GH Update Monday 1/28/13

General Hospital Update Monday 1/28/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Connie is in the office casually attempting to “tweak” Mollie’s story Love IN Maine so that it’s returned to its original state. Right then, out of nowhere, Kristina enters with a baseball bat and tells her this is payback time.

At Lulu’s bar, Maxie is still working up to figuring out how she’s going to tell them she’s lost “their” baby and is now pregnant by Spinelli. Right then, Spinelli enters with Max and Milo encouraging him to “get back out there” and find a woman to date. But he attempts to explain to them what happened the night he intended to get back with Elli

At the hospital, Sabrina talks to Elizabeth about how she realizes she has to get over Dr. Drake and realize he’s seeing Dr. Westbourne. But her new friend comes by to encourage her not to give up.

At Kelly’s, when Dr. Westbourne returns from the bathroom and Patrick returns from his phone call outside, they discover that Emma has disappeared. And he instantly demands to know what “she did” to make his daughter disappear.

Michael and AJ inform Tracy that they have “leverage” on her and show her that they’ve found documented proof of her involvement with the mob and the whole reason why Anthony Zacchara was able to blackmail her into marrying him.

When Ellie is in the hospital room and the attendant tells her she will be ok but needs another person to help her exercise, she tells him she can find a home healthcare aid. Hearing that, he asks her if there is not “someone closer” who could help her out. She then replies not since Damien decided to be with someone else.

Sabrina declares that she can’t attend a social event for the nurses because she realizes she needs to get over Dr. Drake. But her new friend encourages both her and Elizabeth to go out and enjoy themselves.

Tracy protests to AJ and to Michael that she would never put “tainted money” into ELQ. But they have proven otherwise.

At Lulu’s bar, Maxie remarks that she doesn’t know why Spinelli has to be there knowing she’s there and not go elsewhere. Lulu asks her if she has something “going on” with Spinelli that she is not revealing. She tells Lulu she does not want to talk about it.

The physical therapy attendant tells Ellie that he’s surprised that she would believe Spinelli has moved on when he’s visited her regularly and brought flowers for her. But she tells him regardless of how it looks, she needs to get over Damien because he’s “spoken for” by someone else.

Elizabeth and Sabrina find themselves single and realizing they know of no men to be interested in presently, when they run into Max, Milo and Spinelli. Sabrina faces Spinelli realizing they might have something in common (both having the “nerdy” image) but they both clearly reveal they are not complete with their respective relationship situations nor ready to move on.

Kristina is ready to assault Connie and tells her she has killed Trey.

Tracy reads the document that AJ and Michael have found and confidently tells them she is not afraid of this document. It’s a fictional document created by Anthony with no basis in fact. But AJ asks her if she wants to find out if that is really true.

Sonny walks into Connie’s office to see his daughter holding the baseball bat over Connie and urges Kristina to think about what she’s doing. He urges her that she cannot blame Connie for what happened to Trey. He realizes that Kristina has suffered a loss but so has Connie because Trey is her son.

Tracy tells AJ that she can’t go to prison because of the document or anything the believes he can prove. But he tells her he can force her to choose between that and stepping down from her board position with ELQ

At Kelly’s, Patrick frantically calls Anna and informs her that he needs to find his daughter. But she tells him she cannot guarantee she will be found although she can issue an Amber Alert.

At the bar, Max talks to Elizabeth, somewhat awkwardly, admitting he has not been out on a date since Diane dumped him. At the other table, Sabrina asks Damien if he’s still “seeing” Ellie. He admits that’s a bit complicated especially when he sees Maxie.

Dr. Steven Webber asks Ellie if she’s gotten over Spinelli. She tells him that Damien is still very important to her. But he did something “unforgiveable”. Hearing that, he tells her that he made a serious mistake that Olivia could have chosen not to forgive him for but she has and he’s eternally grateful. So maybe she should reconsider not forgiving Spinelli.

When Sabrina asks Spinelli what may have gotten in the way of his getting back with Ellie, he admits to her that he slept with Maxie on New Years Eve. And right then, Lulu enters to hear and demands to know how he could have done that. She asks Maxie how she could jeopardize her pregnancy and “their” baby so early in the pregnancy. She can sense that Maxie has a secret she’s not telling anyone about information Dr. Westbourne told her. But Maxie cannot yet reveal just what “information” Dr. Westbourne knows about her that nobody else knows (i.e., Maxie miscarried their baby and then got pregnant by Spinelli).

At Kelly’s, Anna asks Patrick just what might have happened in the life of his daughter, her granddaughter. He admits that maybe Emma was not entirely comfortable with this “new woman in his life” (Dr. Westbourne). Dr. Westbourne then remembers her argument with Emma where she responds to finding out that Emma does not like her and only wants Sabrina to be with her and her daddy. Anna asks her son-in-law’s new girlfriend if she and Emma have been getting along and if she might know why Emma disappeared.

Sonny urges Kristina not to throw away her life just because she blames Connie for Trey’s death. She cries and tells her dad that her life is over because Connie took Trey from her. Sonny then urges his daughter to put down the baseball bat. But when Connie taunts Kristina about how it’s her fault that Trey is gone and her son deserves better than a “psycho” like Kristina, Kristina physically attacks and tries to strangle Connie until Sonny pulls her off of Connie.

Lulu tells Maxie she has concerns about how Maxie has been doing things she’d rather she not do during the pregnancy. But Dante tells his wife that maybe Maxie should not be lectured and no harm is done in the fact that she slept with Spinelli once. He admits that as long as she’s still carrying their baby and the pregnancy is going well, it doesn’t really matter. At that point, Maxie somehow knows now is not the right time to admit what they do not yet know. Right then, Spinelli overhears and tells them all that he owns some responsibility in risking harm to Lulu’s and Dante’s unborn child. So they may blame him along with Maxie.

Meanwhile, Ellie talks to Dr. Steven Webber about how Olivia’s forgiving him is different than her forgiving Spinelli although he disagrees.

At Kelly’s, Anna continues to probe Dr. Westbourne about any idea she may have regarding Emma’s disappearance. Patrick returns and apologizes to her for blaming her for Emma’s disappearance.

Michael tells Tracy she needs to do what AJ asks. She tells Michael she is really disappointed in the fact that he’s now backing AJ. She tells him she knows he will regret trusting AJ. It’s worse than declaring himself Sonny’s son. Michael then gives her the documents with all the proof needed to prevent her from taking over their company. She seems to believe that he’s doing what she wants. But as soon as she leaves him alone with AJ, they declare that they finally got Tracy where they want her.

Lulu tells Maxie she realizes that New Years’ Eve must have been very lonely for both Maxie and Spinelli. She wants to trust Maxie and understand things better. But she just wishes Maxie would let her in and tell her more. Yet she can clearly tell that Maxie is hiding something major.

Elizabeth sits with Max. Sabrina’s friend talks to Milo and reveals that he’s gay and that he mistakenly assumed so was Milo. Sabrina is alone on her phone attempting to get a cab and hearing it will be a long wait.

Meanwhile, at Kelly’s when Anna probes Patrick to think about where Emma might have gone, he then concludes he bets she’s trying to find Sabrina.

Maxie finds Spinelli and demands to know why he “blabbed” that the two of them had sex. He tells her that he merely answered Lulu’s question and she needs to know that Ellie has dumped him. Right then, he gets a call from Ellie asking him if he could get to the hospital at his earliest convenience. And he’s ready to go and meet her.

Connie calls Dante and tells him that he needs to do his job and arrest his sister, Kristina after Kristina admits that she has every intention of killing Connie. But Dante is not certain what to say or do.

Spinelli rushes to the hospital to apologize to Ellie. And she admits that she realizes that this entire “event” (his having sex with Maxie on New Year's Eve) was brought on by a misunderstanding that she had stood him up when he planned a romantic night for them. Had he known otherwise, he would not have done what he did. So she can forgive him. She's happy now to know that she will make a full recovery from her accident. After talking to Steven about how maybe she should forgive Spinelli just like Olivia forgave Steven, she's ready to take Spinelli back.  She reveals, however, that she has no idea that his “misunderstanding” on New Year's Eve resulted in getting Maxie pregnant.

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