GH Update Tuesday 1/29/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/29/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's, a frantic Patrick is trying to reach Sabrina about the still missing Emma. Meanwhile, Sabrina has left The Haunted Star and finds Emma on the infamous Pier 52. On the Pier, Sabrina is trying to find out why Emma is by herself. She realizes that she forgot her phone at The Star. Over at Kelly's, Dr. Westbourne is lying to Patrick about why Emma ran off. Mac arrives but his main job is to keep Anna from falling apart.

At Manning Enterprises, Tracy hands Connie the story of a lifetime. Meanwhile, A.J. is celebrating his takeover of ELQ with an uneasy Michael. Starr calls Michael about Kristina being missing. Kristina is being brought into the police station with Sonny in tow. Sonny tells a stunned Alexis that Kristina attacked Connie. Back in her office, Connie, who is still shaky from the attempt on her life, is questioning Tracy about her motives. Tracy tells her it's to bring down A. J.

At the police station, Sonny is explaining to Alexis what happened. Kristina is not remorseful. She is angry at Sonny for defending Connie. At the station, Kristina is still going off on Sonny when they talk about Connie and Trey. Alexis goes in search of Anna who is still at Kelly's trying to keep it together. Michael shows up at Alexis's where Starr tells him how she and Molly tried to help Kristina. Michael guesses correctly that Kristina faked them out. Michael leaves the ELQ offices to look for Kristina. Alexis learns that Anna is out so she returns to Sonny and they try to come up with a plan. Kristina is in the process of being booked much to her mother's dismay. Alexis is pleading with Sonny to go back and talk to the "nutcase" about dropping the charges.

Tracy is still at Connie's office telling her how Michael helped outmaneuver her. Connie says she met A. J. the other night and he didn't seem that bad. He just wants a chance to work with his son. Connie gets emotional when talking about A. J. and Michael cause it reminds her of Trey. There is a touching scene with Connie and Tracy as they talk about Joe and Trey. Tracy is still bonding with Connie over Joe and Trey in Connie's office. Tracy tells Connie how she got involved with Joe in the first place. She tells her about Luke choosing Anna over her. Connie can relate because Sonny still wants Kate whenever he looks he looks at her. After Tracy tells her about Luke and Anna, Connie finally decides to publish Tracy's story.

Duke arrives for an appointment with Tracy but A.J. tells him she no longer works there. In his office, A. J. decides to hear Duke out but first tells him about his part in bringing down Faison. Duke thanks him and says that he wants his life back. In A.J.'s office Duke is relating his past and why he wants to work at ELQ. Feeling a connection with Duke over his wish to regain his life.....and Anna, A.J. hires him. Duke is still trying to sell himself to A. J., but A.J. is already sold. A.J. hires Duke.

Anna is being comforted outside of Kelly's by Mac while Patrick is inside questioning a lying Brit. Emma is telling Sabrina she wanted to feed the ducks on the pier. Sabrina asks her why she ran away in the first place. Sabrina is stunned when Emma tells her that Britt was mean to her. Sabrina tells Emma not to listen to Britt because Patrick adores her and is probably worried sick about her.

Over at Alexis's, Michael is telling Starr how he helped A.J. overthrow Tracy with Johnny's help. Starr says that nothing he does will ever make her forgive him for Cole and Hope.

Alexis still can't find Anna so Kristina has to be booked. Alexis stands by helplessly as Kristina is led to her cell.

Sabrina shows up with Emma at Kelly's much to the relief of Patrick, Mac and Anna. When Patrick questions Emma about why she ran away, she clams up when Britt comes over. But our plucky nurse confronts Britt by saying it was because Britt was mean to Emma.

Michael is convinced that Tracy isn't going away quietly. Tracy shows up at her old office to pick up some things especially her nameplate. She fishes it out of the garbage can where A. J. had thrown it. Tracy and A. J. have words; then, with an evil grin, Tracy wishes him "Good luck!"

At Kelly's, Mac and Anna get Emma out of the room so Patrick can question Britt. Patrick is trying to ferret out the truth from Sabrina and Britt. Mac and Anna intervene by telling Patrick it's time to take Emma home. Britt is rejected by Patrick when she offers to go with them. An angry Britt threatens Sabrina, but Sabrina warns Britt not to hurt Emma ever again.

Outside of Kelly's, Anna is calling off the search when Duke arrives. She teases him about being dressed up and he tells her of his job interview and success. Duke casually as possible invites her to celebrate with him sometime.

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