the charges go. Tracy then dismisses Anna and Duke. Anna and Duke leave her. Luke returns to Tracy. Tracy asks Luke where Laura is. Luke tells her that she left with Scott after he apparently talked her out of whatever she had to tell him.

Scott brings Laura back to their suite. He comments on how quiet Laura was on the drive back. Laura hopes that she made the right decision, and Scott assures her that she did. Scott tells her that she doesn't have to clean up Luke's messes anymore. They exchange I love you's, and Scott tells her that she's where she always should have been.

Duke wants to take Anna out for a drink. Anna wants to call it a night. She says she needs to return the necklace in the morning. Duke asks her not to do that and she gives the necklace back to him. Duke says the evening isn't ending how he thought it would. Anna says that maybe it's for the best. She thinks getting involved with Duke would be a conflict of interest as the police commissioner and with Duke habitually breaking the law. She reminds him how he broke into the Quartermaine home. She tells him how she can't turn a blind eye to his activities. Duke thinks that it's something else and asks her what it is. She tells him that they tried, but she doesn't want to go down that road. Duke leaves her.

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