GH Update Friday 2/22/13

General Hospital Update Friday 2/22/13


Written by Tami
Proofread by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis and Shawn enter the PCPD with Alexis assuming that Anna knows something about Sam's disappearance. They see the result of the fire Lucy started and wonder what happened. Anna meets them and Alexis asks what she knows about Sam. Anna tells her nothing yet, and that Sam isn't the reason she called Alexis there, she needs Alexis' help with another crisis. Alexis tells her she can only do one crisis at a time. Anna explains that Alexis' two clients McBain and Lucy escaped with Diane's client, Rafe.

McBain, Lucy and Rafe arrive at the university. Lucy wonders if they shouldn't have waited until nightfall, but McBain tells her that they couldn't wait. Rafe is concerned with the trespassing on a crime scene. McBain reminds him that they are escaped fugitives, and asks how much more trouble can they get into. He opens the door to Professor Mosser's office and they all enter.

Anna explains that Lucy created the fire that allowed McBain and Rafe escape. Anna argues that the fire doesn't make Lucy responsible for McBain and Rafe escaping. Anna agrees that Lucy did not facilitate the escape as she leads Alexis and Shawn to the interrogation room. She opens the door, telling Alexis that her daughter did that, revealing Molly standing there alone.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy is reviewing a file as Luke walks in. Tracy has good news for Luke. She tells him that AJ suffers from panic attacks. It is the perfect way to get AJ out of his position as CEO, and he will have to advise the board or he will be violating SEC regulations regarding advising of a debilitating condition. She pours herself a drink as Luke asks her what her next move is. She tells him that her next move is to be reinstated as CEO, then she asks if he found the missing Quartermaine heir. Luke tells her that he got distracted as he takes her drink from her for himself. Tracy asks what happened, and Luke asks how much time they have.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu is working on her books as she calls out that they're closed. Scott says he's not there for a drink, and Lulu says that they are still closed. Scott says Lulu is her father's daughter, then suggests they clear the air regarding some unfinished business, such as Lulu killing Scott's son.

At Olivia's apartment, Olivia tells Kate that Joe Jr. is dead. Kate says she has to go see her son. She needs to catch up with him, and she has regrets. She grabs her purse and opens the door to leave, but finds Sonny on the other side of the door. Kate asks Sonny what he's doing there. She said all she wanted to say last night. Sonny still wants to talk. Kate tells Sonny that the shock of finding out about Trey being her son brought Connie out. She said she's ok with it, wants to see her son, and is on her way to see him now. Sonny tells her that she can't do that.

Alexis doesn't believe that Molly helped three prisoners escape. Anna says it's true. Shawn tells Anna that Molly is just a kid. Anna tells them that she did it, and she has the video footage to prove it. Alexis wants to know what possessed Molly to break three prisoners out of jail. Molly tells her that Lucy convinced her that it was the right thing to do. She says that Lucy told her that it was the only way to save Sam and Daniel.

McBain starts to search the office as Rafe asks what he hopes to find, since the police were already there. McBain says he doesn't know, maybe the research about the ring. Lucy tells McBain to just ask her as she could tell him all he wants to know about Caleb. McBain says she can't tell him what Caleb did with Sam and Daniel. He says that maybe the Caleb found something that will help them or maybe he left something behind. He encourages Lucy to look around.

Tracy asks Luke if he's in trouble. He tells her he isn't, but just surprised. He ran into his ex. Tracy assumes he means Anna as she pours herself another drink. He tells her that he ran into Laura.

Lulu tells Scott that Logan stalked her and terrorized her, and that she never meant to hurt him, whether he believes it or not. Scott tells her that time and distance from the situation has allowed him to see things more clearly. He would like to put it behind him and build a better relationship with her. Lulu wants to put it behind them, and have no relationship with Scott at all. Scott tells her it's not ok. She says she needs to clear the Valentine's decorations and set her Oscars theme as the Oscars are on Sunday night. Scott asks for a second chance now that they will be family. Lulu asks what he's talking about. Scott tells her that he's going to be her stepfather since Laura agreed to marry him. Laura walks in.

Tracy makes sure that Luke really means Laura. Luke tells her that he didn't even know Laura was in town. Tracy asks about Laura's treatment in Paris. Luke tells her that apparently her doctors gave her the ok to travel. Tracy guesses that Laura wants to be with Lulu as she and Dante await the birth of their child. Luke says that's part of it. Tracy says she's sorry, and guesses it must have been awkward. Luke said it became even more awkward when Laura introduced her fiancé, Scott Baldwin.

Laura tells Scott that she thought he was going to wait for her. He says he left her a note. Laura says she got it, but wishes he'd waited for her to tell Lulu. Scott says he wanted to talk to Lulu and hopes Laura isn't upset that he told Lulu, since it's not a secret. Laura agrees it's not a secret, but she would have liked to have told her own daughter. Scott assumed that Laura told Lulu. Lulu doesn't believe Scott and wonders why Laura would marry him after all he's done to them. Scott says it's all in the past. Laura asks for some time alone with Lulu. Scott says he'll go take care of some business and will pick Laura up later. Scott leaves, and Lulu asks what Laura is doing.

Molly tells Alexis what Lucy told her about Caleb having Sam and Daniel, and about Caleb being a vampire. She tells Anna what Rafe told her about Caleb claiming to be Rafe's father, and how Rafe is in danger. Anna tells her that jail the safest place for Rafe. Shawn says that Lucy convincing Molly that Rafe was in danger explains her letting Rafe go, but why let McBain go? Molly tells him that Lucy said that Rafe needs someone to protect him, and that if anyone can bring Sam and Daniel home, McBain can.

Lucy doubts that Caleb is stupid enough to leave a clue, but McBain says there's a first time for everything. Lucy tells Rafe that she can't get over how grown up he is. Rafe asks if they knew each other. Lucy tells him that she hasn't seen him since he was born. Rafe mentions how they came to town for Allison to see Lucy, because Lucy was the only person who could help them. He said he thought Allison was crazy. Lucy tells him that she wasn't crazy, she ran into the wrong person. McBain says he thinks he's found something.

Kate wants to know why she can't go see her son. She wants to see him, and wants to know why she can't. Sonny tells her that Trey is gone. Kate asks if Trey returned to New Orleans or went to L.A. to work. Sonny says he didn't go to L.A. and she can't see him because he's dead.

Tracy can't believe that Laura is with Scott. Tracy ask if Laura doesn't remember all Scott has done to her. Luke says he wanted to toss Scott off the boat, but he didn't because Laura loves Scott. Tracy tells Luke that they should not get involved, and if Laura has the bad taste to marry Scott again, then she should have at it. Luke says he doesn't think so.

Lulu wants to know why Laura is going back to Scott. Laura says they ran into each other in Paris, shortly after she moved there. Laura says that it was nice to see a familiar face. She was working hard to rebuild her life, and Scott was very supportive. Lulu asks what Scott wants. Laura says that Scott wants to rebuild his life and wants someone to rebuild it with. Lulu doesn't believe it. Laura says they reconnected, and that they were each others' first loves. Lulu says it doesn't erase all Scott has done to them. Laura agrees, but says they talked and each admitted their mistakes, and along the line, old feelings resurfaced. Lulu asks why she didn't tell her any of it. Laura says that she didn't want to talk on the phone about it. Lulu asks why not tell her when they first spoke when she returned. Laura says they weren't engaged yet, even though he'd asked. She wasn't sure of her answer yet. Lulu suggests that Laura made her decision when she saw Luke kissing Anna.

Anna walks out of the interrogation room to be greeted by Scott. Scott wants to see Lucy and wants to be her attorney. Anna tells him that Alexis is Lucy's attorney. Scott feels that Lucy would prefer him if she knew he was back. He asks again to be shown to Lucy. Anna says she can't because Lucy isn't there, she escaped. Anna says she was going to be taken to Ferncliff anyway.

Alexis asks if Molly knows how much trouble she's in. Molly says it's a good thing Alexis is a very good attorney. Shawn tells Alexis it's not so bad, she's a first time offender and not even a juvenile delinquent. Alexis says she is now. Shawn tells Molly that it would help if she told them where McBain, Rafe and Lucy went.

McBain finds information about the ring. He reads to Lucy and Rafe that it belongs to the Morley clan. Lucy tells him that she can tell him about Caleb, then mentions how he used the name Stephen Clay and the guise of a rock star. She says that it was useful in getting women. McBain finds information on the internet about Stephen Clay. They find that Stephen escaped from a mental institution. He was committed after his wife, Livvie Locke-Clay, died. He used the guise of a vampire in his rock act. Lucy says he is really a vampire. McBain reads that Stephen Clay became convinced he was a vampire and murdered at least seven people. He continues to read that when Stephen Clay was committed, he was dragged from the courtroom, claiming to be immortal and saying that he would find and reclaim his wife. Lucy believes that Caleb is immortal, but McBain tells Lucy that Stephen Clay is a deranged killer and has fixated on Sam because she looks like Livvie. Lucy says that he will come for Rafe.

Molly tells Alexis and Shawn that she doesn't know where the escapees went. Alexis tells her that she isn't helping herself by covering for Rafe, McBain and Lucy. Molly says she isn't covering for them, they just took off. Shawn tells Molly she's really going out on a limb for Rafe. He reminds her that Rafe is a stranger, but there's another boy who cares a lot about her, and that he's hurt and upset right now. He tells her that things won't get better when TJ finds out about this.

Anna tries to excuse herself and starts to leave when Scott tells her that he returned with his fiancée when he heard about Lucy's legal troubles. He asks if Lucy really staked a cop with the leg of a wooden chair. Anna asks if she heard him say that he's engaged, then asks what is wrong with the woman. Scott tells Anna that she is perfectly fine. Anna asks who the lucky lady is. Scott tells her its Laura.

Laura tells Lulu that Luke has the right to see whomever he wants to see. She wants to know how Lulu knows about all of this. Lulu tells her that Elizabeth mentioned it, then asks why Laura didn't tell her. Laura says it was an awkward thing to discuss with her daughter, besides, there was no point. Lulu thinks that timing is the point, that she accepted Scott's proposal after she saw Luke with Anna. She wonders if that's why Laura came back. Laura says she came back for her, Dante and their baby. Lulu asks what would have happened if she never saw Luke kissing Anna.

Luke says he'll never let Laura marry Scott. Scott is taking advantage of Laura. Tracy says that it's not Luke's job to rescue Laura anymore. Luke asks what she's talking about. Tracy tells Luke that he and Anna broke up because they are not the loves of each others lives, Anna will always love Duke, and Luke will always love Laura. Its Kismet. She asks if he expects her to believe that he didn't look into Laura's eyes and be happy that he has a chance to have Laura back.

Laura says that she does want to marry Scott. Lulu asks if she would still want to marry Scott if she hadn't seen Luke kissing Anna.

Kate won't accept the news of Trey's being dead, saying that Trey was healthy and fine. She says that Trey survived being left in a drawer, and having Joe Jr. as a father. He is too strong. Olivia tries to calm Kate but is unsuccessful. Kate wants to know how Trey died.

Anna can't believe that Scott and Laura are back together. Anna wonders if he took advantage of Laura's faculties. Scott says she was perfectly sane, and that he understands that Anna is seeing Luke. Anna says its none of his business, but that they broke up on Valentine's Eve.

Molly is sorry that she upset Alexis, but she thinks that she did the right thing. Alexis tells her that she's trying to understand, but Molly needs to stop being swayed by lost causes. Molly doesn't believe that Rafe is a lost cause and certainly doesn't think that Sam and Daniel are lost causes. Alexis asks her to look at it from her point of view. She now has to worry about Molly in addition to Sam and Daniel. Molly asks if she was supposed to turn her back on someone who needed her help or someone who can help find Sam and Daniel. She asks what is better, having McBain in or out of jail? Alexis looks at Shawn in exasperation.

McBain asks where a vampire would hang out. He says that he's asking because Stephen Clay believes that he's a vampire. Lucy says that he will come after Rafe. Now that he does have his "wife", he'll want his son. Rafe is scared that Caleb will find them. Lucy promises to protect Rafe with her life. Rafe asks how he knows that. She tells him that she told Caleb. She tells him about the nightmare she had where Caleb visited her. McBain asks if it was recent, and Lucy says it was. McBain asks where she was when Caleb visited her. Lucy doesn't see why it matters, because it was a dream. McBain wonders if maybe it wasn't.

Kate asks how Trey died. Sonny tells Kate that he died in a car accident. He was in the car with Kristina, Michael and Starr on New Year's Eve. Kate wonders if there was drinking and driving involved. Sonny says it wasn't like that, then tells her that they were trying to rescue Johnny. Kate wants to know from whom. Sonny tells her from Connie.

Luke tells Tracy that he and Laura have been over for a long time, he was just shocked to see her. He says they have both moved on. Tracy asked when he moved on. He tells Tracy he moved on twice with her. Tracy reminds him that he's single again and focused on protecting Laura from Scott. She tells him that he hasn't moved on and thinks that he hopes Laura hasn't either. Luke says he does hope Laura moved on, but she deserves better than Scott.

Laura asks what it matters when she decided to marry Scott, then admits that maybe she did want to see if there was anything left between her and Luke. Lulu asks if she should have spoken to Luke. Laura says she didn't have to because she saw Luke with Anna. She tells Lulu that Luke has moved on, so she should move on, too. Lulu thinks that Scott isn't moving on, and she's not sure that Luke has moved on. Laura is convinced that he has. Lulu asks if not being able to be with Luke is a good enough reason to marry Scott. Scott stands in the doorway and announces he's back.

Luke asks why he shouldn't want to protect Laura, since Scott is the worst thing for Laura. He says that Tracy says so herself. Tracy doesn't remember that. Tracy sees the look on his face and asks what is bothering him now. He says the Ice Princess.

Kate asks why Trey, Kristina, Michael and Starr were trying to rescue Johnny from Connie. Sonny explains that they thought Connie was going to kill Johnny, that he was in the trunk of her car. Kate says that still doesn't explain how Trey died. Sonny flashes back to convincing Connie to take Trey off life support. Sonny explains about the crash. Kate concludes that she didn't kill Starr's family, but she killed her own son.

Tracy asks what the Ice Princess has to do with anything. Luke explains that Lulu received a replica of it. Luke says that the Ice Princess held the formula to a carbonic snow. Luke says that the replica showed up with an unsigned note. He initially thought that Helena sent it, but he says with the timing, he isn't so sure anymore.

Laura asked if Scott got his business done. Scott says not really. He went to the PCPD to see Lucy, but she wasn't there. Laura asks if he saw anyone else, but Scott says no. He asks if they had a nice talk, and if Laura convinced Lulu that his intentions are honorable. Lulu says the word "honorable" never came up. Scott says that he knows that he didn't believe her when she said she didn't kill Logan, and that he understands why she wouldn't believe him when he says he's in love with Laura, but he's always been in love with Laura. He wants to bury the hatchet. He extends his hand to Lulu. Laura asks her to do it for her.

Luke says that the Ice Princess caused nothing but suffering. Tracy wonders if Luke thinks the timing is too convenient. Luke says he thinks Scott sent the replica.

Lulu says if it will make her mom happy, she will do it. She shakes hands with Scott.

Alexis tells Molly that she is furious and condones nothing she has done at all, but if anyone were to look for Sam, she would want it to be McBain, so they should hope and pray he finds her.

Anna meets up with an officer, then asks if there is any news on the escapees. The officer wonders if it's a coincidence, but tells Anna that a break in was reported at the university. Anna asks which building, and he tells her DeWitt Hall.

McBain mentions a section in the book that explains how vampires came and went, including hypnosis to convince the victim that they are dreaming. Rafe wonders if that's what happened to Lucy. Lucy says that if it wasn't a dream, either she or Caleb would be dead. McBain asks where she was in the dream. Lucy tells him that she was at Wyndemere.

Sam wakes from being unconscious, and sees Caleb nearby. He steps towards her, then tells her "Welcome home".

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