GH Update Thursday 2/28/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/28/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In the caverns, Lucy arrives to try to stop Caleb. McBain tries to cut his hands free while Caleb is distracted by Lucy. Caleb tells Lucy that he's been expecting her. Lucy says that she bets he wasn't expecting her crossbow.

At their apartment, Michael and Starr are kissing, and are interrupted by Duke knocking at the door. Starr tells Michael to answer the door. Duke apologizes for interrupting them, but says he's there on Quartermaine business.

In the Quartermaine living room, Monica walks in to find Tracy on the couch. She says she didn't expect to find Tracy there, but Tracy doesn't believe her. Monica guesses that Tracy thinks she is there to look for the key to the relish. Monica says that Tracy didn't have permission to put the lock on the refrigerator, but Tracy says it was to keep Monica and AJ away from it.

Duke shows Michael the jar of relish that he stole from Tracy. He says he wanted to bring it to AJ, but he can't find AJ anywhere.

At the hospital, Olivia is in tears, asking if Steve is ok. The doctor says that the wounds are deep, but he is in recovery and the prognosis is good. Olivia hugs the doctor in relief and Elizabeth hugs AJ in relief.

At Wyndemere, there is a replay of Rafe talking to Daniel as Alison's spirit looks on. Rafe turns around to see her there.

Caleb tells Lucy that he wanted privacy, but now he figures he should just kill everyone and get it over with. Lucy warns Caleb to drop his ax or she will drop him. Meanwhile, Sam and McBain both work on getting their hands freed.

Michael wonders how Duke got the jar of relish. Duke says he found it, but Starr guesses that he stole it. She tells him that she won't say anything. Duke tells them how he was able to get the key to get the relish. Michael guesses that Tracy doesn't know yet, but Duke says it won't take long for her to find out.

Monica and Tracy argue over whether or not Tracy will be able to oust AJ as CEO and take over. Monica tells Tracy that it was her fault for destroying ELQ, and that AJ and Michael will fix it. Monica implores Tracy to take the last jar of relish and have it mass produced so that it can do some good and save ELQ. Tracy tells Monica that she's right and that she will do that.

AJ tells Elizabeth that he's glad Steve is going to be ok. Elizabeth thanks him for being there for her. Olivia wants to know when she can see Steve. The doctor says that she can as soon as he's settled in the ICU. As the doctor leaves, Olivia hugs Elizabeth, then tells her that she needs to pull herself together for Steve. Dante walks off of the elevator and joins Olivia, Elizabeth and AJ. Dante hugs Olivia, and tells her that he is sorry. Olivia tells him that she's crying because she's happy, but she's worried about Heather. Dante tells her that Heather turned herself in, and is in jail. Olivia wants to know why she did that.

Rafe asks if Alison is really there. Alison tells him that she is dead, but is always with him. Rafe blames himself for Alison's murder. Alison tells him that she's with Rafe's father now. Rafe is unsettled, and tells her that Caleb told him that he was Rafe's father. He wonders if that can be true.

Caleb tells Lucy that he's waiting for her to shoot him. Sam calls out to Lucy, but Caleb tells Sam that Lucy can't hurt him. Lucy disagrees, and promises to send Caleb to hell. McBain assures Sam that he's ok while Caleb taunts Lucy. Lucy asks him if he has fun abducting innocent women and dressing them in Livvie's clothes. Caleb says that if Sam isn't Livvie, then he isn't a vampire, and Lucy isn't a slayer which means she has no special protection from him. Lucy insists that she does. Caleb asks what she's going to do with the crossbow, and Lucy tells him that she's going to shoot him with a silver tipped arrow. Caleb tells Lucy that he and Livvie are going to be together in eternal bliss. Lucy says that he won't claim Sam, but Caleb says he already has. Lucy tells him that she's been waiting a long time to say goodbye to him, and she shoots her crossbow. Caleb catches the arrow. McBain urges Lucy to run, but Lucy refuses. Caleb notices that McBain calls Sam "Sam" while Lucy calls her "Livvie". Caleb mentions that perhaps Lucy should be back at Ferncliff. Lucy asks if he thinks he's won, and Caleb says that since McBain is tied up and Lucy has no more silver tipped arrows, perhaps it's time for her to say goodbye.

Olivia doesn't want to talk about Heather, she wants to see Steve. Dante takes Olivia to see Steve. Elizabeth asks her to tell him that she will see him soon. Elizabeth tells AJ how much his being there meant to her. AJ says he's glad he was there for her. They are interrupted by AJ's phone ringing. AJ takes the call. Michael tells him that he's got good news, but it's something AJ should see. AJ promises to be right over. AJ tells Elizabeth that Michael asks him to come over and Elizabeth urges him to go. She thanks him again for being there with him, and he says that she's been there for him. He assures her that he will be there for her anytime. Outside of Steve's room, Olivia waits. A nurse comes out, and Olivia asks if she can go in to see him. The nurse tells her she can. Olivia goes in, and Steve opens his eyes to see her.

Michael tells Duke that AJ is on the way over. Duke asks if he will get the relish to AJ, and Michael promises to. He predicts that Tracy is going to lose it when she finds the relish missing. Starr can't believe that he is looking forward to it. Duke and Michael explain that the Quartermaines have a history of infighting. Michael explains that AJ and Tracy should be working together, but it won't happen.

Monica is surprised that Tracy agreed to give the relish to AJ. Tracy says that she isn't giving it to AJ. She is going to get AJ unseated. She says that she plans to get the recipe and use it to save ELQ herself. Tracy goes to her book and retrieves the key, telling Monica that she's going to get started right away because she knows that the longer it's in the house, the more danger it is in of being stolen by the family. She leaves the room to get her relish. As Monica sits down to read, she hears Tracy scream. Tracy then comes storming back into the room, asking Monica where the jar is. Tracy insists that if Monica hasn't taken it, it was AJ. She says no one else is in the house and only Duke visited.

AJ tells Duke, Michael and Starr that they have the last spoonful of relish in the world. Duke offers to taste it, and tell them what ingredients he tastes. AJ says that they need to get an exact breakdown. Starr says that maybe she can help.

Steve is grateful that Olivia is ok. Olivia tells him that he saved her life and nearly died doing so. She tells him how much she prayed for him, and that he's going to make it. Steve agrees, telling her that he has an angel watching over him.

Rafe can't believe that Caleb is his father. Alison tells him that Caleb loves his own evil. Rafe asks why Caleb says he's his father. Alison confirms that Caleb is Rafe's father.

Caleb advances on Lucy as Sam begs him to stop. Caleb tells Lucy how it will be a relief for her because she won't have to convince them that she's sane. McBain tries to convince Caleb that the police are coming, but Caleb knows better. Caleb grabs Lucy by the throat. Lucy tells him that the police aren't coming, and that if he kills her, he won't get what he wants. Caleb says he has what he wants as he points to Sam. Lucy says she means Rafe, but Caleb says he knows Rafe is upstairs. As Caleb goes in to kill Lucy, McBain breaks free and rushes Caleb. As Caleb and McBain struggle, Lucy frees Sam. Caleb is distracted as he sees Lucy freeing Sam, giving McBain the upper hand.

Dante is on the phone, checking on the progress on the search for McBain. He then tells the person he is speaking to to make sure that they keep an eye on Heather.

Elizabeth joins Olivia and Steve in Steve's room. Olivia leaves to get cleaned up, and to give Elizabeth and Steve some privacy. Elizabeth tells him how worried he had them, and that she is going to hold him to their deal for her to stand up for him at his wedding to Olivia. Elizabeth tells him that she doesn't know what she would have done if she lost him, and how much she loves and appreciates him.

Tracy goes to call the police as Monica tries to stop her. Tracy wants to have AJ arrested. Monica tells Tracy that she has no proof that AJ took it, and that she admitted she had another visitor. Tracy is convinced it has nothing to do with Duke.

Duke asks Starr how she can help. Starr says that she's a science geek, and that she knows how to analyze samples. AJ asks if she can analyze the relish. Michael and Starr explain how she would break down the sample. Duke asks if she can do that for the relish. Starr says she knows all of the scientific properties and how to apply them. AJ asks when she can start.

Rafe is in disbelief over Caleb being his father. Alison assures him that he's nothing like Caleb, he is like his "true" father Rafe. Rafe begs her not to leave, but she fades, she assures him that he's not alone.

Caleb falls over as Lucy asks if Caleb is dead. McBain checks his pulse. He says that there's no pulse, that it's over.

Dante catches up with Olivia in the hallway. He assures her that Heather is still locked up. They discuss that she saw Steve being stabbed in a vision. Dante says that not all of them have been bad. Olivia agrees, and says that most of them have had a point with the exception of the dog. Dante asks why she's bringing that up again. He tells her that it was about Maxie tripping over the dog on New Years Eve. Olivia says that must be what that was.

Steve apologizes to Elizabeth for having everyone worried. Elizabeth tells him to stop apologizing. She says that only Steve would worry about everyone else while he fought for his life. Steve tells her that he was unconscious and she had to deal with it. She tells him that at least she had someone to lean on.

Starr promises to start in the morning. AJ hugs her and thanks her. As he and Duke leave, AJ tells Starr and Michael that he feels good about things for the first time in a very long time. Outside of the apartment, Duke tells AJ how fixing ELQ will be good in more ways than one. AJ tells Duke that they wouldn't have the relish if not for him. AJ says he'll call when he's ready for Duke again. Duke says he will wait for the call. AJ suggests that Duke lay low, not come to the office for a while, and they keep their work relationship between the two of them.

Tracy wants to know why Duke would steal the relish. She is still convinced that AJ took it. Monica tells Tracy that the whole thing is Tracy's fault, that they wouldn't have needed the relish if she hadn't destroyed ELQ. Monica starts to leave but stops. She tells Tracy that she dreams of kicking Tracy out of her house, but Tracy is family. She hates to see Tracy tortured by the relish, so she implores her to admit defeat, then heads out again. Tracy shouts after Monica that she'll have her place at ELQ back and that she's not dead yet.

McBain checks on Sam while Lucy looks at Caleb. Sam and McBain agree that they saved each others' lives. Lucy says that catching the arrow like Caleb did proves that he was a vampire. McBain agrees that Caleb was strong and fast, but not a vampire. He takes the prosthetic fangs from Caleb's mouth and hands the to Lucy as proof. McBain says they were probably part of his stage show, then suggests she call him by his real name: Stephen Clay. Lucy insists that the ring makes Caleb immortal. McBain says he's not immortal, just insane. He then escorts Sam up to go see her son. McBain asks if Lucy is coming, but she doesn't want to leave Stephen Clay alone. McBain promises to call in what happened, then tells her that Stephen isn't going anywhere. He then leaves with Sam.

Steve apologizes to Olivia for not listening to her about the vision. He promises her that he will take all of her visions seriously. She says she happens to have a new one now. She tells him that both of them are wearing wedding rings. She tells him it's more of a wish. She doesn't want to wait to marry him. She wants to marry him right away.

Elizabeth is at the nurses' station as AJ calls and apologizes for leaving. She tells him its ok, because Michael needed him. He asks how Steve is. Elizabeth tells him that Steve is awake and talking. AJ is glad to hear it, then reminds him that they promised to be there for each other anytime. AJ hangs up and walks into the living room. Tracy goes to him and accuses him of stealing the relish. AJ feigns surprise and laughs as she accuses him. She asks if she's supposed to believe that he has no idea where the relish is. He shrugs innocently.

Michael asks how long it will take Starr to break down the relish. Starr says it depends on how many ingredients was used. They discuss the ingredients of ice cream to make the point. She tells him to call her a genius when she gets the ingredients broken down. Michael kisses her.

AJ tells Tracy that he doesn't care what she believes. Tracy thinks that he's confessing that he does have the relish. AJ says that he doesn't, and even if he did, good luck proving it. He leaves as Tracy goes to the phone and gets Duke's number. Duke looks at a photo of Anna on his phone as his phone rings. He sees the caller ID says "caller unknown".

McBain gets Sam to where Rafe and Daniel wait. She takes Daniel from Rafe, promising never to leave her again. She thanks Rafe for taking care of Daniel. Rafe asks about Lucy. McBain says she'll be around in a minute. Rafe then asks about Caleb/Steven. McBain says that Rafe is safe, that his father is dead.

Lucy rants at Stephen, still convinced that he is a vampire. She's convinced that his death is a lie and a game. She says that the ring is giving him power, and attempts to take the ring off of him, but she can't. She realizes she sounds crazy, but says that Stephen was the crazy one. She says she's not crazy, that she's done and hopes that her loved ones still love her. She heads out, then tells Stephen that he was right about one thing: she's done being a slayer. She leaves Stephen alone.

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