GH Update Monday 2/18/13

General Hospital Update Monday 2/18/13


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Starr and Lulu are excited to begin their co-ownership of the Haunted Star. Michael enters and informs Starr that he heard that Todd was caught on the pier, that he claimed to have seen Heather Webber and saved Sam and Jason’s baby.

Steven and Olivia go to the pier where his mother was supposedly died., He admits that he does not know what to think or feel or do given all the terrible things his mother has done, and the fact that she may be dead, and he mourns the loss of her. Connie comes by and appears sarcastic and insensitive.

Dante comes to the Haunted Star. Lulu tells him she knows he must have a surprise for her on Valentine’s Day. Sonny then appears and Dante say, "Surprise!"

Maxie is on the phone to Dr. Britt telling her she’s already done what Britt has asked of her by making it look like Sabrina Santiago committed a fatal error with the wrong medication that killed Officer Carlson. Maxie asks if they have not ruined this girl’s life enough as it is.

Felix tells Sabrina that she needs to cheer up and spend Valentine’s Day having fun, but she’s distraught and sullen, and believes she’s a murderer.

Frisco comes to see Maxie and tells her that although he has not been there for her or a good father to her, he’s not going to give up.

Felicia is standing alone on the deck of the Haunted Star remembering her ex-husband telling her that he knows he’s made mistakes and failed as a husband and father but wants to start over with her and their daughter, and that something tells him she feels the same way. Mac appears and she is happy to be with him although she has Frisco on the brain.

Starr says she is glad that Michael is with her tonight. He asks her where else he would be on the most romantic day of the year. She replies she can see him with AJ looking for a jar of relish.

At the Quartermaine house, AJ is doing just that. Tracy is hiding the famous Pickle Lila relish from him.

When Elizabeth is with her children, she gets an unexpected visit from Laura. She invites her ex mother-in-law to visit her grandchildren although they don’t know her. Elizabeth asks the boys to go and play with the toys that Laura brought. Elizabeth asks Laura if she ever hears from Lucky. Laura admits not very often as she knows her son is still trying to find himself. Laura asks Elizabeth if there’s anybody new in her life. Elizabeth says she had one disastrous relationship and that she isn't looking. Laura tells her she knows that love is the toughest thing to get right, but when you do, it makes everything better. Elizabeth asks Laura if she’s seen Luke. Laura replies she did see Luke kissing Anna Devane.

Sonny joins Dante and Lulu, admitting that he’s by himself without a guest. Dante admits to Lulu that he invited his dad because he looked lonely. He hopes that maybe he’ll meet someone, but Lulu asks her husband if he believes that Sonny is ready to move on after losing Kate.

Connie asks Steven if he has anything to say to the press about his mother. Olivia urges her cousin not to do more of her spiteful behaviors, but Connie tells them she wants to go with them to the party.

Tracy and AJ argue over the relish.

Felix tells Sabrina that she needs to know she did not kill Officer Carlson. He may have already died, and he does not want her moping. He’s not going to the party without her. She needs to get out of the hospital and take a break, because she’s only depressing all these sick people staying there.

Maxie tells her biological dad that the last time she saw him, she was 7 and Georgie was too young to talk. This has been too long and it may be too late. He tells her he’s been all the way around the world fighting the bad guys. She asks her dad what he wants from her now. He tells her he wants her to give him a chance.

Felicia is happily with Mac telling him she’s lucky to have such a handsome date for Valentine’s Day. He tells her that he’s the lucky one to be waking up beside her every morning. He tells her that he doesn't want to go into the party yet because he wants her all to himself.

Maxie tells Frisco that hey can go together to the party. He thanks her for giving him a chance. She tells him the only reason she’s agreeing to go with him is because Ellie and Spinelli are going to be together and she doesn’t want to stay at home and be a third wheel.

Felix takes Sabrina to the party but she notices the very cop who came to the hospital with Officer Carlson and later interviewed her. She cannot even look at him. She turns away, but Felix won’t let her go.

Michael tells Sonny that it would be easier to believe that he didn't sabotage ELQ if Sonny revealed who did it. Sonny informs his son he can't say because Connie asked him not to.

AJ tells Tracy and Luke that he is not afraid to compete with them.

Elizabeth sits down with Laura and asks her how it made her feel when she saw Luke kissing Anna. Laura replies that if Luke is happy, she’s happy for him. She realizes that Luke has moved on, but Elizabeth asks her if she has.

Tracy tells Luke that she knows how to restore ELQ to solvency, but in order to be CEO again, they must find the missing Quartermaine heir and get her vote.  Luke says he hasn't given up on Laura yet. Tracy asks him what Laura has to do with it. He meant to say Lauren. He reveals that Anna mentioned Laura when she “kicked him to the curb.” He says Anna told him that the two of them are not a great love like she and Duke were. Tracy adds, like he and Laura were.

Elizabeth's doorbell rings. It’s AJ with flowers.

Frisco and Maxie arrive at the Haunted Star. Frisco expresses his surprise to see Felicia and Mac.

Sabrina tells Felix that she can’t stand keeping quiet when she’s in the presence of Dr. Carlson’s friend. She has to admit to him what she did.

While Sonny talks to Michael about Connie, she arrives at the Haunted Star with Steve and Olivia.

When Elizabeth is talking to AJ at the door, Laura gets a text message asking her where she is. Elizabeth doesn't know how to respond to AJ bringing flowers. AJ clarifies that they aren't from him; the florist was outside so he just brought them to the door. Elizabeth looks at the card and sees that they are from her grandmother.

When Mac sees Frisco with Maxie, he asks him what he’s doing there. Steven introduces himself and Olivia to Frisco. Olivia demands that somebody brings pregnant Maxie some milk. Dante asks his mom not to be so intense, but she protests that Maxie is carrying her grandbaby. In response to that, Maxie appears sullen.

AJ enters Elizabeth’s house and is surprised to see Laura. She tells them she has to get going and that it was really nice to see him. She tells Elizabeth she does not want her to give up on love, even if Elizabeth believes she wants to be alone right now. AJ tells Elizabeth that they are both alone for Valentine’s Day.

Connie assures Michael that Sonny didn't give her the story about ELQ.  She turns to Starr and tells her now that she wants her damn boat.

Lulu goes to intervene in Connie’s argument with Starr. Starr protests that her name is legally on the deed, and it’s going to stay that way. Connie tells her they will see about that.

Maxie overhears Sabrina crying, feeling terribly guilty and telling Felix she’s not going to graduate and does not deserve to be a nurse after what happened. Officer Carlson had 3 kids. Maxie is not ok with knowing the part she’s had in this.

Felicia angrily tells Frisco he'd better stay away from her, and he'd better not use their daughter in order to get to her. He asks her why she cares if he’s there or not if she really has no feelings for him.

Sonny tells Connie she does not want to cause a scene right then and there.

AJ tells Elizabeth that he needs to find and market Lila’s pickle relish, but Tracy has it and won’t let him near the recipe, and that she has padlocked the refrigerator. He knows he may appear crazy with his obsession over this, but Elizabeth tells him she does not think hes crazy and that this takes a lot of guts.

Laura is on her phone at the docks telling someone she is not after Luke and realizes he’s moved on. Luke is standing on the deck of the Haunted Star and thinks he sees Laura on the dock.

Elizabeth invites AJ to stay for dinner.

Felix invites Sabrina to dance. Frisco comes to see his daughter sitting alone. Maxie tells him that he’s making a big mistake to want to get close to her. She says she is a bad person, she’s selfish, and she and ruins people’s lives. He asks her what she did.

Lulu and Dante are ready leave the party to enjoy their evening alone. She reaches for a bottle of champagne and notices a present under the bar.

Michael asks Starr if she’s ok, noting that Connie was really out of line. He tells her that his dad insists there’s more to Connie than meets the eye, but they do not see it. He gives her a diamond pendant as a Valentine’s Day present.

Sonny protests to Connie that she does not have to go after Starr like that. Starr is just a kid. Why can’t she just let Lulu and Starr run the club? She has her magazine and already too much on her plate. Connie says she has nothing. She lost a son whom she never even knew. She has nothing. She’s alone. He tells her that’s not true. She has her cousin, her business, and she has him. He kisses her.

Lulu open the present and finds that it is a rock on a skewer. Dante tells her that it isn't from him.

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