GH Update Friday 2/8/13

General Hospital Update Friday 2/8/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Suzanne

At Manning Enterprises, there's a replay of Todd telling Carly she can trust him, and then of Luke trying to get in to talk to Carly. Luke tells her that her assistant gave her up. Carly says she needs a new assistant. Todd says they need to get out of there and suggests getting out the window. Carly asks if he's crazy, and he says he told her he was. He tries to convince her to go with him as Luke tells her to open the door or he'll get in himself.

There's also a replay of the SEC agents arriving at the Quartermaine mansion to arrest Tracy. Tracy asks what she is under arrest for. They tell her that there are numerous charges including fraud and racketeering. They tell her that she turned ELQ into a money-laundering operation.

In his office, AJ is trying to convince someone to help with a one time cash infusion. He is rejected and upset by it as Michael walks in. AJ is surprised to see Michael there. Michael tells AJ that Kristina is free, and AJ tells him its great news. Michael tells AJ that Connie recanted her report against Kristina, then recanted her statement that Sonny leaked the information about ELQ.

Shawn arrives to meet Sonny on the docks and tells him that his shipment is secure. Sonny thanks him and Shawn says it feels good doing something to his skill set. Sonny promised to remember it. Shawn tells him that he must be happy about Kristina. Sonny is thankful to God that Connie changed her mind. Shawn tells him that God had nothing to do with it-- it was all about Sonny.

Tracy is being cuffed while she threatens the two agents, and they take notice of the threats. Tracy says she is not a money launderer, but the agents say they still have orders to detain her. Connie arrives and orders them to let Tracy go or she'll break their hands.

Anna asks what Lucy is doing. Lucy tells her "whatever it takes to save a young boy's life."

Rafe tells Caleb that he thought he had work to do. Caleb says he came back for him.

AJ questions Connie's changing her story. He wonders if Sonny was present when she changed her story. Michael says he was. AJ wonders why they should believe her now and not the other time. He reminds Michael that Connie changes her story left and right and that she lied so Sonny could keep Kristina so maybe she's lying again so Sonny could keep Michael. Michael isn't so sure about that.

Sonny and Shawn continue to discuss Connie getting Kristina off the hook. Sonny tells Shawn that Connie also admitted to Michael that she lied about Sonny leaking the story, but Michael isn't convinced. He thinks that Michael will be convinced if they can figure out who leaked the story. He asks Shawn who would have a motive to take down ELQ and wonders if Tracy would.

Connie warns the SEC agents that they need to leave Tracy alone before they find out how unladylike she can be. She tells them that they wouldn't be there to arrest Tracy without her story, and all they have is the story, no other evidence. The SEC agents tell her that she will hand over the evidence, or they will get a subpoena, and Connie could end up in jail with Tracy.

Carly lets Luke into the office as Todd hides behind a desk. He wonders what took her so long,  and she gives him an excuse about not being dressed. After a bit of small talk, Carly attempts to dismiss Luke, but he wants to talk to her. He wants to know how to find the missing Quartermaine heir.

Anna tries to talk Lucy into putting the gun down. Lucy tells Anna that the sooner she cooperates, the sooner it's over. She tells Anna that she's there for Rafe. She wants to get Rafe out of there before Caleb arrives. She tells Anna that Caleb killed Allison to get to Rafe, and that everyone is in danger from Caleb.  She insists that Anna take her to the holding cells to get Rafe.

Rafe asks Caleb why he's back. Caleb replies that it's for police business. Rafe pushes to find out more. Caleb tells him he's there to get Rafe out of there, so they can take a trip together.

Sonny and Shawn discuss the possibility that Tracy is trying to destroy ELQ because AJ runs it. They go with the theory that if Tracy can't have it, no one can. Sonny says he's done that himself. They can't be sure yet that it was Tracy. Shawn tells him there's only one way to find out, and the two leave the docks.

The SEC agents threaten to arrest Connie for obstruction of justice. She tells them a "hypothetical" story that strongly hints that the documents they want may have been shredded, so there's nothing left for them. She tells them that they need to uncuff Tracy now.

AJ tells Michael that he doesn't want to argue with him, and besides, they have more pressing matters such as how to get cash-flow into ELQ. Duke joins them and meets Michael. AJ asks Duke to give him some good news.

Carly asks Luke how she should know about any missing heir. Luke re-tells the story about Heather talking to AJ, and AJ talking to her while Ned overheard everything. Luke tells her that she should tell him to help Tracy beat AJ. Carly says she can't because of Michael. Luke plays the family card, but Carly still refuses. He gets upset and then finds Todd in hiding, so he drags him out from hiding.

Lucy tells Anna that she's going to release Rafe to her custody. Anna tells her that if she does that, both Lucy and Rafe will be in danger and will be hunted. Lucy says she's been hunted by worse and that if she releases Rafe to her, they will be out of her hair. She admires Anna's hair and then tells her that she doesn't want to hurt Anna, but she will. She then forces Anna to take her to the holding cells.

Rafe tells Caleb that he doesn't want to go anywhere with him. Caleb explains that they need to go to the crime scene to see if any more details come to him. Rafe is still reluctant to go, until Caleb summons a guard and tells him that Anna wants him to take Rafe to the crime scene. The guard opens the cell and promises to be with him the whole time. The three then leave the holding area.

Luke goes to call Anna, to report that he found Todd. He tells them that it will ingratiate him to Anna and give him glory. He threatens to turn Carly in for helping Todd. He then tells Carly that he could change his mind if she tells him what he wants to know.

Tracy thanks Connie and asks her why she helped. Connie doesn't know. She says she's not used to doing things for people. She tries some of Tracy's relish and loves it. She then tells Tracy that she told Michael that Sonny didn't leak the story. Tracy confirms that Connie didn't tell Michael that she herself leaked the information. Sonny and Shawn walk in to hear it. Sonny tells Tracy that Connie didn't tell him, but she replies that she just did.

Duke tells AJ that he had no luck with either the SEC or the creditors. Michael asks what that means. AJ tells him that they can't pay their bills or pay their employees-- they're running on fumes. He says they'll likely lose ELQ. He apologizes to Duke for not being able to give him his new start. Duke had been hoping for one, to impress Anna.

Anna leads Lucy to the holding cells but finds Rafe gone.

Rafe, Caleb and the guard arrive at the scene of the crime. Caleb tells Rafe that if it gets to be too much, he just needs to tell them. He takes the murder weapon from the bag, and the guard questions it. Caleb tells him its already been processed and Anna okayed it. Caleb then has Rafe recount what he saw again. Caleb goes to re-enact the murder with the guard, supposedly to get Rafe to give him a picture, and he stabs the guard with the stake, then gestures for them to be quiet.

Michael refuses to give up on ELQ. He says there's got to be something they can do, and he worries about the people who will lose their jobs. AJ again apologizes to Duke, and the two of them commiserate over losing chances to reinvent themselves. Michael wonders if they can't reinvent ELQ itself. AJ mentions that it's the first time they've been in real trouble and says there's got to be something in their past that helped them. Duke leaves to pull the records, so they can see what they can find. AJ congratulates Michael on his idea and his good thinking.

Tracy tells Sonny and Shawn that they're trespassing. Sonny says now that he has the proof he needs, he's happy to go. Tracy says that Ned will hate her if he knows. Sonny replies that it's her problem. He thanks Connie for what she did for him today, and then he leaves. Tracy is worried about the family finding out that she turned on them. Connie promises to take care of it and chases after Sonny.

Carly asks Luke if he's blackmailing her. He tells her it's a cherished Spencer trait. Carly promises to tell Luke everything if he doesn't turn her or Todd in. He agrees, and Carly tells him about Franco's daughter Lauren. She tells him the story of her conversation with him at the Christmas tree lot. He takes the information, suggests Uruguay to Todd, and leaves them. Todd smiles and tells Carly she saved him and still has feelings for him. She says she feels anger, betrayal and hatred. He asks about love. She doesn't answer. He tells her he's leaving town and wants her to go with him.

Lucy and Anna talk about where Rafe is. They rule out escape, so Anna guesses someone helped him. Lucy says that no one helped him. She says that Caleb got to him and abducted him.

Rafe is upset that Caleb killed the guard. Caleb tells him that the guard means nothing because he's waited a long time to see him, and he didn't want to share the time. Rafe is scared that Caleb will kill him. Caleb tells him that he would never harm him because Rafe is his son.

Carly tells Todd that just because she protected him, it doesn't mean she wants to go on the run with him. Todd wants to know what Carly feels about him. She refuses to answer him. Todd asks her to leave, and as she's leaving, he asks for his money and passport back. She refuses. He asks what her protecting him means. She says it means she wishes he hadn't lied to her. He wishes it, too. She says that he can't give her what she deserves, and if she can't have the life and man she deserves, she'll do without. Todd tells her that it's goodbye, then.

Luke walks into the Quartermaine mansion, asking Tracy if she knows they have visitors. She tells him to ignore them and asks if he had any luck. He tells her that he has.

Outside the mansion, Connie wants to talk to Sonny. He tells her that he's listening. She refuses to talk to him while Shawn is there. Shawn goes to get the car. Connie asks Sonny not to tell Michael that Tracy leaked the information. Sonny tells her that its the only way to convince Michael of the truth. Connie tells him that Tracy's son will hate her if he finds out, but Sonny is concerned about his own son. Connie pleads with him to not tell Michael...for her. Sonny agrees and says he'll find another way to convince Michael. Connie wants to know why he's doing it for her.

Tracy is surprised by the news that Franco has a daughter. Luke says that according to Carly, he does. Tracy tells him that if this is true, his daughter is entitled to a piece of the pie. Luke tells her that then, maybe she can side with Tracy, now that Lucy's out of the picture.

Anna starts to look around the empty cell as she convinces Lucy that she's looking for clues. She pretends to find something and asks Lucy's opinion. When Lucy gets close enough, Anna cuffs her to the cell and takes her gun, welcoming her back, and telling her to enjoy her stay as she leaves a begging Lucy alone in the cell.

Rafe doesn't believe that Caleb is his father. He insists that Rafe Kovich is his father. Caleb suggests he look in the mirror and then look at him. He says he wants to correct the mistakes that Allison made with him. Rafe reminds him that he killed Allison, yet Caleb says he put her at peace, like she'd want. He says that when he's done, Rafe will be the spitting image of him.

Tracy mentions that Lauren could go many ways. She says that Lauren could be a psycho like her father, she could side with AJ, she could leverage for her own gain, or she may not exist at all. Luke tells her to take it one step at a time. Tracy says the first thing she needs to do is repair the damage done to ELQ.

Duke walks in to AJ's office and says he may have found the answer. He drops a file on AJ's desk and says that he thinks Pickle-Lila is the answer.

Tracy wonders how she's going to save the company. Luke says if he had the answer, he'd give it to her...for a percentage. Tracy says that none of this would have happened if Edward had trusted her to lead the company, and left her just a share, but all he left her was a jar of relish. She holds the jar of relish and considers it.

Connie thanks Sonny and tells her how much it means to her new friend Tracy. Sonny isn't thrilled with her being friends with Tracy and says he has to go. Connie says she does, too. Sonny walks her to her car.

Carly asks if Todd is really leaving. He tells her he's in a lot of trouble. He says that she told him what she deserves, and he feels that she deserves to know what he feels about her. He leans to her and kisses her, then heads out. Before walking out, he tells her that it didn't feel like hatred to him. He walks out, and both of them are upset that he's leaving.

Lucy is in the cell, screaming for Anna to let her out, telling her that Rafe's life and everyone's lives depend on her getting out.

Anna meets up with one of the guards, and they review the security tape showing Caleb and the guard breaking Rafe out and leaving. Both Anna and the guard think Caleb is McBain and wonders where they took him.

Caleb shows Rafe the boat that will take them far away from Port Charles. Rafe says he's not going anywhere with Caleb and runs. Caleb shouts out sarcastically, asking what he did.

Lucy starts to calm down and says she's gotten out of worse than this, but she has to get out of it fast to be able to save Rafe before he ends up like Allison.

Caleb says that Rafe can keep running, but he'll always find him. He then goes to the dead guard and pulls the stake out of him. He licks the guard's blood off of the stake.

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