GH Update Monday 2/11/13

General Hospital Update Monday 2/11/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Proofread by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Duke Lavery is in AJ’s office noticing a perplexed AJ and Michael. They are not certain what to do with ELQ. He tells them he thinks he has the solution. It’s the late Lila Quartermaine’s pickle relish. They are both baffled and ask him what one would have to do with the other.

Tracy is in a frustrated mood telling Luke how her father has left her with nothing and she does not know what to do. At that point, she grabs a jar of her deceased mother’s pickle relish and her mood instantly changes for the better.

At the hospital, Dr. Britt reminds Maxie that she'd better go through with the plan to ruin Sabrina. If she does not, then Lulu and Dante will find out that Maxie has been lying and is not carrying their baby.

Sabrina notices what appears to be John McBain at the docks. The man is licking blood from what appears to be an arrow.

While Britt is reminding Maxie of the terms of their agreement, Patrick walks by and wonders what is going on.

Molly meets TJ at Kelly’s and is worried about her sister, Kristina, just getting released from jail. he does not trust Rafe, and believes he killed his own mother. Molly does not believe that.

At the station, Anna asks Dante what he thinks about McBain, Officer Carlson and Rafe all missing.

Caleb stands over Sabrina when she discovers a wounded an unconscious officer. She asks him if he has already called 9-1-1, but he has disappeared.

Patrick demands to know why Britt is talking about Sabrina, knowing she does not like Sabrina. He informs Maxie that he and Brit broke up because Brit has revealed to him that she does not like Emma. Hearing that, Maxie says she does not trust Brit any more than he does, knowing that she does not care for Maxie’s niece.

Duke Lavery tells AJ and Michael that he knows about Lila’s famous relish saving the company. Michael does not understand how that could happen.

Tracy has a similar conversation with Luke who does not understand why a bottle of condiments could save the company. She is very confident of it and knows the relish is the magic formula.

AJ admits that he remembers, as a child, in the 80s, seeing the magic in the relish and attempts to explain to his son something he remembers. Duke explains how Mrs. Quartermaine got the family out of financial crisis.

Tracy tells Luke that her mother’s pickle relish called "Pickle-Lila" put their company back in the black. She tells Luke she now knows this is a way to repair the damage she did to her father’s company, and she knows her deceased father wants her to do just that.

Duke tells Michael and AJ that the time he spent in the Turkish prison gave him a unique perspective. He knows that an old family recipe is what people want to invest in. They want homemade fresh foods and believes that Pickle-Lila is their answer. But they know that there’s only one jar of Pickle Lila left and Tracy has it.

Tracy explains to Luke that her father knew that no matter how successful and rich anyone is, they could be living at Kelly’s the next day. And the thing both of her parents taught her is that anyone can be resourceful and get oneself back on their feet again, have courage and win.

Maxie takes Britt aside and tells her if she does anything to hurt Emma, their deal is off. Britt assures her that she believes Emma is a sweet little girl and would never hurt her and that’s a major reason why she needs to take drastic action against Sabrina Santiago.

Sabrina attempts to save his Officer Carlson's life. Dante gets the call and informs Anna that his colleague has been stabbed.

Rafe hides and overhears Molly and TJ talking about him.

Maxie asks Britt what she wants her to do to Sabrina. Brit replies that she wants her to get Sabrina fired for incompetence or negligence, and prevented from ever getting an RN degree.

Sabrina rushes in, announcing the patient, his age and the nature of the injury, just like a pro. Britt smirks and tells Maxie that this is their chance.

AJ tells Duke that he does not want to sound negative, but he doesn’t know how they’re going to find Lila’s recipe.

Tracy turns on the television. Luke reminds her that "One Life To Live" is no longer on television. She sees the report that an officer has been stabbed.

Maxie tells Britt that she does not believe for a moment that Sabrina is incompetent at her job. She admits she’d never employ Sabrina as a personal shopper with her taste in glasses, but she knows Sabrina does not deserve to have her nursing career ruined. Britt then stops Maxie and reminds her if she does not go through with the plan, Dante and Lulu will find out that Maxie is having the wrong baby. Maxie then realizes she has no choice except to go along with Britt’s plan.

Tracy asks Alice if she might know where Lila kept her recipe. Alice says Cook was probablu the only one who knew, but they can't ask her because she is dead. Tracy also realizes that since their cook is gone, nobody can stop her from finding the Pickle-Lila relish.

Michael tells Duke and AJ he can search all websites and internet resources to find out about pickle relish. But the two older men, remember the pre-cyber days and tell the younger Michael they may need to use other resources. All three of them are motivated to find the secret magical recipe.

Luke goes to find Anna on the docks after finding out she is investigating a stabbed officer. He tells her that he wants to have a relationship with her, but she has not returned his calls.

Maxie and Britt observe Sabrina heroically saving a patient’s life. Maxie also notices Dante beside her and tells Britt she’ll have to ruin Sabrina’s life some other day. Dante is standing right there and will know what she’s done. Britt tells her she will have to find a way to distract Dante or else he and Lulu won’t have the baby they want. She leaves Maxie alone. She hesitates but knows she has to do what she has to do. While Sabrina is busy and Dante is talking to Officer Carlson, Maxie notices a vial of medication on the tray.

Molly reminds TJ that she gave him a chance when she had reason to suspect him so why can’t she do the same with Rafe? He tells her that his only crime was underage drinking and luring her to a party; not killing his mother. He reminds her that the only other suspect for killing Rafe's mom is Detective John McBain and everyone knows he did not do it. Rafe overhears and remembers the man who looks just like John stabbing Officer Carlson right in front of his eyes. He overhears  TJ telling Molly that Rafe's explanation that John killed his mom makes no sense when John doesn’t even know her so she must know that Rafe is not to be trusted.  TJ gets a call and goes off, leaving Molly alone. Rafe appears and wants to talk to her.

AJ goes to the house and asks Alice if she might know where to find the Pickle-Lila recipe. She acts friendly to him and apologizes for siding with Tracy, while she explains she only did it as a favor for Luke.

At the hospital, Dante asks Sabrina what happened when she discovered Officer Carlson stabbed. Did she notice anyone else there? She says John McBsin was there, but didn’t do anything to help and then disappeared. She says she noticed Detective McBain holding what appeared to be an arrow with blood on it. Dante tells her she’s been a tremendous help to the police department and he will contact her again if he needs more statements from her. Maxie overhear and admits to herself that she cannot bring herself to go through with hurting Sabrina.

Rafe informs Molly that he saw McBain stab the other cop right in front of his eyes. She does not believe that. But Rafe urges her to believe that he knows what he saw. McBain is psycho, he tells her. He tells her that McBain said he was Rafe's father.  Molly tells him that is impossible. He says he has lost him mom and is implicated for killing her and has nowhere to go. All he has is Molly.

While Luke is with Anna, she takes a call from Dante, relaying what Sabrina told him. She tells Luke that one of her own is a suspect.

Patrick and Sabrina declare that Officer Carlson has died a senseless death. Not far away, Maxie reluctantly confirms to Britt that she he did it. Sabrina notices the vial on the floor and concludes that she must have used the wrong medication.

Rafe tells Molly that somebody must realize that he’s innocent until proven guilty. He goes with her to her house and asks her that with the big family and the big house she has, can’t she hide him somewhere? She then agrees to do so and they walk in the door together. Caleb is outside watching them.

At the police station, Dante and a uniformed cop look on their surveillance camera and see something they cannot believe. John McBain enters and asks them what is going on. They both look at him suspiciously.

Duke calls Anna and tells her he needs her to call him. She is busy talking to Luke about how she has had a pattern of trusting the wrong people. She trusted Faison. Lucy Coe tried to kill her. She asks him if her instincts are that off. He tells her that she’s been through a lot after losing Robin. She reflects that now she finds out that many people believe that John is a killer. She’s known him for years. She doesn’t know who she can count on anymore. He tells her to count on him. He draws her near to him and kisses her.

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