GH Update Wednesday 2/27/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/27/13


Written by Tami
Proofread by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine mansion, in the family room, Tracy is on the phone with Ned. She tells him to trust her as she has everything under control. She tells him how she hides her key in a different place every night so that AJ can't find it, just as she hides the key in a book called "Vengeance is Mine". She walks out of the family. Duke is outside, listening and watching. He calls AJ, leaving a message for AJ to call him back. He says he may have found an opening to getting the relish.

Steven is rushed into the hospital with an upset Olivia rushing in with him. Elizabeth sees them, and Olivia tells her that Heather is alive and stabbed him. Steven is rushed off with Olivia following as Elizabeth and AJ watch.

At the PCPD, Anna hangs up the phone, telling an officer that Heather is not dead, and that she's just stabbed her own son. She has the officer pull two units off of McBain's case to have them go door to door around Steven's home to search for Heather. Anna vows that Heather isn't going to get away with it.

At Wyndemere, Heather walks into the family room to see Rafe with Daniel. She tells Rafe that it is perfect.

Anna tells her officer that she also wants someone to get in touch with the sanitarium in Alabama, wanting Stephen Clay's records. She also wants to speak with someone who treated him before he escaped. As the officer leaves, Anna looks at an article about Stephen Clay's escape. Alexis walks in, telling Anna that she's trying to get the D.A. to drop the charges against Molly, but Anna says she can't help. Alexis implores for her to say that it wasn't Molly's fault, and that she was persuaded by Lucy. Anna reminds her that Molly is on the video, opening the cells. Alexis tells Anna that both she and Molly are afraid for Sam.

Lucy searches the tunnels of Wyndemere, wondering where Caleb has Sam. She is worried about what Caleb will do to Sam when he finds out she's not Livvie. She drops her flashlight, then appears to have trouble with her crossbow, and asks what else could go wrong just as she falls and knocks herself unconscious.

Caleb tells Sam that it's time. When he gives her one more bite, she'll remember everything. She'll remember that she's Livvie and that they are destined to be together. Sam begs Caleb not to hurt her. As he is about to bite her, McBain walks in, carrying an ax, and tells him to get his hands off of her. Caleb apologizes to Sam, and promises he won't be long. McBain tells him again to get away from Sam. Caleb says he reluctantly obliges and comments on meeting John McBain at last.

Duke walks into the Quartermaine living room, searching for the key. He starts to look through the books and decides that "Vengeance is Mine" fits Tracy to a T. He's about to look at the book when Tracy rushes in with an umbrella, asking what Duke is doing in her house.

At the hospital, AJ checks his phone to see one missed call from Duke, but doesn't check the call, focusing on being there for Elizabeth. He hears a doctor asking for a nurse to see how long it will take to open up on operating room. AJ tells the doctor that Steven is one of their own, so they should be able to operate immediately. The doctor tells the nurse to get a room prepped, and that they will be up there in three minutes. Olivia tells Steven that he is going to be fine as a nurse backs her away from him. Elizabeth asks what happened. Olivia tells her how Heather stabbed Steven as Heather tried to stab her. She says that Steven saved her life.

Heather tells Rafe that God works in mysterious ways: he gives, takes away and gives again. She tries to take Daniel from Rafe, but Rafe refuses to give him up. Heather tries to again convince Rafe that she is Daniel's nanny, reminding him that they met before. Rafe tells her that she's no one's nanny, and that she's a crazy kidnapper named Heather Webber.

Alexis wonders why the D.A. is pursuing the situation with Molly, and tells Anna that the D.A. won't take her calls, but maybe he'll take Anna's. Anna tells Alexis how full her hands are right now, then breaks the news to her that Heather stabbed Steven. Alexis says that she thought Heather was dead. Anna says they all did, but she apparently survived. She tells Alexis that she thinks that McBain's lookalike is an escaped mental patient.

McBain addresses Stephen Clay, but is told that his name is Caleb Morley. Caleb tells McBain that he seems to have a bit of Morley in him, too. McBain tells him that the resemblance is just a freak coincidence. Caleb tells McBain that he was fated to be there to look after Livvie until he could come to claim her. McBain asks if Sam is ok. She is concerned about Daniel. McBain assures Sam that Daniel is ok. Caleb also assures her that Daniel is fine, and that everything is happening as it should. McBain tells him that she is Samantha Morgan, not Livvie. Caleb says that's only for a little while longer, then she will remember being Livvie. McBain notices Sam is bleeding. He asks if Caleb bit her. Caleb says he did twice. McBain is worried that Sam could bleed to death. Caleb tells him that death is a relative term for him and Sam, but not for McBain. McBain vows not to let Caleb hurt her again. Caleb tells McBain that Sam wants it, but Sam says she doesn't. Caleb tells her she will when they are together forever, but first he has to get rid of McBain.

Lucy comes to, mentioning that she has to find Caleb and Sam as she crawls on the ground. She looks up, surprised to see someone, then says she missed her so much. She sees Alison's spirit in front of her. Alison says she is there for Lucy now. They reach their hands towards each other.

Heather tells Rafe that she doesn't blame him for being confused. She tells him that the name doesn't matter, but Daniel is her son and she needs him. She tells Rafe to hand Daniel over to her.

Olivia tries to encourage Steven to look at her. Elizabeth tries to go with the team to perform surgery, but is told by the doctor that family isn't allowed to assist, and that she's too close. AJ stops Elizabeth, telling her that she's costing the team time. Olivia asks the doctor what she can do. The doctor tells he to stay out of the way as they get Steven to an elevator and the door closes. Olivia decides to take the stairs. Elizabeth tries to go with her, but AJ stops her, telling her to let Olivia go. Elizabeth wants to be with her brother, and AJ says that she will be, but she has to let the doctors do their job, and that she'd see Steven later. Elizabeth tells AJ that is exactly what Steven said to her as he left earlier, that he'd see her later.

Tracy is surprised to find that the intruder in her living room is Duke. She wants to know how he got into her house, and why. He tells her that she looks well, but she tells him to do better than flattery. Tracy accuses him of being a burglar, but Duke denies it. He points out that he came in through the terrace doors. Tracy asks why he sneaked into her house. He says he's desperate to see her about Anna.

Anna explains to Alexis about Stephen Clay, showing her a copy of the article about him and mentions Livvie. She shows Alexis a photo of Livvie so Alexis could see the resemblance. Anna then explains how Livvie died ten years ago, but Stephen couldn't accept her death and goes on to explain Stephen Clay's history. Alexis asks if Anna can explain how Stephen Clay and Livvie Locke look identical to McBain and Sam.

McBain tells Caleb that he knows all about him. He knows how he lost is mind when he lost his wife. Caleb tells McBain that Livvie is his wife and eternal love. He tells McBain that he always finds his way back to her. Caleb urges Sam not to be afraid, and says it will be over soon and they will be husband and wife forever. McBain tells Caleb that he will do anything to be with his wife, but Sam isn't Livvie. Caleb tells McBain that one of them is delusional. Caleb says that if McBain is right, they are there by coincidence, but if he's right, Sam will remember being Livvie and they will claim Rafe and Daniel as their sons. McBain tells Caleb that he's not going near Rafe and Daniel and he's not going to touch Sam. Caleb tells McBain he was going to kill him, but he thinks he's going to let McBain watch so McBain can see that he's delusional. Caleb goes to bite Sam again, but McBain charges him with the ax he's carrying. A struggle begins.

Tracy wants to know what Anna has to do with Duke breaking into her house. Duke says he wants Anna back. Tracy wonders how that concerns her. Duke flashes back to Anna telling him that she broke up with Luke. Duke tells Tracy that he wants Anna to fall in love with him again, and that he understands that Tracy and Luke are friends. He wants her to tell him what she knows about Luke and Anna's relationship. He wants to know if Luke is a factor in Anna's life. Tracy asks why would she want to involve herself if she does know anything about it. Duke suggests that she would help him out of compassion. She reminds him that he broke into her home with questionable motives.

At the hospital, AJ listens to Duke's message, then watches as Elizabeth lights a candle for Steven in the chapel. Elizabeth flashes back to Steven asking her to be his best man. AJ asks if there is anything he can do for her. She asks him to sit with her. He promises to stay all night long if that's what it takes, as he sits with her in the chapel.

Heather explains to Rafe that she and Daniel need each other. She tells him that Daniel is her do-over. Rafe continues to refuse to give Daniel to her, saying he promised to care for Daniel until Sam returns, and that's what he is going to do.

Alexis asks Anna if any of the people who treated Stephen Clay know where he might have taken Sam. Anna says they don't, but he loved Livvie, and that she hopes that as long as he thinks Sam is Livvie, he won't hurt her. Alexis wonders how someone like Steven Clay is roaming the streets, and how Anna and the PCPD could have confused McBain for him. Anna doesn't have an answer for her and apologizes. Alexis tells her not to be sorry, just find Sam. She tells Anna how much Sam means to her, how she couldn't go on with out her. Alexis then apologizes to Anna, remembering that Anna lost Robin. Anna tells her that it's ok; she's entitled to her feelings. Alexis tells Anna that she lost Sam once already. She tells Anna her history of being forced by her father to give up Sam when Sam was born. Anna ironically comments that he was a great father. She tells Alexis that she missed so much time with Robin. She tells Alexis how much Robin adored Robert. Alexis tells Anna how lucky Robin was, and that Sam never met her father. Anna asks who Sam's father is.

McBain and Caleb continue to struggle as Sam begs them to stop. Caleb gets the upper hand and chokes McBain into unconsciousness.

Heather tells Rafe that Sam doesn't deserve his loyalty or Danny. She accuses Sam of being an unfit mother. She then tells Rafe that she's been called an unfit mother, too. She tells Rafe about her son Steven Lars. She says she couldn't care for him because she was so young and alone, so she sold him. She says she's tried to make it up to him and be a good mother to him. She thought it would just be her and Steven, but then tells Rafe that he would never understand. Rafe tells her that he does understand, and that he failed his mother like Heather failed her son. He promises not to fail Daniel.

Alison asks Lucy if she's ok. Lucy says she is, but she failed to protect Alison. Alison assures her that she hasn't failed her. She tells Lucy that she is at peace and that all the years of fear are gone. She says she's finally with her husband. She says her husband, Rafe sends his love and strength, and that Lucy is now their only hope. Lucy tells Alison that Rafe loved her. Alison assures her that even though Caleb sired her son, Rafe was always his father. Lucy tells Alison how determined Caleb is to get to Rafe. Alison says that Caleb wants to turn Rafe and that only Lucy can stop him.

Sam calls out to McBain as Caleb returns to her. Caleb tells her that she should know that he would never let anyone come between them. She pleads with McBain to wake up as she sees him bound to a post. Caleb tells her that she will wake up soon, and return to the life she once knew. Sam tells him that she is not Livvie. He tells her not to believe the stories that she's been told, but Sam insists there are no stories. He tells her that he can't die and that every time he's come to her and been denied, it has made him stronger. He promises that now they won't be separated again. She tells him that she won't marry him, but he insists she will and they will claim Rafe and Daniel. Sam tells Caleb that he can't have Daniel. Caleb tells her that it's all waiting for them, and once he kills McBain, nothing can stop them from having everything they want.

Lucy tells Alison that she can't defeat Caleb because he is so much stronger and that she is lost. Alison assures Lucy that she will find a way. Lucy asks Alison to show her the way. Alison tells her not to doubt herself. She tells Lucy that she has power and always has. Lucy picks up her crossbow and finds Alison gone.

Rafe puts Daniel down as Heather asks what happened between Rafe and Alison. He tells her that it was the two of them, always on the move. Heather says she thinks it sounds wonderful, but Rafe says he didn't appreciate it. He tells her that he thought his mother was insane. He tells her that he never had friends or anything, and that one day he disobeyed his mother's instructions to stay put, and he took off. He says Alison died because he wasn't there to protect her. Rafe flashes back to witnessing Caleb stabbing Alison. He tells Heather it was all his fault. Heather flashes back to her stabbing Steven. She then hugs Rafe, telling him over and over how sorry she is.

Anna apologizes for asking Alexis who Sam's father is. Alexis tells her that it's a logical question. They are interrupted by Alexis' cell phone. She has a message that the D.A. wants to see her. Anna tells Alexis that Molly is in the interrogation room with Shawn. She then promises to do everything in her power to bring Sam and Daniel home for her. Alexis thanks her, then goes into the interrogation room.

Duke apologizes for involving Tracy. Tracy tells him that Anna broke it off with Luke because Luke isn't the love of her life, but Duke is. Duke asks if Anna told Luke that, and Tracy confirms that she did. Duke hugs her, presumably as a show of gratitude, but takes the key out from inside of the book behind Tracy's back. Tracy comments that she spilled her drink on him. Duke asks for the restroom and Tracy tells him where to find it. Once away from Tracy, Duke takes the key from his pocket, looks at it and walks off.

Rafe wonders if Heather is trying to trick him or con him so she could take Daniel. Heather promises not to take Daniel again. She knows she is not his mother.

Alone in the interrogation room, Anna looks at a photo of Robin on her phone. She mentions that Robin has been gone for a year and that she sees her everywhere. She mentions that the town is insane. She wonders how she can bring Sam home if she couldn't even protect her own child. She prays to God to watch over Robin. She wants Robin to feel her love around her.

Heather tells Rafe that Steven could be dying and that she can't do anything to help him. She says all she can do is pray. She then gets on her knees and prays, telling God that she knows she will have to face him one day and that he can do what he wants to her.

Olivia is in the stairwell, praying that God not let Steven die. She tells God that Steven has made mistakes but he saves lives, that she and Elizabeth need him. She tells God how much she loves Steve. She says that she has a beautiful son, but now is supposed to be her and Steven's time. She asks God not to take Steven away from her.

AJ assures Elizabeth that Steven isn't going to die, but she says he can't know that. AJ agrees with her, but tells her that he was on the brink of death before, but came back. She tells him that it was a miracle and they can't count on miracles. AJ tells her maybe not, but they can pray. Elizabeth is surprised to hear the suggestion come from AJ. He tells her that prayer is what helped him recover and continues to help him stay recovered, one day at a time. He goes to the altar and kneels, and Elizabeth joins him. They both pray for Steven to live.

Lucy prays, telling God that she is going to protect Rafe and Sam, but she needs help. She says she is lost in more ways than one. She begs God for help. She asks for help and strength to defeat Caleb.

Caleb says he knows that Sam is becoming impatient, and that he is too. Caleb goes to get his ax as McBain comes around. McBain asks Sam if Caleb bit her again. She tells him he's waiting, but McBain needs to get free. McBain says he's working on it. Sam tells McBain that Caleb intends to kill him, so they have to do something. McBain looks over at Caleb sharpening the ax. McBain tells her to tell God. Sam begins to pray, asking for help. She tells God that Daniel and Liam need her and McBain.  She asks God to protect them all from evil.

Duke returns to the Quartermaine living room and returns the key to the book. He thanks Tracy again. He then leaves the way he came. As he steps outside, he looks at the jar of relish in his pocket before he leaves the grounds.

Olivia, Elizabeth, and AJ meet at the nurses' station. Olivia asks if Steven is out of surgery. Elizabeth says not yet. Olivia is worried that if Steven is in surgery too long, it can't be good. Elizabeth tells her that the surgeon needs to be very thorough. Olivia blames herself for Steven being stabbed. She says that she should have taken Steven away when she saw the vision. Elizabeth says that she couldn't have known that it was going to be Heather, but Olivia asks who else would have done it. Elizabeth tells Olivia that it wasn't her fault, and AJ tells her that she probably saved his life because she got him to the hospital so fast. The surgeon comes off of the elevator. Olivia looks at him and cries.

Anna picks up her cell phone, looking at her picture of Robin again. As she heads out of the interrogation room, she comes face to face with Heather, then draws her gun. Heather says she's turning herself in.

Rafe assures Daniel that they will be ok, and that Sam will be with them soon. Alison's spirit looks on from behind Rafe.

Caleb tells McBain that he is lucky the ax is an antique, otherwise it would get messy. Sam begs Caleb not to do it. Caleb tells her that it will only be a minute, and that she needs to trust him. She says she won't trust him if he kills McBain. Caleb says that he thought that he wanted McBain to watch, but he wants it to be a private moment between him and Sam. Sam asks Caleb to let McBain go. Caleb tells her that with McBain out of the way, their lives can begin again and it will be forever. He goes to kill McBain as Lucy walks in and calls out to Caleb. He looks at Lucy and laughs.

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