GH Update Thursday 2/14/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/14/13


Written by Tami
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At the docks, Todd and Quint are getting ready to leave Port Charles. Todd is in a rush but Quint tells him that there's a fast way and a right way to set sail. Todd wants the right way to be fast. Quint wonders why the rush. He asks if no one will miss him when he's gone.

At the Haunted Star, Carly learns that Starr is now half owner of the Haunted Starr. They agree that Johnny gave Starr half of the business to try to ease his guilt. Starr wonders why Carly is visiting. Carly tells her she is checking up on Starr to make sure she's ok since Todd isn't there.

Todd doesn't answer Quint's question yet he throws a couple of personal items his way. Quint looks at Todd's hands, and tells him he's got city hands that have counted money. Todd tells him how he built a raft and was able to sail it once. Quint walks away, and Todd yells for him to come back so that they can leave as he wants to leave town as fast as he can.

At the PCPD, Anna suggests everyone stay calm, and Alexis suggests to Anna they get Lucy and McBain into separate rooms. McBain tells them that it won't be necessary because they will get along just fine. Lucy says they will when McBain is dead then asks McBain where Rafe is.

At the lake house, Heather walks into Molly's room. Rafe asks what she's doing there. Heather says she's there for the baby. Rafe says she can't take him. Heather tells him that she can because the baby is hers.

At Professor Mosser's office, Caleb comments how he regrets killing Professor Mosser because he had impressive knowledge but Professor Mosser left him no choice. He is interrupted by a knock at the door. Sam calls out to Professor Mosser, and asks if he has a minute. She wants talk to him about McBain. Caleb looks at the door and smiles.

Starr tells Carly that Todd isn't out of the picture, just on the run, and she's sure the police will catch up with him. Carly tells her that she thinks Todd is long gone. Starr asks her how she knows that, and Carly says its what Todd told her when he came to say goodbye to her.

Quint returns with some supplies, and Todd asks if they are ready to go. Quint lists all that they need to make sure that they have. Todd stresses urgency to get to Blaze Island, but Quint wishes they were going somewhere else. Todd tells him that he chose his destination because it's an island with no extradition. Quint tells him that the woman who runs the island, Alex Olanov, is crazy, but Todd calls her a welcome breath of fresh, perfumed air. Quint tells him that they can leave when their other passenger arrives.

Rafe tells Heather that Daniel can't be hers. Heather thinks he's saying she's too old, but Rafe says he just means that he knows that Daniel is Sam's son. Heather says she knows that; she's  the nanny, Susan Moore.

Molly is on her way back to her room with a tray containing breakfast for Rafe and herself, when Kristina catches her. Kristina notices that Molly has a lot of food for one person, and Molly offers to share to cover up that she has someone in her room. Kristina starts to eat some of the breakfast when she sees the look on Molly's face, and tells her that she's busted. She says she knows Molly has someone in her room, and she knows who it is.

Rafe tells Heather that she can't be the nanny. He says that he's in charge of Daniel and Molly never mentioned a nanny. Heather guesses that Rafe and Molly were possibly messing around, but he says it wasn't like that. Heather offers to call Alexis and tell her that he's in Molly's bedroom. Rafe tells her that she doesn't have to do that. Heather then guesses that maybe Rafe broke in, and is kidnapping Daniel so maybe she should call the police instead.

Lucy continues to blame McBain for Rafe's disappearance. Anna steps in to keep Lucy away from McBain. Alexis tells her that they need to be in separate rooms, then tells Lucy and McBain not to talk to anyone who isn't her. She also tells them that neither of them are in a position to help the police after McBain suggests that Lucy work with him. McBain tells Lucy that he's not Caleb, that he can prove it, and that they will find Rafe faster if Lucy works with him whether she likes it or not. Lucy isn't convinced.

Sam continues to knock on the door and call out to Professor Mosser. Professor Mosser stirs, not dead. Caleb comments on how tenacious Proessor Mosser is and finishes him off. Caleb tells Sam to come to him, then says he will go to her. He hears another voice in the hall, asking Sam if she can help. The girl introduces herself as Jennifer, Professor Mosser's teaching assistant. Sam tells her that she needs to see Professor Mosser on a personal matter. Jennifer tells Sam that he may have fallen asleep. She unlocks the door to Proessor Mosser's office to let them both in, then screams.

Todd tries to convince Quint that they don't need any other passengers, and reminds Quint that he's paying him. Quint says that he may be paying, but it's his boat. He tells Todd not to worry, he thinks that Todd will get along with his other passenger just fine since he believes they are friends. He shows Todd that he has a copy of The Sun with Todd Heather and Lucy on the cover.

Heather asks if she should call the police to report an intruder holding a baby. Rafe suggests that they call Molly up to vouch for him. Heather agrees and listens at the door. She tells Rafe that Molly is talking to her sister. She suggests calling them both up to vouch for him, then guesses that Rafe isn't supposed to be there. She tells Rafe to give her the baby or she will call the police, then starts to call the police.

Kristina guesses that TJ is in Molly's room. She tells Molly that she's lucky she caught Molly and TJ, and that Alexis didn't. Kristina asks Molly if having TJ overnight was the only risk she took. She then gives Molly a talk about how important it is to use protection and to not sleep with the wrong guy.

Rafe gives in, asks Heather not to call the police, then hands Daniel over to Heather. Heather tells Daniel how much she missed him.

Alexis takes McBain aside, and tells him that while she trusts him, until Lucy's mental state is handled, working with her may not be a good idea. Lucy interrupts them, saying that she hears what they are saying and she heard her name. Alexis tells Lucy it's because she's talking about her and she needs to be quiet. Lucy complains about conflict of interest, and Anna steps in, telling Lucy that she has compassion for her, then suggests she be quiet about conflict of interest because she needs Alexis, then suggests she say nothing at all and let Alexis do her job. Alexis tells McBain that working with Lucy can only end badly for him. McBain tells her he's more worried about Rafe than himself. He tells her about the surveillance footage and how much Caleb looks like him. He thinks that Lucy is the key to stopping Caleb, but he's not sure how yet. She agrees to try to slow down the arraignment, though she's not sure how. He tells her that she's smart and will think of something. Alexis says she'll do her best, but if he's asking for time, then he should make it worth the time.

Sam walks into Professor Mosser's office and confirms that Professor Mosser is dead. She notices the open window and asks Jennifer if he keeps the window open in winter. Jennifer doesn't know but she doesn't think so. She asks Sam how Professor Mosser died. They see the bite marks on his neck. Sam calls the PCPD and asks for Anna.

Alexis tells Anna and Lucy that McBain's in no hurry to be released and that he wants to coöperate in the investigation. McBain asks Lucy if she will help. Lucy can't believe she's being asked. Alexis tells Lucy that it would help her case if she did. Anna guarantees Lucy's safety. Lucy reminds Anna that they couldn't protect Rafe. Anna tells Lucy it's because she's not a slayer and Lucy is. Lucy knows that she's being patronized, but Anna is right. Alexis explains to Lucy that her escape from Ferncliff guarantees her a long stay in Pentonville and a permanent one in Ferncliff and the only way to fix things is to help the police. Lucy agrees to help destroy Caleb. Alexis placates her and then tells her that they need to find Rafe and that Lucy may be the only one who can get clues out of him. She turns away, looking at McBain, clearly exasperated by Lucy, then leaves them. Anna returns and says she has a situation. She takes McBain aside and tells him that Sam just called. She was visiting Professor Mosser. McBain tells her that Professor Mosser is his alibi. Anna tells him that Professor Mosser has been murdered.

Carly mentions that she found Todd trying to get into his safe. She thought it was odd that he took such a risk. Starr tells Carly that he needed his passport, telling Carly that she knows what Todd was doing. They tell each other how they tried to protect Todd, but Carly tells Starr that she came real close to turning Todd in. Starr asks why she didn't. Carly tells her about how Todd asked her to run away with him and even told her that she could bring Josslyn. Starr says that he probably made it sound sweet. Carly said he was very passionate but it didn't work. Starr asks her if she wishes she'd said yes.

Todd tells Quint that Heather is a lunatic. Quint points out that the paper says that Todd's insane, too. He tells Todd that Heather's money is as good as his. Todd offers to pay both fares, telling him that they need to be rid of the albatross that is Heather. Quint says that the albatross is his favorite bird. Todd then tells him that Heather's a coo coo. Quint insists that Heather is coming with them and mentions her many charms to Todd. Todd disagrees with his opinion of Heather. He tells Quint that Heather has killed people. Quint says he can tell that Todd has, too. Todd tells him that three of the people he killed deserved it and he'll tell him the whole story once they get going. Quint decides that he isn't taking Todd. Todd is angry because he paid Quint. Quint tells him that no money is worth taking him, then tells him that he and Heather can find their own way out of the country. He takes his things and leaves, telling Todd he's out. Todd tries to stop him but is unsuccessful. He goes to try to find another boat.

Alexis arrives home and sees Kristina. She asks if Kristina is starting her community service. Kristina tells her that she's starting today. Neither are thrilled that she is doing her service at Pentonville. Alexis offers to pull some strings and get her reassigned but Kristina says she can handle it, but if it gets too much, she'll let Alexis know. Kristina tells her that if she wants to worry about someone, maybe she should worry about Molly. Alexis asks why she needs to worry about Molly.

Molly brings breakfast in to Rafe. She says she's sorry if its cold but she got delayed, then asked where Daniel is. Rafe tells her that the nanny took him.

Heather brings Daniel to pier 52 and looks for Quint. She calls out for him, saying they're on a schedule.

McBain and Lucy are taken to the interrogation room. McBain assures Lucy that the guard with them is very good and that she is safe. Lucy says that she would feel safer if the guard's guns had silver bullets. McBain thought that only worked on werewolves. He asks Lucy about Caleb's ring, the one Rafe said Caleb wore when Caleb killed Allison. She tells him that it has a bat on it. McBain comments that she knows the ring and Lucy says that he does, too. He tells her that he really doesn't and that's why he went to see Professor Mosser. Lucy says that Professor Mosser is the one person who can vouch for McBain and he's dead. McBain says that Professor Mosser was killed while he was in lock up, so he couldn't have murdered the professor. He can't believe Lucy still thinks he's Caleb and tries to get her to consider that there's a guy out there that looks like him, trying to frame him.

Anna arrives at Professor Mosser's office with a guard. Sam shows them to where Professor Mosser is. Anna asks how she came to be there. She tells Anna how Jennifer let her in and that she was there for McBain. She knew that Professor Mosser was his alibi and she was trying to help. Anna sees the marks on Professor Mosser's neck and wonders what they are. Jennifer thinks they look like vampire bite marks. Anna looks down and sees a pair of scissors. She concludes he was probably killed with them. The officer with Anna comments that its convenient for McBain that his alibi is dead and unable to contradict him. Anna tells him that it looks like Professor Mosser was killed in the last hour and McBain was in lockup so it was not possible for McBain to kill him. Sam wonders who did.

Heather is concerned that Quint isn't there. She tells Daniel that they're going to have to find another way out of town. Caleb approaches and asks Heather if she's going somewhere.

McBain tells Lucy that he doesn't know why he looks like Caleb or why Sam looks like Livvy. Lucy tells him that's because that's who they are, but he's mesmerized everyone into forgetting it. McBain asks if he was supposed to have mesmerized all of Port Charles, all of Llanview and the entire FBI. Lucy says the FBI are boobs who don't take vampires seriously. McBain asks her that if he's supposed to be so powerful, why is he in lockup and not on a rampage. She guesses that he's biding is time for his big plan. He asks her that if he has powers, why not mesmerize Anna into letting him go and why was he caught in the first place. He says it sounds like the worst plan ever. She tells him that it's a game to him. He likes to torment the living but it's just a cruel game. He asks her what kind of game he could be playing in lockup and what he would have to gain, being there, trying to win her over when the people she says he's after are out around Port Charles.

Molly asks Rafe what he means the nanny came for Daniel. He says that he was told she was the nanny and she seemed to know Daniel. He then describes her to Molly. Molly asks if he got a name. He tells her that her name was Susan Moore. Molly knows it was Heather who took Daniel.

Alexis asks what is going on with Molly. Kristina tells her just the regular stuff with a teenage girl dating a teenage boy. Alexis wonders if she needs to talk to Molly again and says that Molly already knows more than she does. Kristina tells her that she has to go because she's late for her community service. As Kristina leaves, Molly comes running out of her room. She tells Alexis that Daniel is gone and Heather took him.

Caleb asks Heather how she got Daniel. She tells him that Daniel is hers, but Caleb knows he isn't. He says he knows the baby and Heather says it's because he and Anna tried to take Daniel from her before. He tells her that Daniel doesn't belong with Heather, he belongs with his mother. Heather insists that Daniel is her baby, and she won't let him or anyone take Daniel again. Caleb grabs her by the throat and starts to choke her.

Molly tells Alexis that she only left the room for a minute to get something to eat, and that she doesn't know how Heather even knew Daniel was there. Alexis gives Molly a phone and tells her to call the police while she calls Sam.

Anna and Sam discuss what Professor Mosser's death means for McBain. Anna says that McBain isn't guilty of Professor Mosser's death but he's not cleared of the rest of the charges. Sam tells Anna that McBain was with the professor when Rafe was broken out of jail. Anna mentions the surveillance footage again. Sam guesses that they're going to have to talk to Rafe to get more information. Her cell phone rings. Alexis tells Sam that she has to tell her something about Daniel.

As Todd arrives and watches from out of sight, Caleb thanks Heather for Daniel, saying now it will be easier to convince Sam to go with him. Heather says that he's killing her, and he tells her that's the idea. He then leads her by the throat to the edge of the pier and tosses her in, then spits on her before going back to Daniel. Caleb asks Daniel if he enjoyed the show, then if he wants to get out of there. He then stands up to take Daniel away. Todd steps out into the open and tells Caleb he's not taking Daniel anywhere.

Carly asks if she wishes that she would have uprooted her life, gone on the run, taken Josslyn away from her brothers and never let them see her again. She says she never considered it. She tells Starr that she cares a lot about Todd but what was she supposed to do? Starr says she did the only reasonable thing she could do. Carly tells her that she knows that Todd is no angel but neither is she. Starr says her mother isn't either and that she left Todd because she couldn't take his antics anymore. She suggests that Carly spend time with Blair. Carly tells her that she and Todd have both done terrible things and hurt people but they get that about each other. Starr asks why she doesn't forgive Todd. Carly says she could have forgiven everything, she would have stood by him and helped fix things if he'd only told her the truth. She said that she was with one liar in Johnny Zacharra, but she can't be with any more liars. Starr says she won't have to now.

Caleb tells Todd that he's already too fond of Daniel to give him up and promises no harm will come to Daniel. Todd wonders if Sam hadn't been through enough already. Caleb mutters that he hasn't gotten used to her name being Sam. Todd tells him that he's thrilled that "McBain" is on drugs or something but asks if he had to throw Heather in the harbor. Caleb is surprised but seemingly unbothered that Todd had seen that. Caleb says it was surprisingly easy. Todd announces that he is seeing the real John McBain and Caleb takes an exaggerated bow.

Lucy confesses that she can't think of anything he has to gain by being locked up. McBain tells her that the one person with something to gain with the both of them being locked up is Caleb. He says that if they are both telling the truth, then things are working out just like Caleb wants them to. He says that Caleb wanted him arrested and now no one is looking for Caleb and he can do whatever he wants to whomever he wants. Lucy asks how she's supposed to know he's not casting a spell to confuse her. He tells her to go ahead and believe that, but if he's Caleb, he doesn't need Lucy. He tells her to think about it, that there are people in real danger out there right now. Lucy says people like Rafe and Livvie.

Molly blames herself for Heather taking Daniel. Alexis tells her that it's not her fault and sits her down to talk to her. She asks Molly to tell her everything. Molly says it all happened so fast. Alexis asks what Heather said to her, and Molly says she doesn't know. Alexis asks how she doesn't know and if she doesn't remember. Molly says she wasn't there as Rafe looks on, out of sight.

Sam is upset over Heather having Daniel, saying it's the second time Heather has taken him. Anna tells her that detectives and CSI are on the way to the lake house. She gets a call and asks Sam to wait. She asks if the caller where and if there's mention of a baby, then shakes her head "no" to Sam. Anna tells Sam that Todd and Heather were seen trying to get a boat out of the country. Both leave to head for pier 52 as Anna gives the order on the phone that nothing leaves the harbor.

Caleb is impressed that Todd confronted him even after everything he's seen. He says that he knows Todd is on the run and suggests he keep running. Todd says when Caleb gives him Daniel, he will run. Caleb tells him it's his last chance to go. Todd refuses to without6 Daniel to give him back to Sam. Caleb attempts to leave with Daniel, but is stopped by Todd.

Starr tells Carly that she knows it's early and there may be some law against serving alcohol this early but they deserve it. She pours them each a drink. Carly says they need a toast. They begin toasting to Todd in several different ways before drinking.

Todd tells Caleb that he can't let him take the baby. Caleb tells him to let go of the stroller or he won't have hands to hold on to it anymore. Todd says his is willing to take that chance. Caleb prepares to attack Todd when he hears sirens.

McBain asks Lucy to tell him about Caleb and who he's after. She insists that McBain is Caleb and that Caleb is after Rafe and Livvie. McBain tells her that he doesn't know a Livvie, that he knows Sam and he's John McBain. Lucy asks why she should trust him. He says because he trusting her and not dismissing her like everyone else. He tells her that if she hasn't noticed, Caleb is doing all of the winning and asks her to join forces with him before he claims another victim.

Alexis asks Molly if she saw Heather take Daniel. Molly says she didn't see Heather take Daniel in person. Alexis asks how she knows it was Heather if she didn't see Heather. Rafe steps out into the open and tells Molly that she doesn't want her to get into trouble covering for him. He tells Alexis that Molly had nothing to do with Heather taking Daniel. He says that Heather took Daniel from him. Alexis looks at Molly in disbelief.

Todd hears the sirens and tells Caleb that his friends are coming, and he looks away. He can't wait to tell them what he did to Heather Webber. He looks back in Caleb's direction and Caleb is gone. Todd is tending to Daniel when Anna and Sam arrive. Anna trains her gun on Todd and tells him not to move.

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