GH Update Thursday 2/21/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/21/13


Written by Tami
Proofread by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the Haunted Star, Michael encounters Sonny. Michael asks if Sonny is alone. He knows that Sonny and Connie spent the night in one of the state rooms. Sonny tells Michael that Connie is gone, and that Kate is back.

At Steve and Olivia's apartment, Steve joins Olivia and Kate in the living room where Kate is asleep on the couch. Olivia hands Steve some coffee as he asks what time she finally got Kate to sleep. She says it was a couple of hours ago. She tells him how upset she was to find out she's been gone for five months and that Sonny slept with Connie.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth is on the phone with AJ, thanking him for the flowers. He told her he wanted to give her flowers that were actually from him. He wanted to thank her for dinner, and for letting him play with her sons. She tells him that they had a great time and so did she. AJ says he did, too, and that he had a smile on his face up until that moment, as he sees Tracy walk in.

In the PCPD bullpen, Lucy is being handcuffed for transfer to Ferncliff. She asks the officer to loosen the cuffs for her as they are tight. He loosens the cuffs a little bit, commenting that it is going to be a while, and calling her "Vampira". Lucy tells him that she's not the vampire.

In his cell, McBain asks the guard to let him see Anna. The guard tells McBain that he knows he can't do that. He comments that he needs to get out of there because Caleb has killed at least three people, and now has Sam and Daniel. He says he needs to get out to find them.

Back at the PCPD bullpen, Molly shows recent photos of Sam and Daniel to the desk sergeant, and gives him one, hoping they will help in finding Sam and Daniel. The desk sergeant promises to let Anna know. As he walks off, Lucy gets Molly's attention. She asks to see the picture Molly has in her hands. Molly shows a photo to Lucy. Lucy asks if Sam is her sister. Molly says she is and that she and Daniel were kidnapped. Lucy says she thinks she knows who has them and why. Molly recognizes her as Lucy. Lucy thinks that Molly knows of her because of her cosmetics for teens, then says that Molly is the perfect candidate for the line. Molly says she doesn't use the cosmetics, although she is sure they're excellent. She knows of Lucy because McBain is a friend of the family. She asks if Lucy has told the police what she knows. Lucy says that she's tried but the police don't care and won't listen, that they usually don't listen until it's too late. Molly offers to help any way she can, if Lucy tells her who took Sam and Daniel.

The guard tells McBain that Anna is busy and can't see him. McBain tells him to try again. The guard walks away and McBain is upset, yelling at him not to walk away and to try again. Rafe guesses that Sam and Daniel mean a lot to McBain and McBain says they do. Rafe asks if McBain really believes that Caleb has Daniel and used him to lure Sam to him. McBain says that he does, because Caleb thinks Sam is someone else. He tells Rafe that he's stuck in there while Caleb is out there. He knows Sam can handle herself, but with Daniel as a hostage, Sam will do whatever she's told. Rafe blames himself for letting Heather take Daniel

Molly asks Lucy to tell her who took Sam and Daniel. Lucy tells her that Caleb Morley took them. Molly guesses that he's the man who looks like McBain, and Lucy tells her that she' right. She tells her that she's starting to believe that McBain and Caleb are two different people. Molly asks why Caleb took them. Lucy tells her about Caleb and Livvie. Molly guesses that Sam looks like Livvie. Lucy tells her that this is true, and that he wants his son Rafe as much as he wants Livvie.

Elizabeth guesses that Tracy walked in. AJ tells her that she's right. Elizabeth asks if he took her advice about Tracy yet, but he says he was about to. He tells her that if it works, he owes her a big thank you, then hangs up. Tracy asks who AJ was talking to. He tells her it was just a friend. Tracy insists that he has no friends. AJ tries to start again on a friendly foot, but Tracy doesn't go for it. She tells him that she thinks he's after the relish, and if he tries to take the key, she will call the police and report him for assault. She knows they won't care about the relish, but it is hers, and she has the documents to prove it, so he needs to watch his step. AJ tells her that he wouldn't try to take it by force like he would once have. He tells her that she's going to give it to him voluntarily anyway.

Michael asks if Sonny means Connie, but Sonny says that Kate came back last night. Michael thinks it's great and wonders why Sonny isn't happier after Kate's been gone five months. Sonny tells Michael that Kate had a bad reaction to his sleeping with Connie, that she got upset, and that he's been trying to find her ever since. Michael offers to help. Sonny tells him that he's checked the pier, Kelly's, every coffee shop in town, but he can't find her. Michael asks if he tried the hospital. Sonny says he's checked Shady Brook, and even Johnny's home, but he's out of places to look. He came back to the Haunted Star, hoping she came back, but she's not anywhere.

Steve tells Olivia that Kate did the right thing coming there, because Olivia will take care of her. He is just concerned that they don't know if Kate or Connie will wake up. Olivia doesn't care which one, she will take care of her either way. Steve leaves to go to work. Kate dreams of the conversation with Sonny, then wakes up. Olivia goes to her side, and asks if she's Kate.

Michael asks if Sonny tried calling Kate. Sonny says he's tried a thousand times, but Kate won't answer. He doesn't know what to do.

Kate tells Olivia that she is still Kate. She says she had a horrible dream that when she was gone and Connie was in control, Sonny slept with Connie. She then realizes it wasn't a dream. She asks Olivia how Sonny could have slept with Connie, and thanks Olivia for taking her in. Connie's phone rings again, and Olivia tells Kate that it's Sonny. She tells Kate it's up to her, just tell her what she wants to do.

Elizabeth sees Steve and asks about Heather. Steve says there's still no body, and confirms they're just going on Todd's account of what happened. Elizabeth asks how Steve is. He assures her that he's ok for now, but if she were to ask Olivia, he's about to be stabbed at any moment.

Tracy asks AJ why she would give the relish to him voluntarily. AJ tells her that he would give her a job. He shows her a business model for mass producing the relish. Tracy says that she would never work for AJ. AJ says she'll be working with him and Michael. Tracy says that she's listening. He tells her that they came up with the idea at the same time, so they should put aside their differences and work together, that it only makes sense. Tracy agrees it makes sense, but it doesn't make sense that he's suggesting it. He says he's acting on a friend's advice. He says that they can either keep fighting and watch ELQ die, or they can work together and save the company. He says it's a no-brainer for him and asks what she says. She insists that the relish is hers, that Edward left it to her in his will and that if he wanted someone else to have it, he would have left it to them and left her the stock she deserves. AJ says that if ELQ goes under, the stock is worthless, so they should work together. He asks what she says about that.

Rafe continues to blame himself for Daniel being kidnapped. McBain tells him that blaming himself isn't helping. They need to concentrate on getting Sam and Daniel back. Rafe asks how he will do that when he's locked up.

Molly tells Lucy what happened the day Rafe saw Caleb kill the cop, and then tell Rafe that he was Rafe's father. Molly tells Lucy about how Rafe got away. Lucy tells Molly that if Caleb has Sam, its only a matter of time before he comes after Rafe. She says Molly needs to break Rafe out of jail. Molly asks how. Lucy shows her some keys she has hidden in her hands.

Kate tells Olivia that she doesn't want to talk to Sonny. Olivia answers the call, tells Sonny where Kate is and that Kate is fine. Sonny wants to talk to her. Olivia tells him not now. She tells him that he knows where Kate is, that she's fine, and that he needs to leave her alone for now. She tells him that Kate will call him when she is ready to talk to him, but for now, he needs to leave her alone, then hangs up.

Sonny tells Michael that Kate doesn't want to talk to him. He wants to go after Kate, but Michael stops him, telling him that he needs to give her time to calm down. Sonny says she's had all night. Michael says she needs time to think, and realize that Sonny sleeping with Connie didn't mean anything to him. Michael guesses that Sonny slept with Connie because it was Valentine's Day and Connie looked like Kate. Sonny tells him that he wasn't with Connie because she reminded him of Kate, he was with her because he wanted to be.

Olivia tells Kate that Sonny won't call again, that he'll wait for her to call. Kate thanks her, because she can't handle Sonny right now. Olivia assures Kate that Sonny loves her. Kate wants to know why he gave up on her and slept with Connie if he loves her.

Elizabeth arranges her flowers as she and Steve discuss Olivia's visions and their accuracy. They also decide that they're not infallible and leave room for interpretation. Steve asks about the flowers. He wants to know who sent them. She first tells him none of his business, but after he says he has to look out for his little sister, Elizabeth tells him that AJ sent them.

Tracy recaps AJ's idea and tells him that she's in -- over her dead body. She says she refuses to help because the only job she wants is the one AJ stole from her. She says that she should be CEO, and will be when she gets the votes she needs to boot him out of the job. She tells him that he's going to be out of a job and that Michael will also see the truth. AJ warns her to leave Michael out of it. AJ starts to have another panic attack as Tracy tells him that he will not get the relish, he will not save the company, and that everything he touches turns to dust as ELQ has already started to under his guidance. As Tracy starts to leave, he says it's happening again and starts to collapse.

Molly asks Lucy where she got the keys. Lucy got them when the cop loosened her cuffs. Molly says she can't be an accessory to a jail break. Lucy tells her that if she cares about Rafe like she thinks Molly does, she will help break Rafe out. She says that Caleb will come after Rafe and they will use that to their advantage. She tells Molly that breaking Rafe out may be the only way to save Sam and Daniel.

Rafe tells McBain that Caleb said he is Rafe's father. McBain asks what else Caleb said. Rafe tells him about Caleb pointed out a boat, saying it was coming for them. He says Caleb promised to find him. He wonders if Caleb really is his father. Molly appears and convinces the guard to let her in by telling him that Rafe may have information that could help find her missing sister and nephew. The guard lets her in. McBain asks if there's any word from Sam. She tells him there's no word, then whispers to Rafe that she's there to get him out. Rafe asks where Molly got the keys. She tells him she got them from Lucy. She drops the keys as she tries to open his cell. Both the guard and McBain hear it and the guard asks what's going on.

The officer in the bullpen drops a pack of cigarettes and matches on the desk in front of Lucy. She lectures him about smoking and attempts to charm him. She asks him for some carrot juice and a chocolate donut. As he walks away, Lucy takes the matches in her hands.

McBain tells the guard that Molly just dropped something, then calls Molly to him. Molly tells McBain that she dropped her house keys. He tells her that he knows they are cell block keys and asks where she got them. She only tells McBain that she needs to get Rafe out because he's not safe there. She begs McBain not to say anything. He promises not to tell if she lets him out, too.

Sonny tries to convince Michael that Connie changed. Michael says that her changes seem like damage control. He says it also explains why Sonny protected Connie when Sonny wouldn't talk about the story about ELQ. He mentions that Olivia saw him kissing Connie at the party and thought she was having visions again. Michael asks if Sonny has feelings for Connie. Sonny confesses that he does.

Olivia tells Kate about what Connie did to ruin Kate and Sonny's wedding, and that Connie did it all to humiliate Sonny publicly. Kate wonders why Johnny would marry Connie. Olivia tells her that Connie had information over Johnny. She reveals that Johnny killed Cole and Hope, not Kate.

AJ begs Tracy to help him, but she laughs at him and refuses. She says that she knows if she goes to help him, he'll take the key from her, that he's a fraud.

Elizabeth tells Steve that she and AJ are just friends. Steve asks if AJ knows that. He's worried because of AJ's past. She says she knows about his past, and that she's made mistakes, too. She sees that AJ is trying to change and make things right, making amends with his son and living up to Quartermaine standards. Steve says Quartermaine standards aren't very high. Elizabeth tells him that everyone builds each other up by tearing AJ down.

AJ begs Tracy to call Elizabeth. Tracy is convinced that AJ is pulling her father's old stunt of having a fake heart attack. He tells her that it's not a heart attack, it's a panic attack, and that if Tracy calls Elizabeth, Elizabeth will know what to do. He asks Tracy to be a human being for once in her life.

Elizabeth assures Steve not to worry about AJ; they are just friends. Her cell phone rings. Tracy has called, and tells her that AJ is having a panic attack. Tracy drops the phone in front of AJ who tells Elizabeth that it's happening again. She tells him to calm down and talks him through it.

McBain tells Molly that Rafe is not safe in jail, but he's not safe out of jail without protection. He says that she knows that he would never hurt Sam or Daniel. Molly asks what Rafe thinks. He says that she has told him all along that McBain is innocent and now he believes her. Molly tells McBain that Lucy is starting to believe him, too. She tells him that Lucy will create a distraction and they just need to wait for it.

Lucy sips a drink as she tries to start a fire. A guard from Ferncliff arrives to take her to Ferncliff. She asks if he could remove the cuffs, but he can't. She asks for some softer restraints, but he has to call it in. He makes the call and steps away as she lights a match.

Sonny tells Michael that he is as surprised as Michael is that he has feelings for Connie. He says he's not falling for Connie. He needs to talk to Kate to explain things. Michael wonders how he's going to explain his feelings for Connie. Sonny confesses that he doesn't know, but he has to.

Kate says that not causing the accident explains her not remembering it. She says she needs to go talk to Starr. Olivia says she doesn't need to and asks her to wait a bit. Kate asks if Starr is still living with Trey. Olivia says she isn't. Kate remembers fighting with Trey, then remembers seeing Trey wearing the same medallion that Joe Jr. was wearing when he raped her.  She realizes that the last thing she remembers from before Connie took over is realizing that Trey is her son with Joe Jr. She realizes that the son she left to die is alive.

Tracy and AJ step off the elevator at the hospital. AJ thanks Tracy for bringing him to the hospital. Tracy continues to taunt AJ for his panic attacks as she leaves them. AJ thanks Elizabeth for getting him through the attack. Elizabeth tells him that he can get himself through it. He wonders if Tracy is right and that he would make a bad CEO because of the panic attacks. Elizabeth tells him not to listen to Tracy. She's going to have him looked at and have meds prescribed. AJ thinks it's a bad idea since he's an alcoholic. Elizabeth agrees and assures him that he will be ok.

Sonny decides to go see Kate, but Michael asks if it's a good idea. Sonny insists that Kate needs him and he needs her.

Kate tells Olivia what she remembers about the fight with Trey. She wants to go see her son. Olivia tells her that she can't go see her son. Kate tells her that she won't allow Joe Jr. to come between her and her son. Olivia tells Kate that Joe Jr. is dead. Kate's glad, but asks why Olivia is trying to keep her from her son.

The guard from Ferncliff says that the officer will give Lucy the soft restraints. As the officer goes to change the restraints, Lucy mentions smelling smoke, then yells "Fire" as the officer sees the fire in the trash can. The alarm is pulled. In the cell block, the guard goes to check it out. Molly frees Rafe and McBain. Back in the bullpen, Lucy runs. McBain and Rafe run, but not before McBain promises Molly that he will bring Sam and Daniel home.

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