GH Update Monday 3/4/13

General Hospital Update Monday 3/4/13


Written by Jennifer S.
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At the hospital, Felix goes to congratulates Sabrina on graduating. She congratulates him and then informs him that she isn't graduating with him. He cannot believe it.

Steven and Olivia have completed their wedding vows in his hospital room with Elizabeth standing up for them. In the middle of the minister's pronouncement that they are married, Memphis police detectives come to arrest Steve. His bride and sister ask if this is some sort of joke and demand to know what he’s under arrest for. One of the detectives says it is for murder.

Mayor Lomax talks to Anna and a DA about the news media portraying the three alleged felons as heroes. She also can't believe that Lucy, John McBain, and Rafe escaped with the help of a 15 year old girl (Molly).

Molly watches the television to get news about Rafe. She and Kristina are happy that their big sister Sam and nephew Danny are upstairs resting but are “creeped out” by the bite marks Sam got from the psychotic that thought he was a vampire.

A live report on the television news mentions the 3 fugitives that escaped police custody. The three of them are behind the reporter.

The mayor continues to lecture Anna about the public relations nightmare regarding the freeing of the 3 convicted felons. Right then, Alexis goes on the air, introduces herself and announces to all the television viewers that she represents Ms. Coe, and Detective McBain and that they have no comment. Molly watches her mom on the television and believes she’s not doing enough.

Felix asks Sabrina how she could possibly not be graduating. She’s had the highest GPA of any nursing student in the program. Patrick stands by them and also knows this could not be possible. She tells them she must have failed the final exam they know that could not have happened Patrick looks at the only explanation he can find;  Dr. Britt Westbourne.

On the television news, Sam appears beside her mom with baby Danny and announces that were it not for these 3 people, she and her son would not be alive. She says Detective McBain and Rafe Kovich risked their lives to save them.

The Memphis cops inform Steven that although the death of Maggie Wirth was previously ruled a suicide, her family didn't believe it. The detective says they discovered that Maggie's suicide note was forged, and when they tracked down the forger, he said Heather Webber hired him. Olivia and Elizabeth demand to know why they are implicating Steven.

Kristina and Molly intently watch their big sister on television, going on the microphone to announce that Rafe stood up to Heather Webber, risking his own safety to save her son’s life. He’s a hero and not a criminal.

The mayor and DA watch Sam’s presentation with Anna. Sam announces that Steven Clay aka Caleb Morley who looks just like John was a homicidal killer and nobody knew how dangerous he was. She announces that Detective McBain was falsely accused of Steven Clay’s crimes. She announces that she and her son owe these three people their lives she will fight to make sure they go free the same way they all fought for her. That’s the least she can do to help. She holds her infant son and turns around to see the three of them and her mom standing beside her while they are surrounded by reporters and cameras.

In Steven’s hospital room the cops tell Olivia and Elizabeth that they have proof that Heather Webber hired the forger. Olivia protests that you cannot believe a word Heather says. She’s insane. The cop says they kept looking and found a file that implicates Steven for the murder of a patient. He has a court order to extradite Steven to Tennessee where he will be formally charged for murder. Elizabeth tells him that’s insane. Her brother did not kill anyone. She notices that Steve is not defending himself.

Patrick finds Britt and asks her if she tampered with Sabrina's exam. was aware of that. She asks him why she would care. She tells him if he hasn’t noticed, she’s a doctor with better things to do with her time than care about whether nursing students pass or fail. He reminds her she found enough time to write a letter to Dr. Quartermaine about Sabrina being incompetent which nobody else in the hospital believes except for her. She reminds him that her letter did not prevent Sabrina from finishing her program so why does he think she’d be able to cause Sabrina to fail her exam?

Molly tells Kristina that Sam was heroic to fight for Rafe. Kristina asks her little sister if she might have feelings for Rafe. She hid him in her room and lied for him before anybody knew that he was innocent. She asks if something going on between them.

Sam tells Lucy that if it were up to her, she wouldn’t let Lucy go to jail. She’d make sure Lucy gets to stay at a nice place and relax with a bubble bath and all the comfort she wants. Lucy thanks her, but they both know it’s not up to Sam.

While Anna, the mayor, and the DA watch the news report, Anna says there is only one solution.  She then hands over her badge and gives them her letter of resignation stating that she accepts full responsibility for what has happened here.

Sabrina tells Felix that her name not being on the list of graduates can only mean that she has screwed up. He does not buy that.

Britt asks Patrick if he is implying that she arranged for Sabrina to fail her exam. He replies that’s exactly what he thinks.

Olivia asks Steven how anyone could believe that he killed a patient in Memphis when he saves lives. She says she will call Alexis.

In the interrogation room, Alexis tells John and Rafe that they saved Sam and Danny and that she won’t let them go down for the charges. John tells her that it’s not that easy because the mayor sees things differently.

Mayor Lomax wonders how they can press charges against the trio when a widowed mother has told the press that they are heroes. The DA insists that the city must press charges.

Lucy tells Rafe that he isn't crazy because he saw his mother's ghost. She saw Allison also in the tunnels. She says Alison  encouraged her to have strength and courage. He tells her that Alison also told him that that freak Caleb aka Steven Clay, is his biological father. Lucy is sorry he had to hear about it that way, but says he must know that it’s nothing more than DNA. She then reminds him that his father has an uncanny resemblance to John McBain. She says John is a good man and a good role model as was his true father that he was named for.  She says Rafe Kovich Senior was a hero. Rafe worries that Caleb's DNA in him could make him turn out like that creep.

Molly tells Kristina that she is concerned about Rafe and thinks he might be in even more trouble because she broke him out of jail. 

The mayor admits that if they convict Lucy, Rafe and John after their heroism, they will look bad, but if they don't charge them then it will appear that they condone lawless vigilante-ism. Anna asks her what she is saying.

Alexis leaves Sam and Danny alone in the room with John. She tells him that Caleb was convinced she was Livvie and would have killed her were it not for him, Rafe and Lucy. Alexis goes out into the other room and demands information about her clients' cases.

At the hospital, Felix is able to convince Sabrina that something isn't right about her not graduating. She agrees that when she took the test, she knew the material. He tells her he’s going to find out from Epiphany, the head of nursing. He gets on the elevator telling Sabrina he’s not going to let her take this sitting down.

Across the lobby, Britt tells Patrick he needs to get over it and realize his “little babysitter” failed the test because she didn't know the material or she was too distracted with her crush on "Steve.” 

Olivia tells Steven she’s not going to let him go down for murder. They’ll have Alexis represent him. He says he doesn't want a lawyer because he did play God and decide who was entitled to live and who wasn’t. She knows about his secret about where he failed to save the life of a terrible man who killed a child and she knows that his mother killed Maggie. She protests that he is not responsible for what his crazy mother has done. She urges Elizabeth to urge Steven to defend himself. Elizabeth tells her she can’t; her brother has to make his own decisions. He tells the two of them he has to accept responsibility for his actions.

The mayor go on the air and surprises everyone with her announcement that John, Lucy, and Rafe were working in concert with the police department to save Samantha Morgan and her infant son from a dangerous man who was a threat to the community. So, she announces, Lucy, John and Rafe are free to go. Molly is confused by the announcement because that isn't what happened, but she is happy to know that Rafe will go free.

Kristina watches the television with Molly and tells her she’s like to stay and celebrate with her sister but she has to get to her community service job. Molly tells her sister that she wants to go congratulate their mom and make sure that Sam are is OK, but Kristina knows that Molly just wants to see Rafe. She asks her sister if she is falling for this guy she barely knows. She tells Molly she is really proud of her and hugs her.

Lucy tells Anna and John that she still doesn't understand why Steven Clay called himself Caleb and said he was a vampire and why Caleb/Steven looks just like John and Livvie looks just like Sam. Lucy isn't convinced that Caleb isn't a vampire.   Anna shows her Caleb's fake fangs. Lucy wants to see the body.

Olivia and Elizabeth are devastated that Steven is giving himself up and confessing to murder. Olivia cries and tells him all she wants is to be his wife. The ceremony was almost finished. They promised for better or for worse. He cries also and tells her he wants to get married but this is not the way to start a marriage. He tells her that he has to cancel their plans for now.

Britt tells Patrick that maybe when Sabrina found out that Steven is getting married, it made her insanely jealous, distracted and unable to concentrate in order to pass her exam. He tells her he doesn’t buy that. He knows Sabrina is one of the best nursing students they have if he finds out Britt had anything to do with it, she will be leaving this hospital; not Sabrina. Sabrina tells Patrick that she overheard his conversation and thanks him for standing up for her. Patrick tells her that he tells her he won’t let her leave without a fight. Felix returns and tells Sabrina that he talked to Epiphany, who said Sabrina passed with flying colors, although he does not appear happy. Patrick and Britt both listen in when Sabrina asks Felix if it’s a simple mistake due to a clerical error. He tells her there’s a little more to it than that. They’re saying she cheated.

Olivia asks Steven why he’s going to let this thing take him away from her. She will make a bargain with God to do anything he wants for the rest of her life. The one thing she can’t do is let Steven go. She won’t let go of the dream for the two of them to have the rest of their lives together. She goes out the door.

Lucy asks Anna to go with her to the morgue to verify that “Mr. Clay” really is dead. The morgue attendant assures them that Steven Clay is deceased. Lucy tells him she just needs to see his body. The man shows them the recently deceased Caleb. She is now assured that he’s dead. She notices that his ring is missing.

Molly goes to the station to meet with Sam and John and tells her sister they saw her on TV and that she rocked. She owes them gratitude. John tells her he owes her gratitude since she busted him out of jail. Molly then finds Rafe and is really happy that he’s out. He tells her he’s out of jail but does not now know where he is going to go.  He tells her that he found out that Caleb Morley really is his father.

Lucy tells Anna and the morgue attendant that she knows the exact ring that Caleb always wore and she needs to find out what happened to it. She says she tried to take it off of him when he died, but it wouldn't budge. Anna is not concerned about the ring. She assumes that it came off or someone took it off. Lucy knows that there was no way to remove that ring from his finger unless they cut it off. Anna then tells her that they will put in a report about the missing ring. She asks Lucy if she is now convinced that Stephen Clay is dead. Lucy is obviously unsettled.

John and Sam talk about Rafe losing his mother, and then finding out Caleb is his father, and now having nowhere to go.

Lucy tells Anna she can see that Caleb is really dead and that he isn't really Caleb. He’s Steven Clay who told a story about vampires. They leave the morgue, but Lucy still seems to know something isn't right.  The morgue attendant stands beside the corpse, takes the ring out of his lab coat pocket, and turns into Caleb. Caleb covers the morgue attendant's face and walks out.

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