GH Update Wednesday 2/6/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/6/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita


In his apartment, Michael comes out of the shower. Michael and Starr talk about their food fight and the aftermath. Starr tells him that he even helped her forget about her father for a while. She guesses that he's on his way to prison. Michael opens the door and gets his copy of The Sun. He shows her the headlines announcing that Todd, Heather and Lucy have escaped.

Heather, Todd and Lucy arrive at Wyndemere to hide out. Lucy is worried that Wyndemere isn't deserted but Heather assures her that it is. Todd says that he thought she had a plan. She says that they escaped, so there it is. She says that she thinks that Wyndemere is the obvious choice for escapees to hide out so she is hoping the police think they are too smart to hide there and won't look there. Lucy hopes Caleb thinks the same thing.

At the PCPD interrogation room, McBain is briefing a team on Heather, Todd and Lucy escaping from Ferncliff. He tells the officers that the escapees got away in Kevin's rental car but it's been dumped. He also tells them that if they see the escapees, call in for back up instead of approaching them alone. McBain then tells the officers about each of the escapees. He does warn them that when Lucy finds out that Allison has been murdered, she will do whatever it takes to get to Rafe.

Down in PCPD lockup, Johnny tells Rafe that he hears that Rafe killed his mother. Rafe says he's wrong. He says McBain killed his mother.

McBain tells his team that Todd and Heather are dangerous and tells the that the last time Todd and Heather got together, they kidnapped Sam's baby.

In the PCPD bullpen, Alexis, Molly and Sam are waiting as Kristina is brought to them. Sam and Molly wonder how she's doing and she says she's hanging in. Alexis tells Kristina that she's been trying to find out why the judge canceled her arraignment. Kristina says that's a good thing because it gave Sonny more time to talk Connie into dropping the charges. She asks if it worked.

At Manning Enterprises, Connie is very impressed with her headline about Todd, Heather and Lucy escaping. Olivia walks in and Connie shows off the headline to Olivia who isn't impressed. She then shows Olivia a story she published about Rafe accusing McBain of killing Allison and tells Olivia she was impressed with that one, too. Olivia tells her that it's horrible but Connie says horrible sells papers. Olivia reminds Connie that Heather tried to kill her. Connie assures her that the police will find Heather and put her in jail like they are with Kristina.

At the courthouse, Sonny and Shawn are discussing how difficult Kristina's situation is for both Kristina and Sonny. Sonny tells him that he thinks Connie is insisting on pressing charges to drive him away. Shawn says that to his understanding, Connie is the only witness to Kristina's assault on her. He asks Sonny if he should make Connie disappear. Sonny asks what he is suggesting. Shawn says he just keeps Connie away from the arraignment. There can't be a prosecution with the only witness not showing up. Sonny tells him that he can't have Connie grabbed twice. Shawn agrees he's probably right but asks Sonny why.

Olivia starts to bring up Kristina when Connie tells her about the book. She says she's leaked chapter one, plans to leak two more chapters before the book release on March 12. She is certain it's going to be a huge hit. Olivia says she'll make sure to congratulate Molly when it is. Connie isn't happy about the comment and wants to know what Olivia wants. Olivia wants to talk about what Connie is doing to Kristina.

Alexis tells Kristina that Sonny was unsuccessful in convincing Connie to drop the charges. Kristina is hopeful that she will at least get bail. Sam tells Kristina that everything will be ok and Alexis tells her that she's going to do everything she can to convince the judge that she was acting out in grief over Trey. As Alexis and Sam talk to Kristina, Molly notices the story on the back of the paper that an officer is reading, reporting on Rafe accusing McBain of killing Allison.

Johnny tells Rafe that he's not judging especially since he killed his own grandfather and two other people. He tells Rafe that keeping everything inside is worse than prison. Rafe tells Johnny that he's innocent. Johnny tells Rafe that if that's true, he hopes Rafe is exonerated. He also advises him that if it's not and he has no history of violence, he should get an attorney who can work a plea bargain for him. An officer comes to take Johnny to sentencing. He tells Rafe that Johnny is going to die in prison and so is Rafe. Johnny tells the officer to take it easy on Rafe and give Rafe his food as he's taken away to go to sentencing.

Molly wishes Kristina luck and Alexis leads Kristina out to go to her arraignment. Once they are gone, Molly heads for the holding cells.

Sam goes to the interrogation room to talk to McBain. McBain asks where Daniel is. Sam tells him that Daniel is with Monica at the Quartermaine mansion with extra security plus Alice. She's more concerned about how McBain is. McBain wonders what is wrong with Ferncliff that Heather is able to escape multiple times and he mentions he was going to transfer Todd the day before but got tied up in the case. Sam reminds him that it's not just any case, that he's being accused of murder.

As he is given his breakfast, Rafe receives a visit from Molly.

Heather tells Lucy and Todd that they should show her some gratitude for getting them out of Ferncliff. Lucy complains of being hungry then sees Todd with a snack bar. She takes it from him and Heather decides she wants half. Lucy refuses but wants to see the paper to see if Kevin is ok. Todd is angry over the front page saying it's libel and slander and he's angry over the terrible picture of him.

Starr is angry over Todd escaping Ferncliff with Heather and wants to know what is wrong with him Michael assures her that Todd probably doesn't have the resources to get very far. Unless, of course, Starr wants him to get away. Starr reminds Michael that she is the reason Todd was behind bars because she wouldn't help him, so why would she want him to get away. Michael reminds her that she was feeling guilty the night before. Starr tells him that one bright side is that ELQ is no longer on the front page. Michael tells her that is something but the damage has been done. He is getting ready to go to Kristina's arraignment because she needs him more than AJ does right now. He is dreading seeing Sonny and reminds Starr of Sonny's meeting with Tracy, his being there with Connie when Michael and AJ arrived and of Sonny's motives.

Sonny tells Shawn that when he had Shawn pick up Connie before, he was trying to get through to Kate. He has since realized that Connie isn't an out of control symptom of the D.I.D. but a real human being with feelings who is confused. Shawn tells Sonny that he's going soft on her.

TJ catches up with Alexis and Kristina at the courthouse. He asks about Molly and Alexis tells him that Molly is at the PCPD waiting for Sam. TJ wishes Kristina luck and heads out to look for Molly. Alexis tells Kristina that she's got to prepare and asks if Kristina is ok waiting for her alone. Kristina says she's not in a cell so she's good. Alexis goes into the courtroom to prepare for Kristina's arraignment. As she goes to sit down, Johnny approaches her and asks why she's in cuffs. Kristina tells him that she's being arraigned for attempted murder on Connie.

Connie thinks that Sonny put Olivia up to pleading Kristina's case. Olivia tells her that Sonny doesn't even know she's there and just mentioned that Connie is being hard on Kristina. Connie tells her that Kristina tried to kill her. Olivia reminds her that Kristina is hurting over Trey. She also says that she thinks that Connie doesn't want to get back at Kristina, but at Sonny for being in love with Kate and not Connie.

Todd was able to find some clothes in one of the wardrobes upstairs. He puts on a coat and heads out. Heather wants to know where he's going but he won't tell her. Heather plans to go see Steven and Todd sarcastically tells her that he's sure Steven will love that. He wishes Lucy luck slaying McBain and leaves.

McBain explains to Sam how Lucy, Heather and Todd escaped Ferncliff after either Heather or Todd assaulted him from behind while he spoke with Lucy. Sam is surprised that Lucy just left him there but figures it's how bad she wants to get to Caleb. She decides it all doesn't make sense. What makes sense is that Rafe killed Allison. McBain tells her how he found Rafe kneeling next to Allison with the murder weapon in his hand. Sam doesn't understand why Rafe is accusing McBain.

Rafe asks Molly if she's allowed down there. She says no but she needed to see that he was ok. He tells her that his mother is dead. She tells him that she knows and she's sorry. She then asks if he did it.

The forensics report is delivered to McBain. It's a report on the prints on the murder weapon. He confirms that it has Allison's and Rafe's prints on it as well as a partial. Sam asks if it's enough to clear Rafe and asks who's it is. McBain tells her it's possible then tells her that the partial print is his.

Lucy reads about Allison's death in the paper and is upset. She tells Heather that Caleb was trying to get to his son. Heather doesn't know how a vampire can father a child. Lucy starts to explain that Caleb was not wearing his ring which allowed him to create a child. Heather looks at the paper and tells her that the kid killed his mother. Lucy tells her that's not true. She says it was Caleb who killed Allison and he's getting away with it because he's got the PCPD convinced he's a cop.

Sam tells McBain that its all a coincidence. McBain says that Lucy is convinced that he is Caleb and Rafe pointed him out as the killer. Sam says that Rafe is lying. McBain says add to it the partial print and maybe Rafe is telling the truth.

Rafe tells Molly that he didn't kill Allison. Molly reminded him that he told her that life would be better without Allison. He says that doesn't mean he killed her. Molly says that they found him with the weapon. He says not from killing his mom. He says he wouldn't kill her. Molly says McBain wouldn't either. Rafe says that he saw McBain do it. Rafe says that maybe she doesn't know him like she knows McBain, but he would never hurt his mother that way.

Connie gives Olivia her coat and tells her to leave. Olivia asks her to take a step back and look at the big picture. Kristina loved Trey. Connie says that she did, too. She says they're both hurting and lashing out. Connie says she's angry. Olivia tells her not at Kristina. She tells her that it's not going to change anything to put Kristina in prison. It's not going to stop the pain, it's going to ruin Kristina's life and make Sonny hate her. Connie asks what she's supposed to do. Olivia urges her to be a bigger person than what she's seeing now. Deal with her feelings for Sonny and let Kristina go.

Sonny says he's not going soft, he just doesn't want to see Kate hurt. Shawn reminds him that she's Connie, not Kate. Alexis joins them and asks if they heard from Connie. Shawn says they are talking about her and Sonny says he's not heard from her. She tells Sonny that they need to hope for something good because based on the paperwork she's seen, it's not going well for Kristina.

Johnny tells Kristina that he doesn't blame her for going after Connie. He says he's dreamt of doing it, too. He tells her that she's a good kid. Kristina says that she's not a good kid. She wanted to kill Connie and wanted her dead with all of her heart. She points out that Johnny didn't mean to kill Cole and Hope.

Michael asks Starr is she's going to head over to the courthouse, knowing that Johnny's sentencing is about to happen. Starr says she's going to take a long shower then head over. Michael wishes that he could be there for her because he knows it's going to be hard for her. Starr hopes that Johnny gets life while Michael hopes that Kristina gets her life back. They agree to find each other after the hearings and Michael leaves. Starr heads to go take her shower when there's a knock at the door. She answers it to find Todd there. Todd asks her not to call the cops. He just needs to talk to her one last time.

Lucy tells Heather that everyone wrote her off as crazy but she was right. She's worried about Rafe being in a jail cell, accused of murder and vulnerable to Caleb. She's worried that Caleb wants to take Rafe away. Heather says that if Caleb is Rafe's father, then he won't want to harm Rafe. Lucy is convinced that Rafe's soul is in danger and that McBain is Caleb. She tries to leave to go to Rafe, but Heather stops her.

Sam asks McBain how he could think that Rafe is telling the truth. McBain says that Lucy is convinced he is Caleb and Rafe swears he saw him or someone who looks like him murder Allison. Sam asks if he thinks there really is a Caleb. McBain thinks it's starting to look like it. Sam asks how they explain the fingerprint as McBain's phone rings. Sam steps out of the room to let him take the call. TJ arrives and asks Sam where Molly is. Sam says she's at the courthouse but TJ says that Alexis told him that Molly was there, waiting for her.

Molly says she's sorry about everything that happened. Rafe asks if she believes he's innocent. Before she can answer, a guard finds her and asks what she's doing there. She says she's looking for Kristina. The guard says Kristina's already left and she needs to stay away from Rafe because he's bad news. He leads her out and Rafe calls out to her, telling her he's innocent.

Olivia asks if Connie is afraid of her feelings for Sonny or of turning back to Kate. Connie says both. Olivia tells her that she can be the brave, strong girl she knew before Joe Jr. turned her into something else. Connie says she doesn't know how. Olivia says to just be herself, her fierce, courageous cousin. She gives Connie a kiss and leaves her.

Alexis comes out of the courtroom to get Kristna and says they're ready for her. Kristina and Johnny wish each other luck and Alexis brings Kristina into the courtroom. Michael arrives a moment later and Johnny tells him that Kristina just went in. Michael asks if Johnny gave his information to Sonny. Johnny says he didn't. He wouldn't help Sonny that way. Michael goes into the courtroom. Sonny hugs Kristina and she is upset that she can't hug him back. Michael walks in and both turn to see him.

Starr lets Todd in and tells him he's not going to get away with escaping. They discuss why he kept what Johnny did quiet and he admits it's so Johnny wouldn't out his part in the baby kidnapping. Starr tells him that he cared more about himself than about her life. He says she was in no danger. Starr tells him that her heart and dignity were in danger and tells her he's going to disappear. He says that she always tells him to get lost anyway. Starr says she does but she doesn't mean it. Todd tells her that when he was locked up for eight years, only certain wishes kept him going and that this is goodbye. Starr is worried about never seeing him again. He says he wouldn't say that. He says it's not goodbye just see you later. He asks if that's ok. They hug and exchange "I love you"s. Todd leaves her.

Heather tells Lucy that she can't go because she'd get caught before she got to Rafe and would give her up before she got to see Steven. Lucy asks her if she loves her son. Heather says she does more than life itself. Lucy explains that its her job to protect everyone. Heather asks if that means everyone who doesn't believe her like Kevin. Lucy says that Kevin just doesn't understand yet but he will. Heather tells her that she can't protect people from a padded cell. Lucy agrees and says that they need to come up with a plan before Caleb strikes again.

McBain tells Sam that they found the escape car abandoned near the Quartermaines. He's already got guards there but Sam wants to be there herself. McBain orders an officer to escort Sam and to stay with her and Daniel at all times. Sam thanks McBain and he tells her to watch her back before she leaves with the officer.

TJ catches up with Molly. He asks what she's doing. She tells him she's waiting for Sam. TJ says when he talked to Sam, she knew nothing about it and asks what she's really doing.

Michael asks Kristina if she's nervous and she confesses that she is. Michael tells her to just do whatever Alexis says because he's learned never to go against your attorney. She says it seems like Alexis has everything under control, but she needs to ask Alexis something. She goes to speak with Alexis while Michael goes to speak to Sonny. sonny says he's glad Michael is there. Michael says he's there for his sister. Sonny feels like Michael is avoiding him. Michael mentions how ELQ is bleeding money right now. Sonny says he's sorry but Michael wonders if he is. Sonny again denies leaking the story. Alexis wonders where Molly is. Shawn offers to go look for her. but Alexis says that TJ is on it.

Molly tells TJ that she and Sam must have just missed each other. TJ says no way and asks if she went to see Rafe in jail.

McBain goes to the holding cells and asks Rafe if he has a minute.

Lucy tells Heather she can't think straight and Heather says any plan they come up with is going to be full of holes, so maybe they should get some rest and regroup to come up with something. Lucy tells her they need something that will allow them to see who they need to see without being seen themselves and that's going to be hard since everyone knows they escaped and are looking for them. Heather says in her case, one person in particular.

Olivia arrives and joins Sonny and Michael in the courtroom. She tells Sonny that she went to see Connie but she's not sure how much good it did. Sonny is glad she tried. Olivia asks how Kristina is just as the judge arrives to start the arraignment. The judge asks Kristina how she pleads and Connie bursts in saying that Kristina pleads not guilty.

Johnny's guard says his sentencing is about to begin. Johnny asks where his attorney is and the guard tells him inside the courtroom. Starr runs around the corner and guesses that she missed the sentencing. Johnny tells her it's just about to start. Johnny starts to say something and Starr stops him. She tells him that while his sentence won't bring Cole and Hope back, it'll bring them justice and that will have to be enough.

Todd goes to his office at Manning Enterprises and opens his safe to find it empty. He wants to know where his stuff is.

Lucy found a change of clothes and comments on how she doesn't like the decor, at least the house has crosses and she hopes that they protect her against Caleb. Heather comments on Lucy's finding clothes. Lucy guesses that they must be Emily's and that Nikolas probably couldn't bear to get rid of them. Heather says how lucky Lucy is that they fit her and Lucy says they will find her something to change into. Lucy says she needs to get some rest.

TJ asks if Molly went and saw Rafe even knowing he killed his own mother. Molly tells him that she did go see Rafe.

Rafe tells McBain to stay away from him. McBain tells Rafe to look at him and when he does, McBain says he didn't kill Allison. Rafe says he didn't either. McBain suggests they put their heads together and figure out who did.

Lucy lays down and closes her eyes, saying she'll help Rafe destroy Caleb after she gets soe rest. Heather watches her fall asleep and leaves her alone. From another entrance. Caleb walks in and transports to Lucy. Lucy wakes up, surprised. Caleb signals for her to hush.

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