GH Update Wednesday 1/30/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/30/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the PCPD, McBain looks at a newspaper headline declaring Todd "Cuckoo #2". He asks a passing officer if the paper has come and tells him that he's had enough of Todd for now. Alexis and Sam come from the holding cells and Sam reassures Alexis that Kristina will be ok. Alexis says that Kristina's mother may not be. As she's reassuring Alexis, Sam sees McBain stand up, rubbing his shoulder and she's concerned that he popped another stitch because if he did, Epiphany would strap him to the bed. Alexis tells McBain not to trifle with Epiphany and McBain agrees. He says that in his defense, it was supposed to be a simple transfer to the courthouse. Sam tells him it turned out not so simple because Lucy attacked him again and now Todd claimed insanity. Alexis and Sam both ask McBain if he thinks Todd will get away with it.

In Todd's office, Connie answers the phone. Todd is in Ferncliff calling and he is not happy that Connie answered. He is concerned over whether or not there was an issue of The Sun published. She says that his staff stonewalled her until she threatened their jobs but then they fell into line. Todd asks again if there was an issue published. She says there was and with a hell of a lead as she looks at the headline she created, featuring the story of mob money financing ELQ and photos of Tracy and AJ on the cover.

Michael and Starr come off the elevator at Manning Enterprises, kissing. Starr says that she has never gone for corporate types but she loves Michael in his suit and tries to tempt him into a tryst in a closet. He is tempted but says he promised to talk to Connie about dropping the charges against Kristina. He says he has to try to do something. He says that if someone told him six months ago that he'd have a relationship with AJ and would be running ELQ with him, he wouldn't have believed it but there it is and today is AJ's first full day as CEO.

At the office at ELQ, AJ is on the phone doing business when Monica arrives to visit her son on his first day. He tells her he got there early before the markets opened to try to instill confidence in his abilities. He assures Monica that he can do the job and she says she believes him and trusts him. She says it's Tracy she doesn't trust.

Tracy is heading to Kelly's when she encounters Sonny. He apologizes for not helping her and tells her that she understands her wanting to take Tracy down, but he can't help her because it would damage his relationship with Michael. He advises her to just wait and let AJ destroy himself because that's what he does, its his nature. Tracy says that her nature is impatience. Sonny asks what that means. She tells him that it means "you're welcome".

Connie tells Todd that she has some changes in mind for The Sun. Todd warns Connie not to change so much as font size. Connie taunts him for being in Ferncliff and not able to do anything about any changes she makes. He tells her that he won't be there long, that he will be getting out soon. Lucy approaches him and asks when and how he is getting out.

Sonny is curious as to why he should thank Tracy. She tells him that he wouldn't act so she did. Sonny is concerned that she is going after ELQ and that Michael will get hurt in the crossfire. Tracy tells him that she doesn't care and that if Michael is old enough to align with AJ, then he is old enough to suffer the consequences of her actions against AJ. She leaves Sonny and goes into Kelly's.

Michael and Starr walk into the office and Connie tells Starr she has a bone to pick with her about Todd. Starr says she's not there to talk about Todd. Michael says they're there to talk to her to ask her to drop the charges against Kristina. Connie wonders why she should do that. She says that Kristina tried to kill her and she has to protect herself. Starr tells her she doesn't have to protect herself against Kristina and that dropping the charges could help Connie with her own charges in the long run. Connie isn't worried about her charges. She tells Starr that she'll do what Todd did and claim insanity. Starr knows nothing about it and Connie shows her a copy of the Starr that had Todd on the cover. Starr is clearly surprised.

Todd tells Lucy how much he admires how she stabbed McBain. He also says that he doesn't know what she's talking about when she asks about him escaping. She tells him that she won't rat him out. When he asks why, she tells him that it's because she wants in on the escape plan.

Alice walks into Kelly's to meet Tracy. Tracy is less than pleased because she was expecting Ned. Alice explains that Lois called Ned to tell him that Brook Lynn broke her leg stage diving so he gave Alice the message before he headed home to his daughter. Tracy asks what the message is. Alice starts digging through her purse for the message.

Olivia meets Sonny outside of Kelly's. He tells her that he's on the way to meet Alexis at the PCPD. Olivia asks what he's done. He says he's done nothing but Kristina is there for trying to kill Connie.

McBain tells Alexis and Sam that Todd's psych evaluation is for that afternoon, then tells them that Todd's gotten away with it before. He assures them that he's a sociopath but sane. He tells them that Todd has started laying the groundwork for the results by claiming to believe Lucy's vampire delusions. Sam hopes that its the last they see of that "crackpot", too. Kevin Collins walks into the PCPD saying that the "crackpot" is his wife but she's more of a screwball than a crackpot.

Alice finds the message and it's a note from Ned telling Tracy not to give up on ELQ. The note mentions AJ's conversation with Carly, that he told her that Heather Webber mentioned Edward's will holding the key to controlling ELQ and Carly's interesting reaction to the possibility of another Quartermaine heir out there somewhere. Tracy agrees that this is huge and could help her. She then remembers the story she gave to Connie for The Sun and says she needs to go make sure the story doesn't run because it would destroy everything. She runs out of Kelly's to try to stop the story.

AJ tells Monica that Tracy has nothing on him and that he can do the job. Monica apologizes for putting a damper on his first day as CEO. He tells her that it's ok. He says that he's changed and that he wants to honor Edward's legacy while building his own and he'll do it with Michael by his side. He just hopes that he can keep Sonny and Carly out of the way.

Olivia is stunned by the news that Kristina tried to kill Connie and asks why she did it. Sonny explains that Kristina blames Connie for Trey's death. Olivia concedes that Kristina has a point. Sonny then tells Olivia what happened. Olivia thinks its ridiculous that Connie is pressing charges. Olivia offers to talk to Connie to try to talk her down and get her to drop the charges. Sonny tells her that he hopes that she has better luck than he had. He is convinced that Connie is pressing charges against Kristina to punish him.

Michael promises Connie that Kristina won't come after her again. Connie says she's willing to trust him but not Kristina. She says that Kristina is a spoiled brat with a worse temper than Sonny and she's afraid that Kristina will come after her again. Starr is unhappy that Todd is in Ferncliff and says she needs to go see him. Michael offers to drive her but she declines, saying he needs to go enjoy his first day working with AJ. Connie dismisses them and the two of them leave. She then takes out the mock up of the front page of The Sun. She comments to herself that Michael better hurry because his first day will probably be his last.

An officer brings a box to McBain while Kevin and Alexis say hello. Kevin apologizes for taking so long getting there and Alexis says she wasn't sure he'd come at all due to all of the many messages she left. He tells her that it couldn't have been easy dealing with Lucy on her own. He asks if its true that Lucy stabbed a police officer. Alexis tells him that its true and points out McBain as Lucy's victim. McBain introduces himself and Kevin apologizes to him for Lucy's actions. Alexis explains that Lucy thinks that McBain is a vampire. Kevin knows that Lucy thinks McBain is Caleb.

Rafe comes around the corner on the docks and tells Allison that he found a diner and asks if they can rest and eat. Allison tells him they can soon but there's something she needs to do first. Rafe wants to stop running and settle somewhere. Allison tells him that Port Charles may be just another city to him but it's home to her.

Lucy tries to convince Todd to take her with him when he gets out. He tells her no. Lucy asks for his help trying to convince people that she's sane. She then wonders how she missed McBain's heart and guesses that she is out of practice. Todd suggests she dial down the vampire talk because he could use someone to back him up. He says that he will be glad to tell people she's sane if she tells people that he's insane.

McBain asks Kevin if he knows about Caleb. Kevin says that he's very familiar with Lucy's rantings about Caleb and his obsession with the daughter Kevin doesn't have named Livvie. Sam asks Kevin if he's her father. Alexis introduces Sam and Kevin. Sam says that Lucy was so sure that she was someone named Livvie. Alexis asks Kevin if they had a torrid affair that she forgot about. Kevin says only if he forgot about it, too. He tells them that things got so bad that he had to leave before their children were harmed. He tells them that Lucy lived in a fantasy world of vampires, seers and an angel named Rafe.

Allison tries to bundle Rafe up but he doesn't let her. He promises to not get sick and slow her down. She says it's not that and she knows that being on the run sucks, but by the time she's done with what she has to do, they will finally be safe...she promises him.

Lucy asks Todd to explain why he wants to be insane if he wants to get out. Todd says everyone is a little crazy, especially given all of the insane things that he's done in his life. Lucy asks what he is going to claim and he says he's going to say that he's D.I.D. Lucy tries to discourage that because he wants to avoid Pentonville at all costs. Todd says that this is why he needs someone to confirm that he's insane. Lucy tells him to cooperate that he is insane. Todd brings out his Rod personality. He tries to convince her that Rodd is an alter as Starr walks in behind them and tells him that he is full of it.

Monica asks AJ what he and Michael have done so far. He tells her nothing yet because he hasn't shown up yet. Monica tells him that he should give Michael some time because he has to adjust to corporate life. AJ is concerned that Sonny and Carly got to Michael and convinced him to turn his back on AJ. Michael walks in, announcing that he's ready to work.

Olivia thought that things were better between Sonny and Connie, especially after Trey's death. Sonny says that they were better and that she even thanked him. Olivia thinks that Sonny kissed Connie but he says that he didn't, though he wanted do. He then told Connie that he missed Kate but that might as well been him telling Connie that she may as well not exist. He says that he cares for Connie but he loves Kate.

Tracy steps out of the elevator at Manning Enterprises and calls out to Connie. Connie apologizes that the ELQ story wasn't in the paper first thing but she had a staff issue. Tracy is relieved and Connie is curious as to why. Tracy says she changed her mind and doesn't want the story run. Connie tells her that it's too late. The story has run. Tracy is not happy.

Michael apologizes for being late but AJ tells him not to worry about it. Michael explains that he got caught up in some family business. AJ asks if everything is alright. Michael says it isn't but he's done all he can for now. AJ's phone rings and he answers it. He asks "what paper" then promises to call back. He has Toby bring him a copy of The Sun. AJ and Michael see the front page story and AJ is clearly upset. Monica asks what's wrong. AJ shows Monica the front page story about ELQ. Monica and Michael are upset by it as well.

Tracy worries that everything is over, that she is unworthy of running ELQ and that she will lose her sons when they find out. Connie says it won't be that bad. She promises not to tell anyone who gave her the information. Tracy tells her that the Feds will sue for the information and that AJ could come after her. Connie isn't afraid. She says she's a newswoman and protects her sources. Tracy asks if Connie would really do that for her. Connie says she would, after all they are friends.

Monica is sure that Tracy leaked the story The Sun. AJ says it doesn't make sense that Tracy would sacrifice everything and go to jail. He says that's why she stepped aside. Michael asks if Tracy didn't leak the story, who did? AJ is sure that Sonny leaked the story.

Sonny walks into the PCPD. Alexis excuses herself to Kevin, Sam and McBain and goes to Sonny. Sonny asks if she saw Kristina. Alexis says that she and Sam saw Kristina and that Kristina is putting up a brave front but she is a mess and so is Alexis. She stresses to him that he needs to convince Connie to drop the charges because Kristina can't handle the stress of a trial or prison. Sonny says he can't, that he tried. Alexis tells him to try again because if he doesn't get through to Connie, Kristina will go to prison just like Michael.

Rafe asks Allison why they didn't come to Port Charles sooner if being there was going to fix things. Allison says that she wasn't sure that it would be safe but now she knows they have an ally there as she shows him a newspaper article about Lucy.

In the interrogation room, Kevin again apologizes to McBain for the trouble Lucy caused him. McBain tells him to forget about it, that he needed a day off anyway. Sam comments that McBain is a workaholic and suggests that Kevin stop thanking McBain because he doesn't do well with gratitude. Alexis walks in as Kevin tells McBain that he's glad that McBain is on his feet and that Lucy is institutionalized where she will get the help she needs. Alexis comments that Kevin is going to be important in Lucy's recovery. Kevin tells her that Lucy will have to get help on her own because he's not staying.

Starr tells Todd that he doesn't have D.I.D. just like he didn't when he tried to claim it when she was a child. Todd is surprised that she remembers it. She says that she still has the tape of his confession that he faked it all and Todd is surprised by this as well. Starr tells him that if he tries to claim D.I.D. again, she'll take the tape to the police. He doesn't believe her. She says that he dishonored Cole and Hope by protecting Johnny and letting him pretend to be her friend, so yes, she will take the tape to the police.

Rafe asks if they are there to see Lucy because she sounds nuts. Allison tells him that he has to trust her and that Lucy can help them. He tells her that he always trusts her, letting her take him from place to place with no explanation. She tells him that she's trying to keep him safe from a man trying to take him from her. She says she has to go find out about Lucy and tells him to stay out of sight. She gives him a weapon to defend himself with before she goes to find out about Lucy.

Alexis follows Kevin out of the interrogation room, trying to convince him to stay and help. He says there's nothing he can do. She reminds him how Lucy stood by him when he needed help and Lucy hired her to help him. Kevin says he only came to town to apologize to Lucy's victims and consult with her doctor but there's nothing that he can do. He says he will always be grateful for all that Alexis has done for him. Alexis tells him not to be grateful to her, but to be grateful to Lucy.

Michael doesn't believe that Sonny would leak the story. He tells AJ that Sonny has issues with Kristina and Connie and Sonny gave his word he wouldn't interfere. AJ asks if Sonny has never lied to him before. He tells Michael that he came into the office to find Sonny and Tracy talking and that Sonny was there on business, but he doesn't do business with Quartermaines. Michael wonders why Sonny would warn Tracy if he was going to take ELQ down. AJ says that Sonny wants to take ELQ down with AJ in charge. He says there's one way to clear things up: they can go to the source.

Connie is proud of herself for the job she is doing with The Sun as Sonny walks in. He asks to talk to Connie. She tells him that if it's about Kristina, she's going to tell him the same thing that she told Michael, that Kristina tried to kill her. Sonny is surprised that Michael stopped by. Connie taunts him that Michael was on his way to ELQ and that he could abandon Sonny for the Quartermaines. Sonny isn't concerned about that, he's concerned about Kristina. He offers to give Connie something in return for dropping the charges against Kristina. Connie asks what he would give her in exchange. Sonny kisses her.

At Kelly's Tracy drops her purse on top of the photo of herself on the cover of The Sun. Her phone rings and she takes the call from Ned. She asks about Brooklyn and says that he gave her good news. She then says it's great what he told her in the message, that they can still save ELQ.

Sonny and Connie continue kissing until they break off and talk about Kristina a little bit. Sonny tries to convince her to give them a try. He tells her that they can't be together with the charges against Kristina hanging between them. Connie is upset, saying that's why Sonny came. Sonny continues to try to talk her out of the charges. AJ and Michael walk in and Connie wants to know what they want. AJ says he wants to know who gave her the story for The Star. Connie points to Sonny and tells AJ that Sonny did.

Starr tells Todd that she is through lying for him. An orderly comes and tells Todd that its time for his evaluation. Starr introduces herself to the orderly and says she wants to meet all of the doctors and sit in on the evaluation. She wants to know how crazy Todd is. They all leave for the evaluation as Lucy waves goodbye behind their backs.

Rafe looks at the article about Lucy again. He comments that Lucy better be able to help Allison because he can't take it much longer.

Allison walks into the PCPD and asks the desk sergeant for information about Lucy. The desk sergeant tells her that she wants to talk to McBain and points him out to her. She goes to talk to him.


Lucy comments that she needs to find another way to get out of Ferncliff because Todd was her only way out. Kevin walks in and tells her "Oh ye of little faith".

Allison walks into the interrogation room and sees McBain from behind as he reads a file. She says she was told that he could help her. He offers to help as he turns to her. Allison backs away in horror as she calls him "Caleb".

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