GH Update Monday 2/25/13

General Hospital Update Monday 2/25/13


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Patrick attends an Narcotics Anonymous meeting. He speaks to the group introducing himself and saying how long it's been since he’s last used and that he always owns responsibility for the fact that he is an addict in recovery. He talks about abusing pain pills to kill the pain because of the loss of his wife.

Someone watches Starr while is alone in the snow on the road where Cole and Hope died.

Kate is back after being Connie for a long time. Sonny and Olivia have just informed her of the devastating news that the son she had with Joe Scully Jr. whom she never got to know is dead. They assure her that she may blame Connie’s carelessness that Trey died but not her own. She tells them that Connie is her.

Sabrina is walking down the stairs when she runs into Dr. Steven Webber walking up the stairs leaving a voicemail for Olivia, and accidentally spills water from a vase on him.

At the police station, an officer tells Anna that there was a break-in at the university at Dewitt Hall. She knows that the professor was killed in that building by a man she knows is not John because John has been locked up.

John is meanwhile talking to Lucy about the dream she had about Caleb when she was at Windermere. John then concludes that he will go to Windermere next.

Sam awakens to see Caleb Morley, the vampire that looks just like John. She is very afraid of him. She looks around and asks if they are at Wyndemere. he tells her that they are meant to be united. He believes that she is Livvie.

Kate tells Sonny and Olivia that she left her own son to die and demands some answers about whether Trey’s death was quick and what exactly happened. They tell her it’s not the time and she needs to rest and not be stressed over this. She tells them they just tell her how she killed her son.

Starr asks her deceased boyfriend and daughter if it’s fair if she’s happy and lives the rest of her life without them. Michael walks up and startles her. He says it was exactly a year ago today when they first met and when he tried and failed to save Cole and Hope. She relives that.

Patrick admits to the people at the meeting that he thought the pills would enable him to live and cope. But because of his substance abuse he almost lost his career as a doctor, his daughter ,and his life. He says he has been sober 200 days. They all clap and commend him.

Sabrina offers Steve a shirt to change into. He says he can change his own shirt in the privacy of the locker room. She then apologizes for acting like she is his mother. He says he hopes she isn't his mother because his mother is dead. He tells her he knows she’s overly stressed and she needs to excuse him.

Lucy tells John that she is the vampire slayer and she needs to do something instead of him. But he tells her there’s no vampire. There’s a guy named Steven Clay who went psychotic and killed people. She protests that Steven Clay is only the alias of Caleb Morley, the vampire.

Sam tells Caleb that she is not Livvie; she’s Sam Morgan. She notices that he has baby Danny and she tells him he'd better not hurt him. He holds the baby telling her he’d never hurt a hair on the baby’s head, but remarks: “not that he has many.” When she discovers that she can't move, she concludes that he drugged her. He says, "Not exactly." 

Sonny tells Kate that at first he didn’t care for Trey but that he developed respect for her son when he went to bat and declared his love for Kristina. Hearing that, Kate smiles. Olivia tells her that the doctors rushed to save Trey and did everything they could when the accident occurred. She asks her cousin if he died on the table. She replies no. Kate demands that they tell her when and under what circumstances her son died. Sonny and Olivia are hesitant to answer.

Starr and Michael relive all the obstacles and traumatic experiences they went through when she believed his dad was responsible for her family’s death and was ready to kill Sonny. He was ready to prosecute her. She remembers him urging her not to go through with it. She tells him she would be in prison if not for him.

Patrick goes to the hospital Chapel to light a candle for Robin. Sabrina is already there, lighting a candle for Officer Carlson. She remarks that Emma is lucky to have a dad like him. He remarks that he is lucky to have so many people there for him and his daughter. He tells her that she’s been such a good friend to them and he appreciates all she’s done.

Anna concludes that John, Lucy, and Rafe went to Professor Mosser's office and she is ready to go to the university to apprehend them.

Rafe tells John and Lucy talk to  he must accompany them to find the man who killed his mom. John doesn’t want him coming along. He tells them how important it is to find the person who killed one’s parents.

Caleb tells Sam that they are destined to be together and that in time, she will remember who she is. She pleads with him to let her go and be with her family. But he tells her that he is her family. He says they both made mistakes, him by sleeping with Alison and producing a child, and her for taking his ring and making a wish on it. He says he has already begun to put things back the way they should be. She asks if he means by killing Allison. He says she also had a child with  “some person.” He looks at the baby and tells her he will accept her son if she accepts his.

Patrick and Sabrina chat in the chapel. He asks her what her plans are with her up and coming graduation from her nursing program. She tells him all she can think of is Officer Carlson and that she knows he was studying for his exam to become a police Sergeant. He tells her she mustn’t blame herself for what happened and must know that everyone makes mistakes. She tells him that she knows of a nurse who never made mistakes.

By the gravesite, Starr and Michael relive how they got together and how grateful they are to be together with all they’ve come through in the last year.

Olivia tells Kate that they had to make the decision to take Trey off life support and demands to know who "we" is. They reveal it was Connie. Kate is furious.

Caleb tells Sam that she will remember him and she will remember them. She cries and protests there is no “us.” She is not Livvie and she cannot replace her. She needs him to let her and her son go. He reveals his fangs.

At the hospital, Elizabeth talks to Steven about whether he believes all of Olivia’s visions.

Sabrina shares with Patrick that her mom was the perfect nurse, her hero, but she passed away. He tells her he didn’t know that and believes that is something that a friend would have asked about. He encourages her to talk about her mom if she wants. She tells him that she was a small child when her mom died but very early in her life, she noticed how her mom treated her patients like real people. Her father was a mess and could not take care of her and sent her to live with family in Puerto Rico. She is disappointed in her father’s inability to pull it together for her. Patrick reminds her that he was a mess and not able to take care of his child when Robin died. She says her father wasn't as strong as Patrick is.

Starr and Michael talk about how things changed in both of their lives when they got together. He remembers hearing her singing at the club. He tells her she was so beautiful and amazing and he will never forget it. She tells him she won’t either. They relive the 4th of July together.

Kate asks Sonny if it’s true that Connie took her own son off of life support after making him a vegetable. He tells her that Trey was an organ donor and it took convincing but in the end, Connie did the right thing. She tells him that Connie did not have the authority to do that. Connie is not Trey’s mother; she is. She tells Sonny he should have waited for her to come back and make the decision. But he tells her that if they had waited, Trey would not have been able to donate the organs that people needed to save their lives. Olivia protests to her cousin that Trey died a hero and she should be proud of that.

Anna looks at the article that John was reading online on Professor Mosser's computer and discovered that Steven Clay suffered a psychotic break after his wife died and became homicidal. She says it explains who Caleb is, bur not why he looks like John.

Sam pleads for Caleb to leave her alone. He leans toward her and she screams that he needs to let her go. But he tells her he needs to taste her blood two more times for her to remember everything. he is interrupted by the sound of Lucy's voice yelling for him to come out because they need to finish this.

Patrick asks Sabrina if she misses her mom. She tells him yes but she keeps a piece of her mom close, touching her stethoscope, which she says was her mother's. She talks about being inspired by her mom to be a nurse or be anything she wanted to be. She remembers her mom telling her that her heart will tell her what is right for her. He tells her he knows her mom will be very proud of her. She will graduate from nursing school. She brought the hospital ball back and must never give up on her dreams.

Michael and Starr relive their memories together.

Sonny urges Kate to know that Connie is a human being who loved her son although Kate does not want to believe that. She protests that Connie is a symptom which he does not realize. And with nothing more than crocodile tears. He winds up in bed with Connie.

Steven tells Elizabeth that he believes that Sabrina has “feelings” for him although she knows better.

Caleb covers Sam’s mouth to prevent her from screaming while Lucy calls to him from outside. John protests to her that she doesn’t want to yell and let him know they are there.  She tells him and Rafe that she knows how to get to Caleb. She then kicks open the door and demands that Caleb show himself.

Sabrina realizes that her whole conversation with Patrick has been about her so she will let him be alone to light his candle. He asks her not to go. He tells her they should light their candles together. One for her mother and one for Robin.

Kate asks Sonny just what made him want to sleep with Connie. She says neither she nor Connie will ever come back to him. She walks out of Steve and Olivia's apartment. He asks her not to leave and walks after her ,but she tells him to get away from her.

Michael sees a shooting star and tells Starr they need to make a wish. They get up to leave. The person in the bushes is still watching them.

Anna tells the cops that they need to find Lucy and John. She knows who they are after and, seeing that the medieval weapons that were hanging on the wall are missing, what they intend to do with him when they find him.

Lucy breaks into the parlor. John finds baby Danny, but Sam is not there. Lucy admits she doesn’t know where Caleb could have gone given that he’s a vampire and can fly.

Elizabeth tries to convince Steven that Olivia’s vision that he’s been stabbed and bloody may not be open to interpretation.

Heather appears outside Steve's apartment with a concealed butcher’s knife.

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