GH Update Thursday 2/7/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/7/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita


In the courtroom, replay of Connie interrupting Kristina's arraignment. She says that Kristina is not guilty so he can let her go. The judge tells her that it's a court of law and only the accused can speak. Connie asks what about the alleged victim? She then recognizes him from when she was in court and he recognizes her as well. Connie tells the judge that he has to listen to her because Kristina definitely did not try to kill her.

Luke arrives at the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy wants to know what Luke found out from Carly. He tells her he's found out nothing. He's left messages, tried to go and see her but she eludes him.

At his office, Todd wonders where the stuff in his safe went. Carly walks in, holding his passport, asking if he's looking for that.

At the PCPD, TJ questions Molly about seeing Rafe. She admits that she did. TJ wants to know why since Rafe is obviously trouble and he's now in jail on top of it.

Anna is reviewing Rafe's file when an officer passes her. She asks him if he's seen McBain. The officer says he's probably halfway to Canada by now. Anna asks if its a joke. The officer realizes she hasn't seen the forensics report and breaks the news to her that McBain's prints are on the murder weapon.

There's a replay of McBain visiting Rafe. McBain grabs a chair and sits down. He encourages Rafe to tell him everything he remembers and saw that led up to his mother's murder.

There's also a replay of Caleb approaching a sleeping Lucy. He tells her "Lucy, I'm home" then tells her that its been a long, long time.

Molly explains to TJ how she met Rafe. TJ tells her that Rafe isn't some puppy, he killed his mother. Molly reminds him that it hasn't been proven and Rafe could be innocent.

Anna reviews the forensics report. She concludes that its possible that the print isn't McBain's but could be a relation of his. The officer reminds her that Rafe identified McBain as the killer.

McBain reviews what happened between Rafe and Molly. He asks what happens next. Rafe says that McBain knows because he was there, then tells him to ask Anna. McBain tells him that sometimes when you review a story repeatedly, new details come out. Rafe then says he should have listened to Allison and stayed where he was. He tells McBain that he and Allison have been on the run forever.

Lucy tells Caleb that it hasn't been so long, just a few days. Caleb asks what's the difference in measures of time. Lucy says she's sorry that her aim is off and notices that Caleb doesn't correct her, asking if he isn't going by the name John McBain now. Caleb doesn't care what Lucy calls him as long as he calls. He says that its nice, vampire and slayer together again.

Carly guesses that Todd has been planning his escape for a while and asks who David Vickers is as she looks at the passport. She tells him that she broke into his safe and dares him to call the police and save her a call. Todd tells her that she can pretend that she didn't see him. Carly says she can't do that as she's a law abiding citizen and again dares him to call the police. She dares him to see who the police want more: her for breaking into his safe or Todd.

Tracy tells Luke that she needs results so she can save ELQ. Luke tells her that no one knows she leaked the story to The Sun and that he knows that her concern is her family, especially Ned and Dillon. Tracy tells Luke that she is surprised that Connie backed her and accused Sonny of leaking the story. Luke says that Connie seems to be full of surprises.

The judge tells Connie to take a seat and he will hear her statement. He also reminds her that she will be giving it under oath. She swears her oath and takes the witness stand. Connie testifies that Kristina didn't try to kill her. She says there was some damage to the office but no harm to her. She testifies that Kristina was trying out for the corporate softball team and did it in her office. Connie is asked about the handprints around her neck. She tells him that those were because she borrowed one of Trey's necklaces from Kristina and tried it on, but it got stuck so they both struggled to get it off of her.

Tracy tells Luke that even if the blame stays on Sonny, it's known now that she used mob money to fund ELQ and she's surprised that the SEC hasn't arrested her yet. She needs to find that heir so she can force AJ out and save her company. Luke asks if Lucy's 1% isn't helping. Tracy explains that if there's another vote, Lucy won't be allowed to vote because she's insane and a fugitive, so she and AJ would still be deadlocked. Luke is surprised to hear that Lucy is a fugitive and Tracy explains that she escaped Ferncliff with Heather and Todd.

Carly calls the PCPD trying to speak with McBain but Anna answers his phone. Anna says that McBain isn't available and asks if she can help her. Carly wanted to talk to McBain about Todd. Todd tells Carly that if she ever cared about him, she should hear him out and afterwards, if she still wants to, she can call the cops. Anna asks if Carly has seen Todd. Carly tells her that she has not and was calling to see if they found him, but now she has her answer. Todd thanks her, but Carly says not to thank her, make her believe him and don't lie because she'll know.

TJ and Molly argue over whether or not Rafe killed Allison. Molly tells him that innocent until proven guilty is in the constitution for a reason. She admits she doesn't know Rafe but he seems sincere. TJ says that if Rafe is innocent then McBain must be guilty.

Lucy tells Caleb that he murdered Allison and he admits it, but says that Allison tried to kill him first. Lucy says that Allison was protecting Rafe. Caleb tells her that he's in a position to show Rafe things he's never seen before. Lucy warns Caleb to stay away from Rafe but Caleb shouts at her that Rafe is his son.

McBain asks Rafe if Allison ever talked about the threat to them or what she thought might happen. Rafe says that he thought it was in her head but she was right, there was someone after them. McBain asks if Allison ever gave him a name or what the person coming after them wanted.

Connie is asked why she called the cops if everything was so innocent. She says its because she was in pain, was angry and grieving so she lashed out. She took it out on someone else instead of dealing with it herself. She asks if that makes sense or if they understand.

Molly tells TJ his logic is faulty because she knows McBain didn't kill Allison either. TJ and Molly argue over whether or not TJ or Rafe is her boyfriend and Molly tells him that if Rafe didn't kill Allison, then he witnessed his mother being murdered in front of him, he is alone and now has people like TJ rushing to judgement without all of the facts. Anna hears them arguing and asks if everything is ok. Molly says it is but TJ says it's not and that Anna needs to tell Molly to stay away from the prisoners.

McBain tries to get more information about the threat against them. Rafe tells him that the guy's name is Caleb. John tells him that's what both Allison and Lucy called him but his name is John McBain. He tries to prove it to Rafe but he doesn't buy it. He tells Rafe of his history with the FBI and the Llanview PD, but Rafe says he doesn't care. McBain asks exactly what happened. Rafe tells McBain that Allison was fighting him when he came across them. He says that he called out to Allison and both of them looked at him and he was smiling at Rafe. McBain says he wasn't there. He didn't get there until Allison was dead and he found Rafe on the ground with her. He tells Rafe that if he's telling the truth, Allison was murdered by someone who looks like him.

Lucy tells Caleb that Rafe Jr. is Rafe's son. Caleb laughs at her and says that's not true and they both know it. He says that Rafe couldn't father a child and didn't stick around. Lucy says that Rafe went after Caleb to protect Allison and Rafe Jr. from him. She says now Rafe's an orphan and Caleb tells her she's wrong again. Caleb wants Rafe to know the truth about his parentage. He tells Lucy that he will claim Rafe as his own. Lucy tells him he's not going to go near Rafe. Caleb wants to know who will stop him.

McBain tells Rafe to go with it that there's someone who looks like him. Rafe questions if someone would look exactly like him. McBain asks how he was dressed. Rafe says in black like McBain but McBain asks for specifics and pushes him to remember. Rafe flashes back to Caleb murdering Allison and mentions the ring. Rafe notices that McBain isn't wearing a ring like Caleb did.

Tracy complains how Lucy's 1% can't help her and Luke tells her not to worry about Lucy, but she should worry about Todd and Heather. He tells her that Todd was Heather's accomplice when he was locked in the shed and he could come back with a machete. Luke is worried about Anna, too. Tracy tells him that she's the commissioner and an ex spy so she's fine. Luke calls Anna and tells her that he heard about Heather. Anna asks if Luke is investigating for her. He tells her that he hoped she had it under control but she says she's got a search going on. He asks if she's ok and when she says she is, they tell each other to be careful. Tracy asks if Anna is safe and when Luke says Anna is, Tracy wants to get back to helping her save the company. She says that if Ned is right and there's another heir, Carly holds that secret.

Carly tells Todd she doesn't have a lot of time and Todd says that he doesn't either but he has something to ask her. Carly asks if he wants his passports and the money she took from him but he asks her if she would run away with him.

McBain asks about the ring. Rafe thinks he took it off to throw him off. McBain asks if it's like a wedding ring but Rafe says it wasn't on the left hand and that it was weird. He then asks why he's telling McBain anyway, since he knows all about it. McBain tells him that if they are going to find the guy who killed Allison, they need all of the details that Rafe can think of.

Lucy tells Caleb that she will stop him. He disagrees. Lucy says that she has friends who knows she's there as she tries to get out. Caleb stops her and tells her that her friends pretend to believe her, then laugh at her and talk about her, calling her crazy behind her back. He says that the two of them know that it's real, that his power is endless. Lucy tells him that he can be stopped, but Caleb says not by her. He admire her courage and her persistence but the time has come for her to surrender as he bares her neck to him.

Anna walks into the interrogation room and asks if what TJ says is true. Did Molly go down to the holding cells. Molly says she did but she didn't know it wasn't allowed since Alexis visits clients down there all of the time. Anna isn't buying her excuse and offers to call Alexis so that the two of them can explain it to Molly. Molly tells her it's not necessary and that it won't happen again. She asks Anna if she's in trouble. Anna says she's not but one of her guards is. She lets Molly go with a warning to never do it again. Molly thanks her for being understanding, but Anna says she's not. Molly tells Anna she's late for Kristina's arraignment and leaves with TJ.

The judge asks Alexis if she has any questions for Connie and Alexis says that she doesn't and moves for the charges to be dropped. Prosecutor Campbell wants to speak in chambers but the judge says that's not necessary. He dismisses Connie from the witness stand. Alexis and Campbell, argue whether or not the charges should be dropped. Campbell says that a crime has been committed and the defendant doesn't get to just walk away. The judge agrees and doesn't know why Connie changed her story so radically. He suggests a guilty plea to second degree assault with 500 hours community service and a suspended sentence. Campbell says he doesn't agree but he's outnumbered. Kristina takes the plea bargain and the judge dismisses the court after letting Kristina know she will be contacted with the terms of her community service.

Tracy tells Luke that another heir would be entitled to between 6-12% of the shares and they need find that person and convince them to vote with Tracy. Luke wonders if maybe Ned is wrong and why Carly would have that kind of information. Tracy suggests that its to make sure that Michael gets a bigger piece of the pie. Luke reminds her that there is no pie because Tracy bankrupted the company. Tracy tells him to stop stalling and get the information from Carly.

Carly asks Todd if she really wants her to run away with him. He says he wants them to start a new life together far away from Port Charles. Carly then compares Todd to Johnny. Todd asks if Johnny ever asked her to run away with him and she says he did the day before Sonny and Kate's wedding. Todd tells her that she doesn't love Johnny, she loves him. Todd tells Carly that he loves her. He tells her that he wouldn't say it if he didn't mean it. Todd tells her that they both screwed up enough relationships to know when something is real. He tells her that she wants it as much as he does.

Kristina asks Connie why she changed her story. Connie says it was the right thing to do and they were both hurting. Alexis tells Kristina that they have some papers to sign, then they will go home and they leave. Olivia hugs Connie and leaves. Sonny thanks Connie for what she did for Kristina. He asks her to go all in and help his other kid, too. He asks her to tell Michael the truth about the story in the paper.

TJ and Molly arrive at the courthouse with Molly not believing that TJ turned her in to Anna. TJ asks what he was supposed to do when Molly was visiting murderers. Molly says Rafe isn't a murderer, he was a murder suspect. She then sees. Shawn and says hello to him. Shawn asks what's going on.

Caleb is about to bite Lucy when she wakes from a nightmare. She looks around to see one of the doors open and the wind blowing.

McBain asks for more details about the ring. Rafe says it has a crest and McBain asks if it was like a signet. Rafe says it was and he thinks it was a bat on the ring. McBain heads out and Rafe asks where he is going. McBain says he's going to follow up on it. Rafe tells him that it doesn't mean he thinks he's innocent and McBain says that he doesn't think Rafe's innocent either so they both better hope he finds the guy and he leaves Rafe alone.

Todd asks Carly if she regrets her actions from their first meeting and Carly says she doesn't, but he made his choice in the courtroom. He says he is crazy and every bad thing she knows but she can trust him. He assures her that she can trust him. They are about to kiss when they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Luke calls out to Carly.

Tracy answers the door to two men. She asks what they want. One of the men flashes an I.D. and tells her that she's under arrest.

Connie gives in and tells Michael that she lied about Sonny giving her the story. Michael wants to know why he should believe her when she just lied under oath. Michael asks who gave her the information and Connie refuses to tell him. Connie leaves and Sonny tells him that he doesn't understand what happened with Connie but it's true that he didn't leak the information for the story and he hopes Michael will believe him.

Molly tells Shawn that she and TJ were discussing a school assignment and that they were reading "Crime and Punishment". Shawn thought it sounded a bit intense for a discussion of a book. Molly suggests to that they discuss it later. Molly asks if Kristina pleaded not guilty. Kristina tells her that she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and that she's not going to prison. Alexis tells her that she missed the entire hearing and asks where she was. Shawn says knowing Molly, she probably stopped to help a stray.

Rafe flashes back to his conversation with Molly and to his trying to convince her that he's innocent. In present time, he says that someone has to believe him.

Lucy walks into the PCPD with her face covered by a scarf. She walks in and crosses with a guard on the way to the holding cells. He recognizes her as one of the escapees. Lucy overpowers the guard and Anna hears the commotion. She goes to check it out and Lucy trains the gun on Anna.

Rafe is laying in his cell when Caleb enters the holding area. He sits up and asks if he's back already. Caleb smiles at him.

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