GH Update Thursday 1/24/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/24/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Todd walks through the lobby of the Metro Court to meet a dressed up Carly holding a martini. He tells her that he didn't think she was going to show up. She tells him that she didn't think she would either but she's made a decision. Todd asks what the decision is. She says the decision to forgive him. He is happy and surprised, asking if she really is forgiving him. She says no and throws her martini in his face. Todd sits up in jail, calling out Carly's name, having dreamed the entire scenario. In the cell across from Todd's Johnny tells him that Carly isn't there and isn't where he's going either. Todd is being transferred to Pentonville today.

At the Nurses' station, Patrick is looking at the nursing roster. Elizabeth approaches him and offers to help. Patrick is wondering if Sabrina is working today. Elizabeth tells him that Kim is standing in for Sabrina because Sabrina and Felix have some things to do. Patrick asks Elizabeth if Sabrina will be in at all today. Elizabeth asks him why he wants to know.

In the Metro Court lobby, Sabrina and Felix discuss how Sabrina saw Patrick and Britt in the shower. Both agree that it was just nasty for them to be in the shower "coupling" the way that they did. Sabrina tells Felix that at least he didn't witness it. Felix suggests that Sabrina confront them on it but Sabrina rejects the idea. She says that she already made Patrick uncomfortable, she's not going to scold him, too. She plans to stay away from Patrick, even if it means lying to Emma, telling her that she's too busy to babysit.

In an exam room at the hospital, Britt is fixing McBain's stitches. She asks him how he popped them. Before he answers, Epiphany tells her that he did it not following doctor's orders and staying in bed. McBain tells her that he had no choice, he had a job to do. Epiphany and McBain argue over whether or not he was doing it because it was fun and listening to her, staying in bed was not fun. McBain promises that it won't happen again. Epiphany tells him that he's right because he isn't getting past her again. Sam walks in and tells Epiphany that it won't be a problem because McBain won't get past her either.

AJ arrives at Kelly's to meet Michael for breakfast. Michael says breakfast is on him to celebrate AJ not getting arrested for sneaking into Ferncliff. AJ tells Michael that it wasn't that hard and explains how he used to be able to sneak around after curfew when he was a kid and still has the talent for sneaking around. Michael breaks the news to AJ that Tracy knows AJ went to Ferncliff. AJ is disappointed but Michael reminds him that he is a terrible liar and that Tracy figured out AJ was making a play for Lucy anyway. AJ guesses that Tracy will make her own play soon.

Ned stand in the doorway of Tracy's office, saying hello as she looks out the window over the city. He tells her that she called and he came. He's ready to help her and asks her for a smile. Tracy smiles to reveal vampire fangs on her teeth. Ned is clearly stunned.

Patrick tells Elizabeth that he thinks he offended Sabrina and wants to talk to her to clear the air. He feels like she is avoiding him and Emma and it bothers him, especially since Sabrina and Emma get along so well. He tells Elizabeth that suddenly she's too busy to babysit. Elizabeth reminds him that she has a demanding nursing job, she studies for her nursing license and she is working on the Nurses' Ball so she does seem to be very busy. Patrick asks Elizabeth if something is bothering Sabrina, feeling that she would know since the two of them are friends.

Felix reminds Sabrina that Patrick is on the Nurses' Ball planning committee and she'll be seeing a lot more of him as the ball comes closer. Sabrina says she's not sure the ball will even happen as they don't even have a venue secured. Felix reminds her that Carly promised them the ballroom of the Metro Court. Carly walks in and Felix comments on how she decided not to crawl into a hole and die after what Todd did to her.

Todd and Johnny discuss Todd's trip to the hospital and failed escape attempt. Todd then tells Johnny how Carly came to his arraignment and tells him how hot Carly looked. He taunts Johnny with how he came to see Todd but hasn't yet come to see Johnny because she's forgotten all about him. Johnny guesses that Carly didn't come to Todd's arraignment to show support but to show Todd what he was missing. Todd tells him that by the time he see's Carly again, her hair will be grown out from the haircut she has so he won't get to see it, but Johnny will have cataract by that time anyway. Todd also thinks it's funny that Johnny thinks he's going to Pentonville.

Sam tells McBain that she's grateful that he went after Todd but not happy he re-injured himself. She asks what Todd did to him. McBain tells her that it wasn't Todd who re-injured her, it was Lucy.

Ned teases Tracy that he never realized that she was one of the undead. Tracy says she's using them to cement her hold on ELQ. Ned is curious as to how this is going to work. Tracy says that she is going to Ferncliff and Ned comments that it's about time. Tracy explains that she is going to see Lucy so she sees another vampire. She figures that keeping Lucy insane and locked up will help her keep AJ from taking control of ELQ.

Michael comments to AJ how it's a good thing that Lucy is on their side. AJ says that's not true yet. Michael asks if AJ didn't tell her how Tracy is going to cut Lucy out of everything. AJ says he did better than that, he told her that plus told her that he believed her vampire stories. He says it may not be over yet. He met a patient who seems to think that ELQ is his for the taking. Michael asks who he met. AJ shows him a picture on his phone of a newspaper story about Heather Webber.

Tracy explains that if Lucy is kept insane, her vote will be dismissed in case AJ is able to sway Lucy to his side. Ned says that he's glad Tracy called because if this is her best plan, ELQ is in trouble. Tracy shares her fears that AJ will get ahold of ELQ and destroy it. Ned tries to convince Tracy that it will never happen because AJ is incompetent. Tracy says there's a chance that AJ is returning not the screw up that he used to be. Ned tries to calm her by telling her that when AJ seems to be succeeding most, that's when he crashes and burns. Tracy reveals that it's not impossible for AJ to take over because both she and ELQ are vulnerable right now.

Michael is alarmed that AJ is thinking of trusting Heather. They agree that she's a nutcase but with Lucy being less than reliable, AJ says that it can't hurt to hear what Heather has to say. Michael asks what knowledge Heather has that could give them the inside track and help them take over ELQ.

Sabrina and Felix both tell Carly how fabulous she looks. Felix is glad that Carly took his advice and says he wishes Sabrina would do the same. Sabrina and Carly officially meet and Felix tells Carly that Todd should see how she looks now. Carly tells him that Todd did see her when she went to his arraignment to show him what he's missing. Felix turns to Sabrina and tells her that's the kind of move she needs to do with Patrick.

Patrick pushes, trying to get Elizabeth to tell him what is going on with Sabrina. Elizabeth refuses to break a confidence. Patrick realizes that Elizabeth knows something and explains to her how much Emma loves Sabrina and how he likes her, too. He tells her that Emma clicked with Sabrina in a way she hasn't clicked with Britt and realizes that Emma and Britt will never click. Elizabeth comments that Emma is a smart girl. Patrick asks her if she has a problem with Britt, too.

Britt tells McBain that Epiphany will be back to bandage him up. Britt and Epiphany step out while McBain tells Sam how Lucy attacked him again at the court house and tore his stitches. Sam guesses that Lucy is in Ferncliff. McBain tells her that she is and that Todd will be going there, too.

Todd tells Johnny that he isn't going to Pentonville. Johnny tells him that he thought Anthony was the king of denial but Todd seems to hold that title. He reminds Todd of all of the witnesses lined up to testify against Todd. Todd tells him that there isn't going to be a trial because he confessed. He tells Johnny that he's going to Ferncliff and after he's done there, he's going home.

Tracy asks Ned if he has a better idea. He says he does but she'll hate it. She encourages him to tell her. Ned suggests that she step aside and give up ELQ. Tracy asks him if he's lost his mind.

Michael asks AJ what Heather told him. AJ says that Heather told him that there is something in Edward's will that would give him leverage over Tracy. He says he's read that will many times but can't find anything out of the ordinary. He says Heather won't give him more without some incentive. He thinks that she just wants a friend and advocate on the outside. Michael tells him that he isn't going to do that for her. AJ says he may not have a choice.

Sam asks McBain if she heard him right. He tells her she did. He's going to Ferncliff.

Todd tells Johnny it's true. Johnny is looking at a bona fide lunatic.

McBain tells Sam Todd pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and Sam curses Todd. McBain says Todd got the idea seeing Lucy carted off to Ferncliff. Sam asks if the judge is really going to buy that Todd's crazy.

Todd tells Johnny that the judge totally bought that he was crazy because he is and the bar is set pretty high for crazy in Port Charles. He says anywhere else would have gotten him thrown in prison for a baby switch.

Sam starts to head out and McBain asks where she's going. She wants to go see the judge. She says she wants to make sure the judge sees Todd for the kidnapper he is. McBain tells her it's too late. Todd is being transferred to Ferncliff today.

Todd can't wait to see what a New York facility is like. He tells Johnny that in Pennsylvania, they are run by kindly old nuns with relaxed security. Johnny reminds Todd that Ferncliff is high security and houses the criminally insane, so don't get his hopes up for escape. Todd asks who said anything about escape.

McBain tells Sam that Todd is only going to Ferncliff for a psych exam and its only a matter of time before they determine Todd is fit to stand trial. Sam wonders what if that doesn't happen.

Todd asks Johnny why he would escape when he will walk out the front door a free man, innocent in the eyes of the law. Johnny asks if he thinks he can really pull one over on the shrinks at Ferncliff. Todd asks why not...Heather Webber does.

Sam tells McBain that Heather was able to get released from there and Todd could do the same. He could fake crazy but not a danger to society and walk out without having to pay for his crimes. McBain confesses that it wouldn't be the first time Todd's done it.

Todd tells Johnny that PTSD can get him out of trouble like it did when he killed his brother. He says that if PTSD doesn't work, he can bring one of his alters out: Rodd, Tom or Miss Perkins. He says that DID got him out of trouble when he took the whole town hostage in the past. He says he plans to wing it and hopes there are props because he works better with props.

McBain tells Sam that Todd is a pro at working the system. Sam asks if Todd's going to walk.

Todd says he will just start to cry and magically reintegrate his alters and he is home free. Johnny asks if he has it all figured out Todd says he thinks he does. Johnny says he has only one problem. He won't have Carly.

Felix tries to encourage Sabrina to get a makeover and show Patrick what she has while he takes down her hair and takes off her glasses. Sabrina says she happens to like how she looks and has no intention of changing. Besides, Patrick wants Britt. Carly asks how she knows when she isn't showing Patrick an alternative. Felix asks how she knows so much and let Todd get to her. Carly says she saw something in Todd that clearly wasn't there and besides, he told her he was a terrible person and she ignored it. Felix tells both Sabrina and Carly that they need new men.

McBain tells Sam that the Llanview D.A. is sending all of Todd's records to the Port Charles D.A. and that between himself and the D.A., they're going to make sure that Ferncliff knows what they are getting in Todd. Sam appreciates it but says that if she doesn't have a guarantee that Todd will pay for her crimes, she will make him pay.

Carly tells Felix and Sabrina that she has no interest in men right now, she wants to have some time alone. Felix asks if she backs out, what hope is there for Sabrina. Carly says that Sabrina should go for Patrick, he's a great guy but she is taking a break from men. She says the one person she could talk to and trust is gone so she is alone. Felix asks about the guy who brought her to the hotel suite. Carly is surprised that he would suggest AJ.

Michael tells AJ that he can't work with Heather. He tells AJ the list of things that Heather did to Sam and Jason in the name of Franco and how she was going to commit suicide with Danny in her arms. He says that if AJ does business with Heather, he can't be part of it. AJ understands and drops the idea of working with Heather. He asks Michael if he'd be ok with a different killer on their side, then asks what Michael knows about Johnny Zacchara.

Todd says that winning Carly back will be a challenge but he can do it. Johnny tells him that it's not going to happen. Todd lists the names of people in his life who are through with him but they always forgive him and Carly will, too. Johnny tells him that there's only one person Carly would forgive no matter what and neither of them are he. He tells Todd that Carly is never going to forgive either of them.

Carly tells Felix about how much she hates AJ and that she didn't spend the night with him, she endured the night with him while he stayed around to just smile and laugh at her. She suggests discussing the Nurses' Ball. Sabrina thanks Carly for the use of the ballroom for free and tells her that she's a big reason the ball is happening. Carly comments on how Robin is probably rolling in her grave, then explains how she and Robin weren't close but its all ok as many of her friends were and that it's a good cause. Sabrina tells her that she's sure that Patrick will be thrilled to hear of her generosity. Carly says that Patrick is a good guy, perhaps worth hanging in there for.

Patrick asks Elizabeth if she doesn't like Britt. She says they're not friends and asks if he doesn't notice how Britt treats the nurses, especially Sabrina. Patrick asks if she's saying that Britt singles Sabrina out and asks why she would do something like that. A frustrated Elizabeth tells him to open his eyes.

As he gets dressed, McBain tells Sam that he understands the need for revenge but warns her about letting it consume her. He says she should focus on what's important, like Danny. Sam says she's doing it for Danny because Todd helped keep him away from her. McBain says that she shouldn't let Todd cause her any more time away from Danny. He asks her for a deal. He asks her to let him take care of Todd for her while she takes care of Danny.

Patrick asks Elizabeth if she's telling him that Sabrina is avoiding him because Britt is so hard on her. Elizabeth tells him he's so close but so far away. Patrick asks her to just tell him when Britt arrives, asking if she's interrupting. Elizabeth says not at all as she has work to do and she steps aside to work. Britt asks Patrick if she's the only one who notices that the nurses are tightly wound there as Elizabeth listens to them. Britt invites Patrick and Emma ice skating, saying it will give her a chance to bond with Emma a bit. Patrick thinks it's not a good idea. Britt says that she thought that Patrick wanted her and Emma to bond and asks if that's not the case anymore.

Carly signs the contracts to give the ballroom over to the Nurses' Ball and Sabrina tells her that she won't regret it. Felix says she might if she's the only one there without a date. Carly says she can go without a man on her arm. Felix encourages her not to write off AJ completely. Carly tells him how she has a kid with AJ, how AJ kidnapped her kid and then faked his death to avoid prosecution. Felix says that she has a lot of reasons to hate AJ, but to remember its a thin line between love and hate.

Michael is not happy that AJ suggested Johnny. AJ says he knows what Johnny did to Starr's family but if they can't work with Heather, their options are limited and Johnny is it. Michael asks how Johnny can help. AJ says that Skye told him about how Tracy funneled Gino Soleito's money into ELQ to keep it afloat and how Tracy would be in a world of hurt with the SEC if it got out. Michael suggests getting the proof from Skye instead of Johnny. AJ says that Skye gave it to Anthony who blackmailed Tracy into marrying him and that its likely Johnny has it now. AJ just needs to find the best approach to get it from Johnny. Michael offers to do it. AJ tell him he doesn't want him involved but Michael says he knows what buttons to push and how to handle himself. AJ agrees to let Michael go to Johnny.

Ned tells Tracy he's not out of his mind at all. He tells Tracy that Edward isn't around anymore so she has nothing to prove to him or anyone else. He encourages her to strike out on her own and wants to know why she is fighting so hard for a company that caused her so much heartache. She tells him because it was her father's heart and soul and that he may not have thought she could run the company by herself but she's doing it and refuses to give it up to AJ. She tells him to either side with her or get out of her way and woe be it to anyone who stand in her way.

Patrick tells Britt that he does want her to get to know Emma better and to just forget the hesitation. He's going to get Emma and asks if she's up for skating now. Britt says that sounds great. Patrick leaves to get Emma and Britt brings a file to Elizabeth for her to file. Elizabeth refuses to do it until Britt says please, then takes the file to be put away.

Felix walks down the halls of the hospital, bragging to himself about getting the Metro Court ballroom for the Nurses' Ball. Epiphany hears him and reminds him that he's on bedpan duty. She then needles him about it not being fun enough and asks if he wants something more fun to do. Felix gets the message and goes to do his job and Epiphany says that she better not think she can't find him and give him more fun things to do after all.

Sabrina sees Britt at the nurses' station and asks what is on the agenda for the day. Britt tells her that she's going to take the rest of the day off to go ice skating with Patrick and Emma. Crestfallen, Sabrina suggests that Britt make sure they have Emma's pink mittens and explains how Emma won't want them and a few minutes later, she'll be cold. Britt tells Sabrina that Emma isn't Sabrina's problem anymore, she's Britt's.

Sam picks up the watch McBain forgot as Epiphany walks in. She tells Epiphany that McBain forgot his watch and that she'd get it to him. Epiphany tells her how lucky he is to have a friend like Sam. Sam tells her that McBain has done a lot for her, too. Epiphany says that McBain is not hard on the eyes either.

Todd is being cuffed for the trip to Ferncliff. The officer says he's not taking Todd and McBain walks in to say he's taking Todd. Todd taunts McBain as Caleb Morley, king of the vampires. McBain tells him how funny he is and that he's concerned about Todd. He plans to make sure that Todd gets all of the help and attention he needs at Ferncliff. They leave for the trip to Ferncliff.

Tracy asks Ned if he's with her and he says that he is. He wants to put AJ back into his place and says they need to find out where she's vulnerable and make sure that its locked away so that it can't hurt her. Tracy says that her only vulnerability is Lucy and the rest of her votes are locked up. Ned asks her if she's sure there's nothing else that can hurt her.

Michael is escorted into the jail to visit Johnny. Johnny asks what Michael is doing there. Michael tells Johnny that he needs his help.

Tracy says she's only vulnerable via a shareholder coup. Ned suggests she have her Ferncliff spies keep AJ away from Lucy and she says she's on it. Ned says that if Lucy is deemed diminished capacity, then Tracy keeps her vote but if she's sane, then they need to go on the offensive to stop AJ. He suggests getting to Michael to divide and conquer. Tracy tells him to forget Michael, he's nothing without AJ.

Carly is in the Metro Court lobby and thinks about something as she touches her new haircut. AJ walks in and Carly turns around to see him.

Tracy tells Ned they need to find out where AJ is as he picks up the phone. She says she's going to let the dogs out. Ned asks if he wants to know what she's doing. Tracy says that as much as she wants to deal with AJ alone, there's one person who is better for the job. She tells the person on the phone hello and that its nice to speak to...Sonny.

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