GH Update Tuesday 2/26/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/26/13


Written by Carole
Proofread by Brenda

Pictures by Juanita

Sonny has followed a still angry Kate to the site of the crash that killed Trey. She's yelling at him to leave her alone but he doesn't. Kate still blames Connie for everything. At the hospital, Liz playfully stabs her brother in the shoulder with a pen. He asks her what's that for. At his apartment, Olivia opens the door, thinking it's Steve, but it turns out to be his mother, Heather Webber. Heather tells a shocked Olivia how John McBain tried to strangle her but she just doesn't seem to die. Heather then tells Olivia "but you will." as she reveals a butcher knife.

At the PCPD, Shawn enters the holding room where a worried Molly waits. She asks if there is any news on escapees. She goes over how she was the good daughter, and now she's broken her mother's heart, and T.J.'s, too. Shawn can't disagree, but just then, an officer announces Molly has a visitor, and lets T.J. in.

At Wyndemere, Lucy, John and Rafe have found Danny alone in the main room. As Caleb spies on them, while trying to keep Sam quiet, the three realize that they have just missed him. John holds Danny, checking him out, and kisses him on the head. Caleb leads a struggling Sam through the tunnels to a secret room. Caleb rambles on about their future together calling her "Livvie ". John and Lucy are arguing over who best can find Caleb, when John suddenly remembers the tunnels.

At the PCPD, T.J. is going off on Molly who's shocked when he tells her she's all over he news. T.J. tells her what it's like for him now. Back at the crash site, Kate is still ranting about Connie, and why they let her kill Trey. Sonny tries to get her to leave but Kate says she never got a chance to grieve for her son. She wants to honor him, and needs to remember the crash. At GH, Liz tells Steve that she stabbed to make him forget about Olivia's visions. They joke about Olivia's vision and Liz tells him she did it to protect him.

Back Steve's place, Heather is blaming Olivia for her losing Steve. Olivia is defending herself to Heather who wants another chance with Sam's baby. Kate tries to push Sonny away but he he's not going anywhere. He reminds her of the promise he made to her, saying he'd stand by her. As far as Kate is concerned, he broke that promise when he slept with Connie.

At the PCPD, Shawn intervenes when things get heated between Molly and T.J. He decides to go in search of Alexis to find out where things stand. He makes sure everything is fine between Molly and T.J. before he leaves. Molly says it is but as soon as Shawn leaves, T.J. is still after Molly for an answer. Molly tells T.J. that she believes that John, Lucy and Rafe are the only ones who can find Sam and Danny.

At Wyndemere, Lucy and John are searching for the tunnel entrance. John explains how the tunnels work and says that someone showed him once. He finds the secret entry and asks Rafe for help. Rafe, who has been holding Danny now hands him to Lucy, in order to help John. He and John push open the heavy wooden doors. In the secret room, Sam is still fighting with Caleb, who's convinced she's Livvie, his dead wife. He tells her that he has a way to make her remember their life together.

At GH, Steve and Liz have changed the subject to his impending wedding. He tells her they haven't made any plans but he has thought about one thing. He then surprises Liz by asking he to be his best man. They share a loving moment before she sends him home to plan his wedding. At his home, Olivia is still defending herself against Heather, who blames Olivia for everything wrong in her life.

At Wyndemere, Caleb tells Sam it's time for her to join him. As he leans over her, he talks to her as if she's Livvie, tells her it's time for her to leave this life. Upstairs, John and Lucy are preparing to enter he tunnels. Rafe, who is now holding Danny, wants to go with John and Lucy. In unison, they both say "No!" Rafe tells them he wants to go after Caleb to avenge his mother. John tells him that Rafe is on his watch now and that he's putting Danny on Rafe's watch. Rafe doesn't understand why John is helping him after everything Rafe has done to him. John explains to him about trust. Lucy stops to give Rafe a St. Michael's medal she picked up in the professor's office. She explains how it protects him from evil. She tells him that he has angels watching over him -- his parents, Rafe and Allison. She gives him and Danny a hug and a kiss before she joins John. John says to an emotional Lucy. "Slayer, you ready to this?" Lucy picks up her weapons and follows John into the tunnels.

At the PCPD, Molly is explaining herself to T.J. and they eventually make up. Molly thanks him for the journal he gave her. Molly cracks a couple of jokes but T.J. realizes how serious the trouble she's in is. At the crash site, Kate is voicing her displeasure of Sonny sleeping with Connie. Kate tells him how hurt she is that Sonny supported Connie and not her. They argue over who left who. AT GH, A.J. runs into Liz who's pleased that he went to therapy. Steve arrives home to find Olivia fighting off Heather. "Mother?" he says in surprise, just as Heather slashes Olivia's arm. Steve rushes in to help Olivia, making Heather angry. The three of them struggle, and Heather ends up stabbing Steve in the stomach. Back at the hospital, A.J. and Liz talk about his therapy. He thanks her for encouraging him to go to therapy. He also says that it helps to talk to her as well.

At Wyndemere, a deranged Caleb is talking to an unconscious Sam as Livvie. John and Lucy continue to search the tunnels. At the PCPD, things have calmed between T. J. and Molly. He offers to go and find out any news, and to find Shawn. Before he leaves, he apologizes to Molly for being angry, and tells her how much he cares for her. He's just not sure where things stand now with Rafe in the picture. Rafe is in the Wyndemere main room, talking to Danny. He mentions that Molly once asked him if he was named after an angel. He thought he was named after his father but who knows? He talks to Danny about Allison and how he misses her every day. He tells Danny that he knows he misses Sam and apologizes to Danny for letting Heather take him.

Over at Steve's, Heather and Olivia are freaking out over the badly wounded Steve. Olivia gives Heather something to put pressure on Steve's wound. Olivia calls 911. At the crash site, Sonny and Kate are arguing about who left who. Sonny explains how hard it was for him without her. Kate still feels betrayed by Sonny especially since she was sick. Kate learns that Jason has died. Kate attempts to comfort him but it's awkward. Sonny tells her how much he missed her but Kate tells him she had no control over Connie. "You sure about that?" asks Sonny.

In the tunnels of Wyndemere, John tells Lucy that they should split up. Lucy agrees so they wish each other luck. In the secret room, Sam wakes up to find she's tied up and Caleb has put her in Livvie's wedding dress. She is covered in rose petals. Caleb shows her a picture of him and Livvie on their wedding day, hoping she will remember. Caleb prepares to kill her in hopes that she will come back as Livvie. He rambles on about the life they will have including a child.

At the crash site, Kate can't believe what Sonny has asked. Kate realizes that Sonny doesn't understand how her illness works. At GH, A.J. tells Liz about his session and they talk about his past. Liz is sympathetic, making A.J. want to continue talking with her. At Steve's Olivia and Heather are crying over Steve, when the paramedics arrive. When they ask what happened, Olivia tells them that Heather stabbed him. Back at the crash site, Sonny explains to Kate what it was like for him when she was gone. Kate is sorry and wishes she could've been there for him. Kate just wants a chance to mourn her son alone.

At Steve's apartment, Olivia watches helplessly as the paramedics work on saving Steve. Upon hearing that the police are on their way, Heather slips out of apartment unnoticed. At the crash site, Sonny and Kate are still arguing over who's right and who's wrong. Sonny finally gives in and gets ready to leave. before he does, he tells Kate he's always loved her, and he always will. At the PCPD, T.J. and Molly are still making up when Shawn returns. Unfortunately, he has no news for them. John and Lucy are separately searching the tunnels. A.J. and Liz are still chatting at GH, when Steve is brought in. Liz rushes over to her brother's side. Liz tries to help but she's only in the way. Olivia tells her that Heather stabbed her own son. Liz can't believe that Heather's alive.

At Wyndemere, in the main room, Rafe is holding Danny still talking to him. Rafe hears someone coming and tells Danny he thinks it's John and Lucy with Sam. When he turns around, he's shocked to see Heather Webber. In the tunnels, Lucy hits a dead end, but John hears Sam screaming, leading him to the secret room. Caleb is about to sink his fangs into Sam's neck when he hears John yelling "Get away from her!"

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