GH Update Wednesday 2/13/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/13/13


Written by Tami
Proofread by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the nurses' station at the hospital, Sabrina is distraught as she looks at the headline of The Sun declaring "Cop Kills Cop". She tells Patrick that Officer Carlson is dead because she gave him the wrong medication despite checking the label three times. Looking on from upstairs is Britt, smiling at what she sees and hears. Britt receives a text from Maxie saying she hates what Britt made her do to Sabrina, and that they both know it wasn't her fault.

At the hospital, Olivia approaches Steve. He asks her how she's doing. She tells him that she will be a lot better when they find Heather.

At the docks, Caleb dips his finger in some blood, and licks it off of his finger. He hears footsteps and steps out of sight. As Heather passes, he grabs her arm and turns her to face him.

In her bedroom at the lake house, Molly wakes Rafe gently, yet he awakes with a start.

At the PCPD, a guard brings Lucy to see Anna. Lucy apologizes profusely for knocking out Anna's guard, taking his gun and holding her at gunpoint. Anna tells her to save it and lets her know that she has a visitor. She opens the door to the interrogation room, and Lucy walks in to find Kevin there, wearing a neck brace.

Caleb pulls Heather to him, and asks if she's going so soon.

In his cell, McBain calls out to Taylor, asking Taylor to let him know when Alexis is in the building. Sam walks in and tells McBain that Taylor is upstairs. Sam tells him that her mother will be there soon, so they don't have much time to get him out of there.

Britt sends a text to Maxie, telling her to keep her mouth shut, and that everything will be fine as long as everyone thinks that Sabrina made a mistake. Patrick tells Sabrina that Officer Carlson's death was not her fault. He tells her that Officer Carlson was bleeding out and wasn't going to make it anyway. He tells her that they are in medicine and people die. Sabrina doesn't know what to do. Patrick suggests they go speak with Steve first.

Steve tells Olivia that the only update he has is that the police haven't found Heather yet. Olivia is upset, saying that she should have gone to the police as soon as she had the vision about Heather, and told them that she is on the loose.

Heather tries to get away from Caleb. She tells him that if he tries to take her in, he's going to have to kill her. Caleb laughs, says if she insists, and kisses her hand.

Molly asks Rafe who he thought she was. He tells her that he thought she was McBain. He tells her that he has nightmares about him, dreaming about him killing his mother and Officer Carlson. Molly says she's sorry. She tells him she still doesn't believe that McBain did it, but promises Rafe that he is safe in her room. Alexis knocks on the door, calling out to Molly. She tries to enter the room but finds the door locked. She wants to know why the door is locked.

Lucy asks Kevin if he's ok, and he doubts that she cares. She tells him that his getting hit probably hurt her more than it hurt him, and tells her he doesn't think so. Lucy is happy that Kevin came back to help her. Kevin tells her he had to go to the hospital. Kevin assumes that he was hit by Todd based on the force of the blow. Lucy tells him not to count Heather out.

Caleb lets Heather go. She runs into a makeshift shelter on the docks to find Todd hiding in there already. Todd tries to tell her to get lost, but Heather refuses. She tells him to be quiet because McBain is right outside.

McBain asks Sam if she should be down there. She tells him that they need to concentrate on him. She tells him that Alexis was up most of the night, working on his case. She sees McBain's unmade bed and guesses he didn't sleep either. He tells her about the video of Caleb taking the weapon from evidence, then taking Rafe from his cell to take him away. He tells her how he was identified as leaning over Officer Carlson as he bled out. He assures her that none of these things was done by him, but the guy is a dead ringer for him. He tells her how often he's been on the outside of the jail cells, listening to perps say they've been framed, but now it's his turn. He tells her to forget the supernatural part about Caleb, the guy is real and looks exactly like him. Sam tells him how bad it looks for him, especially since Anna tried to call him all night and got no answer. She asks where he was.

Sabrina asks Patrick why they need to talk to Steve. He explains that there has to be an inquiry when there is a potential mistake, and Steve will head it. Sabrina is afraid she's going to be fired, but Patrick assures her that it's not like that, its protocol. He urges her to go, offers to go with her, and they head off to find Steve. Britt walks away upstairs, smiling, and apparently very pleased with herself. Sabrina stops, nervous, and Patrick assures her that Steve is a good guy and won't judge her, then goes with her to find him.

Steve assures Olivia that he's going to keep her safe. Olivia has other concerns. She asks him about the vision she had of him and Sabrina in the shower. She says all of her visions have been right or have had some meaning to them. Steve asks if they can talk about it later, just as Patrick and Sabrina join them. Olivia tells him that she'll just go back to worrying about the other woman in his life.

Heather tells Todd she has no idea what kind of game McBain is playing. Todd tells her she needs to get her eyes checked because McBain is in jail. Heather tells him how she got a close up look at him, and she's sure that Caleb is McBain. Todd tells her that he is waiting for someone. Heather convinces him to share his plans with her, and they come to learn they have the same plans: they both hired a guy named Quint to take them away, no questions asked.

Anna agrees with Lucy that Heather could have hit Kevin. Kevin is upset that Lucy left him injured, but she assured him that she made sure that he was alive and breathing before she left. She is worried that Rafe is out in Port Charles, unprotected from Caleb. Anna assures her that McBain is no threat to Rafe because he's in a holding cell.

Molly and Rafe clean all traces of Rafe having slept over, and Rafe slips under the bed before Molly lets Alexis in. Alexis looks around as Molly says she's got a day off and hoped to sleep in. Alexis asks if T.J. is in her room, remembering that he was the last time her door was locked. Molly swears that T.J. isn't there, then asks what she needs. Alexis asks Molly to babysit Daniel. Molly is happy to and tries to urge Alexis to go. She says she would rather talk to her for a minute. She tells Molly that she's not anxious to work because she has two clients in lock up: Lucy for holding Anna at gun point, and McBain for killing a cop and breaking Rafe out of jail. She tells Molly that Rafe is still at large.

McBain tells Sam he was at the University. He explains how Rafe remembered a ring that Caleb wore, so he went to speak with the professor. The professor was still teaching a class, so McBain had to wait, and said that they talked for quite a long time afterwards. Sam asks the name of the professor, and he tells her it was Jay Mosser.

Jay Mosser opens the door to his office, and tells someone they have excellent timing as he was about to call. He invites a detective in. Caleb walks in, telling the professor to call him "John".

Kevin tells Lucy that McBain being locked up is good news. Lucy disagrees, saying that a cell isn't going to hold Caleb because Caleb can do anything he wants and no one can stop him except her. They argue over Allison having the same delusion that Lucy has. Anna tells Lucy that McBain is the focus of an investigation. Lucy tells Kevin and Anna that Caleb isn't even using an alias anymore. She says he will hunt for Rafe so he can turn Rafe and will kill anyone who gets in his way.

Molly asks Alexis if she believes McBain is guilty. Alexis says she doesn't believe it at all. She admits that there is a lot of evidence, some of it indisputable, but it would help if Rafe showed up and shed some light on what he knew. Molly tells her that maybe he will. Alexis heads out, giving Molly a reminder on how to feed the baby, then leaves to go to the PCPD. Rafe comes out from under the bed, apologizing to Molly for her having to lie to Alexis, then insists that Alexis is wrong, and that McBain is a killer.

McBain tells Sam about the ring Rafe described. Sam is surprised that McBain wasn't laughed out of the room by Professor Mosser. McBain says that Professor Mosser is actually an expert on the occult, and showed him photos of rings. He also made a sketch of the ring in question. Sam asks if he got any answers.

Caleb removes his ring, and puts it in his pocket as Professor Mosser apologizes for the mess. The Professor Mosser asks if his inquiry is about Lucy's case. Caleb says he's not at liberty to say. Professor Mosser tells him that there have been no vampire sightings in years. He explains that the bat on the ring is common, but the crest is rare, perhaps from a minor clan, descendant from Romulus, the twin of Remus. He says that the few vampires that may be remaining have been in seclusion and haven't been seen in this century. He tells Caleb that the clan has been using the name "Morley". Professor Mosser supposes that Caleb finds the story absurd. Caleb says that he doesn't think so at all. Professor Mosser explains that the wearer of the ring possesses enormous power and wants revenge.

Heather and Todd argue over who has the longer list of wrongs. Todd wonders where Quint is, and Heather says they're not supposed to set sail for another hour, then says they will have to share the boat. Todd mentions that Quint is greedy for hiring them both. Heather plans to go see Steve before they go. Todd blames Heather for his recent downfall, starting the night of the baby switch. Heather advises that Todd stop delaying her errand so they can leave quickly when Quint gets there. Todd asks where she's going. She says she's going to see her son and she leaves.

Sabrina and Patrick explain the situation with Officer Carlson to Steve. Steve sees how upset Sabrina is, and tells her not to panic. He says he should have the autopsy results at any moment and they'll have more information on what killed Officer Carlson.

A tech asks Britt where he can find Dr. Webber. He has the autopsy results that was put on rush. Britt starts to flirt with the tech. He tells her that it is his first week there. Britt finds out his name is Brad and she asks if she can see the results. He isn't sure if it's procedure, but lets her look at the results anyway. Britt turns her back to Brad to read the results as he waits. Britt returns to Brad and compliments him on a thorough job, then points out Dr. Webber as Olivia arrives in the background and watches.

Patrick is sure that the autopsy report will clear Sabrina. Brad brings the report to Steve. Steve reviews it and confirms that Officer Carlson was given the wrong medication. Sabrina breaks down, distraught.

Lucy begs Anna to let her go so she can protect everyone. Angry, Kevin shouts at Lucy, telling her how serious the situation is, and that she doesn't get to tap dance her way out of it and walk away. Lucy argues with him, saying that she didn't choose to be a slayer, it was thrust upon her. She says she needs to get out and she needs someone to help her get out. Alexis enters the interrogation room.

Molly has a hard time believing what Rafe thinks he saw. Rafe points out that McBain is in jail while Molly reminds him that he was, too, and he claimed innocence. She suggests that he turn himself in. Rafe is against it at first, saying that cops are going to side with McBain because they stick with their own. Molly says that it doesn't happen when a cop kills a cop, so she doubts any are on his side anymore. She suggests he take a shower, clear his head and then decide what to do. Rafe agrees and Molly goes to get him a towel.

McBain says that Professor Mosser wanted to research the ring a bit more. He tells her that Professor Mosser basically went on and on about the existence of vampires, but he doesn't believe in vampires. Sam asks McBain if Anna can help him, but he tells her that Anna has her hands full with the Lucy, Heather and Todd situation. Sam adds that she's also dealing with Rafe disappearing. McBain adds that Rafe disappeared after seeing someone he was convinced was McBain killing for the second time.

Caleb looks at a book, commenting on how fascinating it is. Professor Mosser tells him not to think its the end of the discussion, then starts to tell Caleb about a vampire sighting when he sees the picture of McBain in jail on the cover of The Sun. He looks up at Caleb and Caleb smiles at him.

Lucy asks Alexis if she's there to help her. Alexis says she's going to try. Kevin tells Alexis that Lucy is in her hands. Lucy can't believe that Kevin is leaving her. Kevin reminds Lucy that she left him, then tells her that he's got a neurologist appointment to make sure that there's no brain bleeds happening. Lucy says she's sorry, and Kevin tells her that he knows. He leaves for his appointment as Alexis wishes him luck. Alexis asks Anna how John is. Anna says he's not thrilled with being in lock up. Alexis understands, and says that she needs to speak with him, the sooner the better. Anna gestures to Lucy, telling Alexis that Lucy is a handful. Alexis asks what Lucy was thinking then doesn't let her answer, saying it was a rhetorical question. Alexis says that she isn't sure she can get Lucy back into Ferncliff. Lucy says Alexis is right, she says that she is a common criminal and should go back down to her cell. Alexis and Anna exchange looks.

McBain says that he shouldn't have dismissed Lucy right away. While Caleb may not be a vampire, he is a killer who looks like McBain. Sam offers to go speak with Professor Mosser to get McBain's alibi. McBain is grateful. Sam says she'll be back, then tells him that between her and Alexis, they will get him out of there soon. McBain just hopes its before Caleb kills again.

Caleb asks Professor Mosser what he was saying. Professor Mosser tries to make an excuse to get out of his office. Caleb tells him that he won't be going anywhere.

Molly and Daniel return to her room to find Rafe naked and getting dried off. She turns away from him as he dresses. Rafe tells her that he's decided to turn himself in, even though the lake house is the nicest place he's ever slept in. He says his mother deserves justice. Molly says he does, too. She offers him some peanut butter toast. Rafe takes care of Daniel while Molly goes to make his toast, telling Daniel how much he misses his mother.

Sabrina runs off in tears while Patrick calls out to her, Britt smiling as she sees Sabrina run off. Patrick tries to convince Steve that Officer Carlson was dying anyway and tells Steve that he knows what being written up will do to Sabrina's career. Steve tells Patrick that he has no choice but to write her up, then leaves Patrick. Britt approaches Patrick that she hears that Sabrina killed his patient. She says how horrible it is for everyone involved. Patrick walks off without a word. Olivia approaches Steve and comments on Sabrina having a bad day. Steve feels bad, saying that Sabrina is an excellent nurse. Olivia asks how excellent, then apologizes. Steve starts to set her straight when Olivia says that Heather is there.

Rafe continues to tell Daniel about his mother and how she was at her best. The door opens and Heather walks in, the smiles at Rafe and Daniel.

Patrick tells Sabrina that getting written up is a rite of passage. She says that a fatality on her record could end her career before it starts. She then says that a patient is dead because of her. Patrick insists that Officer Carlson was bleeding out and would have died anyway. He tells her that she gave him a chance by finding him and getting him to the hospital. Sabrina says they'll never know if he could have lived if she hadn't made a mistake.

Steve tells Olivia that Heather isn't there, she's looking at Britt. Heather says that maybe Heather isn't at the hospital, but she's in Port Charles and disguised as a nurse.

Heather walks into Molly's room and Rafe asks who she is. She says she's there for the baby.

Todd steps out of his shelter and weighs his options. He figures he could either go on the boat with Quint and Heather, go to Pentonville where Carly and Starr will never visit or take off with Quint, leaving Heather behind. He chooses to go with Quint, leaving Heather behind.

Lucy heads out of the interrogation room with Alexis and Anna trying to stop her. Alexis tells her that she needs to stop with the vampire stuff, and that McBain is not a vampire. Anna tells Lucy that she's not going near McBain. A guard brings a handcuffed McBain into the bullpen where he sees the three of them.

Professor Mosser falls onto his desk, dead, with two bite marks bleeding on his neck. Caleb says he had to do it. He says the professor's knowledge was impressive but the professor left him no choice. He hears a knock at the door and Sam calls out to the Professor. Caleb smiles.

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