GH Update Wednesday 2/20/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/20/13


Written by Tami
Proofread by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Laura examine the piece of the Ice Princess replica. Laura asks what it means. Luke says worst case, someone is trying to haunt the with the ugliest piece of their history. A voice asks who Luke is calling "ugly". Scott Baldwin appears.

At Pier 52, Anna looks around and hears footsteps. She prepares to draw her gun as Duke approaches.

At Steve's apartment, Olivia hears a crash and turns around. She finds Steve stumbling towards her, holding his bleeding stomach.

In the PCPD jail, Todd and Rafe share a cell. Todd and Rafe discuss Rafe's being cold. Rafe refuses Todd's blanket. Todd tells Rafe that the bright side is that they are both safe from McBain, who sits in a cell across the room.

Shawn and Alexis arrive at Sam's penthouse. Shawn is anxious to celebrate Valentine's Day with Alexis, but Alexis wants to check on Sam and Daniel. She knocks on the door and quickly become concerned when no one answers.

Kate wakes in the bed in a stateroom on the Haunted Star wondering where she is. She wakes Sonny who asks Connie what's wrong. She tells him that she is Kate.

Scott approaches Luke and Laura as Luke warns Scott against messing with his family. Laura tells Luke not to start trouble. Luke asks Scott what he is doing there and what he wants. Scott says he's there for Laura.

Anna asks Duke what he's doing there. He asks Anna the same thing, and both comment on how cold it is there. Anna is obviously distracted, and tells Duke she's not good company. Duke wishes Anna a Happy Valentine's Day. They both comment on how busy they've been. Duke tells Anna about how he's been working to try to save ELQ, then Anna shares that she's trying to figure out if it's possible that there are two John McBains.

Todd asks Rafe how it feels to be a hero. He tells Rafe that he was right about McBain. He then describes the two murders that Rafe witnessed. McBain tells Todd to knock it off, that he doesn't need to make Rafe relive the murders. Todd tells McBain that he wouldn't have to experience them at all if McBain hadn't gone on a killing spree, then tells Rafe he's got Rafe's back. Todd tells Rafe that he saw McBain kill someone, too.

Olivia rushes to call 911, but Steve is fine. She tells him that he was stabbed. Steve tells her that a mirror broke in the bathroom and he's coming for a dustpan. Olivia tells him about the vision of him being stabbed and she is terrified.

Todd goes on about how it is too bad that Lucy's aim was off. He tells Rafe how Lucy tried to kill McBain. He says the world is a better place without Heather, but that she was a person. Rafe tells Todd that Heather tricked him into giving Daniel to her. Todd reassures him that it wasn't his fault. McBain can't believe that Todd is twisting the entire story to his advantage. Todd starts singing Heather's praises and comments on being locked up next to Heather's killer. He says he was trying to save a baby while McBain tried to steal one. He tells Rafe that he thinks they can help each other.

Alexis continues to call out to Sam. Shawn tells her that they are probably asleep, and tried to tempt her away. Alexis tells him that she would feel better if she saw with her own eyes that Sam and Daniel are ok. Shawn offers to pick the lock or break the door down for her, but Alexis says that she can get in with her key, then opens the door.

Sonny wonders if he's dreaming, but Kate assures him that she is real and that she came back to him. They embrace. Sonny and Kate are both happy that she is back. Kate wonders where they are. He tells her that they are in a stateroom on the Haunted Star. He tells her that they were there for a Valentine's Day party. Kate is disappointed that she missed Christmas and Thanksgiving. Kate asks Sonny how long she's been away. He tells her that it's been around five months.

Steve tries to comfort Olivia, saying she must have  been terrified she must have been. He says she is stuck with him. He says he's ok, and that maybe her vision means nothing this time, like the one she had of him in the shower with Sabrina. Olivia wonders if it could mean he could be the next victim of the serial killer who is out there stabbing people.

Alexis searches around Sam's apartment, but doesn't find them. Shawn tries to reassure Alexis, telling her that there's no sign of a break in or struggle, and that everything appears to be where it should be. Alexis comments, everything except Sam and Daniel.

Duke and Anna discuss the case against McBain. She tells him that she doesn't believe that John is capable of the crimes he is accused of. She says McBain is her friend and colleague. She then tells him the story about finding Todd with Daniel, and the story he told her about McBain killing Heather, and trying to take Daniel while Todd rescued Daniel. Duke asks Anna what her instincts say, and if she believes that McBain is capable of such things.

Rafe tells McBain that he doesn't know Todd, but he knows McBain and he knows that McBain is a killer. He tells McBain off as Todd eggs him on. Rafe asks if McBain will change his story now that Todd is a witness, too. McBain says he's not, because Caleb is the real killer.

Anna tells Duke that her instincts are not as good as they used to be. Duke doesn't believe that and asks her for her answer. She says she doesn't believe that McBain is capable of the acts, and that he was locked up when he was supposedly kidnapping Daniel. Duke asks if it's possible that Todd is lying. Anna says she doesn't think he is about this. She tells him how striking the resemblance is of the killer to John, that he's identical. She asks if its possible that there are two McBains. Duke tells her it's definitely possible as it's exactly what happened to him.

Luke asks if Scott is still stalking Laura, telling him that it's the story of his life. Scott asks why he would be stalking his own fiancée.

Todd asks McBain if it isn't ridiculous to blame vampires for the murders. McBain points out that he never said Caleb was a vampire, besides, his presence is accounted for by his being in jail while he was supposedly kidnapping Daniel. Todd accuses the officers of the PCPD of covering for McBain while McBain insists that they are not. He says that cops don't cover for cop killers. He tells Rafe that he was at the university when Caleb took Rafe from the jail. He points out that while Caleb is out there, people are still in danger.

Alexis is on the phone checking with Kristina to see if she has heard from Sam, then tells her to keep Molly distracted, and to lock the doors. Shawn suggests that Sam may have been spooked by Daniel's kidnapping and is staying somewhere else. Alexis insists that Sam would have told her to avoid all of the worry. She tells Shawn that she's afraid that someone took Sam and Daniel. Shawn wonders who since McBain and Todd are in lock up, and Heather is supposedly dead.

Olivia is worried that Steve thinks she has lost her mind. He assures her that she hasn't, but that he's ok and doubts he is next on a serial killer's hit list. He reminds her that McBain is in lock up. She doesn't believe McBain is guilty, but Steve tells her that the evidence points to him, according to the news. He tells her that McBain is locked up so McBain won't be coming after him. Olivia asks him what if McBain isn't the killer?

Alexis says there's no proof that Heather is dead, because there's no body. Shawn asks if Alexis thinks Heather survived, and went after Sam. Alexis has doubts that Heather was assaulted at all, but if she was, it wasn't by McBain.

Steve mentions that there were three murders committed by McBain. Olivia tells him that while McBain supposedly murdered Heather, he was in lock up.

Shawn asks if Alexis trusts McBain. She asks him if he does. Shawn says he worked with him the one time, going after Jerry, and he seemed like a good man. He says that people have been known to snap. Alexis has doubts, mentioning that McBain brought Danny to Sam and that he's not a murderer.

Olivia tells Steve that maybe they have wrong person, and that maybe someone else is responsible for the murders. Steve asks who. Olivia suggests Heather.

Alexis asks Shawn who is more obsessed with Sam than Heather. She reminds him that she's kidnapped Daniel twice. Shawn mentions that during the second time, Heather let herself into Alexis' house and that it must have been unsettling. Alexis agrees and asks if he thinks she's overreacting. She wonders if Heather took both Sam and Daniel this time.

McBain tells Rafe and Todd to believe what they want, but he isn't killing anyone. Todd asks if he's going to try to skirt jail time by trying to convince a jury that there's two of him. McBain says he's not trying to skirt anything. Todd mentions that he has done crazy, terrible things but he's never murdered his way through a community. McBain tells Todd that they know each other, and that he's even had Todd's back before. He tells Todd that he'd never seen Allison Barrington before she walked into the PCPD, Carlson was a co-worker, Professor Mosser was a stranger and Heather was just nuts. He asks what had to gain by killing Heather and taking Daniel.

Duke tells Anna that he does believe it is possible that there are two McBains. He reminds her of what Faison did to him. Anna is still blaming herself for not seeing it, and now she is in a situation where she has to use her gut. She says she's scared. Duke says he's not, because she can handle anything that life throws at her. Duke tells her that he's not Faison or Joshua Temple. He says he's Duke Lavery, and that he's a husband still very much in love with his wife.

Luke asks Scott if he just called Laura his fiancée. Scott says he did, because she is. Laura confirms to Luke that she and Scott are engaged to be married.

Kate asks Sonny if they were married. He tells her that they're not. She then asks if Connie pretended to be her. Sonny tells her that Connie married Johnny to keep from being committed. Kate is very upset by hearing this. Sonny tries to reassure her that it's ok, that they're together now. Kate asks if Connie was there the entire time and she just came back, why they are in bed together. When he tries to explain, she pushes him for an answer.

Steve tries to talk things through with Olivia. He asks why Heather would kill a professor. She asks why Heather does any of the things that she does. Steve tells her that even if Heather did kill him, Todd says that he saw McBain take Daniel from Heather, strangle Heather and toss her in the harbor. Olivia doesn't care. She says until she sees a body, she's betting on Heather resurfacing.

Shawn asks Alexis if this means Heather is back on the table as a suspect. Alexis wonders if Todd isn't lying and McBain did snap. She mentions his pressures and stresses. She says it's possible that Todd told the truth one time. Shawn asks if she thinks it's possible that McBain escaped and has Sam and Daniel.

McBain asks Todd if he honestly believes that he killed four people in front of witnesses, including himself. Todd admits that he doesn't know. He says that McBain is moody and maybe not in touch with his dark side. McBain tells Rafe that Todd killed his own brother, Victor, for stealing Todd's life. McBain says his point is that Todd knows what it's like to try to convince people that an unbelievable story is true. Todd says he will make a deal with McBain, he will believe McBain's story if McBain will believe his.

Duke tells Anna that she doesn't have to say anything. He promises to wait for her for as long as it takes for her decide. Anna tells him that she ended it with Luke. Duke asks why. Anna tells him that she and Luke were not the loves of each other's lives.

Luke can't believe that Laura is marrying Scott. He asks if Scott took advantage of her when she wasn't thinking clearly. Laura tells him that she knew exactly what she was doing when she accepted Scott's proposal. Luke points out that there's no engagement ring. She says that there hasn't been time to buy one yet, but that Scott promised her a beautiful one. Scott tells her that he will get her one but it won't be as beautiful as Laura. Scott tells Luke that he and Laura will be married and have a whole new life together. Luke challenges Laura to look him in the eyes and tell him that she really wants to marry Scott, and she does so. Luke asks her why.

Kate wants to know if Sonny slept with Connie. He tells her that he did. Kate asks if Connie drugged him, because she can't see him sleeping with Connie willingly. Sonny tells Kate that he knew who he was taking to bed. Kate is horrified and upset to hear that Sonny knew he was sleeping with Connie. Kate says Sonny and Connie hate each other. Sonny wants a chance to explain. He tells her that things have changed, that things are different. Kate tells him that he's disgusting for sleeping with the woman who stole her life, tried to keep her down and away from Sonny. Sonny says he doesn't see it that way anymore. He asks that Kate understand that it's been five months. Kate wonders if he got bored and decided to sleep with Connie because she was a substitute because she looks and sounds like Kate. Sonny insists this isn't true. He wants to talk about it as Kate gathers her things and rushes out.

Steve tells Olivia that she's right that there's no body,  but that Heather isn't a strong swimmer and if she's incapacitated, it would be worse. Olivia reminds Steve that Heather jumped off the roof of the hospital and survived. She tells him that Heather is indestructible. Steve reassures her that she's right, but Heather wouldn't try to kill him. She reminds him that Heather already hit him over the head and knocked him out. Olivia refuses to let Heather make her a widow before they are married. Steve holds her and promises her that he's not going anywhere, before or after the wedding.

McBain tells Todd he already believes Todd's story. He believes that Todd saw someone who looks like him strangle Heather and try to take Daniel. He suggests they start at the beginning and asks Todd for his story. Todd tells him that he saw him throw Heather into the harbor and try to leave. McBain asks what happened before that. Todd says he was focused on escaping and that he thought the two McBains was strange. McBain wonders why Caleb wants Daniel so badly if he's willing to kill to get Daniel. Todd mentions how Caleb would have killed him, too, if the cops hadn't come. McBain promises to make sure everything is noted in the report. He wants to know if Caleb said anything to Heather before he tried to take Daniel. Todd tells him that Caleb was upset with Heather for taking what doesn't belong to her. Todd tells him that Caleb said that it would now be easy to get the mother to come to him. Todd thinks it all sounds weird, but McBain says it isn't at all, that it all fits. He asks Rafe if Allison ever mentioned Livvie Locke to him, and Rafe says she mentioned that they were friends. Todd wonders who Livvie is. McBain explains that Livvie is a woman who apparently resembles Sam as much as he resembles Caleb. McBain tells Rafe that Allison kept calling Sam "Livvie" at the PCPD and that Lucy mentioned Caleb's obsession with Livvie. McBain says that Daniel is just the bait, that Caleb wants Sam.

Duke comments to Anna that it must have been difficult to break things off with Luke. She says it was, but they'll likely end up friends like they started. Duke confesses that he's glad she ended things with Luke. He starts to kiss her when they are interrupted by Anna's phone. Alexis is calling, telling her that Sam and Daniel are missing and she can't reach Sam. Anna asks for how long, but Alexis doesn't know. Anna promises to get the word out and asks Alexis to meet her at the PCPD. Alexis agrees. Anna hangs up and Duke correctly guesses that Anna has to leave for work. Anna calls it the day that will never end. Duke says he has to get back to work, too. As Anna starts to leave, Duke stops her, and advises her to trust her gut. He knows she will get the right man. Anna thanks him for the talk. She agrees that she will get the right man, then leaves him.

Luke asks why Laura wants to marry Scott after all he's put her through. Scott responds by  reminding Luke that he raped Laura while she was married to Scott and that they are putting things like they were. Laura asks Scott to stop, and Luke wants Laura to speak for herself. Scott tells him to ask what he wants, and he won't say a word. Luke asks Laura if she loves Scott.

Steve and Olivia start making out as Olivia tells him she wants an alarm system and a dog. She wants the apartment locked up tight. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Olivia asks who it is. Kate answers that it's her. As she waits for Olivia to answer the door, her cell phone rings. It's Sonny calling. Kate ignores the call as Olivia answers the door. Kate says it's really her and breaks down. Olivia asks what happened as the cousins hug. At the state room, Sonny tosses his phone aside, gets up and picks up Connie's scarf.

Luke asks Laura if this is what she really wants or if Scott is pressuring her, and playing on her loyalties. Laura assures Luke that it's what she wants and that she loves Scott. Scott escorts Laura away.

McBain is upset that Caleb is after Sam, but no one knows it. Rafe thinks that they have to be able to do something. McBain starts calling out for an officer to let him out. Anna, Alexis, and Shawn arrive. McBain starts to get Anna to listen to him when he sees that something is wrong. He asks Anna what is going on.

At the pier, Duke tosses a button into the harbor and smiles.

McBain again asks what is going on. Anna tells him that they wanted to make sure that they were all accounted for. Todd reminds her that they can't get out, because there are bars. Rafe tells her that they've been there the whole time. McBain guesses that something has happened. Anna tells him that Sam and Daniel are gone.

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