GH Update Friday 1/25/13

General Hospital Update Friday 1/25/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's, Patrick, Emma and Britt are having lunch before going ice skating. Britt tries to make a connection with Emma but Emma isn't having any of it. Britt gives Emma the gift of a video game. With a nudge from Patrick, Emma thanks Britt but then tells her that Sabrina already gave her one.

At the GH nurses' station, Sabrina tells Elizabeth that Carly signed the paperwork for the Nurses' Ball to be held in the Metro Court ballroom, but then tells her about Patrick and Emma going ice skating with Britt. Elizabeth tells Sabrina that Patrick almost turned her down because of the way Britt treats Sabrina.

At the lake house, Molly opens the door to find Starr there. Starr says she's there to see how Kristina is doing. Molly says not well and let's Starr in. Kristina is on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and watching a DVD player. Starr asks what she's doing. Kristina says she's watching Mob Princess because it's all she has left of Trey, thanks to Connie.

Connie walks into Manning Enterprises, listening to music and singing along. She looks up and is surprised by TJ. Connie asks what he wants. TJ says he's there to tell her he's sorry about Trey. Connie says he told her and now he can leave.

At her office, Tracy shows Ned out of her office and asks him to find AJ. Ned figures AJ is either at an AA meeting faking it or at a bar. The elevator opens and Sonny steps out. Ned leaves them and Sonny asks what Tracy wants since she only calls him to call him names. Tracy says that's changed since they now have a common enemy.

In the Metro Court lobby, Carly tells AJ that she owns the hotel and that if he has to be there, stay away from her. AJ comments on how well she's recovered from the night of the scissors. He then says he's there to offer a friendly warning about Michael.

At the jail, Michael tells Johnny that he needs his help. He tells him that if he could get what he needs from anyone else, he would because Johnny is the last person he wants to ask.

Tracy escorts Sonny into her office, telling him that he is the last person she wants to go to for help. Sonny thinks she's asking a favor but Tracy says that she isn't, she says she wants to discuss quid pro quo as they can help each other. She believes that together they could get rid of AJ for good.

Molly and Starr do their best to try to get Kristina to snap out of it by assuring her that Connie is only temporarily free on bail because she will be punished for kidnapping, assault and possibly vehicular manslaughter on Trey. Kristina thinks that Connie needs to be charged with murder for Trey.

Connie walks into Todd's office telling TJ that she told him to go away. He says he needs to talk to her. He is hoping she'd reconsider and give Molly her book back. Connie asks if he assumed that Trey's death would make her kinder and gentler, but she says he assumes too much and so does Sonny.

Sonny tells Tracy that at one time he did want to get rid of AJ but Michael thinks there is some good in AJ. He wants Michael to learn for himself that AJ is a user. Tracy tells him that if AJ gets ahold of ELQ, Michael will be convinced that AJ walks on water. Sonny thinks she is exaggerating but Tracy insists that she's not and asks if he will help her. Sonny asks what she wants him to do.

Johnny tells Michael how sorry he is about what he did to Starr. He tells Michael that it may have looked like he was free but he wasn't. He tells Michael how much the guilt ate him up. He says that he may spend the rest of his life behind bars and it will never make up for what he did. He tells Michael that no punishment is worse than losing Carly.

Carly tells AJ that if he has something to say about Michael, then just say it, just as Ned walks into the Metro Court. AJ tells her that she's not being very nice to the guy who had rescued her when she was drunk. They then have a disagreement over the events of the night Carly got drunk and how things occurred as Ned listens in unobserved. AJ finally gets around to telling Carly that he told Michael how Carly tried to tempt him to drink. He says he wanted Michael to see that he has gotten stronger in resisting alcohol but Carly thinks AJ wanted to make her look bad to Michael.

Sabrina isn't happy that Elizabeth told Patrick that Britt is tough on her. She suggests that Elizabeth not be so hard on Britt because at least Britt was honest enough to tell her that she made Patrick uncomfortable. Elizabeth tells Sabrina how Patrick was worried about her, worried that he offended her and that she as avoiding her. Elizabeth says that doesn't sound like a man who Sabrina made uncomfortable.

Patrick tells Emma that just because she has the game that Britt purchased for her, it doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate Britt's gift. Britt says it's ok and asks Emma if there's another game she would like. Emma says she doesn't know and asks to go to the bathroom. She tells Patrick she can go alone and she goes. Patrick apologizes to Britt and tells her that it's just that Emma is upset over Sabrina. Britt understands and says it's not as if Emma says she doesn't like Britt. Patrick confesses that Emma did say she doesn't like Britt. Patrick then apologizes and says that he shouldn't have said anything. Britt says she's glad he did and she understands. She says that Emma doesn't know her and suddenly she's around all of the time. Patrick is sure that's what it is. Britt promises not to back down from a challenge. Emma comes back and Patrick tells her that he ordered her lunch just before his pager goes off. He steps aside to take his call. Britt tries to reach out to Emma by saying that the game looks fun and asks if Emma could teach her how to play. Emma tells her no.

Molly tells Kristina that they'd talked about the Connie issue. Starr agrees with Molly that blaming Connie doesn't help anything. Kristina shares some of the plans she and Trey made for living together in Los Angeles. Starr tells her that Trey would want her to pick up the pieces and move on. Kristina says she can't do that when there are no pieces to pick up.

Connie tells TJ that she told him to leave. He tells her that he knows what is going on. He can see that the more people try to help her, the angrier she gets and it's not going to fill the hole left by the person she lost. Connie tells him he's wrong, that Trey's death changed noting and that "Love in Maine" is still her book.

Tracy tells Sonny that there is information that could get her put into prison for a very long time if it got out. Sonny insists on more details if he's going to help her and help Michael. She tells him that Anthony Zacchara blackmailed her into marrying him using information he had that proved she used Soleito money to keep ELQ afloat when it was in trouble. Sonny tells her that the Soleito family was dirtier than he ever could dream of being. Tracy confesses that she didn't know details and didn't want to but needs to know if he believes there is any chance that Anthony would have destroyed the proof before he died. Sonny tells her there is no chance that he did.

Johnny tells Michael how much he hates that he hurt Carly. He asks how Carly is and Michael tells him that she's dealing with a lot. Johnny tells him that with Jason gone, Michael is who she has to lean on. Michael says he wants to help Carly but he wants to help AJ, too. He says that AJ is trying to put his life back together and wants to work for ELQ but Tracy won't let him and that's where Johnny comes in. Johnny has no idea how he can help with corporate politics but Michael says Johnny may have something that AJ needs.

AJ says that he told Carly because Michael is upset and he was warning her. She tells him that she's sure that AJ didn't tell Michael everything such as he already had a drink in his hand and was making out with Connie. AJ tells her that he's building a relationship with Michael and he never thought that would happen. He says he's getting everything he wants. Carly tells him except ELQ. AJ says that may not be true for long. He thinks that Tracy is hiding something and he has a feeling she'll be in hot water with the SEC soon as Ned continues to listen from out of their sight.

Tracy tells Sonny that the proof is out there somewhere. Sonny tells her it could be in a bank vault or maybe encrypted on a computer. Sonny suggests that AJ doesn't know about it. Tracy tells him that AJ keeps hinting that she'll be in trouble with the SEC just as a text comes in on her phone. She reads it and is upset that Ned informs her that AJ knows about the Soleito money. She asks Sonny what she's going to do. 

Molly tells Kristina that she had a future before Trey and that she shouldn't let Connie take that away from her. Kristina says that Johnny was going to confess and if Connie let him, they wouldn't have chased Connie and Trey would be there today. Starr says that Trey was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kristina asked if Starr isn't pissed at all Connie did. Starr says she is but death doesn't make sense. Kristina is upset that Connie is getting away with it and with stealing Molly's book. Molly tells her not to worry about the book and that Alexis is filing a lawsuit against the publishing company to prevent publication. Kristina says it won't work and that Connie will get away with hurting them all unless she does something about it herself.

TJ tells Connie to deal with Trey's death any way she wants, even if it's through avoiding it then says he has a question. He wants to know what she's going to do when she's asked a question about a scene or a line of dialogue in the book that she can't answer because she didn't write it. Connie asks why the book is so important to him. He says it's because he cares about Molly and asks if there's anyone that Connie cares about.

Sonny tells Tracy that he wants to protect Michael and will shut down AJ to do it. Tracy tells him that it's easier said than done. If AJ gets the proof, Tracy goes to prison for a long time and AJ takes over. Sonny tells her that it's likely Johnny has the proof. Tracy tells him to get it and he asks how she suggests he do that. She tells him that it's his area of expertise, do whatever he has to do. Sonny says he can't because Michael will never forgive him.

Michael explains to Johnny that Skye gave the proof of Tracy using Soleito money to save ELQ to Edward. Johnny says he knows. Skye came to him looking for it when she was in town for Edward's funeral, thinking that he had it. Michael asks him if he does have it.

Carly warns AJ against getting Michael involved in trying to prove Tracy acted illegally. AJ suggests that they can get around that if they vote Tracy out. Carly says that can't be done because Lucy broke the deadlock when she sided with Tracy, that there are no more votes out there. AJ tells her that Heather Webber disagrees. Carly laughs at him as he tells her that Heather suggested there's something out there. He confesses that he's read Edward's will repeatedly and finds nothing. He says that they know about all of the great grandchildren. Carly agrees but seems to remember something. AJ notices and asks her what she is thinking, all as Ned continues to listen to them.

Michael tells Johnny that he doesn't feel comfortable going to him after what he did to Starr. He says that he would consider it a personal favor if Johnny helped him. He confesses that he hates the idea of owing Johnny. Johnny asks why he cares what happens to ELQ. Michael tells him that AJ cares and has waited his whole life for a shot and he wants to help him get it. He asks if Johnny has the proof that Tracy used Soleito money to fund ELQ. Johnny says he does.

Elizabeth assures Sabrina that Patrick is not uncomfortable around her. Sabrina says that she still has a crush on Patrick and it would just be better if she kept her distance. Elizabeth tells her that Patrick says that Emma misses her and that Sabrina is the most consistent female presence Emma has had since Robin and she shouldn't let Britt take her place.

Britt continues to try to connect with Emma by asking what kinds of toys and dolls she likes but Emma remains cold and distant to Britt. Britt asks what Emma's problem is because she's trying to be Emma's friend. Emma says she doesn't want to be Britt's friend. When Britt asks why, Emma says that she doesn't like Britt. Britt looks over her shoulder to make sure Patrick is still outside before she tells Emma that she doesn't like Emma either.

Sabrina hates that Emma is getting hurt by the whole situation. She says that she needs to stay away because she's clearly infatuated with Patrick. Elizabeth asks why she has to stay away. Just because she has feelings doesn't mean she has to act on them. Sabrina says it's better for her to make a clean break. Elizabeth tells her it's not better for Emma. Sabrina thinks it is because Emma needs someone to care about her and who understands that they won't take Robin's place while giving Emma the love and support she needs. She says she can't be that person and hopes that Britt will respect Emma enough to do that for her.

Britt asks Emma if she heard her. Emma says she did and says that Britt doesn't like her. Britt tells her that she doesn't mean to be harsh but she and Patrick are going to be together for a long, long time so they need to get used to each other and get along. She tells Emma that they both want Patrick to be happy, then asks if that's what Emma wants. Emma tells her that she wants Sabrina.

Connie tells TJ that there is one person she cares about and that's herself. She asks TJ what it will take to get him to leave. He asks what it will take to get her to give Molly her book back. Connie says to ask in a few years because he's too young right now. She tells him that he needs to go, he gave it his best shot and Molly would be proud of him. TJ tells her that he really is sorry about Trey and he leaves.

Kristina gets her coat, getting ready to go after Connie. Molly begs her not to go, saying that she doesn't want to do something she can't take back, that Trey wouldn't want this for her and telling her that Kristina is scaring her. Starr shares her experience with Kristina, telling her that she nearly killed an innocent person out of revenge. Kristina tells her that the difference is that she knows Connie is guilty. Starr tells her that no revenge would help her and it won't help Kristina either because it won't bring their loved ones back. She tells Kristina that she thought that she had nothing until she met Michael and he gave her what she needed to go on.

Michael asks Johnny if he could give Michael the proof against Tracy. Johnny asks why and Michael says that he can't say. Johnny guesses that AJ sent Michael but Michael tells him that he came on his own, no one sent him. Johnny asks if AJ is worth Michael dealing with someone he hates for a takeover he doesn't care about. He again tells Johnny that AJ deserves a chance. Johnny thinks that Carly would disagree, but Michael says he's old enough to choose who is in his life and if he makes a mistake, it's his mistake to make. Johnny says for Michael to take himself and AJ out of the equation and asks why he would do something to make Carly hate him even more than she already does.

AJ guesses that Carly knows something but she denies it. AJ tells her she's not as good a liar as she thinks she is. Carly tells him that if she did know something, she wouldn't tell him. AJ tells her that he's doing this for Michael as well as for himself but Carly doesn't agree with him and tells him to go. AJ says that Michael wants to work at ELQ and that he thought she'd want him to be happy. He leaves and Ned comes out of hiding. Carly guesses that he was eavesdropping and he confesses that he was. She asks him why he doesn't squash AJ. Ned says that maybe she can help him. He says he saw her face when AJ mentioned another heir. He asks her what she is keeping from them.

Sonny explains how Michael was upset when AJ set him up for the beat down at the gym and he almost lost Michael. He says he won't risk that again. Tracy suggests that he not do it personally but send his men to handle it. Sonny thinks that Michael may need to witness AJ being incompetent. Tracy asks Sonny if he's ever known AJ to take responsibility for anything and he says never. Tracy says that she may have used Soleito money to fund ELQ but if AJ takes over, things will get worse and he will not hesitate to let Michael take the blame for it.

Starr tells Kristina that she knows it seems like she won't get through her pain but she will like she did. Kristina says she doesn't even know where to start. Starr suggests she shower and change then they can go to PCU to sign her up for some classes, that way Kristina has something to do and a goal to reach. Kristina agrees and thanks both Starr and Molly. She goes to get changed. Molly thanks Starr and says how sorry she is for all Starr went through. She says it couldn't have been easy to bring that all up again. Starr says it wasn't hard because it's always there. She tells Molly that if it wasn't for Michael, she wouldn't have had the strength to go on.

Michael tells Johnny that it doesn't matter if Johnny gives him the proof or not, Carly isn't going to forgive him. Johnny wonders if maybe there's a chance if she knew he tried to protect Michael. Michael brings up all that Johnny has done to Carly but says that the reason Carly won't forgive him is for the months of lies and trying to blame someone else. He tells Johnny that he and Carly are done and he has nothing more to lose.

Carly wonders why she should tell Ned anything. He says so that Michael will understand what a loser AJ is. Carly says she appreciates Ned's constant hate for AJ. Ned tells her that if she tells him who is out there, AJ will be out in the cold. He tells her that the two of them and Michael all win by her telling him. He asks who else is out there.

Michael tells Johnny that AJ once had everything but lost it. He tells Johnny that he should understand that. AJ needs help and maybe one day Johnny will, too. Johnny says that Michael thinks he belongs there but Michael says that maybe one day he wants the chance to right his wrongs. That's all AJ wants, too, a chance to right his wrongs. Johnny says he doesn't know AJ but he feels like anyone would be a better father for Michael than Sonny. Michael asks if Johnny is going to give him what he needs to take Tracy down.

Sonny tells Tracy that she makes a good point. She asks if that means he will help her. He says he can't. He hopes that she succeeds in taking AJ down but he can't be part of it. He starts to leave and they are met by AJ. AJ says he's not surprised. As Sonny leaves, AJ asks Tracy what they were discussing. She tells him business and it's none of his business. AJ tells her that he isn't surprised that she went to the mob again since she did so before.

Elizabeth tells Sabrina that she's confident that Patrick will see that Britt isn't going to be good for Emma and will dump Britt. She says maybe by the time that happens, Sabrina will be over her crush and will go back to babysitting Emma. Sabrina tells her that she doesn't think she'll be over Patrick because what she feels for Patrick is more than a crush, but she's just not the type to be forward about it. Elizabeth tells her that maybe it's time she tries to get over her feelings for Patrick. Sabrina tells her that Felix says the same thing but she can't.

Britt tells Emma that she asked if she wants Patrick to be happy and she says she wants Sabrina. Emma says that she does want Sabrina. Britt tells her that Sabrina is gone and she needs to get over it. She tells Emma that she's going to the bathroom and Emma needs to think about it and start to accept it. As Britt leaves, Emma looks out the window at Patrick.

Starr and Molly are on the couch when they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Molly goes to answer it while Starr goes to check on Kristina. Molly lets TJ in. He tells her that he tried to get her book back but he failed. He says that Connie is meaner than ever. Molly is grateful that he even tried. Starr comes back and says she can't find Kristina. She says that she thinks Kristina took off.

Connie is in her office, reviewing editorial notes and is at work editing "Love in Maine". She drops her notepad but is surprised when Kristina destroys her laptop with a baseball bat.

AJ tells Tracy that it was just too tempting for Tracy. She used Soleito money to fund ELQ to impress Edward. Tracy swears that she would never use dirty money to fund ELQ. Michael stands in the doorway and tells her that he has proof that states otherwise.

Ned tells Carly that they both know that AJ is poison. He can take care of AJ if she just points him in the right direction. Carly says that she would do anything to protect Michael, except tell him about another Quartermaine heir...not that she's saying there is one. Ned tells her that when AJ gets closer to taking over ELQ, she will change her mind. He tells her to call him when she does and he leaves her.

Sabrina tells Elizabeth that she can't move on so she needs to stay away from Patrick. She says that Britt makes Patrick happy so maybe she will make Emma happy. Elizabeth doesn't believe that. Sabrina tells her that her feelings won't change so she's going to stay away. Elizabeth asks if she's really going to spend her life loving a man she can't have.

Patrick finishes his phone call as he re-enters Kelly's at the same time Britt returns. Britt asks if he got everything squared away. He says he did and asks where Emma is; is she with Britt. Britt says she isn't as she left Emma at the table to color but Emma is gone.

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