GH Update Friday 2/1/13

General Hospital Update Friday 2/1/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the pier, McBain steps around the corner to find Rafe with his mother, clutching the stake. He asks Rafe to put down the stake and step away from the body.

At Kelly's, Molly stares at the flowers Rafe gave her and flashes back to her conversation with Rafe about "A Streetcar Named Desire" until she's interrupted by TJ. She is surprised by him and he asks if she's expecting someone else.

In front of Kelly's, Starr and Michael meet. Starr asks him if he's playing hooky from his first day ELQ. He asks if she hasn't heard. He tells her its his first day and his last because there is no more ELQ.

At AJ's office, AJ tells Elizabeth that he thinks he's having a heart attack. Elizabeth tells him that she's there and he's going to be fine.

At the Nurses' Station at GH, replay of Britt telling off Sabrina and Patrick hearing her call Emma a "spoiled brat". Britt is surprised to see Patrick and asks how long he's been standing there. He tells her long enough.

At Maxie & Ellie's apartment, Lulu arrives to go on a doctor's appointment with Maxie. Maxie tells her she doesn't have to go but Lulu insists. They are interrupted by the arrival of Spinelli and Ellie. Maxie tells Ellie that she's glad Ellie is home and feeling better. Ellie asks if she really is glad.

At Ferncliff, replay of Sam asking what Lucy knows about Allison Barrington. Lucy asks why and wants to know if something happened to her.

McBain pulls his gun on Rafe and orders him to drop the weapon and take two steps back. He keeps his gun trained on Rafe as he checks on Allison and announces that she's dead.

Maxie tells Ellie that of course she's happy that Ellie is going to be ok. Spinelli offers to take Ellie to her room but Ellie demands to speak with Maxie first. Maxie tells her that she was on her way to a doctor's appointment but Ellie tells her that it will take just a minute. She wants to talk about Maxie sleeping with Spinelli.

Britt tells Patrick that she doesn't know what he thinks he heard her say. He tells her that he heard her say she thinks that Emma is a spoiled brat and that she warned both Sabrina and Emma that she would be with Patrick and there was nothing they could do about it. Britt confesses to being a little defensive but says that she and Sabrina were speaking privately. Sabrina attempts to excuse herself but Patrick asks her to stay. He wants her to hear what he has to tell Britt.

Lucy demands to know why Sam wants to know about Allison and asks if something happened to her. She wants to know if Caleb got to her. Sam says she saw Allison for a minute at the PCPD until Allison saw McBain, flipped out and ran. Lucy says she was right to do so because Allison saw McBain for who he really is.

McBain calls in the murder, asking for a CSU and an ambulance. He says they have a probably homicide and a suspect.

Molly asks TJ who else she would be expecting. TJ tells her that he's joking and that she seems jumpy. She says that she was involved in her reading. TJ notices that it's "A Streetcar Named Desire" and that they'd already read it. Molly says that she sometimes re-reads things and it doesn't mean anything. TJ then asks about the flowers she's holding. Molly told her that a boy gave them to her. TJ wants to know who.

Starr asks why Connie would want to destroy ELQ and Michael has no idea. Starr feels bad, knowing how Michael wanted it. Michael tells her that he wanted it for AJ and how important it was to AJ. He tells her that AJ says he's ok but he knows AJ is hurting over it.

Elizabeth asks AJ to tell her about the pain. He tells her it came on suddenly and comes and goes and his head feels like it's in a vice as Elizabeth starts to examine him. He asks her if he's going to die.

Michael tells Starr how proud AJ was of outmaneuvering Tracy and taking over ELQ and then the story broke. Michael tells her that he thinks Sonny did it to bring down ELQ and take him away from AJ. He tells her that now ELQ and AJ are paying the price.

AJ tells Elizabeth that he doesn't want to die, especially when he is building a relationship with Michael. He doesn't want to leave Michael. Elizabeth tells him that he's not going to die, that he needs to stop talking and coaches him through breathing more calmly. AJ says the pain is starting to ease up. He asks her what happened to him. Elizabeth tells him she thinks it was a panic attack.

Patrick tells both Sabrina and Britt how important Emma is to him. Britt tells Patrick that she understand but thinks he's overreacting. She asks him to listen to her and he says that he did and they discussed how confusing their relationship would be to Emma. Patrick tells her that it's confusing because Emma doesn't understand why he would be with a woman who doesn't like her. Britt continues to deny telling Emma that but Patrick tells her that she's just lying to him. He tells Britt that she may not like Emma but she better treat Emma with respect and kindness. He tells her that he took Britt's word over Sabrina's and Emma's but they were both right about her.

Ellie demands some kind of answer regarding Maxie sleeping with Spinelli. Maxie tells Ellie that sleeping with Spinelli wasn't planned and she reminds Ellie that she encouraged her to go meet Spinelli. Ellie accuses Maxie of tampering with her car Maxie tells her that she would never do that. She swears on the baby she's carrying. Ellie asks about her going to the roof since Maxie knew that's where Ellie was going to meet Spinelli. Maxie says she forgot about where they were meeting and went up there to think. She says that when she saw Spinelli alone, she guessed that Ellie changed her mind. Ellie accuses Maxie of taking advantage of Spinelli and sleeping with him with no thought for the baby she is carrying.

Sam tells Lucy that Allison did think that she and McBain were Livvie and Caleb. She asks Lucy if she and Allison were close. Lucy tells "Livvie" that they were and that Allison married her cousin. She encourages Sam to try to remember, telling her that if she tries, she will. Sam asks if they were close enough where Allison would lie for her. Lucy asks what she means. Sam asks if Allison would back up her story about vampires for her.

McBain asks Rafe if Rafe minds if he looks through his backpack. He finds clothes, a wallet with no ID and a picture of Rafe and Allison. While he searches, he tells Rafe he's in a lot of trouble and may want to talk to him and help himself. He asks Rafe if he is Allison's son until he finds the photo and decides that he is. He asks Rafe how Allison died.

Britt asks Patrick if he is going to throw away everything they have over a misunderstanding. Patrick tells her they have nothing together. Britt insists that they care for each other. Patrick tells her that he could never care for someone who doesn't care about his daughter because his daughter is everything to him. He tells her that anything they had together is over.

Spinelli tells Ellie not to blame Maxie because he was drunk and she just took him home. Ellie says that he explained himself and she forgave him. She wants Maxie's excuse. Maxie says she doesn't have one and doesn't know what Ellie wants her to say. Ellie says if she feels any remorse, an apology would be good, otherwise don't say anything or lie to her. Maxie says she's sorry she hurt Ellie and she's sorry for sleeping with Spinelli but she's not sorry for what came of it. Lulu looks at Maxie, confused.

AJ can't believe that he had a panic attack. Elizabeth tells him that the symptoms for a panic attack and a heart attack are very similar. AJ is a bit embarrassed and says he doesn't want to have panic attacks. Elizabeth tells him its better than a heart attack but he shouldn't take it lightly either. She suggests he do something about the stress that caused it. He asked if she means like everything he's wanted and dreamed about for years going up in smoke.

Michael blames himself for what happened to ELQ. Starr tells him that it wasn't his fault. She asks him if he talked to Sonny. Michael says that Sonny was in Connie's office when he went to talk to her and there could be only one reason he was in there. He takes Starr into Kelly's when he notices that she's cold. Starr asks who he feels is more believable, Sonny or Connie. Michael says he doesn't want it to be Sonny but its the only logical explanation. Starr tells him that logical isn't always right. They go into Kelly's.

Molly tells TJ that he has nothing to be jealous of. The flowers were a thank you for lunch. TJ asks her about taking a guy out to lunch. She explains that he had no food or money and that if she was in that same position, she'd want someone to help her, too. TJ tells her she needs to be careful because not everyone thinks like her and she doesn't know this guy. Molly tells him not to worry, that he was harmless.

Allison is bagged up and taken away. As McBain oversees the crime scene and lets forensics knows he wants more on the weapon, Anna arrives with a uniformed officer and asks what's going on. McBain tells her that when he got there, he saw Rafe kneeling next to the body with the stake in his hands. Anna sees it in an evidence bag and asks what it was. McBain says it is a murder weapon.

Lucy tells Sam that she hasn't seen Allison in years. She tells her how Allison married Rafe and had a baby. She then confesses to Sam that Allison had reason to believe that Rafe wasn't the father of Allison's son.

McBain explains to Anna that Rafe was kneeling next to Allison and hasn't spoken one word to him. Anna asks if there is evidence of anyone else having been there. McBain says not yet and tells her that he is Allison's son. Anna wonders aloud what makes a boy kill his own mother.

Sam asks who Rafe's father is if it isn't Rafe Sr. Lucy tells her that his father is Caleb Morley, the one Sam calls John McBain. Sam asks if Allison had an affair. Lucy says she wouldn't say that. She says that Caleb used his powers of seduction on Allison and that Allison wasn't even sure about her son but Allison was very fair and Rafe had blond hair and green eyes. Rafe had black hair and taking one look at him, you could see that he looked just like Caleb and Rafe took off after he realized the baby wasn't his.

McBain asks Rafe if there's anyone he wants to call. Rafe says nothing. McBain has him taken to be booked. Anna asks why he was first on the scene. McBain tells her that Allison called and asked him to meet her. Anna asks if he knew her and he says he didn't but she thought she knew him. She looked at him and freaked out.

Sam asks about Rafe Sr. taking off. Lucy tells her that he left to protect Allison and Rafe Jr. because he was concerned that Caleb would come after them. He says that Rafe Sr. would be there now if he could so she is convinced that Caleb was the one who survived after going after Rafe. She tells Sam that no one had seen Allison, Rafe or Rafe Jr. since until now.

Molly tells TJ that it would have been selfish to hand Rafe a bag of stale bread and walk away. TJ is surprised that they exchanged names. Molly tells him that she couldn't very well treat him to lunch and not know his name. She tells him that she likely won't see him again anyway because his mother drags him all over town. TJ asks how old Rafe is. Molly guesses around their age and tells him that he sounds jealous. TJ asks why he would be jealous of someone who can't even buy her real flowers.

Elizabeth tells AJ that she saw the story in the paper. AJ tells her that investors are starting to pull out and he blames himself. Elizabeth tells him that it isn't his fault, he's been in charge for all of five minutes. She also tells him that she knows how important ELQ is to the Quartermaines but his health is more important. AJ thinks that Edward would disagree. He shares with her that he has been in recovery and things have been going well, including building a relationship with Michael. He tells her that Sonny ruined that. He tells her that Sonny leaked the story to ruin his relationship with Michael.

Michael explains to Starr about Sonny meeting with Tracy. He guesses that Sonny found the evidence and leaked it to the papers to ruin AJ and make Tracy grateful. Starr suggests that maybe Connie is just lying since she lies about everything. She tells him that the good news is that Michael has other ways to get to know AJ besides working with him. Michael tells him that it reminds him that he has to get back to ELQ, predicting a long night.

Britt tells Patrick that they are getting to know each other so there will be bumps. She says it's overreacting to break up over one disagreement. Patrick tells her that he's ending it before it gets too serious. Britt insists that it's serious since they had sex together. Patrick tells her that he's making the best decision for himself and Emma. He tells her that they will work together and have a professional relationship but that's it. Britt goes over to Sabrina and tells her that it's all her fault.

Maxie concedes that she has gone after the men of other women before but it never worked out the way she planned. She promises there's no sabotage. She says that regardless of how sorry she is, there's one thing that she's not sorry about. Ellie asks what. Maxie flashes back to discussing passing off her baby as Lulu and Dante's with Britt. Back in present time, she says that sleeping with Spinelli gave closure. There's no more wondering what if or doubting. She says that Spinelli now can be sure if choosing Ellie. Ellie tells her that she makes sense. Lulu says it's a good thing and it's selfless but there's nothing more selfless than Maxie carrying a baby for her and Dante.

Patrick tells Britt not to blame Sabrina. Britt accuses Sabrina of poisoning Emma against her and even coaching her into running away. She tells Patrick that Sabrina has been using Emma. Sabrina denies it. Britt tells Patrick how Sabrina has wanted her out of the way so she could have Patrick to herself and she storms off.

AJ asks Elizabeth what she came by for in the first place. She says she doesn't want to give him anything more to worry about. He jokes with her about being able to multitask and handle stress. He coaxes her to tell him. She mentions Tracy's check being stopped. AJ apologizes for that and tells her that the SEC has frozen their funds and they don't have the money to fund the Nurses' Ball. He tells her that he thinks it's a great tradition and he hopes she doesn't give up on it. She promises not to if he doesn't.

McBain tells Anna that he doesn't know what's going on with Rafe but he thinks Rafe knows something but he can't get Rafe to talk to him. Anna suggests he go check with forensics to see if they have anything and she will talk to him. McBain agrees and leaves.

Lucy tells Sam that even if Caleb erased everyone's memories, Sam knows she is telling the truth. Sam says she believes that Lucy believes what she is saying but she has to convince a doctor. Lucy says she's not going to find a doctor who believes in vampires or will admit it. She tells Sam that she's going to do something before it's too late for Allison and her son.

Anna brings a donut to Rafe in the interrogation room. She asks if he is physically hurt. He still doesn't answer. She tells him she can't imagine what it must be like for him to lose his mother. She tells him that she is a mother. She knows that parents and children don't always get along. She knew her daughter loved her and she is sure that Rafe loved his mother. She asks if there is anyone she can call for him like his father or a friend of the family.

Spinelli brings Ellie some tea and offers another pillow. She reaches out to him and he sits with her. She thanks him for brining him home and he thanks her for the opportunity. Ellie tells him that she's glad she had it out with Maxie and knows how uncomfortable it was for him. She tells him that she's not confrontational by  nature. Spinelli tells her that Maxie was surprisingly coherent. Spinelli is glad that they can put New Years behind them. Ellie says that there's no reason to speak of that night or think of it again.

At the hospital, Maxie tells Lulu that she can take it from there and that Lulu must have better things to do than to wait for her. Lulu says she's very grateful for what Maxie is doing and she wants to be involved in everything that does on with the pregnancy.

In an exam room, Britt is throwing things in anger as Maxie and Lulu walk in. They both offer to come back another time. Britt tells them to stay. She then tells Lulu there's something she needs to know about the baby.

Patrick apologizes to Sabrina for dragging her into the middle of things. Sabrina tells him that she's used to it because Britt can be demanding to work with. Patrick tells her that Elizabeth tried to warn him and that Sabrina and Emma were on to her. Sabrina tells him that Emma has good instincts about people.  Patrick agrees, especially when it comes to Sabrina. He then asks her what is up with Britt and her accusation that Sabrina wanted him for herself.

Michael walks into AJ's office and asks if everything is ok. Elizabeth says everything is fine. As she leaves, AJ thanks her for everything. Once she's gone, Michael asks him what that was about. AJ tells him that she came by to talk about Tracy's check bouncing and that Elizabeth couldn't have been nicer about it. He wishes they could keep the commitment to the ball. Michael says that they should save the company first. AJ tells him that he sounded just like Edward and Michael says he must have more Quartermaine in him than he thought. AJ says they should get to work and hopefully it's not too late.

TJ is walking Molly and Daniel home from Kelly's on Pier 52. Molly thanks him for the flowers she is now carrying. TJ says that she deserves beautiful things and that she will have them as long as he's her boyfriend. They come across an officer at the scene of Allison's murder. TJ asks what's going on. The officer tells him that some kid killed his mother.

Anna tells Rafe that she knows his name. As she uncuffs him, she asks him several questions about himself and Allison. She then asks if he killed Allison. He tells her he didn't.

Sam walks into the PCPD as McBain walks into the bullpen. He asks her how it went. Sam tells him that she met with Lucy at Ferncliff, that she admitted knowing Allison but hasn't seen her in years and believes that Allison is in danger. McBain tells her that she's right.

Lucy prays, speaking to Rafe. She tells him that she needs him to help her and all of them, especially Rafe Jr.

Anna tells Rafe that there's strong evidence against him but she believes that he knows who killed Allison. She says she needs him to tell her so that she can help him. He sees McBain outside of the room and says that McBain killed Allison.

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