GH Update Thursday 1/31/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/31/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's, Luke approaches Tracy and tells her that being incarcerated was the only thing that would have kept from her at a time when she needed him. He tells her that he's sorry about Edward. She tells him that she convinced herself that she'd have Edward forever. She then tells him how bad things are with ELQ and shows him the front page of The Sun.

At Manning Enterprises, AJ demands answers from Connie about the story in The Sun. Connie tells AJ and Michael that Sonny gave her the story to keep Michael from going into business with AJ.

At GH, Sabrina approaches the Nurses' Station overloaded with files. Elizabeth takes some to keep them from dropping and she asks what is going on. Sabrina tells her that she has to enter them into the GH database. When Elizabeth notices how old the cases are and asks who told her to do that, Sabrina tells her to guess who.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Britt is on the phone, leaving a message for Patrick. She turns to walk away when she finishes the call and comes face to face with Patrick. She tells him she is leaving him a message and asks how Emma is. Patrick asks if she really cares.

At Ferncliff, Lucy and Kevin hug.

At the PCPD, Sam is on the phone checking with Molly about Daniel. She tells Molly that there was a problem with Kristina's arraignment but Alexis is handling it. She reminds Molly to keep Daniel warm, fed and away from strangers and to give him a kiss for her. When she hangs up, Molly tells Daniel that his mother is overprotective but she understands. She turns and is startled to see Rafe there with the stake that Allison gave him.

At the PCPD, replay of Allison going to see McBain and thinking he's Caleb. McBain tells her that she is mistaken, that he is John McBain. She backs away and tells him to stay away from her.

Britt tells Patrick that the day before was one of the worst days she's had. She tells him that she would never make Emma unhappy or petty enough to tell Emma that she doesn't like Emma. Patrick asks her if she thinks Emma was making it up. Britt tells him that maybe she was to get attention or get out of trouble for running away. She asks if he's really going to put that much faith into a little girl's word. Patrick tells her that it's not just Emma's word he's taking, it's Sabrina's word, too.

Luke said that he thought Anthony had the information about Tracy and the Soleitos and he wonders how The Sun got it. Tracy tells Luke that she doesn't know. Luke says that she wounds him. He knows that Tracy leaked the story.

Michael asks Sonny about the story. Sonny tells Michael that Connie is lying. Connie asks why Michael thinks Sonny is there. It's to thank her for a job well done. Connie gives the papers Tracy gave her to Sonny and thanks him for the headline and for launching her as the new editor of The Sun, telling him that Todd must be envious from Ferncliff.

Lucy asks Kevin how he knew she was there. He tells her that Alexis called him and told him. Lucy tells him that it's not what he thinks. He says he thinks that she stabbed McBain and tried to stake him with a chair leg. She says it's a little like he thinks but McBain isn't a cop, he's Caleb Morley, king of the vampires.

As she's trying to get away from John, Allison runs into Sam. She calls her Livvie and tells her that they need to get away from "Caleb" because he's after Allison and her son.

Molly backs away from Rafe, threatening to call 911. Rafe tells her that he's not going to hurt her. He shows her the article about Lucy and asks if Molly knows her. Molly says she knows of her and that she hurt Sam's friend John McBain.

Allison tries to convince Sam to go with her, saying that she can't let Caleb get to her son. She tells Sam that they are best friends and that they need to get away. Sam tries to convince Allison that she doesn't know her and that the are not best friends. She asks Allison what she is so afraid of. Allison points at McBain and says she's afraid of him.

As Elizabeth and Sabrina look on, Britt tells Patrick that she takes full responsibility for leaving Emma alone at the table but she didn't know that Emma was going to run away. Patrick tells her that Emma wouldn't have unless she had a reason. Britt says maybe she did give Emma a reason.

Michael is upset that Sonny seemingly hates AJ so much that he'd destroy Michael's and Jason's family's company. Sonny continues to tell Michael that he didn't leak the story. Connie tries to convince Michael that AJ only sees him as a possession.  AJ wants to know who else would want to ruin his first day as CEO and reminds Sonny of the meeting he took with Tracy and how he and Michael were both there when he checked back in with Tracy. AJ asks why Connie would lie. Sonny says the same reason that she won't drop the charges against Kristina: to prove that she's not Kate and never will be.

Tracy tries to convince Luke that she didn't leak the story. She tells him how she married Anthony Zacchara to keep the story quiet, so why would she now turn around and sabotage herself. Luke tells her that she didn't sabotage herself, she sabotaged ELQ and Edward's legacy. Instead of letting it die a slow death, she killed it faster. Tracy tells Luke that he can see right through her.

Sam and McBain try to convince Allison of who McBain is. She still doesn't believe them McBain tells her that she can wave crosses around and they won't do anything to him. Allison says she knows what he's trying to do but Lucy saw who he really was and knew that he had to die so she stabbed him.

Lucy tells Kevin that she knows he hates to hear it but he is being deceived. She says that Caleb even made Livvie forget who she is. Kevin tells her that Sam is not Livvie but Alexis' daughter Sam. Lucy refuses to believe it and Kevin asks why Alexis would introduce Sam to him as her daughter, why she would lie about it. Lucy tells him that he has to trust her because she's the slayer and she sees the truth and that "Livvie" is in danger.

Allison tried to get Sam out of the PCPD and away from McBain after Sam and McBain tell her that the Commissioner isn't locked up and she wants to go find her. McBain steps in to help Sam but when he takes Allison's hand to make her release Sam, Allison tells him not to touch her again. Sam again tells Allison that she is not Livvie. Allison tells her if that's the way she wants it, she's on her own, then runs from the PCPD.

Molly wonders why Rafe wants to know about Lucy. He tells her that his mom thinks that Lucy is the only one who can help them. Molly asks if they are in trouble. He tells her that they're broke and homeless. Molly suggests a shelter but he declines, saying his mother would only get more paranoid in a shelter. Molly notices him looking at the stale bread she was going to use to feed ducks and offers to buy him something to eat. After some convincing, Rafe agrees to go with her, then steps away to hide his backpack.

Lucy tries to convince Kevin that Caleb is around and is even more dangerous because he is hiding behind a badge. Kevin tells her that if he was doing that, it puts him at even greater risk because he encounters more people. Lucy makes an argument for Caleb having hypnotized everyone, including Kevin. Kevin asks if she really believes he was hypnotized all the way in Seattle. Lucy doesn't know but says that Livvie, Allison and Allison's son are all in danger from Caleb.

At Kelly's, Rafe eats while Molly takes care of Daniel. Molly and Rafe talk about Daniel and how he seems to be a happy kid. Molly introduces herself to Rafe.

McBain and Sam find information about Allison. They learn that she is from Port Charles, is Amanda Barrington's granddaughter, that Amanda died a few years ago and that Allison was engaged to marry Rafe Kovich.

Rafe introduces himself to Molly. She asks if Rafe is short for Rafael like the painter or the angel. He says that as far as he knows, he's just Rafe like she's just Molly.

Allison runs down Pier 52, looking for Rafe. She doesn't find him and wonders where he is.

Patrick asks Britt if she confesses to telling Emma she doesn't like her. She says she doesn't and would never hurt Emma. She tells Patrick that it was the first time the three of the went out as a family and she thinks that Emma thought she was trying to replace Robin and wanted to get rid of her. Britt tries to convince Patrick that they need to provide a united front to convince Emma that she is not trying to replace Robin and to make it clear that she and Patrick will be together.

Tracy tells Luke that Connie gave her word that she wouldn't reveal her source. Luke is surprised that Tracy is trusting someone he calls "schizo". Tracy tells him that she and Connie had a bonding moment and she thinks Connie will keep her word.

Sonny tells Michael that he was there to try to convince Connie to back off of Kristina. Connie insists that he was there to thank her for the story by kissing her. She wants to know why he kissed her if not for the story. Sonny ignores her and tells Michael that he knows that working with ELQ is what he wants so when he was meeting with Tracy and she asked for his help, he turned her down. He says that he respects Edward and Michael too much and asks Michael to believe him because he didn't do it.

Rafe asks Molly if she babysits a lot and Molly says not as much as she'd like. She tells him how Alexis and Sam are helping Kristina. Rafe says it sounds like he's not the only one with problem relatives. Molly tells him not even close and that it seems her family goes from one crisis to the next. Rafe says that he feels the same way about Allison dragging him from one city to the next. He often imagines what it would be like to be free of his mother and taking care of himself instead of depending on the kindness of strangers.

Allison looks for Rafe, calling out to him. She finds his backpack and his stake. She is upset that he has no way to defend himself. She runs off to look for him.

McBain and Sam notice that the information on Allison doesn't mention a son of go past the wedding announcement they are reading. They also notice that there's nothing about a Caleb or a Livvie or why Allison would think that they are Caleb and Livvie. They wonder if Lucy put her up to it to prove her story and to get her out of Ferncliff. McBain says that there's only one way to find out: ask the source.

Kevin wants to know what Allison has to do with anything. Lucy tells him that Allison and her son are in grave danger from Caleb. Lucy tells Kevin that he has to help her. Kevin promises to and Lucy asks him to warn everyone about Caleb. Kevin refuses and says he intends to help by getting her the medical attention she needs.

Patrick tells Britt that things are complicated and that Emma was confused. He tells her that he's sure that whatever was said, Britt didn't try to intentionally hurt Emma. Britt hugs him, thanking him. Nearby, Sabrina is upset that Patrick took Britt's word over not only hers, but over Emma's. Both Patrick and Britt approach the nurses' station as Sabrina leaves, not able to handle dealing with Patrick and Britt. Patrick asks about the files. Before Elizabeth could answer, Britt speaks up and tells Patrick that Epiphany issued the assignment but she thinks it is a waste of time. Sabrina returns, speaking on the phone. As she hangs up, Patrick asks if everything is ok. Sabrina tells him that the bank put a stop pay on Tracy's check.

Tracy tells Luke that there may be another Quartermaine heir out there and if she can get that heir on her side, she can oust AJ. She tells Luke that's where he comes in.

Michael tells Sonny that he doesn't know what to believe. Connie tries to convince Michael that she's telling him the truth by calling Sonny a control freak and reminding him of when Sonny kidnapped her. AJ asks if that's what had Michael upset the time that he recalls Michael being upset. Sonny tells him to shut up and tries to convince Michael that he's telling the truth. He tells Michael that there are many ways that he could hurt AJ but he doesn't for Michael's sake. Michael tells Sonny he has only himself to blame for this and he leaves with AJ. Sonny is upset as he yells at Connie that she knows he didn't give her the records for the story. He demands to know why she lied. Connie says she wants to know why he kissed her. Sonny asked if she felt a connection. She tells him that's what he wanted. He wanted her to weaken so she will back off of Kristina. Connie accuses Sonny of not caring about her and wanting her gone so Kate will come back. Sonny says it's true, he loves Kate, but Kate is not there, Connie is. He tells her he saw how much she hurt when Trey died. He just felt compassion for her. He tells her that she thanks him by putting Kristina in prison and turning Michael against him. Connie say she doesn't owe Sonny anything. He tells her that she needs to ask herself why she is working so hard to drive him away. He says he knows why.

AJ and Michael returns to AJ's office. AJ is upset that his efforts at damage control didn't work well. He is upset that he let Sonny blindside him. Michael concedes that they don't know that Sonny did plant the story and that Connie could be lying. AJ reminds Michael how far Sonny would go to hurt him. He says that he's sorry that Michael got caught up on it. Michael says not to worry about it, it's done. AJ agrees and tells him that the two of them need to try to salvage Edward's legacy. Michael promises that he is in it with AJ and will help. AJ tells Michael how much he appreciates it and then wavers physically as he leans on his desk. Michael asks if he's ok and AJ thinks his blood sugar suddenly dropped. Michael goes to his office to order something for them to eat so they can get started working. AJ sits in a chair and takes a few breaths to try to calm himself.

Luke wonders how he is supposed to help find a missing Quartermaine heir. Tracy tells him that according to Ned, Carly knows something about it and she needs him to find out what. Luke tells her that he can't just ask, he needs leverage. Tracy tells him how she needs to try to salvage ELQ but she needs to be back in charge to do it and she needs that missing heir to get her back in charge.

Patrick asks why Tracy would stop payment on her check. Elizabeth shows Patrick a copy of The Sun and Sabrina is upset that the Nurses' Ball may be over before it starts. Britt says that scandals like the ELQ scandal happen. Elizabeth tells Britt that a patient is asking for her and she leaves. Patrick assures Sabrina that they will find the money somewhere. Elizabeth seems to have an idea and says she's going on her break and she hopes to be back with good news and she heads off. Sabrina asks Patrick how Emma is doing.  Patrick tells her that Emma is fine but he's concerned that Emma lied to Sabrina about what happened with Britt and he's sure that's what happened.

Lucy tries to convince Kevin to see her way but he tells her he can't. He tells her how much he loves her and needs her but he's not helping her. He hugs her and tells her that her delusions have ruined them and how he can't be with her because of them. He pulls away from her to leave her.

Rafe and Molly discuss A Streetcar Named Desire. Rafe tells her he found a copy on a bus one day and read it. He compares Blanche DuBois to Allison then tells Molly he has to go before Allison finds him gone. He wishes he could pay her for the food, gives her a flower, calling them "flowers for the dead" and leaves.

McBain tells Sam that he can't guarantee any kind of coherent answer from Lucy but they can ask. Sam reminds him how he's set Lucy off twice already and volunteers to go talk to Lucy. McBain reminds her that both Todd and Heather are in Ferncliff as well. Sam promises to stay away from them and thinks that Lucy wanting to protect Livvie could work to her advantage. McBain asks if she's going in as a civilian consultant. Sam says she'll let him know when she gets back and she heads out. McBain asks her to be careful and she leaves. As Sam leaves, McBain's phone rings. It's Allison telling him where she is and that she thinks they should meet.

Allison waits alone at Pier 52 and hears footsteps. She hides with her stake in hand and tells him to bring it on as she waits to stake McBain.

Patrick tries to convince Sabrina of Britt's version of things as his pager goes off. He asks if they can talk about it later because he has to take the call. Sabrina agrees. Britt returns with more files for Sabrina and asks where Patrick was. Sabrina tells her that he had to take a call. Britt is glad because she wants to talk to Sabrina alone. She tells Sabrina it was a nice try to blame her for Emma running away. Sabrina says she only repeated what Emma told her. Britt tells Sabrina that now Patrick sees the truth and that Emma isn't so perfect. Sabrina tells her that children act out. Britt then goes on the attack to Sabrina, telling her that she is going to repeat what she told Emma: that she is not going anywhere, that she and Patrick will be together and there's nothing that she or Patrick's "spoiled brat of a daughter" can do about it. She turns to leave and comes face to face with Patrick.

Elizabeth arrives at AJ's office and hears heavy breathing inside. She opens the door and sees AJ holding onto the desk and then collapsing. She asks what is wrong. He thinks he's having a heart attack.

Tracy tells Luke that he owes her for the number of times she's put herself on the line for him. She demands he get the information about the missing Quartermaine heir. Michael walks in and tells Tracy it looks like she heard the news. Tracy tells him how terrible it is. Michael tells her he knows exactly who did this to ELQ. Tracy asks who. Michael tells her that Connie told them that Sonny leaked the story to him. Tracy is clearly surprised.

Connie tells Sonny that she's not afraid of him. He asks why she can't look him in the eyes. He tells her that Michael will come around because Michael knows him and that he'll get Kristina freed of the charges but what will happen to Connie? She could spend 20 years in prison for her charges. He predicts that she'll get what she wants but her life will be hell. He then leaves her.

Lucy chases after Kevin. She tells him that when people start showing up dead, then maybe he'll be ready to believe her.

On the pier, Allison has been murdered. Rafe sits next to his dead mother, the stake in his bloody hand.

Sam surprises Lucy who thinks Sam is Livvie. She tells Sam that she just missed her father. Sam lets it go and asks her what she knows about Allison Barrington.

At Kelly's, Molly asks Daniel what he thinks about "flowers for the dead".

Rafe is upset over his mother as McBain arrives and surprises Rafe.

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