GH Update Friday 3/1/13

General Hospital Update Friday 3/1/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital conference room, Sabrina is caught trying to take a doughnut by Patrick. He asks if she's ok. She says that she's waiting to hear the hospital's verdict on her future. Patrick is confident that they will rule in her favor. He then gives her a donut. Britt comes in on crutches and taunts Sabrina. She asks if Sabrina and Patrick want to know what the ruling is.

At the Floating Rib, Mac stares at Felicia as she is on a ladder, cleaning up. He helps her down and they kiss. Her phone rings. She sees that it's Frisco and doesn't answer it. Duke walks in and asks if there's trouble. She tells Mac and Duke that it's a wrong number.

At the hospital, Frisco leaves Felicia a voicemail, telling her that he knows she's worried about Mac, but two people who are meant to be together can't be kept apart. As he hangs up, Maxie approaches him, asking who he's talking to.

Mac brings the cleaning things downstairs. Felicia asks what she can do for Duke. He says he's checking on her. He tells her that he's consulting on a special project. He tells her that ELQ has several complications, the top one being Tracy. He sees her name on caller ID as his phone rings.

At the mansion, Tracy is frustrated as she gets his voicemail again. She tells his voicemail that it's urgent that she speaks to him, that it's about her relish.

In their apartment, Starr is at work on analyzing the relish. Michael walks in, asking if she's been awake all night. She tells him about the many types of relish there is. They are interrupted by AJ's arrival. AJ says he would have been there sooner, but he wanted to check with Elizabeth on Steve's condition. Michael asks Steve is doing. AJ tells him that Elizabeth says he's doing pretty well, considering that his mother nearly killed him.

Steve tells Elizabeth that he needs to get out of the bed, but she tells him not today. Steve tells her that Olivia wants to get married. Elizabeth tells him that he's in no condition to walk down the aisle. Olivia walks in, wearing a wedding dress, telling her that she is bringing the aisle to Steve.

Felicia serves Duke coffee, telling him that she couldn't be paid enough to work for ELQ. Duke tells her how he had limited options. He says that he was associated with the Quartermaines back with Lila. Felicia explains how she feels bad for Tracy. Duke reminds her of the article about Tracy and the SEC. Felicia says that Tracy isn't the first Quartermaine to have such troubles. Felicia says that Tracy's actions may be warranted by her needing to keep her place in the family. She says she wouldn't want to cross Tracy. Duke tells her that he thinks he already has. She asks what he's done. He flashes back to stealing the relish. He tells Felicia that he borrowed something from Tracy and she may want it back.

Michael tells AJ how Starr has been up all night, working on the relish recipe. She says that she has a list of ingredients, but she needs a lab to test them. Starr and Michael mention how they can't use the PCU lab or the ELQ lab. AJ says he knows just the lab to use.

Spinelli escorts Ellie to her lab at the hospital. Ellie notices that nothing has changed, except her. She says she's glad to be using a walker instead of a wheelchair. She says that she came a day early to get reacclimated with her lab. They are interrupted by Spinelli's phone ringing. Tracy is on the phone, asking Spinelli to come and see her. She wants to hire him. Spinelli says that he's doing something more important. Tracy offers him a lot of money, so Spinelli agrees to come and see her. Ellie encourages him to go see his potential client and he leaves her.

Felicia asks Duke if he borrowed something from Tracy, but then tells him not to tell her, because she has a lot on her mind. Duke asks if it has anything to do with the call she received. She confesses to Duke that it was Frisco. Duke says that he heard Frisco was in town, and maybe he should reconnect with him. Felicia says it's a good idea and maybe they can reconnect in Manhattan. She confesses that Frisco has every right to reach out to Maxie. Felicia says she's been avoiding Frisco, and avoiding telling Mac that he's been calling because Frisco wants him back.

Frisco tells Maxie that the call was about a project he's been working on. He asks Maxie if she's ok. Maxie says that she is. She says she's there on a project of her own that she's working on.

Elizabeth is concerned about Steve seeing Olivia in her dress before the wedding. Olivia tells Steve that they will get married right there in his room. Steve is surprised that she put together a wedding so fast. Olivia tells him that she found an expert on short notice arrangements to help: Maxie.

Maxie tells Frisco that used to take pride in details, and that it feels good to be needed again, other than as an incubator. She tells him that it's not her first wedding, but it is her first in the ICU. Frisco asks if Britt is still hassling her. Maxie says not a word since Frisco talked to her. Frisco tells her to let him know if that changes. Maxie says that she feels bad about what Britt did to Sabrina, and that there's no guarantee that Britt will keep quiet about the baby being hers and Spinelli's. Frisco sees Spinelli approach behind Maxie, and asks if he could help Spinelli with something. Maxie turns to see Spinelli as well.

Patrick asks Britt what happened to her. She says she slipped in the parking lot. He tells her that there's a lot of ice at this time of year. Britt comments on Patrick's lack of sympathy while Patrick tells her that he doesn't wish her ill, but Britt doesn't do the same for others. Britt says she's there doing something nice by bringing Sabrina's results, but Patrick and Sabrina are skeptical about how nice she's being. Patrick takes the envelope from Britt and hands it to Sabrina. She opens it, and Patrick asks what it says. Sabrina reads the results which say that she was not to blame for Officer Carlson's death, and that she's free to resume her duties. Britt is surprised, then says that they had to clear her so the hospital wouldn't be sued. Patrick warns Britt against implying a cover up. Britt says that she intends to bar Sabrina from her patients and recommends that Patrick do likewise before she leaves them.

Michael, Starr and AJ arrive at Ellie's lab. Ellie remembers Michael as the person who saved her. She thanks both Michael and Starr for saving her life. Michael introduces AJ to Ellie. Ellie is confused when AJ is introduced as Michael's father, as she thought Sonny is his father. Michael explains that he has two fathers. Ellie tells them that if they need test results, they will need to see Kim. Starr explains that they don't need results, but they need tests performed. AJ shows her the relish, stating that they need the tests done on the relish.

Elizabeth is concerned about Maxie planning Olivia and Steve's wedding, based on her track record. She cites Tracy and Anthony Zacchara and Sonny and Kate as examples. Olivia says that with Sonny and Kate, Connie was the problem, not Maxie. Steve assures Elizabeth that everything will be ok. Olivia calls Maxie her good luck charm, because Maxie is carrying her grand baby.

Frisco tries to dismiss Spinelli, telling Spinelli that he and Maxie are having a private conversation. Spinelli doesn't know Frisco, so Maxie introduces the two men. Spinelli asks if he prefers to be called Frisco or Andrew. Frisco tells Spinelli to call him "Mr. Jones". Frisco asks if Spinelli is the one who broke Maxie's heart. Spinelli tells Frisco that with his years of being absentee, its hypocritical to play the concerned father now. Frisco asks if Spinelli has been thrown through a wall recently as Maxie tries to keep the peace. Maxie tells her that they are happy with their choices. Frisco shakes hands with Spinelli as Spinelli tells the that he has business. Frisco tells him not to let them keep him. Spinelli leaves them, with Frisco asking if Spinelli is the father of his grandchild.

Felicia expresses regret to Duke in telling Frisco about Maxie's pregnancy. She didn't think he'd come to town. She explains that Frisco's children have never been a priority. She says that the only reason that Frisco is in town is to win her back. She says she's committed to Mac and Frisco won't accept it. Felicia says that Frisco tells her that her relationship with Mac can't compare to her relationship with him. Duke asks her if that's true.

Ellie asks if they want her to test it for salmonella. Michael and AJ explain they want to know the ingredients. Starr explains how she used reverse engineering. AJ asks if it would work. Ellie says it should, but she says she can't help them because the lab is for hospital use only. AJ tells her that his family practically built the hospital. Ellie says that she can't authorize civilians to work in the lab. Starr offers to assist Ellie. Michael and AJ express how much it means to their family. Ellie relents and agrees to help.

Spinelli arrives at the Quartermaine mansion and starts to take information from Tracy, but stops when he hears she wants him to find a jar of relish that she thinks AJ stole. Spinelli suggests it would be cheaper to just buy another jar. Tracy tells him that it's a one of a kind jar. Tracy explains the importance of the relish. She wants Spinelli to steal it back. Spinelli says that he can't help her. He says he's not a thief. He suggests that she call the police. Tracy tells him that she only called him because Duke didn't answer her calls. She guesses that Duke is happy being unemployed. Spinelli tells her that he's not unemployed, he's working for her.

Duke tells Felicia that he understands wanting to be reunited with the one he loves. Felicia points out that he didn't make the choice to leave Anna, but Frisco chose to leave her. Duke says that he has very fond memories of Felicia and Frisco together, but Felicia says that's the problem: Frisco is living in the past. She says she's changed but Frisco hasn't. She tells Duke that she wouldn't have gotten her second chance with Maxie if it wasn't for Mac. Duke tells Felicia that she needs to tell Frisco it's over...unless it isn't.

Maxie makes Frisco promise to leave Spinelli alone. He then sees Britt, and invites Maxie to some father/daughter taunting of Britt. Maxie stops him, asks if he did anything, then tells him that she has a wedding to handle. She then leaves him. Frisco approaches Britt who accuses him of causing her accident. He says that things happen to people with bad karma. Britt tells him that she is leaving Maxie alone, so he can leave her alone. She starts to leave, and he stops her. He says he's not done with her. He says there's the issue of the nurse.

Sabrina is concerned that the hospital could be sued because of her. Patrick reassures her that they can't, that its been proven to not be her fault. He tells her that she's going to be a nurse and that she needs to believe in herself.

Elizabeth takes a photo of Olivia and Steve kissing as Maxie walks in with another dress and a bouquet. Elizabeth explains how she is the "best man". Olivia asks if Elizabeth would mind standing up for both of them. Elizabeth is touched and agrees. Maxie rushes Elizabeth out to get changed as Olivia asks if Steve would rather wait until he could stand up. He assures her that he wants to marry right away. They kiss as Sabrina walks in on them, then apologizes. Olivia tells her that she can see that her crush is off the market.

Britt tells Frisco that Sabrina was cleared by the committee. She tells him to leave her alone. He says that he will leave her alone when he is satisfied that no one will hear the truth about Maxie's baby from her. Britt gives her word, but Frisco doesn't believe it. Britt asks what other assurances he wants. He says he'll let her know, and he leaves her, Patrick watches the scene from afar.

Sabrina tells Olivia that she's just there to pick up a chart. Steve says he's glad to see her on duty and asks if she's been cleared. Sabrina tells him that she has, and Steve congratulates her. Before she leaves, Steve stops her and tells Olivia that her vision about him and Sabrina came true, but in a different way. He explains about the water from the vase. Olivia says she understands it, but asks for them to understand based on Sabrina's crush on Steve. Sabrina confesses that there's no crush on Steve, and that she just said there was to cover a crush on another staff member. Olivia urges Sabrina to tell the object of her crush if they are not in a committed relationship already.

Patrick approaches Britt, and Britt tells him she didn't do anything to Sabrina. Patrick says he just wants to know what she did to get on Frisco's bad side.

Felicia tells Duke that she and Frisco have a past and history, but they can't have a relationship. She says that Frisco is important to her. Duke asks if Frisco is more important to her than Mac. He tells her that she can't avoid the confrontation much longer. Frisco walks in, and greets Duke. Mac walks in behind Frisco as he tells Duke and Felicia that it's as if nothing changed.

Tracy tells Spinelli that Duke doesn't work for her. Spinelli insists that Duke does work for ELQ. Tracy figures out that he works for AJ. Tracy tells Spinelli that he's not completely useless, she now has confirmation that Duke stole the relish for AJ. Spinelli asks what she's going to do about it.

Mac comments on the reunion he walked in on. Duke's phone rings again, and he sees that Tracy is calling again. He tells everyone that he has to leave. Felicia tries to convince Duke to stay, but he says he has to deal with his own confrontation. Mac asks Frisco what brings him by. Frisco tells him that Felicia does.

Michael is confident that they will find the recipe. AJ tells him that for once, he wasn't thinking about the relish or ELQ, he was thinking about how much smarter than him Michael is. He comments on Michael finding a smart and beautiful girl. Michael says that maybe it's AJ's turn to find a smart and beautiful girl. Elizabeth comes around the corner in her dress for the wedding, and says hello to AJ.

Britt tells Patrick that Frisco was concerned about Maxie being a surrogate. She offers to call Frisco and let him tell Patrick what they discussed. Patrick says that he doesn't question Britt's abilities, it's how she treats people that he has an issue with. Britt reminds him that despite her testimony and her letter, Sabrina was cleared so she's obviously not a threat to Sabrina. She walks off as Sabrina arrives, and asks Patrick what was going on. Patrick tells her that he's not sure.

Felicia asks Frisco what he wants. Frisco tells her about the voicemail he left, then asked if she got it. Mac looks at her curiously.

Duke walks into Tracy's living room. He says that she called him about ketchup. She corrects him and tells him it was relish. She tells him that a jar is missing, and she didn't see it after he left. She tells him that she's ruled out all of the suspects except AJ. Tracy explains how she thinks AJ stole the relish from her. She wants to hire Duke to steal it back. She opens a briefcase full of money. She tells him she wants to hire him, unless he has more profitable employment.

AJ and Michael tell Elizabeth that she looks beautiful. Elizabeth explains how Olivia and Steve are eloping in Steve's room, and how she's both maid of honor and best person. Michael excuses himself, and leaves them. AJ asks Elizabeth out, and she accepts. Elizabeth says she has to get to the wedding and AJ promises to call her. She tells him she's looking forward to it, then walks off, leaving a happy AJ behind.

Maxie walks in with a priest ready to marry Olivia and Steve. Elizabeth then walks in to stand up for them both. Maxie leaves the four of them to their privacy.

As Tracy closes the door, she calls out for Spinelli to come in. They discuss how Duke bought it and is likely reporting to AJ as they speak. Tracy wants them to get confident so she can beat them. She hires Spinelli to spy on AJ and Duke, confident that when AJ gets the recipe, Spinelli will be there to get it.

AJ watches as Ellie and Starr work on the relish. Michael returns and comments on how he noticed Elizabeth checking AJ out. Duke joins Michael and AJ. AJ asks what happened. Duke tells him how Tracy hired him to steal the relish, but he predicts he won't be very successful. AJ says it won't matter, because once Ellie and Starr get the recipe, it's all over.

Olivia and Steve exchange their vows as Elizabeth witnesses. As the priest is about to pronounce them husband and wife, Memphis detectives arrive and announce that Steve is under arrest.

Patrick and Sabrina come across some nurses celebrating. One of the nurses tells Sabrina that the rankings are posted. Patrick encourages her to look at her place in the rankings. She finds that she's not on the list of graduating nurses. From a distance, Britt looks on with a smile.

Mac tells Frisco and Felicia that he's going to do inventory. He leaves them to talk. Felicia asks Frisco if he came just to tell her he left a message. He asks her to listen to it, then asks her to meet him at the Metro Court. He tells her to dress up. He tells her that he will see her tonight. Around the corner, out of sight, Mac listens.

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