GH Update Wednesday 3/6/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/6/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Kate is at Sonny's front door. Sonny asks if she is still Kate and is surprised she is there after telling him she wanted some time alone. She wants to come in. After Sonny lets her in, Kate tells Sonny that she wants to tell him she's sorry.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy is on the phone with Spinelli, asking if he has the recipe yet. Spinelli is at the hospital, outside of the lab as tells Tracy that he is picking up his girlfriend because the labs he is looking into are closed.

At the Floating Rib, Mac and Kevin are sharing a drink. Mac tells Kevin he's glad he wasn't seriously hurt by Heather hitting him. He looks over to see Felicia in the doorway. Felicia receives a text from Frisco, telling her he's waiting for her.

At the Metro Court, Anna sees Frisco and they say hello to each other. They are glad to see each other. Anna wonders if he is there for a date. Frisco says it remains to be seen.

Mac asks if Felicia is ok, and she says she is. He fixed a drink for her. Felicia tells Kevin he needs to keep his wits about him as Lucy is being released and will likely insist that he be at her side.

Tracy insists to Spinelli that he get the recipe since it is the key to ELQ's future. Lucy rushes into the room and asks what she is talking about. Tracy calls out for Alice to call the police, but Lucy says that she lives there. Tracy thinks that Lucy has escaped. Lucy tells Tracy that she's been released. Lucy is anxious to take her place as co-CEO of ELQ, but Tracy tells her it's not happening.

In his suite at the Metro Court, Scott is reading about Lucy. Laura tells Scott that it looks like Luke's girlfriend came out ahead, too. Scott flashes back to Anna telling him that she's no longer seeing Luke. He tells Laura that Anna isn't so bad, and Laura agrees. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. She answers the door to find Luke there. Luke storms in past her, and tells Scott that he knows what Scott did. Luke demands that Scott confess. Laura asks what Luke is talking about, and Scott says he's ranting. Luke tells Laura that Helena didn't send the fake ice princess, Scott did.

Lucy relives the many things that she has been through to Tracy. She tells Tracy that she isn't going to cheat her out of her co-CEO position. Tracy tells her that she couldn't kick her out if she wanted to, because they're both out.

Mac encourages Kevin to be with Lucy as Felicia announces that she has to go to a meeting she has with a friend. She leaves and Kevin comments how odd it was. Mac tells him that it's not unexpected, and that Felicia just lied to him.

Frisco tells Anna how sorry he is about Robin. Anna thanks him for saying that, and tells him how much she misses Robin. Frisco tells her that she has Duke in her life now. Anna tells him how it's wonderful to have him back in his life, but she sometimes sees Faison when she looks at Duke. She wonders if her relationship with Duke is ruined because of it. Frisco tells her that he doesn't believe it is, because of the chemistry she has with Duke. Duke steps off the elevator and smiles at Anna.

Sonny tells Kate that she doesn't have anything to be sorry about. Kate tells him that everything he told her was true. She confesses that she allowed Connie to take over. She doesn't want to let that happen again. She wants to start a new life with Sonny. She tells him how she loves him.

Laura is certain that Helena sent Lulu the ice princess copy, but Luke is convinced it was Scott. He brings up the timing of Lulu receiving it the day Scott and Laura returning to Port Charles. Laura wonders why Scott would do that. Luke says he believes it was out of spite, but Laura tells him that everything between them and Scott was a long time ago. Luke tells Laura that Scott blames them for all of the bad that happened, and Lulu for the death of his son. He says that Scott is there for vengeance.

Spinelli walks into the lab, wondering what Ellie is working on. Ellie tells him its an outside project. Spinelli wonders what the project is, and Ellie shows him the relish jar.

Tracy explains how AJ took over control of ELQ. Lucy isn't happy about it and asks what Tracy is doing about it. Tracy tells her that she's getting revenge on AJ and Duke. Lucy can't believe that Duke is involved with AJ, but Tracy assures her that he is, and that both he and AJ will pay.

Anna tells Frisco that she wants him to meet Anna. Frisco promises to call, and Duke escorts Anna to a table with him. Anna tells him that she had the day from hell. Duke says it all sounds like it worked out, and Anna says it sounds that way.

Lucy tells Tracy that they have to stop AJ. Tracy tells her that the answer is the relish. She says that with the relish, there is no stopping her. Lucy is relieved that Tracy has a plan. As Lucy rambles about all she has to do, Tracy looks into her own business. Lucy tells Tracy that it all means nothing without Kevin.

Kevin can't believe that Felicia lied to Mac. Mac asks if Kevin didn't catch Felicia's tell that gives away when she's lying: she tilts her head to the left a bit. Kevin asks if Felicia lied about dinner with the friend. Mac says not exactly, but the old friend is Frisco.

Felicia arrives at the Metro Court, orders a drink, then looks over at Frisco.

Sonny tells Kate that he is always going to be by her side, no matter what. Kate asks about Connie. Sonny apologizes for betraying Kate. Kate says she hates that it happened, but they would deal with it and with his having feelings for Connie. She asks for the truth: does he want Kate or Connie.

Anna shares her concerns with Duke, and how she would have preferred the mayor accepted her resignation. She is upset that she was tricked into thinking that McBain was guilty. She doesn't trust her judgment. Duke tells her how wonderful she is and what a wonderful role model she is. He says that if she needs anything else to cheer her up, he brought her a gift, and he puts a small black box on the table.

Kevin asks if Mac is sure Felicia went to see Frisco. Mac tells Kevin that Felicia and Frisco had an intense conversation, and how Felicia has been acting different since Frisco came to town. He mentions that Frisco was supposedly there for Maxie, but headed right for Felicia when he got to town. Kevin points out that Felicia is the mother of Frisco's children, but Mac is sure that Frisco doesn't care about his children. Kevin points out that it doesn't matter what Frisco wants, he can't force Felicia back with him. Mac tells him that Frisco doesn't have to, because Felicia is falling for his act all over again.

Frisco didn't think that Felicia was coming. Felicia says she needs to talk to him. Frisco is glad, and says that what they have to say will take more than one night. Felicia tells him that he's only getting the one encounter, then begs him to leave town.

Sonny tells Kate how much he loves Kate, and hopes that she can forgive him. Kate doesn't understand how Sonny could forgive Connie after all she's done to them. Sonny tells her that he's seen a different side to Connie, but he doesn't know what he would do if Kate said that she doesn't want to be with him. He asks if they can put what happened behind them.

Luke mentions how Scott still blames Lulu for Logan's death. Scott tells Luke that he and Lulu made peace between them. Laura confirms it. Luke is convinced that it was a show for Laura's sake. Laura is convinced that Scott wants to make up for his mistakes, and that he wants to make things right. She also asks what sense it would make to send Lulu a copy of the ice princess, since she had no idea what it was in the first place. Scott says that Luke will never be honest. He tells Laura that Luke just can't accept that she has moved on with her life and moved on with him. Scott says that Luke just wants to shake Laura's confidence in him because Luke wants Laura for himself. Luke says he just wants Scott to stay away from his family. Laura asks them both to stop, then tells them that all three of them have moved on with their lives. She says they should be focusing on whomever sent the ice princess replica. Scott says that he didn't send it, and he doesn't want to hear the accusations. Scott threatens to have Luke thrown out, but Laura steps in and asks Luke to leave. Luke leaves, but not before warning Scott to stay away from Lulu, and asking Laura to think about what he said. Scott notices Laura thinking, then asks if she buys Luke's stories. She says she doesn't, but she wishes he would stop goading Luke into confrontations. She tells them that Luke is with Anna now, and they all know it.

Anna opens the box to find a diamond necklace in it. She tells him she thinks it's beautiful, but she can't accept it as it's too expensive. Duke assures her that he can afford it. Anna asks if he is being careful. Duke flashes back to Tracy offering the briefcase of money. Duke assures her that his finances are good, and how with the Quartermaines, there's always an investment to be tapped.

Ellie explains to Spinelli how and why AJ thinks the relish will save ELQ. She tells him how she used what was left of it to use reverse engineering to get the recipe. Spinelli thinks to Tracy telling him how he will be there to get the recipe when AJ has it. He then asks Ellie if she's had any success.

Frisco can't believe that Felicia wants him to leave. She tells him that she can't just pick up and leave with him. He tells her that maybe he's ready to stay. She tells him that he's complicating things with her and Mac, but Frisco tries to convince her that she has the same feelings for him as he has for her, and has always had for her. We are then shown a montage of Frisco and Felicia moments. She then tells him that he makes it sound like their relationship has always been one big adventure. Frisco concedes that there have been bad times. He tells her that he hasn't forgotten that today is Georgie's birthday.

Sonny asks Kate to come back to him and forgive him. She says that she can do that, and that she loves him, then she embraces him. Kate asks what if Connie comes back. Sonny tells her that he's going to get her the best help, then offers to take her to the hospital right away if she wants. Kate says she doesn't want to go yet. She just wants Sonny. They kiss, then go upstairs to make love. After making love, Sonny and Kate admit to how much they missed each other. Sonny then promises to get her the help to make her well. Kate wonders what if that isn't possible. Sonny promises that it will happen.

Kevin suggests to Mac that they go find Frisco and Felicia to see if Frisco is making moves on Felicia. Mac tells him that it wouldn't go over well, and it would prove him jealous. Kevin suggests they go in disguise, even as Norma and Eve if necessary. Mac nixes that idea. Kevin encourages Mac to do something. Mac tells Kevin that it's up to Felicia to want him and to come to him. Kevin says that he knows how Mac feels. Mac sees Lucy walk in, then asks Kevin if he would be willing to work things out with Lucy and reunite with her. Kevin tells him that he wishes. Mac tells Kevin that it's his lucky day. Kevin sees that Lucy has arrived.

Felicia is surprised that Frisco remembered Georgie's birthday. Frisco tells her that he remembered, and that he loves his girls. He says that he shouldn't have left. Felicia tells him how he had to be out in the world doing his job. Frisco says that he should have been there. He was scared to face the truth. Frisco is sure that if he was there, Georgie might be alive. He tells her that he can't make up the time he missed with Georgie, but he would like to make up the time with Felicia and Maxie, if she will let him.

Tracy is enjoying a quiet drink when Luke walks in and complains about Scott. He tells her about the conversation at Scott and Laura's suite. He tells Tracy that he knows Scott is lying, and that Scott is up to something.

Duke pays for dinner, then puts Anna's necklace on her. She asks how it looks, and Duke tells her that she's more beautiful than the diamonds. He tells her that he wants to plan a future with her in Port Charles. Duke and Anna kiss across the table as Laura and Scott walk in to witness the kiss.

Kate hears Connie calling to her as she lays in bed with Sonny. She gets out of bed, leaving a sleeping Sonny, to follow the sound of Connie's voice.

Frisco promises Felicia that he won't push her, but he won't give up either. As he gets up to leave, she sees a small box. She asks if it is his. He tells her it isn't his, but it's hers. She opens it to find a locket. She flashes back to when he gave her a locket in the past. She opens it to find the words "Lady of my Heart" inscribed inside. Felicia breaks down in tears.

Ellie tells Spinelli that she has to finish the tests to get the analysis. Spinelli asks about a rough draft of the recipe. Ellie tells him that she's working on a secret recipe for a private client, so the recipe isn't hers to share with him.

Tracy isn't surprised that Scott didn't confess to Luke's accusations. She says it all makes sense when Luke tells her that Laura was there. Tracy tells him that he can't think clearly when Laura is around, because he cares too much about her.

Laura and Scott return to their suite. She no longer wants to have dinner, saying that she lost her appetite after seeing Anna and Duke. She is upset that Anna appears to be cheating on Luke. Scott urges her not to jump to conclusions. Laura then wonders if Luke and Anna are not together anymore.

Duke and Anna are interrupted by the waiter. The waiter tells Duke that his money is counterfeit. Duke looks at Anna in surprise.

Lucy approaches Kevin. They tell each other that they look good. Lucy wants to explain her actions. She regrets leaving him after Heather hit him. She tells Kevin how much she loves him, and promises that she will never mention vampires again if he takes her back. She begins to ramble until Kevin tells her to shut up and kiss him. They kiss.

Kate goes downstairs and looks for the voice calling out to her. She looks in the mirror and sees Connie. She is taken by surprise. Connie tells her that she couldn't have thought she was getting rid of her that easily.

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