GH Update Tuesday 2/12/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/12/13


Written by Carole
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Laura Returns!

Anna and Luke are still on the pier, unaware that someone is watching them. Anna is feeling unsure about herself and who she can trust. Luke tells her that she can trust him, and he pulls her in for a passionate kiss.

Mac has come to The Haunted Star to pick up tickets for Lulu's Valentine's party. They talk about various things going on with them, including Johnny.

Johnny has asked a reluctant Starr to visit him in jail. He's apparently been sentenced to 20 years in Pentonville.

Lulu is worried how she's going to cope as sole owner of The Star. Mac is encouraging and tells her she's a Spencer, so she'll manage. While purchasing the tickets, Mac tells Lulu how things are going with Felicia. Lulu is surprised to hear that Frisco has returned. Lulu worries that Frisco's return may be too stressful for Maxie. Mac and Lulu both know that Frisco has been a deadbeat dad.  

Frisco definitely hasn't lost his touch. He is over at The Floating Rib pursuing Felicia but disguises it as wanting advice about Maxie. Shawn and T.J. are also at The Rib playing pool, but T.J. is obviously distracted. He tells Shawn that he's worried about Molly and her new boyfriend.

Molly is hiding out the alleged boyfriend in her house. At the police station, Dante and an officer are going over surveillance footage when John McBain shows up. Meanwhile, Laura watches Anna's reaction to Luke's kiss on the pier.

At The Rib, Frisco is listening to Felicia tell him about how to win over Maxie. Just as Mac has suspected, Frisco tells Felicia that Maxie isn't the only one he came back for. By the pool table, T.J. tells Shawn about Molly's fascination with Rafe. T.J. tells Shawn how Molly went to visit Rafe in jail and that she thinks he's innocent.

Molly has ensconced Rafe in her bedroom. She pleads with him to be quiet while she goes to get him something to eat. Kristina has woken up and knocks on Molly's door.

Back at the station, Dante questions John about where's he's been. John says he's been following a lead in Allison's murder. Dante continues to question John, much to John's dismay. John keeps defending himself, and then he asks Dante what's going on. Dante is trying to figure that out.

Johnny tells Starr that he's glad she's found happiness with Michael. Starr tells that Michael has been great and she doesn't know what she would've done without him.  Starr tells Johnny that doesn't mean she will never forget her first great love, Cole. She still misses Cole and Hope and thinks of them every day. She also wonders what her life would've been like if they were still alive.  She will never forgive Johnny for what he did. Johnny still wants to make up for what he did.  He hands Starr some legal papers. He's given her his half of The Haunted Star.

On the pier, Anna and Luke are startled by a noise. They look around and find nothing because Laura has already left. Anna has called for help, anyway. She tells Luke she has to get back to work. He wants to tell her something first.

At The Star, Mac and Lulu are discussing Frisco and Felicia. Lulu is on Team Mac.

Back at The Rib, Frisco stuns Felicia by telling her that he loves her. He begs her for another chance.

Laura surprises Lulu at The Haunted Star.

Over at The Rib, T.J. tells Shawn how Molly went to visit Rafe in jail and that she thinks he's innocent.

Molly finds Kristina at her door. Kristina thinks the sandwiches are for her. Rafe quickly hides under the bed when Molly and Kristina enter.

Dante questions John, who is getting defensive. Dante shows him the surveillance footage of Caleb leaving the evidence room. John is dumbfounded.

In Molly's room, Kristina is feeling regretful about attacking Connie. Molly and Kristina wonder what drives people to murder.

In lockup, Johnny is trying to make up to Starr what she lost. Johnny gives her a parting gift. Upstairs, John learns about Officer Carlson being dead. Rafe has fled, and they have a suspect.

T.J. is so worried about Molly that he wants to call her. When Shawn lets him, T.J. is stunned to find a news alert about Rafe.

Meanwhile, Frisco is laying it all down for Felicia. She defends her relationship with Mac to Frisco. Frisco is about to kiss her when Mac shows up.

On the pier, Luke confesses that he's in love with Anna. Anna stumbles around for an answer.

Lulu has a joyful reunion with her mother on The Haunted Star. They talk about Lucky and Laura's visit in Ireland. Laura fusses over her daughter 'til the talk turns to Luke. He's in for a big surprise.

Anna is telling Luke how she's feeling, and it's not what Luke wants to hear. She begs him to understand that she wants a chance with Duke. She wants that "once in a lifetime" like Luke had with Laura.

Laura asks Lulu about her father and if he's seeing anyone. Lulu tells her that he's seeing Anna Devane.

Back at The Rib, Mac and Frisco face off, with Mac ripping into Frisco for the heartbreak he's left behind.

At the jail, Starr questions Johnny about his motives. Johnny says he just wants the best for Starr.

Molly and Kristina are debating whether or not Johnny is a good or bad person. Molly says not, but Kristina disagrees. She tells Molly that she is going to Pentonville, too.

Dante tells John that they have a witness. John is shocked when he finds out that the suspect is him. Dante shows John the surveillance tape of Caleb leaving the evidence room with the murder weapon.

Meanwhile, Molly is stunned to learn that Kristina will be doing her community service at Pentonville. Kristina finally gets tired and leaves Molly's room. Rafe comes out of hiding. He wants to leave, but Molly won't let him.

At The Floating Rib, Frisco doesn't give up and wants to have dinner with Felicia and Maxie tomorrow. Mac tells him that he and Felicia have plans for Valentine's Day. He surprises her with tickets to Lulu's party. She's thrilled, but Frisco isn't.

On the pier, Anna is still saying goodbye to Luke who isn't giving up. Anna thanks Luke for being there for her, and they say an emotional goodbye. Luke picks up a glove that Anna drops. He stares wistfully at the glove.

Starr bursts in on Laura and Lulu's visit, impressed to meet the legend that is Laura. Laura uses this as an excuse to leave. Starr tells Lulu about her visit to Johnny. She tells Lulu that Johnny gave her his half of The Haunted Star. They are now partners! Johnny leaves for Pentonville with a smile on his face.

Back at The Floating Rib, Frisco scoffs at Valentine's Day and tells Felicia he's not giving up. He takes his leave. Rafe wants to leave so he doesn't cause anymore trouble for Molly and the people she cares about.  "Let me worry about the people I care about." she tells him. Rafe still wants to leave but Molly stubbornly refuses to let him.  T.J. calls to warn her about Rafe.  Molly lies to T.J.  Rafe tells Molly that he doesn't want to put her in danger. Molly stubbornly refuses to let him.

John is still defending himself to Dante, and now Anna. Anna places him under arrest.

Laura shows up at the pier just as Luke is leaving. She makes a mysterious call to someone and tells them to go ahead with their plans.

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