GH Update Tuesday 3/5/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/5/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is disappointed that the woman at his door is Carly and not Kate. He divulges that Kate returned on Valentine's night and has been having a rough time digesting the news of Trey's death. Carly wonders why he's not with her.

A tearful Olivia arrives home and informs her concerned cousin that she is not marrying Steve today. They were almost married when the whole thing blew up, and he confessed to murder. She feels he's throwing their life away. Kate urges Olivia to think of solutions and get a good lawyer. Olivia whines that Steve wants to pay his debt to society and take responsibility for what he's done. Kate can sympathize with that, also feeling the need to be accountable for failing her son.

Dante goes to the hospital to give Steve an update on his mom. She's being transferred to a maximum-security hospital for the criminally insane under judge's orders. Steve believes that's where she belongs, so she won't get out again. Steve lets Dante know that he's not marrying his mother, because he's under arrest. He wants to wait until he can give Olivia some kind of future. Dante agrees with calling off the wedding and respects that Steve is accepting the consequences of his actions but hates that his mother will be alone again. Steve asks that Dante help her understand why he had to do this. Dante assures him that he will take care of Olivia, who will be busy with her new grandchild. Steve is sorry to miss that but is glad Olivia will have family around her while he's in Memphis.

Kate shows Olivia Trey's belongings, which she is afraid to look through. Olivia gently offers to do it with her. They go through pictures then find a bunch of articles about Kate, who realizes that Trey wanted to get to know her. Kate appreciates having Olivia in her life. Olivia reminds her she has Sonny, who also loves her.

At the police station, Heather begs to be allowed to call her son and apologize for accidentally stabbing him, but she is denied. Todd, who is also handcuffed, expresses his surprise that she is not dead yet. Although they're not friends, Todd doesn't believe she deserves to be murdered. Heather appreciates his sentiments, proud that she took responsibility and turned herself in. When Todd makes a snide remark about her "skewering" her own child, though, Heather wonders why he can't be nice to her, considering that the DA wants her to testify against him at his trial the next day.

Sabrina expresses her outrage at being accused of cheating on her final nursing exam to Patrick, who assures her she'll get to the bottom of it once she talks with Epiphany. Patrick approaches Epiphany and asks her to explain the accusation against Sabrina. Epiphany says that no one has ever gotten a perfect score before and an anonymous e-mail informed her that Sabrina acquired the test answers, which were found in her locker.

The DA wants Heather to testify that she and Todd were partners in crime, and he will go easy on her, but she has decided not to give up Todd. She insists that stabbing Steven Lars has changed her. When Todd wonders how she accidentally cut her own son, she admits that she was going after the girlfriend, and Steve got in the middle of it. Seeing him wounded made her realize that she's failed him his whole life, and she has to make it stop, so she turned herself in, but she still doesn't regret 90% of what she did. Since she's being put away, she's decided to also take the blame for the Ferncliff escape and the baby swap. Todd can hardly believe it when Heather assures him she won't testify against him. He turns and thanks her, aware that she's saving his life. Pointing out that he's not completely innocent, Heather is aware that she can't keep Todd out of Pentonville Prison.

Even though Sabrina denies knowledge of the test answers, Epiphany declares that she has to leave the hospital and hands her the contents of her locker. Patrick jumps to her defense and asks for a hearing, but Epiphany says the faculty vote was unanimous. Patrick insists Sabrina was framed by Dr. Westbourne who has been after her from the beginning, even unfairly blaming her for the drug mix-up in the Carlson case. Epiphany feels powerless to accuse a doctor of sabotage without evidence and asks Sabrina to turn in her ID on her way out. Touching her mother's stethoscope, Sabrina suddenly stands up to Epiphany, stating that they're not finished.

Todd suggests that the police wouldn't believe Heather's confession, so she advises him to get Johnny Zacchara to call off his goon, who is going to testify that he saw them plotting the night of the baby swap. If the prosecution has no new evidence against him, Heather thinks the case will fall apart and Todd could be a free man. He appreciates her enthusiasm but wonders why Johnny would do him any favors after he stole Carly from him. Heather points out that he doesn't exactly have Carly now, so why wouldn't Johnny do him a favor?

Carly demands that Sonny explain what's going on with him and Kate until he informs her that he slept with Connie. Carly explodes at Sonny's poor judgment, but he denies trying to manipulate Connie.  He simply slept with her because he wanted to. Carly accuses him of betraying Kate's trust and taking advantage of her mental breakdown. Then thinking of herself, she calls him selfish for lying to her about Todd.

Sabrina makes an impassioned speech about innately not being able to cheat and wanting a chance to prove her innocence. Sabrina proposes that she take the test again and will willingly leave if she gets any answers wrong. Epiphany asks what she will do if she doesn't agree. At first, Sabrina threatens to sue the hospital but realizes she can't do that, because she loves it too much. However, she refuses to be a doormat and won't quit just because someone lies about her.

Kate tells Olivia about meeting Sonny at the accident site and him accusing her of being the one who left him. She now understands how heartbroken Sonny was when he lost her. Olivia asks if there's any way she can give him a second chance. Kate finds it ironic that Olivia is sitting there in her unused wedding gown, giving her advice about her love life. Kate points out that Olivia ran out on Steve when he was in trouble instead of sticking by him. Olivia thinks Kate should forgive and forget what happened with Sonny, because he loves her. Olivia determined to get over herself and go face Steve.

Epiphany is finally convinced by Sabrina's argument and agrees to let her retake the exam with the proviso that she get a perfect score. While Epiphany goes for a copy of the test, Sabrina gets set up in the conference room. Patrick is amazed that she stood up to Epiphany and actually survived. Sabrina is amazed at her own chutzpah and just hopes she can pull it off. Patrick doesn't have a doubt in his mind.

Heather suggests that Todd get his snippy lawyer, Diane, to go to Pentonville and get Johnny to forbid his goon to testify against Todd. Todd feels Johnny owes him one for killing his granddaughter. Heather encourages Todd to work on getting out of jail, so he can find out if he and Carly still have something.

Sonny berates Carly for having two boyfriends busy making license plates in prison for being liars and murderers. She retaliates by calling Kate a snobby bitch with a fake name and Connie a piece of trash. At least, her boyfriends are two different people. They continue insulting each other's choices until Carly remembers that Jason hated when they fought, so they apologize and discuss spending time with Morgan when he returns home. Neither of them knows what they're going to do about their respective love interests.

When Todd asks why she's helping him, Heather professes to have a lot of skills dealing with the mental-health profession. Why waste them? Todd calls her a vicious lunatic having a brush with reality. Heather has a yearning to speak to her son, so Todd yells at the police officer to speak to his lawyer, then hands the phone to his partner in crime.

Dante admires Steve for facing up to what he did and assures him that, in time, his mother will, too. Steve answers his phone and hears his mother saying she regrets everything she did to him and wishing him the best of everything in his happy life with Olivia. After hanging up, Steve thinks his mother meant her apology. Dante hopes so, too, but wants her to stay locked up. As he gets up to go find his mom, Olivia walks in. After Dante leaves, she says she shouldn't have walked out on Steve, but she was sad and angry. Now she has accepted his choices, because she loves him. He loves her, too. She thinks they just have one problem now:  How is she ever gonna say goodbye to him?

As Patrick offers her coffee, Sabrina thanks him for sticking up for her and giving her the courage to stand up to Epiphany. She thinks he's a really good friend. Epiphany returns with the test and tells Patrick she doesn't believe Sabrina is a cheater. She also feels that Britt Westbourne is not good enough for him. Looking at Sabrina in the conference room, she says he needs someone different, someone who can handle him and his sweet daughter, someone with a big heart. Epiphany sits in the room with Sabrina as she begins taking the test. Sabrina asks Patrick to wish her luck, but he's confident she doesn't need it.

While Todd appreciates Heather's help, he's not glad they met. An officer comes to take Heather to a van for the criminally insane. Todd thanks her again and wishes her luck. She hopes his trial goes his way and advises him not to give up on Carly. Declaring that she believes in the possibility of redemption for everyone, Heather leaves Port Charles. Todd calls Diane and asks her to go to Pentonville and get Johnny to back off, or he's dead.

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