GH Update Tuesday 2/5/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/5/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Mac and Felicia are closing up The Floating Rib. While Mac is in the back, Felicia is greeted by an old, familiar face.  "Frisco!" she says. "It's good to see you, Felicia," he says.

Michael returns home to find a trail of rose petals leading to his door.  Inside he finds Starr setting up a romantic evening for them.

Dante returns home to find Lulu trying to decide to order from The Floating Rib or Noodle Buddha. Dante doesn't care but asks Lulu how her day went.  Lulu tells him that Maxie's appointment went fine but Dr. Westbourne seemed to be in a bad mood.

At the hospital, said Dr. Westbourne is still threatening Maxie with "full disclosure" about whose baby she's really carrying. Maxie finally caves but is stunned to hear that Dr. Westbourne wants to destroy Sabrina Santiago until there's nothing left but the rat's nest she calls hair.  

Olivia hears Steve singing in the shower and is shocked to see him entangled with...... Sabrina! Sabrina is still at the nurses' station where Elizabeth encourages her to tell Patrick how she feels about him.

Outside of Ferncliff, the Three Musketeers are arguing about their escape with Todd being the voice of reason.  "There might be cops out there, even John McBain," he says.  Finally, Heather has had enough and pushes them out the doorway, where Lucy runs smack dab into ......Kevin!  

Over at Michael's, he still thinks Sonny is to blame for the ELQ situation.  He asks Starr about her day, and she tells him that she had a singing lesson and another errand before helping put Todd back in jail.  

Todd, along with Lucy and Heather, is trying to bamboozle Kevin but he doesn't buy it.  Lucy finally spills the beans about who they are. Kevin is shocked to see the Heather Webber who tried to rob old Edward Quartermaine out of his fortune. "That man couldn't keep his hands off of me," Heather quips.

Back at the hospital, Britt is telling Maxie why she hates Sabrina so much. Olivia is freaking out over her vision, much to Steve's dismay and runs off to find Sabrina. Sabrina is about to get up the courage to tell Patrick how she feels about him when Olivia comes storming up to the nurses' station. She screams at a confused Sabrina to stay away from her man!!!

Magic is happening over at The Floating Rib between Frisco and Felicia before Mac comes in from the back room.  He is understandably shocked to see Frisco.  Mac is even more stunned when he learns that Felicia is the one who reached out to Frisco.  Old resentments rear their ugly heads when Mac lashes out at Frisco for not being there for his family.  

Dr. Britt is unleashing her venom on Maxie about Sabrina while Sabrina is defending herself to Liv at the nurses' station. Patrick and Liz back her up, and Liv gets huffy when Elizabeth suggests it's one of her "visions".  By now, Steve has joined them and tries to calm Olivia down. He tells her that Sabrina did have a crush on him but that it's over.  That makes Liv all the more certain her instincts were right.

Starr is telling Michael how her visit with Todd went at Ferncliff. He was planning to use his DID to get out of going to prison. Of course, Starr has proof that this isn't true but decided not to use her proof because of her brothers Jack and Sam.

Outside of Ferncliff, Todd and Heather are trying to pretend they are guards while Lucy is pleading with Kevin help her bring down Caleb. Kevin wants Lucy to get psychiatric help.  Lucy gets frustrated and finally spills the beans who her "friends" are.  Todd is newsworthy, of course, and Heather is "the" Heather Webber.  The Heather Webber that tried to rob old Edward Quartermaine out of his fortune. "That man couldn't keep his hands off of me," she returns.  While still pleading with Kevin to help vanquish Caleb, he makes the mistake of turning his back on Heather.  Heather smashes him over the head with a nearby vase and knocks him out cold.

Starr has had enough talking about her dad so she surprises Michael with a sundae bar including whipped cream.  They playfully throw the white stuff at each other.

At The Floating Rib, Frisco returns from cleaning up and catches Mac and Felicia in a kiss after Felicia assures Mac she loves only him. Mac has always felt insecure around the dashing spy.  

Maxie is desperately trying to back out of her deal with the crazy doc.  Britt picks up the phone and calls Lulu, implying that she will tell her the truth if Maxie doesn't cooperate.  Britt ends up lying to Lulu when Maxie finally caves.

All the fuss over Liv's vision has died down when Patrick takes the opportunity to apologize to Sabrina for not being a better friend. Sabrina tells him she should apologize to him for not being there for Emma to protect her from Britt. Patrick makes a date for three of them to spend time together and gets ready to leave.  He's stopped at the elevator by Britt, who tries once again to apologize but gets rejected.  She seethes as she glares at Sabrina. Liz is consoling Sabrina because Patrick has decided never to date another co-worker.

At home, Dante tells Lulu about Alison Barrington's death. Lulu thinks they should do something about the pier.

Lucy thinks they should take an unconscious Kevin with them but is voted down.  She digs Kevin's car keys out of his pocket as incentive for Todd and Heather to carry him. In response, Todd grabs the keys, so that he and Heather can take off. Lucy hesitates and tells Kevin she's sorry and she loves him, then joins them.

Mac wants to know why Felicia didn't let Frisco know they were back together.  Felicia tells him that, in all honesty, she didn't think he would show up.

Two couples are making love with romantic music in the background: Lulu & Dante, Starr & Michael.

Olivia is waiting for Steve in the locker room when Heather, wrapped in a towel, strolls by.  "These showers are better than the ones in Ferncliff," she declares.  Liv is speechless!  She tries to tell Steve that she saw his mother.  He assumes her that she is still locked up at the mental institution. 

While her parents and Mac are having a toast, an exasperated Maxie walks into The Floating Rib and sees her father.  "I'd like to hear about your day." he says.  "Dad?" she says.

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