GH Update Friday 2/15/13

General Hospital Update Friday 2/15/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

There is a replay of Todd and Caleb on the docks, then Sam and Anna catching Todd. Anna orders Todd away from Daniel as Sam goes to get him. Todd tells them it's not what it looks like.

At Kelly's Shawn sits down with Sonny. Sonny tells him that he has something he needs Shawn to do about Johnny Zacharra.

In Pentonville, Johnny is cuffed to a table, and guard tells him he will be right back. After the guard leaves him, Johnny tells himself it's only day two out of 7304 days. The door behind him opens, and Kristina walks in.

Sonny starts to explain what he needs to Shawn when his cell phone rings. Sonny tells him he needs to take the call. TJ walks in and Shawn goes to him. Connie walks in next. Sonny and Connie greet each other before Connie sits at a table. Diane walks in a moment later and joins Connie. She tells Connie they have a lot to discuss. Sonny and Connie look at each other. At the counter, TJ starts to help himself to some cookies set up for the customers when Shawn stops him. TJ says he can wait for the leftovers. Shawn compliments TJ for looking sharp. TJ is dressed up for Molly and has a surprise for her.

There is a replay of Alexis asking Molly about Heather taking Daniel, then Rafe coming out of hiding and taking the blame. Alexis asks who Rafe is. When Molly doesn't answer immediately, Alexis tells her that she didn't have a boyfriend in her room, she had an accused murderer in her room.

McBain looks out from the interrogation room into the bullpen of the PCPD. Dante walks in and tells McBain that Lucy is in her cell. McBain asks if anything got through to Lucy or does she still think he's Caleb. Dante comments on how hard it is to convince someone you are two different people.

Carly comes along to find Sam with Daniel and Anna arresting Todd. She asks what is going on. Sam says that Todd tried to take Daniel again. Todd says he tried to save him from John McBain. Anna goes to Sam and Daniel. Carly doesn't believe Todd. Todd tells her that he's telling the truth and swears to it. He tells her that John McBain was there. Sam comforts Daniel, then Anna goes back to Todd, asking what he's talking about. He tells Anna that he saw McBain throttle Heather, toss her into the harbor and try to take Daniel. Sam and Anna question Todd about what he was doing. He said he'd be gone if he didn't try to save Daniel. Carly asks where McBain is. Todd doesn't know, but Anna says he is in lock up.

McBain asks Dante if he believes him to be a vampire. Dante doesn't believe it. McBain thinks Dante believes he's a serial killer. Dante mentions all of the evidence against McBain. McBain says he just knows that the guy goes by the name of Caleb and Dante needs to look for him so the mess can be cleared up. Dante says they need to find Rafe and talk to him. McBain hopes Rafe is ok. He tells Dante about Rafe being on the run and that he is the key to the whole mystery.

Rafe tells Alexis that none of what happened was Molly's fault. He says he took advantage of Molly's kindness and talked her into letting him stay. Alexis is angry that Molly let a stranger take care of Daniel. Rafe says he would never hurt Daniel and explained about Heather saying she was the nanny. Alexis believes him and hopes the police will take that into consideration. Molly tells Alexis she can't call the cops. Alexis explains she is an officer of the law and obligated to do so. Her phone rings. She answers it, and it's Sam telling her that she has Danny, and that he's ok. Alexis asks what happened, and where Heather is. Sam says she wants to get Daniel home. She'll talk to Alexis about it later. Alexis shares the news with Molly. She then tells Rafe that he's not off the hook. Molly again says that she can't call the police.

Johnny guesses that Kristina isn't there to visit him. She nervously says she isn't. She says she's glad that he's ok, if he is. She tells him that Pentonville makes her nervous. Johnny understands and wonders what she's doing there. She says Pentonville is her community service for assaulting Connie.

Shawn re-joins Sonny to discuss what Sonny needs. Sonny says since Johnny is in prison, it's a good time to make a move on what's left of the Zacharra holdings. Shawn reminds him that Johnny is married and if Sonny wants Johnny's legitimate holdings, he will have to go through Connie.

Diane reviews the list of charges against Connie with her. Connie says that hitting Ellie and killing Trey were accidents. Diane thinks she can get the manslaughter charge dropped since Connie didn't entice the car Trey was in to follow her. Connie thinks that means she doesn't have to go to prison, but Diane says the other charges carry prison sentences, too. She has a strategy in mind. She tells Connie to blame Kate for everything. Connie shoots down the idea, saying it will get her committed because it proves she isn't integrated. She tells Diane to come up with something else. Diane reminds Connie how much money she owes her already. Connie doesn't have the money, but Diane says there's got to be somewhere she can turn. Connie says there's always Johnny.

Johnny tells her that things could be worse, and gestures to his prison gear. Kristina says that originally, Connie wanted her there. Johnny asks what changed. Kristina doesn't know, just that Connie was completely different when she arrived in court.

Connie tells Diane that she'll just get the money from Johnny's accounts. She tells Diane that they're married and the accounts are community property. Diane tells her to call when she has a check that can clear. Connie doesn't want her to go. Diane tells Connie her three rules which includes billing on time, so she expects payment on time. She says she will resume defense when she is paid.

Sonny doesn't want to involve Connie. He claims the marital assets are different from the business ones. Shawn wonders if Johnny may have put a few things in her name to keep them hidden, but Sonny says Johnny wouldn't do that because it would give Connie access to his business. Shawn correctly guesses that Sonny wants him to track down the Zacharra holdings. Sonny also wants Shawn to find out who else is trying for the Zacharra holdings and to hold them off. Shawn assures him that he can handle it and Sonny agrees. Shawn says he'll start tomorrow, but Sonnhy prefers he start tonight. Shawn says that it's Valentine's Day and nothing will keep him from spending it with the woman he cares about. Sonny smiles at him as he walks off. Sonny approaches Connie as she finishes convincing her accountant to transfer funds for her. He asks if he can join her.

Molly tells Alexis that calling the police is wrong. Alexis tells her how her compassion is a good thing but harboring a fugitive is not the same as helping the needy. Molly argues that Rafe shouldn't have been arrested in the first place. She says the thought of him killing his mother is irrational. Alexis explains that people do irrational things like Molly is. Molly says that helping an innocent person is rational. Alexis is still upset that Molly let him into their house, into the bed room and let him hold Daniel. Rafe tells her that it's not Molly's fault that Daniel was kidnapped. Alexis says that she's not making the kidnapping Molly's fault or his fault, but Rafe is wanted by the police. Molly calls Alexis a hypocrite for defending Sonny while she knows he's guilty. Rafe says Alexis is right. Running from the police and going to her house was a bad idea and he's ready to turn himself in. Molly asks if Alexis will represent him. Alexis says she can't because she's representing McBain and it's a conflict of interest. Molly tells her to drop McBain and represent Rafe. Rafe says he doesn't need an attorney because he's innocent and he'll eventually be let go. Molly asks Alexis if that's true. Alexis doesn't answer and tells Rafe to get his coat. Molly wants to go with them. Alexis opens the door to head out and is greeted by TJ. TJ wishes Alexis a Happy Valentine's Day, and is then upset to see Molly in the house with Rafe.

Todd tries to convince Anna that McBain isn't at the police department, because he was there. Anna points out that McBain is nowhere to be found. Todd describes why McBain isn't there and tells Anna again that he was trying to save Daniel. Anna places Todd under arrest for attempted kidnapping. Todd turns to Carly and tries to appeal to her, trying to convince her that he's innocent, swearing to her that he's innocent, but is then led away by Anna.

McBain recaps all of the people Caleb has killed. Dante mentions the evidence, but McBain asks him to forget the evidence. He reminds Dante that they are partners and how he stood by Dante while he was wrongly accused and he helped him. He's asking for the same courtesy and tells Dante that he needs to let him go.

Kristina describes what Connie did for her in court. Johnny doesn't believe it. He believes she lied under oath but not to help anyone but herself. He wonders what made her do it.

Sonny says he just wanted to tell her that Kristina is starting her community service. Connie hopes it isn't going to be too hard on her. Sonny says she can handle it. Connie hopes she gets as lucky. She tells Sonny what Diane wants her to do, but says she doesn't want to do it because it would land her back in Ferncliff. Sonny says that Diane will find a way to help. They commiserate over being alone in a diner on Valentine's Day as they share a cookie.

TJ asks what is going on and why Rafe is there. Alexis tells him that Rafe is leaving, and tells Molly that she's staying. Alexis and Rafe leave as TJ enters the lake house. TJ asks her if she's ok. He said he should have come over. He says he knew that Rafe would come after her, but Molly says he didn't come after her. TJ mentions having called to warn her that Rafe escaped and asked if Rafe got there before or after he called her. Molly says Rafe was already there when TJ called.

Sam is tending to Daniel as Carly says that she doesn't get why Todd would come after Daniel again, and make up a crazy story. Sam tells her that she doesn't know how crazy it is.

Dante asks McBain if he knows what he's asking Dante to do. McBain says he does know and tells him it's time to pick a side. Does Dante believe him or not? Dante considers it, then tells McBain to come with him. Anna brings Todd in just as Dante and McBain walk out of the interrogation room. Todd says that for the first time, someone is going to have to believe him. He says he saw what McBain did to Heather and saw him try to take Daniel.

Kristina tells Johnny how Connie was different in court. She says how Connie tried to help. Johnny says something changed. Kristina tells him that she thinks Connie did it for Sonny. Johnny says that it's not possible. He says that they hate each other because Sonny wants Kate and wants Connie in therapy to make that happen. Kristina isn't sure as she says things have changed between them.

Connie talks about Johnny in jail, and notices that Sonny isn't listening. He admits to thinking about both Kate and Connie. She asks if she's thinking about how she ruined things with Kate. He tells her about last Valentine's Day when he noticed Kate acting strangely. He says he accepted it and he was ok with it. He realizes that Connie was a big part of that day and of everything. Connie says she sat on the sidelines, wondering that Kate was doing with her life. Sonny comments that Connie hated him. Connie comments on what a difference a year makes.

Molly explains how Rafe had witnessed a second murder, but TJ wonders if he committed it. Molly believes Rafe when he says he didn't do it. TJ is upset that she believes Rafe and lies to him. Molly says she didn't tell him because she knew he would turn Rafe in. TJ says he would have like Alexis was doing, but Molly told her the truth. Molly tells him she had no choice with her mother. TJ guesses that it's because Rafe spent the night and Molly admits that Rafe did. She tells him that Rafe slept on the floor and that nothing happened. She tells TJ that she can trust him, but he says he's not so sure anymore.

At the PCPD, Alexis and Rafe walk in behind Diane. Alexis says she needs to talk to her, but Diane says that she needs to deal with Todd. Alexis says she has a client for Diane, and that gets Diane's attention. She asks who the client is. Alexis shows her Rafe.

McBain asks Todd what he's talking about. Anna says she wants to know, too. Todd recaps the entire incident on the docks. McBain tells Anna that he's been there the whole time, and that she's got a building full of cops and surveillance to prove it. He asks if she believes him now that there's someone else to be looking for.

Sam explains how McBain was arrested for two murders last night. Carly asks if she believes McBain is innocent, and Sam says he is. She claims mistaken identity. Carly said it would match Todd's story, but then says it doesn't matter because whatever happens Todd doesn't affect her anymore. She tells Sam that she has to go meet Josslyn to make pizzas and cupcakes. They wish each other Happy Valentine's Day and Carly leaves. Sam turns around to see Caleb sitting nearby, looking at her. Sam says that "John" scared her.

Diane is less than pleased that Alexis is asking her to represent Rafe because he's broke and allegedly killed his own mother. Alexis tells her she can't represent him because she's representing McBain, then tells her how important pro bono work can be. To sway her, Alexis tells her that her mother was Allison Barrington and his great grandmother was Amanda Barrington. Diane wonders why it's so important to Alexis that she represents Rafe. Alexis tells her it's important to Molly.

Molly tells TJ that he can trust her, that she's the same person he met. He tells her that he's not some loser that she is taking a chance on. Molly says she doesn't think he's a loser. TJ says he is her boyfriend, and she went behind his back, breaking the law to protect a potential murderer. She says she's sorry and she doesn't want to fight with him. He says he doesn't want to fight either. He gives her the gift he brought for her and leaves her.

Anna tells McBain that she'd believe the story more if it came from anyone but Todd. Anna says she has no evidence that his story is true. Todd suggests dragging the harbor to find Heather for proof. She says there's an APB out on Heather now, and the Coast Guard has been alerted. Todd says the Coast Guard won't be any help because "McBain" didn't leave on a boat. He just vanished.

Sam asks "John" what he's doing there. Caleb tells her that the police let him out, that they saw the error of their ways. He says he heard that Todd tried to take Daniel again. Sam says that he tried but Anna arrested him. she says she needs to get Daniel home. Caleb stops he and asks if he can take a look at Daniel to make sure he's ok. Sam tells him to stay away from Daniel because she knows he's really Caleb and not McBain.

Johnny says that thanks to Connie, Kristina got community service instead of prison, and Kristina says she was lucky. Johnny figures that they would have found a better community service for her. Kristina says that it's not so bad, besides he's there. Johnny says he deserves to be there. Kristina points out that his being there isn't going to bring back Cole and Hope. Johnny agrees, but says he needs to make amends where he can. He hopes she's happy with the Haunted Star. Kristina asks what he is talking about. He tells her that he gave his part of the Haunted Star. Kristina says that it was a good thing for him to do. Johnny says even a bad can do good things sometimes.

Sonny and Connie remember back in high school when they promised not to get each other gifts. She made him cookies. He tells her that they were the worst cookies he's ever had. Connie blames her mother for not labeling the canisters so she used too much flour. At the counter, Shawn takes notice of Sonny and Connie having a good time. They remember that Sonny brought the cookies to a friend's house, made everyone eat them and tell her how good they were. Sonny says that was a long time ago. Sonny says he has to go and gets up to leave. Connie gives him a cookie for the road. He walks out and runs into Dante. Dante is on the way to Lulu's party at the Haunted Star and is there to pick up some cookies for her first. He asks what Sonny is doing. He tells Dante that he's looking at it. Dante asks if he's ok, and Sonny says he is. He says that Valentine's reminds him of happy times. Dante asks if he means with Kate. Sonny tells him not entirely. Inside, Connie is on the phone with her accountant again, asking for good news, needing to know if the check cleared. She is surprised by the answer.

Guard comes to take Kristina to speak with her supervisor. He is concerned that she was left alone with Johnny. She says that she's fine, but Johnny urges him to talk to the guard who left her there with him about it. Kristina decides that community service won't be so bad, and Johnny tells her he has at least 500 hours to look forward to. Kristina leaves him to go talk to her supervisor.

Rafe is handcuffed by a guard as Diane warns the guard to adhere to protocol in processing Rafe. She warns against any rights violations unless the guard wants to be named in a suit. The guard wonders why Diane cares so much. Diane tells him that she is Rafe's attorney.

Molly opens her gift from TJ to find love notes, a book, a necklace and a pen.

Alexis walks into Kelly's and goes straight to Shawn. They wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day and kiss hello as TJ walks in. Shawn starts to ask how things went when TJ runs upstairs. He wonders to Alexis what's wrong with him. Alexis tells him that she has a pretty good idea.

Carly walks into the PCPD and tells Todd that she's there to tell him she believes him about what happened. Todd wonders if that means she trusts him, but she says it doesn't. It means she believes him about that one thing. He asks if they are friends again, and she says no. She starts to leave. Todd asks her to stay, not as a gesture of friendship but in her trust. She tells him to not speak to anyone without an attorney and leaves.

Anna brings McBain into the interrogation room, telling him that she doesn't know what to think about any of what's going on. McBain says that maybe they should listen to Lucy, not about the vampire stuff, but that there's possibly a serial killer named Caleb. He his fixated on Rafe and Livvie, who looks like Sam. He says that if Caleb tried to take Daniel before, he will again. He tells her that Sam and Daniel are in danger and he needs to be let go to help them.

Caleb says of course she knows him. They've know each other for centuries. He says they met before and they'll meet again, that they'll always circle around to find each other. He says she knows him as he advances on her.

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