GH Update Tuesday 2/19/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/19/13


Written by Carole
Proofread by Brenda

Pictures by Juanita

Steve and Olivia see Sonny and Connie making out at the party at the Haunted Star. Olivia asks if it is real or one of her visions.

Damian arrives at Maxie and Ellie's apartment, loaded down with Valentine's Day gifts. Ellie asks her if he bought out the store. "Just about," he answers.

Back on The Haunted Star, Maxie watches Felix and Sabrina dancing. Frisco asks her what's wrong.

At the hospital, Britt is writing a letter of complaint to Monica about Sabrina. Patrick runs over to where Emma is sitting with a nurse. Emma is making Valentine cards including one for the nurse. Emma hands Patrick the card she made for him. She tells him she made one for Sabrina, too.

Back on The Haunted Star, Felix is having a hard time cheering Sabrina up. Frisco asks Maxie what's wrong, but she can't take her eyes off of Sabrina. She points out Sabrina to him, and tells Frisco that she ruined Sabrina's life. Meanwhile, Lulu finds a bright red box but is confused when she opens it. She finds a black rock on a stick. She tells Dante he shouldn't have, and Dante says he didn't.

Meanwhile, on deck, Luke and Laura finally meet, bringing back memories of a similar reunion. (courtesy of a 1983 flashback) Connie stops the floor show by pushing Sonny away and taking off. "I guess the old Connie is back." says Olivia to Sonny. Felix tries to keep Sabrina from leaving but she's determined. She tells Felix to stay and enjoy himself. He tells her he doesn't abandon dates or friends. They leave to go to the hospital to check on her job status.

Back at the hospital, Patrick thanks the nurse for watching Emma on such short notice. She tells him it was fun, and leaves to attend a staff Valentine's Day party. Patrick sits down with Emma, and they talk about Valentine's Day. "Do you know who my Valentine is?" he asks her. "Sabrina?" Emma asks hopefully. He tells her that it's Emma, of course. They chat some more until Emma notices "the mean lady" coming towards them. Patrick grabs her hand and they go to leave. Britt stops them, asking to speak to Emma.

As Felix and Sabrina leave The Haunted Star, Frisco presses Maxie for more details. Maxie guiltily tells Frisco how she made it look like Sabrina killed a patient.

Dante and Lulu are still fascinated by the strange gift she has received. They joke about her having a secret admirer with bad taste. Meanwhile, her father asks Laura if she's in trouble, like the last time. Laura assures him that she is fine. She just came to see Lulu before they become grandparents again. He tells her that Lulu is inside, but she surprises him by saying she's already seen Lulu and him before. Luke wonders why she didn't say anything. Laura tells him he was with Anna Devane.

Sonny catches up with Connie by a stateroom on The Haunted Star. He asks her what's wrong. Connie reminds him that the last time he kissed her like that, he wanted her to drop the charges against Kristina. Sonny swears to her that it's different this time. He tells her that things have changed and it's Connie, not Kate, he really wants.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Britt tries to apologize to Emma, but she wants none of it and runs away. She runs smack dab into Sabrina and Felix. Patrick tells Britt to stay away from Emma. Britt says that she's waiting for Sabrina.

Back on The Haunted Star, Frisco wants to know why Maxie would ruin Sabrina. Maxie tells him that she doesn't but her doctor does. Maxie tells Frisco that the doctor knows her secret.

Back in Maxie's apartment, Damian is winning Ellie over with his gifts.

Olivia and Steve have returned to his apartment, where Olivia is asking about Heather and if she's really dead. Steve notices the door is open. Olivia wants to call Dante but Steve decides to check it out himself.

Dante and Lulu decide to leave early, nixing Starr and Michael's plan to do so. Michael and Starr leave the dance floor looking for some privacy.

Frisco listens intently to his daughter's tale of how she lost Dante and Lulu's baby. She also tells him about hooking up with Spinelli. Frisco thinks it's loyalty keeping Spinelli with Ellie but Maxie doesn't think so.

At the hospital, Sabrina introduces a nervous Emma to Felix, who wins her over talking about makeup. He also gives her a magic wand. Emma looks at the wand and says "Can this make her disappear?" meaning Britt. Patrick asks Felix to take Emma to the staff party. As she leaves, she points the wand at Britt and says "Poof! You're gone!" Britt criticizes Emma's behavior, but Patrick brushes her off. He warns her to stay away from Emma. Britt then takes pleasure in telling Sabrina about the letter she wrote to Monica. She hands Sabrina a copy and walks away.

Back on The Haunted Star, Maxie is having second thoughts about confessing her sins to Frisco. Frisco presses her for the whole story. He encourages to do so and she does.

Up on deck, Luke and Laura are playing catch-up. She tells him she saw him the other day with Anna. He is about to ask her about it when Dante and Lulu show up. Lulu is shocked and delighted to find her parents together. Dante greets his mother-law and they talk about the pregnancy.

Back at Maxie and Ellie's apartment. Damian and Ellie are having a romantic dinner. She is overwhelmed, especially with the diamond bracelet he gives her. Damian tells her it's a privilege then goes to turn on her favorite song. He tells her that he received a few tips from the physical therapist and takes off his belt. He ties it around Ellie to lift her up so they can dance.

On the deck of The Haunted Star, Lulu tells Luke and Laura that Starr can take care of them if they go inside. She and Dante joke about the gift she got. When they show it to Luke and Laura, they both recognize it. Lulu and Dante are stunned when Luke tells them it looks like the original "Ice Princess".

Michael and Starr leave the dance floor looking for some privacy. They are shocked to find Sonny and Connie kissing passionately in the hallway. They watch in disbelief as Sonny and Connie enter one of the staterooms.

Back at Steve's, everything seems alright, but Heather on the loose makes Olivia nervous. She tells him, jokingly, to check the shower because Sabrina might be in there. They never did figure out what her vision meant.

At the hospital, Sabrina is reading Britt's vicious letter, with Patrick standing by. He can't believe the lies and says he will help Sabrina fight this. He tells her that he doesn't want to lose her and gives her Emma's Valentine card.

On the deck of The Haunted Star, Luke and Laura tell Lulu about the "Ice Princess". They tell Lulu the about the origin of the diamond. Luke picks up the fake one and it crushes in his hand. They wonder who and why someone would send this to Lulu. Dante can tell they think they know and they finally say, Helena Cassadine.

In their stateroom, a giddy Connie can't believe what has happened. She admits that she used Johnny to hurt him. She tells him that sex has always been a weapon for her. Sonny asks he how she feels now. "Like I want to spend the rest of my life with you." she whispers.

In the Haunted Star nightclub, Maxie continues to tell Frisco the trouble she's in. He agrees to help her out of it, so they leave.

At Maxie's apartment, Damian surprises Ellie with her favorite non-Sci-Fi movie "UP". They watch it together.

At Steve's, he and Olivia are discussing Olivia's vision about Sabrina. Steve tries to reassure her, that it means nothing . He distracts her with a kiss.

Michael and Starr return to the dance floor which is now empty. Michael suggests they leave but Starr reminds him they can't until his dad and Connie do.

In their stateroom, Connie worries about their future, with all the charges against her pending. Sonny says that he and Diane will take care of it. He tells Connie not to worry about anything. Connie tells him this is the happiest she's ever been.

At the hospital, Patrick is reassuring Sabrina that he will be there for her. Britt has been called into an exam room by Maxie, demanding to know why. Frisco closes the door and introduces himself. He tells her that her little reign of terror is over.

Back at Steve's, he and Olivia come up for air, in the living room. He tells her he will go and pick up something to eat. Steve goes to have a shower first. Olivia makes a joke about Sabrina. Olivia hears a crash then Steve comes stumbling out with a huge wound in his stomach.

At the hospital, Patrick gives Sabrina Emma's card with her name misspelled. In an exam room, Frisco lays down the law to Britt.

Back on The Haunted Star, Dante and Lulu take their leave of Luke and Laura.

At Maxie and Ellie's, Damian and Ellie are both crying over the movie.

Luke and Laura wonder which enemy is after them. They have so many from their ugly past. Just then, Scotty Baldwin shows up saying "Who are you calling ugly?"

Michael and Starr continue their dance but in the stateroom, Connie wakes up with a start but it's not Connie anymore; it's Kate!

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