GH Update Monday 2/4/13

General Hospital Update Monday 2/4/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Patrick talks to Sabrina after the falling out between himself and Britt when he concludes they are done. He does, however ask Sabrina what she may know about Britt’s accusation of wanting to turn Emma against her because Sabrina wants him for herself. He tells Sabrina “everyone knows” that’s not true. So he wonders if Sabrina can “shed some light” on where it would have come from. Sabrina is then tongue-tied without a clue how to answer that.

Dr. Britt is alone in the examination room waiting for her next patient but furious to have “lost the battle” with Patrick. She throws things as Maxie and Lulu enter. She angrily greets them and tells Lulu that she needs to know that Maxie has been lying to her all along about something very important.

At the police station, John talks to Sam about the discovery she made regarding Alison Barrington. He informs her that Alison is dead. She was murdered on Pier 52 very recently. Inside, Alison’s son talks to Anna who asks him whom he believes killed his mom. He looks out the window to see John and answers that it was “that guy”. Anna asks why he’d say that. The kid tells her it’s because he saw John do it.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Sabrina he’s certain that Britt does not know what she’s talking about to accuse Sabrina of being “interested” in Patrick and not wanting him to choose Britt over her. But before Sabrina can answer that question, she distracts him by engaging Elizabeth in a conversation about something else when she enters the nursing station.

When Maxie and Lulu go to see Britt, Lulu reveals that she does not trust Dr. Britt and asks just what she is accusing Maxie of.

At the bar, Felicia tells Mac she can assure him that he is the only man in her life. Their friend and Lucy’s ex-husband enters and tells them he’s not certain if he can help Lucy. Felicia tells him, however that Lucy really needs his help right now.

At Ferncliff, Lucy tells Todd he must know that they have one thing in common. They both want to get out of this place. But Todd is not happy with a trial that may have proven that he’s sane and the fact that he’s “failed” his daughter. She asks what is with his daughter not wanting to get him out of the prison. He tells her that maybe his plan B is to go to the police station and see if he can beat the charges. But she tells him that maybe his lawyer can help him but he knows that no lawyer is a miracle working with the means to do that.

At the docks, Molly and TJ talk to a cop and ask him what he knows about the unidentified kid who may have killed his mom. He remembers talking to a guy named “Rafe”. She seemed sympathetic to this very kid. And TJ instantly assumes that her new acquaintance must be the kid in question who killed his mom.

At the station, Sam informs John that she heard from Lucy that he (John) is Rafe’s biological father.

In the interrogation room, Anna tells Rafe he needs to help her, come clean and not falsely accuse John of killing his Mom.

At Ferncliff, Lucy tells Todd he is not taking this seriously. Nobody in this place is safe. But he tells her he does not believe in vampires. Heather Webber enters, overhears their conversation and asks them what she missed.

Sabrina talks to Patrick and Elizabeth that she’s determined to get the nurses ball to happen with or without Lucy Coe. As soon as Patrick leaves the women alone to take a call and is out of earshot, Elizabeth urges Sabrina to tell her what she did not want to reveal to Patrick. Sabrina then gleefully reports to an elated Elizabeth that “they broke up”.

Todd come face to face with Heather and tells Lucy that this woman (Heather) ruined his life. Heather smugly tells him she did not force him to switch those babies. She only made a suggestion. He furiously tells her she does not belong in a place like this with innocent and harmless people for patients surrounding her. She needs to be locked up somewhere for the criminally dangerous.

Lucy’s ex-husband tells Mac and Felicia that he and Lucy split up when she got obsessed with this insane and ridiculous belief about vampires. She kept talking about this Caleb man and now believes that Detective John McBain is Caleb. He knows his ex-wife has mental illnesses and delusions and did not listen to his urging her that the vampires are not real.

Sam explains to John that according to Alison, Caleb killed Alison’s husband and has now killed her.

Anna attempts to find out from Rafe where they are from. He replies that he and his mom are from all over and his mom was in Port Charles searching for some person name Lucy Coe. She told her son that for some reason Lucy was the only answer in order to save them from “something”. He and his mother departed and when he came back to see her she was found dead. He returned to the pier and saw a man who looks exactly like John in the process of murdering his mom.

Elizabeth takes Sabrina aside and asks how the conversation that ended in Patrick breaking up with Britt. Sabrina reports the whole thing about Patrick overhearing Britt calling Emma a spoiled brat and telling her that neither she nor Emma would come between her and Patrick. Patrick then set Britt straight on, told him he can’t be with anybody who does not like his daughter, and told her they are through. But Britt was furious. Elizabeth asks just what Britt did. Sabrina informs Elizabeth that she told him that Sabrina wants him for herself. And the very conversation Elizabeth walk in on was Patrick asking Sabrina about that.

Heather tells Todd she is confident that he will want to join forces with her at some point. But he tells her no way. She then turns to Lucy and tells her that it’s just the two of them. Lucy tells her she does not want anything to do with Heather either. She remembers what Heather  did to Edward. But Heather tells her she has a plan that could help Lucy end the “evil forces”. Lucy asks her how she’s going to do inside the institution. Heather tells Lucy she knows out to do it “out there”.

Molly brings baby Danny to see Sam and John at the police station and tells them what she’s discovered from her new friend, Rafe.

In the interrogation room, Anna asks Rafe just what happened when he saw the man who looked exactly like John murder his mom. He reports that he tried to save his mother and not let her die. But it was too late. She asks then what. He tells her he just sat there numb. But he looked up to see the man who killed her, who was John. And he was holding a gun. We then see John instructing Rafe to step away from the body. (Maybe in his official capacity as a cop).

Britt tells Lulu that all of her patients deserve full disclosure, including Lulu and Dante. But she somehow knows not to reveal that Maxie has miscarried their baby and is now pregnant by Spinelli. So she tells them that her “news” is that the fetus is healthy and everything is ok. Lulu the leaves Maxie alone with Britt. Alone Maxie demands to know why she almost told Lulu the secret. So much for doctor/patient confidentiality, Maxie tells her. But she asks Britt why she did not carry out her “threat”. Britt then answers that the reason she did not reveal the paternity of the baby to Lulu is because of that “little bitch Sabrina Santiago”. Hearing that, Maxie asks what the nursing student has to do with that. Britt reveals to Maxie that she is furious that Sabrina wants to take Patrick from her. Hearing that, Maxie tells her it’s very unprofessional for Britt to be making threats based on her anger over losing a guy. Maxie then tells Britt she will do whatever Britt wants but urges her to please keep quiet about the secret she doesn’t want Dante and Lulu to know.

At Ferncliff, Lucy asks Heather what he plan is. Todd overhears while Heather tells her she wants them to talk privately in her room. Not everybody needs to know about what she will tell Lucy. Lucy asks Todd if he thinks she’s making a big mistake. And she has no choice because she has no other way to kill the vampire. He does not take that seriously. She then reminds him that she has reason to be suspicious of him because of the baby-switching thing. And if he needs her help, maybe he needs to back her and Heather  in their plan. Todd then grudgingly agrees.

Kevin, Lucy’s ex-husband, tells Felicia that he wanted things to work between himself and Lucy, but it did not work. He tells her that they were greater together than the sum of their flaws. She tells him even if Lucy is delusional, especially if she is, doesn’t he need to be by her side more than ever. He admits that Lucy is still his wife and he still loves her. Mac asks why he’s giving up on Lucy so easily.

At the station, Molly admits to Sam and to John that she ran into Rafe and talked about his mother. But she did not get any evidence or indication that he would want to hurt his mother. But he did tell her that he sometimes wants to be free of his mother. John walks into the room and Anna informs him that Rafe believes that he (John) killed Rafe's mother. Rafe then affirms he knows it was John who killed her. TJ stands beside her to overhear and tells her that maybe she needs to realize that all the evidence points to Rafe. Sam tells Molly she agrees that they must realize they know nothing about Rafe. She then tells her boyfriend and sister she realizes she does not know that he’s innocent, but they do not know that he’s guilty. They do not know the whole story.

Felicia tells Kevin that she does not want him to give up on Lucy. She and Mac have had serious problems but have reconciled. He tells them he’s happy for them but their situation is a little different. They don’t have a vampire between them. They remind him they had Frisco between them. And the point is, they got past their issues. So why can’t he and Lucy do the same thing?

At Ferncliff, Lucy asks Todd why he believes that Heather can successfully break them out of this place. He tells her he knows that Heather is a lunatic but he knows she’s very skillful about breaking out of this place so she might know how to help them. She mentions that she’s a very influential person in this place. She’s convinced the nurses, office staff, and janitors that they are overworked and underpaid. So maybe they can all band together to have a massive walk out. She can get all the staff to walk out and they can walk out behind them.

Elizabeth tells Sabrina that she needs to know that she might have a chance with Patrick although Sabrina does not want to admit to Patrick that she has feelings for him. Sabrina tells her that just because Patrick and Dr. Westbourne are over, it does not mean she can magically make him interested in her.

In the exam room, Maxie tells Britt that she might be able to get Patrick to take her back. She used to be married to Patrick’s brother. She’s his deceased wife’s cousin. But Britt doesn’t want to rely on that. However, she does admit that she knows of something that Maxie can possibly do for her. But she hesitates realizing she doesn’t want to “bribe” Maxie. She then tells her that she can call Lulu and tell her that Maxie is pregnant with Spinelli’s baby. Maxie urges her to please not do that. What does she want? A full makeover? Something else? Dr. Britt then replies what she wants is for Maxie to destroy Sabrina Santiago.

At the nurses' desk, Patrick comes and admits to Elizabeth and Sabrina that he knows the word is out that he and Dr. Britt broke up. Elizabeth tells him she’s “sorry’ . But he tells her he knows neither she nor Sabrina is sorry and knows they’d like to give him a big “I told you so”.

Heather mobilizes the walk out at the institution with Todd and Lucy by her side ready to escape.

Felicia is alone at the bar when she runs into Frisco.

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